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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 34

A PSIriously Annoying New Years (Part 1)

+ posted by eyfey as translation on Jan 4, 2016 06:39 | Go to Saiki Kusuo no Sainan

-> RTS Page for Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 34

Saiki Kusuo no PSI nan
Volume 4
Chapter 34 Translation

Page 1

PSI 34: A PSIriously Annoying New Years (Part 1)

Page 2

1: January 1st
2: New year's day

sign top: fortunes

1: Woah~ There sure are a lot of people~

mom: but of course~ It is new year's after all
dad: geez...
dad: All these people who just crowd the shrine for new years when they don't even believe in god .. Japanese people sure are something
sai: you're doing it too though

sai: What a pain... My parents forced me to come along but...
sai(a): Why do I have to come to such a crowded place right first thing in the new year?
sai(b): I just want to spend my new year's quietly at home


Page 3

sai: More importantly, how many more chapters in a row is the author going to keep doing crowded places?
sai: Drawing people is a big pain you know, someone's going to start cutting corners...
1: Ah!

1: There's the front shrine!
2: Let's all go greet the gods!

dad: Please let me get along well with mama again this year
sfx: clap clap
mom: What? Don't be silly papa
mom: Why are you praying facing me?

dad(a): Hey, what are you talking about- Aren't you one of the gods?
dad(b): At least you'll always be my goddess...
mom: Oh Papa
sai: It's tough seeing this old man's cheesy smile right when the new year starts

1: Let's see~ What should I pray for
sfx: plink plink clink
sai: A prayer huh...

sai: I can already get anything I want by myself, so nothing really comes to mind...
sfx: clang clang
sai: I don't even believe in gods or buddhas in the first place

dad: I want to win 2 million in the lottery!!
sai: That's different from what you said before
dad: Please!! God!! Kusuo-sama!!
sai: so this is just a round-about way to ask me for a favor


Page 4

sai: Well whatever, I might as well pray anyway
sai: I want to spend my new years peacefully... I guess

sai: Okay. We've visited the shrine so now we can finally go home...
1: Huh!?

kai: Isn't that Saiki!! I didn't know you were here!
Sai: See? There's no such thing as god

kai: Kukuku, what a twist of fate this is...!
sai: Running into this annoying guy right at the start of the new year, what a pain...
sai: Also your scarf is too long, it's dragging

kai: Hmph, I see... The so called “new years shrine visit”... Let's get this straight though, I just happen to be here by chance
kai(a): After all, there's no such thing as gods in this world...
kai(b): Hm?

2(a): D... Do you know these two Saiki...?
sai: Nope. They're complete strangers

1: Wha!? Saiki's parents!?


Page 5

dad: Hello, I'm papa! Thank's for looking out for our Kusuo!!
kai: Huh!? I...
mom(a): I'm mama~ Well aren't you sweet!
mom(b): Thank you for getting along with Ku-chan!
Kai: Huh?

kai(a): Um...
kai(b): That's...
kai: Uhh...

kai: N...Nice to meet you... I'm... um.. the Jet... uh... Kaidou... [in small text ->] Well... That's just my borrowed mumble mumble
kai: I truly... I mean, I should be thanking you for...yeah...
mom: Oh so your name's Kaidou ♡
sai: Decide whether you're going to break your chuunibyou character or not already

1: Wow, to think Kusuo had friends other than Nendou-kun
sai: First of all, Nendou's not a friend
2: I was really suprised!
3: Yeah that's right, to think Kusuo has two whole friends...
4: Nope! That's not it!

mom: It's because I just prayed “I want Kusuo to make a ton of friends”!
Mom: And just like that one showed up! It's like an instant miracle
sai: Then grant my prayer too

dad: Oh I prayed for that too~
dad: Looks like mama and me were thinking the same thing ♡
sai: You prayed for 2 mil


Page 6

mom: You haven't prayed yet, right Kaidou? You should take care of that now!
kai(a): O-Okay!
kai(b): I shwill!!
sai: you “shwill”?
[tn: I shall + I will]

kai: Well I'm off to do battle with the gods then...!
sai: So are there gods or not?

1: Kaidou-kun is such a nice kid!
2: Yeah, his scarf is dragging but he's a good kid!
Sai: Your criteria for a “good kid” is too lax

kai: Saiki's parents are kind of weird, but they see like nice people...
kai: Well, time to pray

sfx big: clang clang
sfx small: clap clap

kai: Please let me make a ton of friends...!
sai: you too?

sfx: bow

kai: Ku ku ku


Page 7

kai: Seems like negotiations have broken down...
kai: Hmph... to think we'd have to fight with god...
sai: So what was that bow for then?

mom: What did you wish for Kaidou-kun?
Kai: Oh uh that's... it's the a top secret!
sai(a): is fumbling over your words because you can't decide if you want to break character or not?
sai(b): You're stuttering

1: Huh? Kaidou-kun!
Kai: Hm?

hai: Oh? Saiki's here too, what a coincidence! Happy new years everyone!
1: Hairo!
sai: That doesn't look like a very new years outfit

1: Hairo... Could this be because of my prayer..?
kai: H...Hey, so you were here too
2: Are you two doing your new year's visit?

hai: Actually so am I... hm?

1: Saiki-kun, who are these two...?
sai: Ah...


Page 8

hai(a): Oh so you're Saiki-kun's parents
hai(b): Sorry to intrude on your family outing
hai: It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Hairo Kineshi, I'm the class representative of Kusuo-kun's class at school

1: I'm always relying on Kusuo-kun
text: What a great kid!!
sai: Well... that's true for this guy

1: Hairo-kun is such a nice polite kid!
2: Yeah, what a great kid
3: Except he's just dressed a little too lightly

mom: Ku-chan has so many friends, I'm so happy I could cry!
Dad: Since when are you so good at getting along with others!?
Sai: All of them just selfishly follow me around on their own

sai(a): Could you be quiet for a second though?
sai(b): I'm a little curious about something

sfx: clang clang
sfx white: clap clap

hai: Please let me find a hot blooded rival...
hai: Someone who comes at me full force... someone I could call a formidable foe...!
sai: so heated

Page 9

mom: What did you wish for Hairo-kun?
Hairo: Hahaha let's just say it's a secret
sai: Give me a break, why is everyone praying for friends?

1: Oh? It's you guys!
Hai: !!

nen: Yo! What's everyone doing here?
1: Nendou-kun!!

1: Nendou-kun! So you came too!
2: Ohh! It's Saiki's mom and dad
hai: C... could it be...

hai: could this be because of my prayer...!
hai: Then Nendou is the one who will be my forbidable foe...!

1: Hey Nendou-kun, are you any good at tennis?
2(a): Oh?
2(b): I've never tried but I'm probably pretty good
sai: Give me a break, again...?
sai: Everyone's prayers keep being answered one after another...

sai: Well, it's probably just coincidence...
1: Amazing! My prayers were really answered!
2: Huh!? So what was everyone doing here!?
3: Obviously we're visiting the shrine for new years, idiot
sai: but I wonder why...


Page 10

sai: Why was my prayer the only one unanswered?
kai(a): Good grief... you just show up out of nowhere every time
kai(b): You're like a cockroach
nen: What was that!?
Hai: Hey Nendou-kun would you like to join the tennis club!?
Dad: Wow~ Everyone's so energetic and lively, right mama?
Mom: I can't believe Ku-chan has this many friends

sai: In any case please just don't make me suffer any more than this
1(a): Oh, have you prayed yet Nendou-kun?
1(b): You should go ahead
2: Oh? Praying?

nen: Ohh the thing where you ring the bell? Sure I'll go do it
sai: Guh... so you're going to do it too?

sai: I don't think any more will show up but...
sai: coincidences always happen in groups

sai: Just don't pray for something weird
nen: Alright

sfx: clang clang clang

sfx: clang... clang...
nen: …...

Page 11

nen: Okay! Let's go get some ramen!
Sai: What was that

sai: Well... it's fine. If he prays for something pointless it'll just trigger some event and be a big pain
dad: Ha ha ha Nendou-kun that's not how you do it
nen: Oh?

dad: You're just ringing the bell when you do that. Here, let me show you an example
nen: Oh?

1: Okay? You have to put in your offering first
sfx: clink
2: Ringing the bell comes after that

1: then once you've rung the bell, bow your head two times
sfx: clang clang
2: and clap your hands twice in prayer

dad: then you pray...
1: Please let Kusuo get a nice girlfriend...
dad: Then after bowing once more, you're done
nendou: Oohh!
Sai: Excuse me what was that prayer just now?

sai: No... It couldn't be... This is just coincidence right?
Sai: plus dad already prayed once, so there's no way this should get granted...

1: Oh... Is that...
sai: Stop that. I don't even have to look to know.


Page 12

teru: Wow! Saiki-kun, what a coincidence!
Teru: meeting in a place like this, I'm so lucky... Oops I mean Saiki's so lucky ♡

1: Right as the new year starts, we've got the whole cast together...
dad: Heey Kusuo let's go draw fortunes...

dad: W...Who is this beautiful girl!?
Dad: One of Kusuo's friends!?

dad: It couldn't be... Because of my prayer just now...!?
dad: But still, having her be this cute is pissing me off...!
sai: don't ask me

1: Ouph...!! T-Teruhashi-san!! So you were here too!?
Mom: Oh!? Who is it this time!?
2: Hey Teruhashi-san!

top right: What are you doing in a place like this!? Oh?
Bottom right: she's visiting the shrine for new years you idiot
Top middle: Wow! Aren't you beautiful!
Top left: Nice to meet you! I'm Kusuo's dad!
Left middle: I'm ku-chan's mama!
Bottom left: Eh? Saiki's...!?


Page 13

sai: Just stop it already...! What's happening here?
1: blah blah blah
2: blah blah-blah
3: blah-blah blah
sai: You can't call this just a coincidence anymore

sai: That's enough, I'm going home
dad: What's that? Going home Kusuo?
Sai: I just want peace and quiet

dad: even though everyone's already here, you're such a spoilsport~
dad(a): Oh!
dad(b): I know!

dad: Why doesn't everyone come along to our house! We've got new years snacks!
Mom: Yeah! Come visit!!
nen: Ohh!! Let's go!!
hai: I'll take you up on that offer if it won't be a bother
sai: Please god just grant my wish already

kai: Oh, but what about your prayer Teruhashi-san?
Teru: I'll just come back later
teru: Heheh I don't have anything I need to pray for. I just came here to bring happiness to the people visiting the shrine ♡
sai: what are you, a god?

1: First dream of the new year, first laugh, and first ouph ♡
sai: What is “first ouph”
2: Okay! Let's go!


Page 14

1: Wooah!!

nen: This kuri kinton is great!!
mom: Hee hee hee There's more where that came from~
dad: You're all growing children, so make sure to eat a lot~
hai: It's so gormet!!
sai: What's with this scene?
[tn: kuri kinton = candied chestnut + sweet potato]
sai: My one and only safe space...
kai: Hey! Quit eating all the kuri kinton
hai: Yeah! Eat some rice!!

teru: This is so delicious! Would you teach me how to make it sometime? ♡
mom: Thank you~ ♡ Of course I will!
Dad: ha ha You'll make a great wife someday Teruhashi-san
sai: my first dream of the new year is a nightmare...

sai: Why can't I spend at least new year's peacefully...
mom: Thank you everyone so much for getting along with Kusuo~

hai: There's no need to thank us, we spend time with him because we want to
mom: Yeah! That's right! Sorry about that!

1: I was just so happy...


Page 15

1: Because of his powers, Ku-chan has never really had any friends before

1: …......
sfx: silence
2: …...mama...

sai: Well, it finally got quiet...
1: You can't just say that...
2: Huh!?
Sai: ...and? What's your plan here god?


Extra Page

taka: ...huh? What?
Taka: Could you repeat that?

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