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Straight No Chaser Oneshot : Straight no chaser

+ posted by fevrier as translation on Apr 15, 2010 20:57 | Go to Straight No Chaser

Let yourself be intoxicated by the unadulterated spirits of a straight-up man's soul.


Get this to Kawamura-san!! You've only got three minutes, though.

That's plenty of time!

Here we go!!


sfx vroom!

Motorcyle in front, please come to a stop!!


Stop, you punk!


(side: So he's basically an idiot. an extraordinary idiot. But... In the depths there is light! The portrait of fool young man!)


sfx: ding-dong

's Go-Go Pizza!

Thank you.

Thanks f'yer business!

I made it in time.

Well, it is me, after all.


So it was you again,

Pizza boy.

If you're looking for the pizza boy, he escaped that way.

Is that so. Cut it out and come to the station.

Shuuhei, I'm going to have to deduct the fine from your wages.

Come on boss!! Cut me some slack, please...!

Have you thought about how many times this makes?

Just be glad they didn't suspend your license, you idiot.

The next time, you're fired. FI-RED

...fired, you say...

Good night!!

Good night, sir!!


What's a speed demon like me gonna do when he's had his speed taken from him!

Hey, Hitomi.

Are you going to the WU co-ed barbecue?

The barbecue, huh... I wonder...



Ugh, that idiot...

I guess the barbecue's out then.

Your boyfriend wouldn't forgive you.

He's not my boyfriend.


Yeah, see you tomorrow!

I told you not to come here anymore, didn't I!! And moreover, don't call me Hitomi!

I didn't really want to come here either.

It's just strange, though, for two people who are going out not to see each other very often.

haaa~~~~ This is awful... my head hurts...

Shuuhei, kissing you in high school was definitely a mistake!! A mistake!! I was possessed!! It was a blunder!! An accident!! It was a huge mistake that only happened once!!

So I am going out with you!!

Not before, and not now!!


You so brazenly take back my first kiss...

It was against my will!! Idiot!!

I heard you, Hitomi.

So, just what is going out, according to you? You know, going out.

Going out is doing things like talking and having dinner.

Going out somewhere. Eventually, having sex.

Ah.. I see.

Sex? That's your... I see...

You're the worst! What's with that face!?

Please, just go and die somewhere!

Hitomi, if it's with you, I'll do even that.

Have sex, that is.

We're not even going out, there's no way I'll have sex with you!!

What I mean is that going out means sharing things!! together!! Get it!?

Ok, yes. I'll share. I'll bring you pizza every day.

Shuuhei, you know... I'm a college student, and you're living off part-time jobs. Just what do we have in common here!?

Well... that's...

It must be love.

Yes, now goodbye.

If it's not love, what do we have? Hey!

Please God, erase this idiot right now!

Hey!! So what kind of guy would you go out with, Hitomi!?

What kind of guy would you talk with, eat with, sleep with!?

First off, someone besides you.

After that, I like people who can do something.


Yeah. Like studying profoundly.

Well, studying's a little...

Nothing else? What else do you like?

Hmm, well...

After that, for example, playing a musical instrument...

Well, in any case, someone who isn't you, Shuuhei.



Look at how you shine!

Excuse me, I'll take this!

Would you like to try playing it?

Can I?

I will, I will!

Umm, the mouthpiece...


This. If you don't use it, it won't come out. The sound, that is.

What is this?

In here?

Umm... If you like, would you like to enter? Our music school, that is.

Eh? Someone will teach me? Make me into a musician!?

I'm Komatsu, in charge of wind instruments.

I'm in! Let's do it, Koma-chan!!

This way, if you please.

First, let's play with the mouthpiece.

Mouthpiece, roger!

close your mouth into a straight line,

Vibrate your lips, and sound will come out.

Keep the sound constant.

Constant, roger!

Yes, and on that note let's switch to the whole instrument.

Let's go!! I'm going all out on the trumpet!

No, no, it's not "fu--" it's "vu--".

Ok, Koma-chan, vu-! Roger!

I played.

I played, Koma-chan! I played a sound!

Th... That's great, that's great.

Do is now my do! Re is now my re! Mi, too, now is my mi!


Thanks f'yer business!

That old guy is always ordering from us...

I wonder, Kawamura-san... is he Italian?

How's my sound, Koma-chan?

It's not "vupa-", it's "pa-", "pa-".


I can't get "pa-".

Don't worry, you'll definitely get there.



You're a good guy!

Don't mention it. I'm just someone who likes musical instruments.

By the way, Hei-san.

Next month the school is holding a concert.

Would you appear in it?

(Komatsu School of Music/ Winter concert/ Date: 23 December/ Location: City Hall)

A concert.

Yes, it's a concert for all the school's pupils.

Koma-chan... You don't mean...

My debut.

That's right. Your debut.


Hei Shuuhei

is making his debut!!

Very good. I'll be choosing the piece.

I'll follow you, Koma-chan! I'll practice hard!

Let's do our best.

(twinkle twinkle little star)
Twinkle, huh...

This is Hei Shuuhei

with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!!

Very good.

The trumpet. That's very nice.


How do you know my name...?

'S'me, you know!

From Go-Go Pizza!!

Ah, yes...

You deliver.

"Thanks f'yer business"!!

I'm Shuuhei.

Well now, Shuuhei-san. Thanks for all that delivering.

Sorry about that, talking during your practice. I really like the trumpet.

Do you play too, Kawamura-san?

No, no... Me, not at all. I'm just someone on the listening side.

Listening side?

How about it, Shuuhei-san?

From now on, how would you like to come listen at my house?

Just... listen?

Yes, just listen.

Come on in.

Forgive the intrusion!!



What... What are these?

Records. All jazz records.

Hmm, a record.


Up until two years ago, I ran a jazz cafe, and I collected all these records during that time.

Umm, what is that...

Jazz, I mean...

You don't know jazz!?

That sure makes me jealous!!

Jealous...? of me?


That you'll be getting to learn about jazz from now makes me quite jealous.

Bring it on, Kawamura-san!!

Mmhmm... this one.

Jazz, you know, is the music of giants.

Oh yeah?

Yeah. All jazz players are giants.

There's nothing to be afraid of. It's just the music of giants.

So, put on these headphones.

All right, close your eyes.



Pa-pa! la-la-pparaparapara pa! pa!

Shuuhei!! Margherita, large!

Roger that!!

Pa-- parapara rapapa pa-

Is it just me, or is Shuuhei becoming an even worse idiot?

Well, a more "Pa-!" idiot, anyway.


I'm a long way from Clifford, huh...

Do you mean Clifford Brown?


You know him too, Koma-chan?

When your lips start to hurt from playing the trumpet, if you keep going you'll eventually get a callus.

It hurts, it really hurts.

Ok, I get it.

This pain is proof that my debut's coming up!

Clifford Brown was proud of that callus, it seems.

That's the lips of a trumpeter.

Just like that.

Play through it!!

Once more!!


I've got to get good at this...

I can't get the "la" right...



You play here every day, don't you.

Yeah, I guess... It's really just blundering through, though...

That's jazz for you, Shuuhei-kun!!

Success, failure- one can easily be the other!! That's jazz.

Even failure...

is jazz.


Hei Shuuhei knows jazz!!


Kawamura-san, you always order pizza, don't you.

Oh, yes. It's not convenient for me to go to the store, I suppose.

Here, I bought this for you. Employee discount.

And take a look at this!! I scored this CD!!

Oh!! So you bought it. Brownie.

Yeah, please call me Brownie Shuuhei!

Brownie Shuuhei, eh?

That's a good one. Sounding young, that's jazz too.

Bon appetit.

Hey, Kawamura-san. You're always eating pizza...

but don't you ever get tired of it?


You know, I closed the jazz cafe because my wife died.


your wife?

It wasn't right after she died...

For a while, I tried to go on by myself, but...

The shop that we ran together...

For more than 20 years we were together in that place...

I took out all the records and closed the shop,

but no matter what, I just can't go in the kitchen.

I still haven't gotten used to it. Really...

A music recital?

Yeah, it's my debut.

That's too bad. I already have plans for Sunday. It's the barbecue.


Well, even if I didn't have plans I wouldn't go anyway.



Does that really surprise you?

You know, Hitomi, before you were talking about how we don't share anything, right?

A student with a part-time worker...


No, no, that was just a manner of speaking...

Well, now I have people to share things with.

My boss, Koma-chan, Kawamura-san,

Oh, and old-time trumpeters.

Fats and Brownie, Lee and Freddy, I have something in common with them too.

Fats... Lee...?

Yeah!! They're really awesome, those guys.

Well, I was just thinking of all the people I'm able to share things with.

So I want you to come too, Hitomi.

Well, I'm headed to practice.

See ya!


Komatsu School of Music Winter concert

Preparations OK!!


Looking good, Shuuhei-kun!!

Kawamura-san, Koma-chan, thank you!!

Go for it, Shuuhei-san.

I'll play with 1000,

no, 10,000 percent!

Come on, eat up!

Eat, drink, let's chow down!!


You're not eating anything...

What's wrong?


Nothing, really...

Well, I was just thinking of all the people I'm able to share things with.

Well, I brought badminton!!

Great, let's be Ogu and Shio*!

*nicknames of a pro doubles badminton pair

Little brat...

She's amazing...

Shuuhei-kun, what's wrong? You can't be nervous...?


Did you say something?

Hey, onii-chan, it's almost teacher's turn, so come into the wings!

Ah...Me, right.

What is this?

What's with this nervousness!?

Brownie Shuuhei!!


There's neither success nor failure, this is just one time to play jazz.

One round of music!!

Don't think about afterward. It's just you and your trumpet!!

Seize this moment!!


Am going to play jazz!!!

So, he even asked you to come, boss.

Can't be helped.

If I didn't come to watch he said he'd set fire to my motorcycle.

Program number 38

Hei Shuuhei-san

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Playing straight-up, twinkling with brilliance.

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#1. by mako1138 ()
Posted on Jul 24, 2010
Well, thanks for doing this, and here's some comments. I think you left out a "not" on page 07 ("not going out"), and the sidebar on 01 is untranslated. Also there might be some spelling ('motorcycle,' 03) and grammar (missing 'a' in sidebar, 03) omissions, but I didn't pay close attention to them on this readthrough. Otherwise I didn't see anything major.

In terms of flow, I do think you could afford to be less literal in some places. For example, the construction "studying profoundly" is a bit odd, as it's not something you would encounter in a typical conversation. Along the same lines, I would be inclined to paper over potentially awkward-sounding things like "would you like to enter?"

I have a quibble with the first line of page 12, because at this point in learning trumpet, you're literally trying to make noise with just the mouthpiece, you can't really 'play' it.

Finally, some jazz notes, if anyone cares. The title refers to the Thelonious Monk composition "Straight, No Chaser." The posters in Kawamura's place are of John Coltrane and Clifford Brown. The trumpeters referred to on page 31 are Fats Navarro, Clifford Brown (obviously), Lee Morgan, and Freddie Hubbard. When Kawamura says that jazz is the "music of giants," it's an interesting take on the phrase "giants of jazz," which is used to describe the most famous jazz artists of all time.
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