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Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 32

ExPSIbition! Jump Festa

+ posted by eyfey as translation on Dec 14, 2015 19:47 | Go to Saiki Kusuo no Sainan

-> RTS Page for Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 32

Saiki Kusuo no PSI nan
Volume 4
Chapter 32 Translation

Page 1

1: Ku-chan!

mom: Can you go run a little errand for me?
Chapter 32: ExPSIbition! Jump Festa

sai: sounds like a pain......
mom(a): Please! I was planning on going myself
mom(b): but Papa's caught a cold so now I have to look after him

sai: He's an adult. He should be able to take care of his own cold.
1: Well, his fever's not that bad. It's only about 36.8 C
sai: Make him do the errand

mom: But Papa says he needs me to stay with him no matter what... ♡
dad: Please... Stay by my side until the very end...
dad: Let me see what it's like on the other side...
mom: Okay! I'll be right here!
Sai: Is he dying?

1: Please! I'll even give you a reward
sai: What a pain... I got it ...so?

sai: Where do I have to go?
Mom: The place is a little far...

Page 2

1: Jump Festa!

Chapter 32: ExPSIbition! Jump Festa

mom: You know Mrs. Miyagi?
Mom: Her son said he really wanted some merchandise that they only sell there
box: JF fun fact 1- There's a ton of merch at JF that you can't buy anywhere else!

sai(a): Give me a break
sai(b): This isn't something you would just call an “errand”

Page 3

sai: Still...
sai: That's a lot of people
sign: Exhibit Zone

sai: With this many people around, it looks like my telepathy is pretty much useless...
1: JF is so fun!
2: I wish they had JF 90 times a year!
3: I'm so glad I came to JF!
4: JF is the only thing I live for
5: JF is the best!
6: After coming to JF, my grades improved and I got a girlfriend! JF is the best!
sai: Stealth Marketing

sai: Is it really okay for me to just go in though?
Sai: Well, whatever...
box: JF fun fact 2- Entry into JF is 100% free!! Honestly speaking it sounds like bad business but who am I to talk!
sfx: glance glance

sai: …... whoops!
2: Kya!!
sai: Give me a break, to think I would actually bump into someone...

1: Sorry 'bout that!
Sai: Those are some insane street clothes

sai: Ohh! That's right! That must have been cosplay
box: JF fun fact 3- There are lots of people who cosplay at JF!! But there's no changing rooms on ground, so be careful!
[tn: In japan, cosplayers change into of their costumes at the con rather than travel there in cosplay]

sai: Yeah, When you look around there sure are a lot

Page 4

sai: There's some “One Piece” cosplays. They're pretty well made

sai: That's a lot of “Naruto”s over there
saiki: Shadow Clones?

sai: …...!
sai: …...?

sai: Whoops, I almost forgot my original goal. I have to go buy merch...
1: Huh!?

1: Is that you Saiki!?
Sai: Don't tell me that voice is...

kai: It is you!! I didn't know you were coming!?
sai: Who are you

kai: Look! It's me! The Jet black wing!!
sai: If you do this in real life people would understand
sai: But when a manga character cosplays a manga character they just become a completely different character

Page 5

1(a): So you came to JF too Saiki!!
1(b): For a second I thought you were just someone in a Saiki cosplay!
saiki(a): There's no such thing
saiki(b): And why are you here? you're even cosplaying...

kai(a): Cosplay...? What are you talking about?
kai(b): These are my normal clothes?
Sai: In that case sorry but we can't hang out after this

kai: I never thought I'd run into you at a place like this, Saiki
box: removed wig
kai: You must read WJ too, huh!
Sai: I just came here on an errand, and I haven't read any Jump lately
[tn: WJ = Weekly Shonen Jump]

1(a): Hey what WJ manga do you like?
1(b): One Piece? Naruto? Bleach!?
Sai: I know them but I only read the volumes

kai: Private School British Academy?
Sai: Never heard of it

kai(a): Magic Warp Hole?
kai(b): “Muny's Uncanny Valley”?
kai(c): “Takeda”'s pretty good too
sai: I have seriously never heard of any of those
kai: “Boku no watashi no Yuushagaku”? “Kanata Seven Change”?
Sai: Not even once have I ever heard anything about these
[tn: Those last two are real and were both written by the author of Saiki]

kai: Also there's “CROW” or “Otters 11”...
sai: I've never heard of them, yet they're somehow familiar
[tn: Manga from within the manga/anime Bakuman]

Page 6

kai: Well, there's plenty of interesting manga out there, but what I recommend is...
kai: “Odd-eye Persona Cerberus”!! It's really good!
Sai: As per usual, I have never heard of it

kai: Wha!? You've never heard of it!? Well I just happen to have my WJ with me, so let me show you!
Kai: It's currently the manga with the most momentum in WJ right now! … Here it is!
Saiki: It's pretty far back there for a manga that's supposed to have a lot of momentum
[tn: Generally for Jump- Most popular series in the front, less popular series in the back]

kai: Isn't it cool!?
Text: Odd-Eye Persona Cerberus
sai: So you are cosplaying

kai: The main character is named Suvorov Smith Skywalker...
sai: too long
kai: He's really strong and cool! It's hard to think of him as just a regular guy
sai: He's a manga character so he's not a regular guy

kai: Suvorov is and is a “First Member” of this “Laser Core” known as “Tanaphe” !!
1: It's off!!
kai: Usually his powers are held back by the “vision mask” sealing his left eye
2: What is this light!?
Kai: But when he removes the “vision mask” a blinding light shines and purges the enemy by “Rasterize”ing them
sai: There's so much world building vocabulary that I can't understand anything that's happening, but what I CAN understand is that it sounds boring


Page 7

kai: Oh! That's right! There's an original manuscript booth over there, want to go take a look!?
Kai: There are a ton of WJ originals on the wall!
Sai: What a pain... This guy is more into this than usual...

kai: Woooah!! They're displaying a ton of original manuscripts!!
kai: It's like a treasure trove!!
box: JF fun fact 4- JF displays a lot of manuscripts from serialized Jump authors! This manga is on display too! Right?
Sai: Finally, we get to see some real JF manga references

kai: Woah! It's the manuscript for “Ayakashi NIGHT”!!
kai(a): And over here is “Mix☆Ju-Kiss♡” even “Kaze no Fuutarou”!!
kai(b): What an impact!!
sai(a): How long are you planning on naming manga that no one's heard about
sai(b): Not to mention all of these titles sound really boring, is Jump going to be okay?

kai: This is bringing back all the feelings I had when I first saw these in WJ
sai: Also stop calling Jump “WJ”, it's getting annoying
sign: One Piece
Oda Eichirou-sensei
sai: hm?

sai: Ohh...
sai: So this is a Mr. Oda Eichirou original...


Page 8

sai: It's incredible...
sai: Seeing it in person really is different...
sign: Oda Eichirou-sensei

sai: The intensity of the original is so different from the printed copy... It feels like the drawings have a sort of breath, or a kind of enthusiasm
sai: This really is worth seeing with your own eyes... All I can say is that it's magnificent
text: For the particulars, go to JF and experience it for yourself!

sai: Hmph, I'm not a fan of crowded places, but I got to see something good, so it was worth it
kai: Wow~ Those manuscripts were awesome~
kai: Oh!!

kai: Look Saiki!! There's the J Food stall!!
kai: Let's eat something!!
box: JF fun fact 5- At the J food stall you can eat manga related food or desserts!! Honestly though, I've never tried it so I don't know much about it

sai: I guess I am a little hungry
1: Thank you very much!
Kai: Yeah~ But still~...

Page 9

kai: But food stalls at places like this are like the ones at festivals, it's all just a bunch of expensive stuff that really only tastes okay at best~
sfx: chomp
kai: Well, let's just eat it without expecting anything special...

kai: !! Th... This is...!!

kai: Delicious!!
kai: Even through the sweetness, you can still taste all the individual ingredients which become entwined into a complex flavor that simply melts in your mouth!!
sai: This is his personal opinion and not a guarantee of the quality of these products.

sai: Hm... Well, it's not bad...
kai: Man~ That was great~ Where should we go next, Saiki?
Sai: Let's see. How about we go towards the demo booth...

sai(a): Whoops, I can't. I've forgotten my original goal.
sai(b): That's right. I was asked to buy some merch
kai: Hm? What's wrong Saiki?

kai: Huh? Merch?
Kai: They don't sell the merchandise here

sai: What...?
1: The merch area has a different entrance. You can't get there without exiting first
box: JF fun fact 6- the Exhibit Zone and the Merch Zone have separate entrances! Though I get to go in from the back door since I'm a special guest!

1: More importantly though, you better go quick
sai: Huh?

Page 10

sai: they sold out......
kai(a): That's too bad, but you know it's common sense to buy your merch first
kai(b): I already bought mine beforehand
box: JF fun fact 7- Merchandise will sell out! Everything in this world runs out eventually, even your life!

sai: I messed up... I never thought they would sell out...
sign: END OF LINE. Please line up here.
Sai: Plus isn't this...

sai: That manga that Kaido was just talking about?
Paper: Odd-eye Persona Cerberus strap
paper bubble: thx
sai: To think something like this would sell out...

kai: Oh! An Odd-eye Persona Cerberus strap?
Kai: So that's it! That was what you came here to buy!?

kai: In that case, I already bought one! Want me to give it to you?
Sai: What... Are you sure?

sai: No, I shouldn't. It's merch from your favorite manga, right?
kai(a): Hey, don't hold back! After all we're, you know...!
kai(b): f...friends... right? Heheh (quietly)
sai: ...No, I think I'll pass
1(a): Waaaahh
1(b): Uwaaaahh

Page 11

1(a): waaahh
1(b): ...hic!
2: Uwaahh

kai: What's that, a kid who wasn't able to buy any merch?
Sai: No, looks like something else

1: hey, what's wrong?
Sfx: sniffle hic
2: hic hic

1: hic... you know... I...
2(a): sniffle...
2(b): got separated... from my mommy...

kai: I see, then let me take you to the help center
kai: Let's go...
box: JF fun fact 8- JF has 2 different help centers! But you can't rely on them for everything. In the end, you're the only one who can really help yourself!

1: No, that's okay... sniffle...
2: Mommy said I'm not supposed to follow strangers...

kai: Oh... okay..
sai: ...she taught her kid well

1: Wh...What should we do? What that kid said was right but...
sai: Why don't we just call out from here?
Kai: Ah!

Page 12

1: Heh heh heh... I thought of something good...

1: What's wrong, brat...
2: !

kai: You seem troubled...
kai: Why not let me, Suvorov Smith Skywalker, lend you a hand...!
1: !!

kid: Ohh...! You're that...
1: Heheheh... How's that?

kai: Now I'm not a “stranger”, am I
1: That...
kai: Yes, because now I'm Suvorov!

kid: That guy from the manga that's always in the back of Jump! I've never read it though
sai: So you're still a stranger then

1(a): Wha...!? You're saying you don't know the great Suvorov-sama!?
1(b): W-Whatever! Just come with me
2: But I'm not allowed to go with strangers...

1. Str... Well you sort of know me, don't you!?
Sai: Give me a break, this is getting to be... hm?

Page 13

sai: So there she is. What a pain, she's pretty far away there, isn't she

sai: Even if we call out from here, I doubt she'll notice us... hmm...
1: Hey mister, are you even really the real thing?
2: H... Huh!?

1(a): I mean, I just saw an old guy wearing the same thing
1(b): If you're really real then show me proof!
Kai: Th...The real thing...!? Hmph... Fine... very well then...!

kai: I'll show you my true form of my power...
kai: I'll show you what happens when I remove the Vision Mask...!
kid: Yeaah! Do it!
Sai: What is he doing...

sai: No, wait. He was talking about this earlier, wasn't he
1: you better not regret this after!!

kai: Uuuooooohhhh!! Here I gooooo!!
sai: Wasn't it that when Suvorov takes off his mask...

Page 14

sai: That's right! He's enveloped in a blinding light
kai: Rasterize!
Kid: !!

1: !? Woah!?
2: Wh.. What!?

1: What was that light just now?
2: What's that?
3: Ah!!

kai(a): Heh heh heh... I've removed the seal...
kai(b): No one will be able to stop me now...
1: Taku-chan!!
2: Oh! Mommy!!

1: Where were you!
Kai: Hm? Oh, looks like he found her
sai: What a pain, looks like we stood out a lot...
box: Didn't notice that he was shining

sai: Well, I guess we are at a convention
1: What was that light?
2: Some kind of production?
3(a): Maybe some kind of event?
3(b): Oh, I know that manga

kid: Thank you mister!!
kid: That was amazing!!

Page 15

kid: I'll start reading your manga from now on, okay!
Kai: But... I didn't actually do anything...
kai(a): Oh... Heh... I see...
kai(b): Oh! I know!

1: Then how about I give you this
2: As proof that you're a fan of Odd-Eye Persona Cerberus...!
3: wow thanks!

1: Yay! It's a strap!
2: Heheh... You better take care of that
3: Okay!
Sai: Ah

1: … I see, so it was sold out

mom: That's a shame, but I guess it couldn't be helped~
sai: Give me a break, what was even the point of me going...

dad: Hehee, don't worry mama
mom: Papa! Is your cold all better?

dad(a): JF is a two day event!
dad(b): Let's go on a date to JF tomorrow!
Mom: Yaay! I can't wait!
Box: JF fun fact 9 – JF is a 2 day event! They make sure to restock sold out merch too! Don't lose to the resellers!
Sai: Seriously, what was the point of me going ...?

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