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Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 30

The diPSIster of Toritsuka Reita the spirit medium

+ posted by eyfey as translation on Dec 10, 2015 20:15 | Go to Saiki Kusuo no Sainan

-> RTS Page for Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 30

Saiki Kusuo no PSI nan
Volume 4
Chapter 30 Translation

Cover Page
Chapter 30: The diPSIster of Toritsuka Reita the spirit medium

Page 1

1: Spirit Medium
2(a): One with the power to perceive things such as ghosts, or the spirits of the dead
2(b): The spiritual abilities to do things that normal people can't

1: My name is Toritsuka Reita
2: I am a Spirit Medium

1: I was born into a temple family that's been around for a very long time
2: but neither my mother nor my father have even an ounce of spiritual power.

1: In any case, ever since I was a baby

2: I've had the power to see ghosts

Page 2

1: Ghosts...
2(a): When the dead are unable to find peace, they come back as spirits...
2(b): and when the dead have lingering regrets, they create trouble for the living
sfx: wooooooooooooo

1(a): In any case, ghosts are terrifying
1(b): horrible abominations......
2: For some reason, that's the image people have of them

1: Sometimes, when I tell people that I can see ghosts...
2: well, half the time no one believes me
3: But when they do believe, they look at me with eyes full of pity

1(a): They don't understand the wonders of this power at all
1(b): That it's all just a misunderstanding
2: Hey...

ghost: …...... hhh...
1: Ghosts aren't scary at all
sfx: ooooooooooo

Page 3

ghost: Have a nice day... Watch out for cars...
1: In fact, they're actually really nice
sfx: pahh

reita: Got it
1: Yes. All ghosts are actually nice.

1: People talk about regrets or whatever
2: but ghosts don't have any memories of their living selves

1: not to mention, ghosts can't physically interact with anyone or anything
sign: SLOW DOWN watch for pedestrians!
Sfx: vroom

1: The most they can do is show up in photographs
2: but even then, they're all shy guys who only barely show themselves

1: In other words, ghosts don't have any ill will towards anyone
text: Clearly

text: Vaguely
1: It's all just people with a half-assed spiritual sense being scared for no reason

1: That's why I don't need any pity

1: Rather, people should be jealous...

Page 4

1: Why? Because this ability...
2: is great enough that I could even use it to take over the world...!
sfx: doooooomm

1: Do you understand? Let me explain
reita: Ah! Hey you!
Ghost: !
sfx: float float

ghost: What's up?
Sfx: bloop
reita(a): You just passed by the high school, right?
reita(b): Are they doing bag searches at the gate today?

1: PK Academy? Yeah, they were doing them
2(a): Yes...
2(b): Information!
Sfx: bam

1: Ghosts can go anywhere and they can't be seen by anyone...
bg text[left to right, top to bottom]:
vault numbers
national facilities
hidden locations
backroom dealings
test answers
phone numbers
under skirts
ghost: ?
2(a): These ghosts can become my eyes and ears
2(b): There is no information I cannot obtain!

1: Yes, in today's society...

1: Whoever controls the information, controls the world!!
sfx: flap flap flop
top book: Pervy Paradise
-bubble: 18+
-small text: hehehehe
-cloud: Let's get pervy!
Bottom book: Pervy [cut off]
-side text: girl rankings!
-corner: 18+

Page 5

text: Oh, but I wouldn't dare think of using this power for evil
text: But since it's a gift bestowed to me by the heavens, of course I'll use it for my own happines

1: The same way those blessed with great faces become celebrities, or how people with natural physical ability become athletes. Everyone does it.
2: In fact it would be weirder if I didn't take advantage of this.

1: I have a friend who is a PSI user but even though he could do anything in the world, he never uses his powers for his own gain
2(a): He's an absolute idiot
1(b): One day he's going to completely regret never using his powers

1(a): But I'm no idiot
1(b): I'll use my abilities to their fullest!
Ghost: Well then, I'll be going now!
Reita: Ah! Wait a sec!

1(a): It's nothing important...
1(b): but could I ask you just one more small favor?
Ghost: Sure! What can I do for you?

1: Just watch...!
2: Do you see that really cute girl over there?
3: Oh! Yeah I see her
sfx: doooooommm

1: This is the power of a spirit medium!!
reita(a): Go take a look and tell me...
reita(b): What color that girl's panties are!! Go! Ghost!!
sfx: baam

Page 6

ghost: Sorry but I can't help you with that
ghost: I can't just disregard that girl's privacy

ghost: Well that's how it is

1: A ghost...
2: Lectured me on privacy...

1: Yes, like I said before... There's no need to fear ghosts, they're all nice guys...
2: That's why they would never lend a hand in any evil schemes...

sfx: ring ring ring

1: siggh
2: This isn't working out very well...

1: If I could at least do that “HAAAH!” thing...
reita: If you don't want to get “HAAAH”d then look at those panties!
Ghost sfx: eek
2: Even though I try so hard to get ghosts to listen to me...

Page 7

1: No... This isn't the extent of my spiritual abilities...
2: In fact, it's thanks to these powers that I've gotten so popular at school!

girl1: You see? This is really bad...
Girl2: What should we...
1: Heey! You girls over there!!
sfx: Whoosh!

1: I just happen to be free right now....
2: How about I look at your guardian spirits for you!
Sfx: DON

1: Yes, whether it's ghosts or spirits, I can see them all!
2: And women just love spiritual things like this

1: That's right! Why don't I just use my powers to start a fortune telling service?
Text top: This charm will protect you from evil spirits
text middle: my conscience is totally clean
text: then let's do the exorcism all in one go
text: Alright? Let's begin the ritual
text: okay now take off your clothes...
text: Yes, sensei...
2: That way I can earn money and the girls will come right to me... It's two birds with one stone
3: Um... no that's...

girl1(a): You already looked at ours before...
girl1(b): So we don't... y'know?
Girl2: Oh! How about you try it!? Go on!
Girl3: ehh.... Sounds boring...

Page 8

1: Oh um more importantly, we've got something to ask

1: This girl's gym clothes have gone missing... Know anything about that?
2: I can't find them anywhere...
3: Huh!?

reita: Wha!? No way I don't know anything!! Wh- Why!?
reita(a): I had nothing to do with this!?
reita(b): It wasn't me!! Seriously!!
girl: Um... I was just asking if maybe you had seen them around...

1(a): N-no I didn't...
1(b): I haven't seen them! Yeah!
2: Oh... I wonder where they went...

1: Phew... Even though I didn't do anything, I still panicked
2: I wonder where those gym clothes...

1: …...Oh!
2: That's it!!

1: Wait just a second!!
2: hm?

Page 9

reita: Leave it to me
reita(a): I will find...
reita(b): your gym clothes!
Sfx: Baaam

1: Wha!?
Sfx: rustle

1: You'll find them... How!?
2(a): Tori... um...
2(b): Guardian Spirit guy!
3: Do you have some sort of plan, Guardian Spirit-kun?
Sfx: chatter chatter
4: Guardian Spirit-kun!
Reita(a): Um... It's Toritsuka...
reita(b): No one even remembers my name?

1: I do have a plan
2: I'll ask the ghosts!

1: Yes. This wonderful spiritual power even demonstrates is greatness by making it easy to find missing objects
2: There's ghosts all over the place, so I'd bet they know all sorts of things about our school !!
small box: Girls who are fine with guardian spirits but not fans of ghosts

1: Hey, you over there
ghost: !

Page 10

reita: I'm looking for a girl's gym clothes...
reita: Have you seen any laying around?

ghost(a): …..um
ghost(b): What exactly are you planning on doing with those gym clothes....?
sfx: staaaare
1(a): N... No wait!!
1(b): I was asked to help find them!!

ghost(a): Oh! Sorry about that! So you're helping out
ghost(b): In that case I can lend you a hand. I've seen 'em,
reita(a): geez...
reita(b): Wha!? You've seen them!?
ghost: Yup

1: When and where did you see them!?
Ghost: uhhh it was just recently
text: I'm pretty sure it was...

text: when I was playing around by overlapping with the vice principal
text: good morning Mr. Vice Principal
grey bubble: hm
1: Is that... fun...?
2: not really

text: but at that time, a male student passed by carrying a girl's gym clothes bag
grey bubble: hm
text: It seems like the vice principal didn't notice

reita: Wait... so what you're saying is
reita: It was stolen!?

Page 11

text: Well, I don't like to jump to conclusions... Why don't you go see for yourself? He should still be nearby
1: Heheheh...!
sfx: step step step step step

1: With abilities like this, I could even make it as a detective
2(a): I never thought I would find a clue this quickly...!
2(b): and who would've thought that this wasn't a case of missing items, but a case of theft...!

1: Missing stuff is one thing, but thievery is on a whole other level!
2: When news of this sensational incident spreads throughout the school...

top right: You pervert! Enemy of women everywhere!!
top mid-right: Kyaa!
Top mid-left: That guy caught a thief!
Top left: Wow! Over here!
Bottom right: eeek!!
bottom mid-right: So reliable!
Bottom mid-left: He's so handsome!
Bottom left: It must be incredible being from a temple family
text: Guhehehe... So many dreams!!

1: There he is!!

1: Alright! There's no where to run...
2: Please wait!!

reita: Huh? You're...
1: That's right...

Page 12

1: I am... his guardian spirit

reita: The man from this morning...! You're the gym clothes thief's...
1: Please, let this slide!

reita: ! So you're saying he IS the criminal!!
1(a): It's just a one time mistake!!
1(b): Please! Just pretend you didn't see anything!!

1: So you're saying you won't move from that spot!?
2: Yeah...! As his guardian spirit, there's no way I could move...!

1: Well whatever

1(a): Wha-
1(b): Huuuuuh!!?
reita: There really was no point to that
sfx: step step step step step

1: Please, I'll do anything! Just let him go!!

reita: ...anything...?
sfx reita: blink
stf scale: bam

Page 13

1(a): That's right!If you let him go, I'll do anything
1(b): If you want to know someone's weakness, I'll find it for you
2: Or a bank account's PIN...
3: I could get you test questions ahead of time
4: In any case, I can get you any information you want

1: That's why please, just let this slide!!
sfx: BAM

1: …......
2(a): …......
2(b): True... It's not a bad offer...

1: But I refuse
2: Wha!?

1: Why!? It's a great deal, isn't it!?
Reita:Your offer certainly did make me hesitate
reita(a): Like a hero who was told “I'll give you half of the world” by the demon lord
reita(b): But I'm not gonna bite

1: Because in this school...
2: There's a crazy scary psychic who can see through anything

Page 14

1: Even with a ghost, if I push the limits of abuse by going so far as to threaten someone...
2: I'll be killed by that guy!!

reita: plus... even I couldn't...

1: I couldn't let this sort of thing happen... Not to you...
2: Not to person you're trying so desperately to protect!

1: Well...

reita: That's how it is so I won't be holding back!
Gost: Whaa!? I thought you were going to let him go...!?
reita: Heey! Get out here you perverted...
sfx: rattle

1: ...huh?
2: He's gone...?

reita: Wha? But the gym clothes are still here...
ghost: The window is open... it couldn't be...
sfx curtain: flap flap

1: Because you were yelling loudly right outside the door he ran...
2: Aha!!

Page 15

1: Those gym clothes...
2: So it was you who took them...!?
3: Huuh!!?
sfx: dooooomm

reita: No! I just found them...
1: There's no way you could find them so quickly!!
2: I knew you were suspicious! You were acting so flustered earlier!
3: Give those back you pervert!

reita(a): Wait...
reita(b): I'm not...
reita: Uwaaaaaah

1: A... Are you okay?
2(a): Urgh... Even though I was supposed to get popular...
2(b): I ended up hated instead... haha... hilarious...

1: I can't do this, I can't do that... It's so inconvenient...
ghost(a): Thanks for taking the fall for me in the end
ghost(b): I guess your life's kind of a disaster too huh...
2: This power... Is really no good after all... To hell with spiritual abilities...

1: These powers are absolutely useless...
ghost(a):W-Well cheer up! Just this once, I went and took a look for you...!
ghost(b): The black haired girl was wearing light-pink lacy panties, and the girl on the right had light green ones... haha... Will you forgive me with this…?

sfx: perk

1: This power really is great after all!
2: Ah! My nose is bleeding again!

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