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Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 29

Teruhashi's most PSIrious trial

+ posted by eyfey as translation on Dec 10, 2015 20:06 | Go to Saiki Kusuo no Sainan

-> RTS Page for Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 29

Saiki Kusuo no PSI nan
Volume 3
Chapter 29 Translation

Page 1

Chapter 29: Teruhashi's most PSIrious trial

kaido: We're still not there yet?
Nendo: I said it's just a little further

kaido: Don't tell me you're actually lost?
Nendo: I'm not lost! I'm following what the map said!
Saiki(a): What a pain
saiki(b): Being stuck with these guys again...

1: Uhh... turn right when you pass “Pachinko Gundam Sation”...
2: Wait what kind of map were you using!?
saiki: Although, there are advantages to hanging around these two

saiki: Because I'm hanging out with this delinquent and the social reject, no one else gets anywhere close to me
saiki: I guess calling them bodyguards would sound nicer...
right circle: Kai
left circle: Nen
top circle: Sai
sfx: Aaaaahh

saiki: but really it's more like walking around with poop in both hands
1: Huh?


Page 2

teru: Saiki-kun! What are you up to?
Flag top: dry
flag vertical: cleaning

kaido: Ouph...!
nendo(a): T...
nendo(b): Teruhashi...san...!?
sfx: Baam

1: What is everyone doing here?
2: N- Not much, this guy was just saying he would take us out for some really good ramen...
3: Yeah! We're just going to go stuff our fac… I mean eat!

teru: Ooh~ Ramen huh~
teru: …...
sfx: peek

teru: Do you think maybe it would be okay if I came along too?
Teru: Just kidding! That might be a little too impolite of me, huh?
1: Eh!?

1: Well, I wouldn't really mind
2: You're totally welcome to come!
saiki: Seriously...?
circle top: Sai
circle right: Kai
circle left: Nen
circle bottom: Teru
sfx: yaay yaay


Page 3

Chapter 29: Teruhashi-san's Most PSIrious Trial

Page 4

1: Wow...!
2: Hey, look at that!
3: Huh?
3: Woah
sfx: chatter chatter

1: Beautiful...
2: Wow...
saiki: I was careless...

saiki: To think we'd run into Teruhashi in a place like this...
teru: This way?
Nendo: Ah! Yeah!
Saiki: If I had only focused more attention on my telepathy...

saiki: No, it would have still been unavoidable...
top right: Wow she's really cute...
top mid: Is she a model? An actor?
top left: She has to be a goddess...
mid: I want a strand of her hair...
bottom right: To think I'm breathing the same air as her...
bottom left: I want to stuff her and keep her in my room...
saiki(a): This area is crowded with people...
saiki(b): In a place like this, telepathy is like drowning in an ocean of voices, picking out each individual thought would be too difficult

saiki: Still, I really should be more cautious of Teruhashi-san
saiki: Just look at Nendou

saiki: This is a guy who usually has this hopelessly stupid face and says “Oh! Oh” all the time
nendo: Oh? Ramen Oh?
Text: Translation- Would you like to go get some ramen?
Nendo: Oh! Oh? Ramen good oh!
Text: Translation- Ramen is delicious
saiki: But in front of Teruhashi-san...

Page 5

nendo(a): How unexpected... I would have never guessed you like Ramen T... Teruhashi-san...
nendo(b): Do you often chow dow... treat yourself to ramen often?
Saiki: Who even is that

saiki: In front of Teruhashi-san, even Nendou tries to look respectable
Nendou: Ha ha, I was sure that you preferred a more high class dining
Nendou(b): stuff like Shrimp Pilaf...
saiki: Exactly what part of Shrimp Pilaf is high class dining?

saiki: And Kaidou, who seems bad with women, is no exception
1: Hey Kaidou-kun

kaido: Y-Yeah!?
Sfx: flinch
teru(a): I've always wondered about this, but why are your hands always bandaged?
teru(b): They're not injured... are they?

kaido: O...Ohh these things
kaido(a): They're kind of sealing something...
kaido(b): So my powers don't run rampant and you know... stuff...

teru: Huh?
Tery: Powers...? Sorry... I don't really understand what you're saying...

kaido: It's nothing!!
kaido(a): I'm not really sure why I wrapped them!!
kaido(b): I should take these off!
Sfx top: ahahahah haha
sfx right: twirl twirl
saiki: He's currently graduating from his chuunibyou

Page 6

saiki: It's utterly disgusting, but this is the normal reaction
nendo: Geheh Hehehohoh....
kaido: Eheh Eheheheehee
saiki: for the people around her

teru: Heheh...
saiki: And also...

saiki: For Teruhashi herself
teru: They're in such high spirits it's disgusting~ But I guess it can't be helped
teru: Being able to eat with the most beautiful girl in the world, it would be weirder if their spirits weren't soaring

teru: Yes... very weird...
teru: They're going out to eat with me... so why...

teru: Why is he so indifferent!?
Teru: Saiki Kunio!!
sfx: Bam

text: Geez... This is the first time I've been so humiliated!
Text: Even though we ran into each other, he won't show me this kind of reaction
text: Where's the “Ouph”! Is it not common sense that the first thing one should do when meeting me is offer one “ouph”!?
Bubble text top: example
bubble guy: Ouph...!
Saiki: What exactly is “one ouph”

text: There's no way that my beauty can't be seen by this background character kind of guy who never stands out in class
text: There has to be some secret behind the boredom on his expressionless face...

Page 7

text: With those mysterious eyes that seem like they can see through everything...
sfx: gaaaaaze
nendo: Oh? Something up with partner?
Teru: Ah!!

1: Oh gosh that doesn't count!! I would never... with someone like him... grr!!
2: Huh? Hmmm, I was wondering if maybe he's not feeling well?
3: Partner's just always like that

teru: A...Anyways, I don't like that attitude!

teru: Today's the day that I'll use my good looks to make him say “ouph”!
Sfx: doooom
saiki: There you have it. Basically this is how she ended up focused on me

saiki(a): I don't like her following us around, but I don't want to say “ouph” either
saiki(b): It's not that it's difficult, but even I have my pride
saiki: That's why I'm more troubled than usual...

saiki: But just now, I've thought of a way to solve both problems
saiki: Unexpectedly, it might just be good luck that she ran into us today

nendo: Ah, We've arrived. It's this ramen shop here!
Saiki: put that face away
teru: Yaay~ I was getting hungry~

Page 8

sign top: Ramen catering 03-
Haoh Sho Ko Ken [ko is faded/missing]
flags: RA M E N[N's top half is blocked]
door sign top: Enjoy Ramen [top half is blocked]
door sign right: open here
box: Mirin
left board: beer ☆ Sapporo
[tn: Haoh Sho Ko Ken is a super attack from SNK fighting games (see King of Fighters)]

text: Ouph...
box: 1 ouph

1: Wh... They're kidding right? We're eating here? Huh? Here!?
2: I heard this place is crazy good
sfx top: caw caw
3: Nope nope nope nope nope!! It's too gross!! There's no way this kind of place has good food!!

nendo: It's okay, I heard a friend's relative said it was good
2(a): What kind of unbelievable word of mouth is that!?
2(b): It's completely unbelievable!!

text: Absolutely impossible!!
text: For me... Me, who has only ever goes to Michelin 3 star restaurants on dinner dates
text: Of all places, To bring me to this building that can hardly be called a store...!
sfx: doooong

teru: Even if it wasn't 3 stars, who would have thought it would be this kind of dump...
teru: This is unbelievable...!!
saiki: Hah, just as I thought


Page 9

saiki: That's right, Teruhashi-san's has a lot of pride, so she would never enter a place like this
black box: Saiki's plan
box1 teru: Sorry, something came up so I have to go
box1 nen: Huuh!?
box1 txt: 1- Teruhashi leaves without entering the restaurant
box2 nen: What's with her, phh. Acting all self-important
box2 kai: I guess she really is on a different level from us peasants
box2 txt: 2- On top of that, it'll lower everyone's impression of her, so there will be no need to say ouph
box3 teru: What's with those guys!
box3 teru: I can't believe them!! I give up!
box3 txt: 3- Teruhashi-san's won't come near me anymore since we hurt her pride
saiki: Afterward, we'll all follow the flow and go our separate ways

saiki: Aside from me not saying ouph, she has no reason not to make that excuse
teru: Anyways, I'm definitely not eating in a place like this!
Saiki: Besides, it shouldn't matter to you if you end up hated by the likes of us 3

1: I'll just say something came up and leave...
2: Uh, actually I...
sign: ramen
Haoh Sho
flag: Ra M[m is partly cut off]
1: Are you fucking kidding me!?

kai: I was wondering where you were bringing us, but to this shitty ramen shop...
teru: something came up
sfx: Bam
kai: There's no way Teruhashi-san could eat at a place like this!!

1: What's with this store!? There's a limit to how filthy something can be you know!!
teru: Oh, no I...
teru: Something's come...
2: It's one thing if it was just us, but this is Teruhashi-san!?

kai: You wouldn't go into such a filthy restaurant, right Teruhashi-san!?
Sfx: zoom
kai: Right Teruhashi-san!?

Page 10

teru(a): …..um
teru(b): umm~... It's okay with me...
teru: It's hard to leave......!!!

1: I was just about to say something came up and leave, but if I say that now they'll think I left for a different reason!!
teru: Y... yeah~ This is... fine...
kaido: R-Really!? You're okay with this!?
2: Why did you have to make that stupid follow up!!

saiki: Damn. Curse you Kaido for doing something so unnecessary...
saiki: But still, keeping up the act of the perfect girl even in a situation like this is rather impressive...

saiki: But it only gets tougher from here now that you've lost your chance to use the “something came up” excuse
1: Okay! Let's go then
saiki: How long will you be able to keep up the facade

sfx: rattle rattle
flag: RA


Page 11

text: heheh... That's what I thought...
text: Maybe it will be nice insid... there's no way that would happen

text: As if the inside would be clean and there would a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the floors would be marble without even a speck of dust on them and there would be a pure white table cloth in front of the comfortable looking chairs...

kaido: G... What's with this store...!? This is horrible...
kaido: Eating here would be hard, even for a guy like me...

kaido: Hey, you really don't have to force yourself...
teru: …...It's okay

teru: Sure the restaurant is a little cluttered, but it's the taste that's important~
1: I'm over it!
Teru: And since even like this they haven't gone bankrupt yet, maybe it's actually super delicious!?
Sfx: sparkle

kaido: Let's trust Nendou-kun, okay?
Txt: T...Teruhashi-san... What a person... Even though a normal girl would never come to a place like this... She hasn't complained even once...
sfx: badump badump badump

text: She's the perfect woman...!
teru: You're probably thinking “she's the perfect woman...!” right?
Teru: Yes, that's right!!

Page 12

text: For the past 16 years, I have been living as a perfect woman, both inside and outside!
Txt: I can't give that up in a place like this... over just this

text: In front of Saiki
text: There's no way I can falter now!!

text: For my own sake, and for the dreams of the 7 million people who love me
text: I can't let them down!

nendo: Ohh! Hey owner!
nendo: 4 ramen!

1: 4 yeah

text: Ouph...
box: 2 Ouph

Page 13

text: Th... That's the owner...!? This guy is going to make the food!?
box top: scattered baldness
box right: dandruff
box left: sweat
box bottom: arm hair
text: This guy with a balding head, dandruff on his shoulders, a chubby body, arms covered in hair, who has matches every single thing that I can not mentally deal with
large text: This guy is going to make the food!!?

txt: Nope!! Don't think about it Kokomi! Yeah, he's just the waiter!! There's actually a first class chef back in the kitchen!!
1: 4 ramen
2: oui monsieur
saiki: face reality
sfx: nod nod

saiki: Still, I'm surprised she hasn't left yet. She's more stubborn than I had thought.
Text: orang[cut off]
saiki: Or rather I hadn't planned on this

saiki: To think that the restaurant would be this disgusting...
1(a): Hey...
1(b): Is this really going to be okay!?
Saiki: It's filthy enough that no one would actually blame you for leaving

kaido: After bringing us to such a disgusting place, I'll never forgive you if the ramen's bad!
Nendo: Oh? I said it'll be fine! My grandmother's relative's little brother said it was good!
saiki(a): You changed where the information came from
saiki(b): but basically it was a relative

1: Hey thanks for waiting~...
nendo: Oh! It's here...

Page 14

text: Ouph...
box: ouph x 4

saiki: The disgusting looking ramen shop serves some disgusting looking ramen
Saiki: It doesn't betray your expectations, it just gives it to you straight...

kaido: …......
text: orang[cut off]
saiki: Even I can't eat this... what a pain

saiki: I guess the plan to ruin our relationship was a failure
saiki: No one could eat something like this...
sfx: ...slurp slurp slurp slurp

saiki: Hm?
kaido(a): !?...
kaido(b): Wh...?
sfx: slurp... slurp... slurp...

Page 15

1(a): T...
1(b): Teruhashi-san!?
Sfx top: slurpslurpslurpslurpslurpslurp
teru: Ehehe...
sfx bottom: Baam

text: I have to eat it...!
text: Otherwise I can't call myself a perfect who never leaves behind any of the food she's served...!
sfx: slurpslurpslurp

text: I can't disappoint 7 million people...
teru: huh?

sfx: cooold
kaido: …... Te...Teruhashi-san...

1: Y...you sure look like you're enjoying that... But I think it's probably better if you stopped...?
text: Wh...
nendo: Hey old man!!
nendo: What are you trying to pull!! The food's got hair in it!!
1: Huh~?

1: Not even a pig would eat this shit!!
2: Shut up, just leave then
3: T... Teruhashi-san actually ate this...
box: Results: Just as Saiki had predicted, their impression of Teruhashi went down a little

box: But...
saiki: A perfect woman huh...

saiki: hmmmm... Going this far to keep up the act of being perfect might just mean that she has already achieved perfection...
teru: I'm gonna hurl...
box: Saiki's impression of Teruhashi went up a little

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