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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 33

Get excited! PSILENT night!

+ posted by eyfey as translation on May 6, 2016 01:34 | Go to Saiki Kusuo no Sainan

-> RTS Page for Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 33

Saiki Kusuo no PSI nan
Volume 4
Chapter 33 Translation

Page 1

Chapter 33: Get excited! PSIlent night!

Page 2

flag: Today only
-Xmas Eve sale
- 12/24
- Tomorrow will be the xmas sale

saiki: sigh...

saiki: So it's Christmas eve, I thought it was unusually crowded...
saiki: I hate Christmas

saiki: Sure, on the surface, the Christmas lights are pretty and there's a happy mood wherever you go
saiki: For example, over here may seem to be a warm and fluffy scene

saiki: But when you can read people's minds, you'll notice a few “imitations” mixed in

Page 3

saiki(a): Wherever there's light, there is darkness
saiki(b): Even this blissful atmosphere
[bubbles top row right to left, then bottom row right to left]
1(white): Wow! The lights are so pretty~♡
1(black): siigh... I feel sick...
2(w): I made reservations at the restaurant
2(b): Do you even understand what Christmas is, idiot?
3(w): let's go over there!
3(b) Graah! I just want to destroy everything!!
4(w): This is fun!
4(b): Quit getting excited you pig
5(w): It's so cold, can we cuddle up?
5(b): Break up already...
6(w): Your hands are so warm Yu-kun
6(b): siggh Tatsurou and Mariah are so annoying...
saiki: gets overshadowed by the darkness in someone else's heart

saiki: For example: on the surface, that group of boys over there seem like they're having fun
1: Man, there's couples everywhere~
2: Well, whatever, drinking together with the guys is more fun anyway!
3: Yeah!
sfx: hahaha
b1: I'm so jealous...
b2: Christmas can just die...
b3: Why do I have to hang with these guys..
saiki: But inside they're anything but content

saiki: And at first glance, the people over there in santa outfits look like they're getting really into it
1: How about some cake!
2: We still have some left!
B1: ahh, gotta work... It's not like I didn't have other plans though... it's because I have to work
b2: I know why santa wears red now... It's so the blood doesn't stand out...
saiki: But they're just working, so they can't afford to get carelessly excited

saiki: You can see it even among couples
1: Let's be together next year too ♡
2: yeah ♡
black top: I was turned down by the girl I like so I guess it's just this girl today...
black bottom: There's no way we'll still be together. After I get my present I'll look for a good time to break up
saiki: On the surface, they look like happy, but underneath they're thinking these sorts of things

saiki: give me a break, this strained atmosphere is making the whole town feel uncomfortable...

saiki: Nowadays, the only people that get excited over christmas are kids...
saiki: And couples who are madly in love...


Page 4

saiki: So for my parents who have both of these qualities mixed together
1: Wow amazing
2: I'm taking a picture
saiki: of course they'd get excited

saiki: What do you think
saiki: Of these kinds of parents?

saiki: My house is like this every year
1: Woah! Someone's going in!
2: Someone that lives here!
Saiki: What a pain... Please think about the feelings of your son that has to come home to this

saiki: hm?

saiki: Somehow I've got this bad feeling...
1: Oh Ku-chan! Welcome home!

Page 5

mom: You were out pretty late, huh! The party's about to start!
Nen: Oh! What took you so long, partner!

sfx: slam
nen: Oh!? Where are you going Partner!?
door: lock
mom(a): Ahh! You even locked it!
mom(b): Even though we're the ones inside, it feels like we got locked out! Hey Ku-chan!

1: We ran into each other at the supermarket!

mom: I invited him because he was all alone! Parties are more fun when there are more people!
Nen: Ohh! I was just out buying food so it was pretty lucky!
Sai: Seriously, give me a break...

sai: I mean, It's not like I think of Christmas as a special day or anything...
sai: In fact it's extremely ordinary

sai: But usually this would be an excuse to bring in a character of the opposite gender
text: Model – Teruhashi Kokomi-san
teru: I... I just came here to eat some dinner! Don't get the wrong idea!
Sai: That's just how christmas works in the world of manga

Page 6

sai: So what is this?
Nen: Hey! Don't get the wrong idea here! I helped pay for some of the food you know!
Mom: Nendou-kun bought these potato chips
sai: Are you supposed to be the heroine of this manga?

sai: What a pain, this is why I hate Christmas...
1: Could you carry this to the table Partner-kun?
2: Oh! Leave it to me!
Sai: Not to mention he's really fitting it well

1: I'm hooome~!!
nen: Oh?
Mom: Oh! He's back!

sai: Give me a break, here comes one more annoying person...
sfx: thud thud thud

dad: Merry Christmas!
Dad: Santa has arrived~!!
sai: You can't say “I'm home” if you're Santa

dad: Everyone's been such good kids that I brought a mountain of presents~
dad: First is for mama......

1: …......
2: …......

Page 7

sfx right: slip
sfx left: rip

dad: Mama... C'mere a sec...
mom: ?

dad: Uh... Who is that? What's up?
Sfx: whisper whisper
mom: That's Ku-chan's friend Nendou-kun
dad(a): Hey... Tell me these things before hand~...
dad(a): I looked like a big idiot just now~
sai: That's because you are a big idiot

dad: ...wait ...what!?
Dad: You said he's Kusuo's friend!?

1(a): Kusuo's!?
2(b): Wh... That Kusuo!?
2: That's right!!
sai: Stop spreading lies

dad: Ahyuu~
sai: You too?

1(a): I see... to think he'd be friends with that cheeky uncooperative Kusuo
1(b): who if only he didn't have that power I would've beaten him down 2 or 3 times by now
sai: I'll beat you down
2: What a nice guy! I should introduce myself!

dad: Hey nice to meet you Nendou-kun!!
dad: I'm Kusuo's dad, Kuniharu...
sfx: spin

Page 8

nen: Oh... Partner's old man huh...
nen: Nice to meet you, heh heh...

txt: ...He's a criminal...

dad: Mama... C'mere a sec...
mom: ?

dad: Um, are they really friends? He totally has the face of a criminal you know?
Dad: That's no good if he's a bully
sfx: hush hush
mom: That's not true! Partner-kun's a nice kid
saiki: How long are you going to keep that up

nen: Still, that really surprised me!
Dad: !

nen: You were all dressed up as Santa when you came in!
Nen: I seriously thought Santa was here! I was shocked!

1: Maaan~ This is pretty well made

Page 9

dad(a): Oh...
dad(b): Y... You think so?
Sai: You're happy about that?

1(a): Well, I guess?
1(b): I'm pretty picky about my costume... y'know? Like the beard too? It uses real hair?
2: Woooaah awesome!!
3: If you want... you can try it on?
Sai: My parents are pushovers

1: Merry!!
2: Christmas!!

dad: wooow nendou-kun! You're a real easy to talk to guy, aren'tcha!!
sfx: ahahahaha
dad: You're cheerful and honest and your face is gross, you're the total opposite of Kusuo
nen: Oh? What's that?
Sai: He's fitting in so easily, it's like he's someone from an overseas homestay program

dad: I'm really happy though...
dad: You actually believed my Santa act...

1: Even when Kusuo was 0 years old and he saw it for the first time, he would always just stare at me as if he were looking at garbage!
Sai: So you should have stopped back then

Page 10

1: You really are a good honest kid Nendou-kun!!
2: Oh? I don't think I'm a good kid though
3: Eh?

Nen: I mean, after all Santa never comes to my place

dad: What!? What does your dad think he's doing!?
Mom: Oh, how sad

1: I don't have a dad. He died before I was born
2: Wha!?

mom(a): I... I had no idea...
mom(b): I'm sorry... for bringing up painful memories
nen(a): Oh? Why?
nen(b): It's fine, he died before I was born so I never really knew him

nen: Plus I've got my mom!
Nen: Just because Santa never comes doesn't mean I'm sad

dad(a): I see... oh!
dad(b): I have to go out for a second
mom: The two of you enjoy the food!

Page 11

nen: Oh? What's up?
Sai: It's because you're telling sad stories

1: But still

nen: Your dad's pretty weird too Partner

sai: Speaking from experience “weird” doesn't even come close to describing it
nen: Geheheh but dressing up as Santa is genius though!

1: If my dad were still around, I wonder if he'd be like that too~
sai: ...hmph What are you talking about

sai: My dad's “weird”ness is only beginning
mom: Sorry for leaving like that~
1: Oh? Where's Partner's dad?

1: Oh, it seems like there was some sort of mistake at his work so he had to leave to go lick the customer's shoes
2: Ohh!? Sound's tough for Partner's dad
3: Let's just enjoy this without him

nen: oh?

Page 12

nen: Woooaah What's that!?
Nen: Someone that looks like Santa is trying to open the window!!
sfx: rattle rattle rattle rattle

mom: Oh dear
sfx: step step step step step step

dad: Didn't I tell you to open it...! Geez!
Mom: Sorry, I never thought you would show up immediately
sai: This is really shoddy

1(a): Pheew~
1(b): Oof...

dad: Hey there Nendou-kun, nice to meet you
dad: I'm Santa
sai: See? He's a pretty unique dad, isn't he?

sai: Still, no matter how hard you try to force it, there's no way this would work a second time...
sai: Even Nendou would notice...


Page 13

nen: No way...
nen: The real Santa showed up...!
sai: or not. It is Nendou after all.

nen: Woahh It's really Santa!! I can't believe it!!
dad: Ho ho ho...
nen: Awesome! This is my first time seeing him!!
sai: I just saw him a minute ago

nen: Woow! But now that I'm seeing the real thing, it's totally different from Partner's dad...
nen: His costume was kind of cheap looking, but this one's totally different!
dad(a): Ho ho...
dad(b): I guess...

1: Woah! Please shake my hand Santa!!
2: sure thing
sai: Give me a break, he's way to into this
3: Oh!

nen: That's right!! Show me those!
Nen: The reindeer!! Santa always brings reindeer with him, right!?

1(a): …...
1(b): Uh
2(a): You drove them here today too, right?
2(b): Man~ I think I've always wanted to meet the reindeer more than Santa

dad(a): Uhh......
dad(b): ...yeah... That's right...
sfx: glance

Page 14

dad: O.K. They're parked outside right now, go take a look
dad: I'm counting on you, Kusuo...!
sai: don't drag me into this

1: Seriously!? Lemme see!!
mom: Please Ku-chan! Just play along! Okay?
Sai: give me a break... reindeer are...

1: Woooah! I've never seen one before!
Sai: Well, these should be fine...
sfx: twitch

sfx: sliide

1: Woooah!! Reindeer!! That's awesome!!
sai: They're just regular deer though

dad: Look Nendou-kun, a present
nen(a): Ohh!!
nen(b): F... For me!?
Sai: It was actually for me

Page 15

nen: Alright!!
nen: I'll treasure this for the rest of my life!!

1: Nice! That makes 2 presents!
Dad: Huh?

1(a): 2 presents...
1(b): I thought you've never received a christmas present before?
2: Yeah, never from santa

nen: But my mom gives me some

nen: Every year, in the middle of the night she leaves a present by my pillow while I'm sleeping
nen: I wonder why she never just gives it to me directly though?

sai: ...What a good mom......

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