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L' Histoire de Grant Leauvas 2

The Silent Market

+ posted by fevrier as translation on Jan 31, 2011 05:40 | Go to L' Histoire de Grant Leauvas

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第二話 沈黙の市
Chapter 2: the Market of Silence


That night, a pale moonbeam arched

across the sky at the edge of the forest

Living on the road again without any place to stay

What am I doing…

Why did I decide to go on a journey with a guy like this?

Hey, a man is starving over here-

Oh, oh! It’s that forest. That way, that way!

Wow, what dizzying scenery! Old man, old man! Are you serious about this?

Don’t worry. Long, long ago this forest was called the “Forest of Bliss” !

Really? Imagine that. So, what about now?

Ah… let’s try going through here, towards the west!

What do they call it now!


The Pitchblack Forest, Modiviz.

Good-bye! I’m going off to some town, getting married and keeping goats!

Come, wait a minute, Saiam. The territory to the west of here, Ladress, has been the center stage of history since mythological times.

I want to go sightseeing there!

For a sage, there doesn’t seem to be any point to your journeys!

Oh, look!

A stone monument in a place like this!

Hmm, what could it be!

At the eastern entrance of Modiviz, the “Immortal old woman’s monument” was erected.

Immortal, it says.

In a situation like this, I’d like to avoid that subject.

Long ago, when the whole land of Ladress was engulfed in the flames of war, villagers fled to the east.

It happened that an old woman, too much of a burden, was buried alive.

Buried alive!?

Don’t repeat what I’m saying!!

The villagers also buried a hen with her.


They believed that those buried while still living would live for hundreds of years in the earth.

According to legend,

The old woman staved off hunger undergound by eating eggs

Even now, they say she is living and waiting.

for the day that someone will dig her up


Kyaa! Kyaa! Kyaa! Kyaa!

Why’d you scream like that!? You can’t have been surprised!

I love spooky stories, but I’m still scared of them!

…can’t nod off

Hey, old man. It’s your turn.

Hey, Lord Grant Leauvas! O Great Teacher!

Sheesh, nothing works. He’d better be on watch against me.

Wake up~~ The cry of a chicken comes up from the earth…

Don’t startle your elders! You tried to scare me, didn’t you!

No! It wasn’t me!

Maybe we misheard?

Please let it be that…

No, it was definitely just a wild bird

Get down!

It’s a monster! A monster!

Calm down, old man. They’re humans!


Looks like they brought some birds or goats.

And that man has some cloth

A merchant caravan, perhaps?

Why are they in such a remote forest like this…

Those people look like they might be interesting fellows!

H- Hey!

Wait, it’s dangerous…


Where did all these people come from?

I’m heading down!

What is this?

A marketplace?

Why in the middle of the night like this-

It looks like the shadows are buying and selling with each other

Without a doubt, this must be the “Market of Silence”

They say it’s an underground goblin market-

Those who live for one reason or another hidden in the mountains and forests,

Robbers and criminals trying to avoid attention

Come together and sell everything from daily necessities to forbidden goods amongst themselves.

I see… I guess even thieves need underwear and soap…

If you were to raise a fuss or act suspiciously, its THIS before you know it.

Hey, hey, hey.

Still, it’s strange

Onions next to precious jewels.

These here are all poisons. The seed of judgement, clabal.

Stepmother’s bane, Toricapt.

That’s the brand of a prisoner condemned to death

Looks like we’ve seen enough. Let’s keep going.


Gah gah!

A baby!?

It was in a bag,

But it was definitely a baby.

That man who was setting up drugs in the back of the store…

You year about them sometimes, (like in legends) stories where they make medicine out of a baby’s heart…

Something wrong, Saiam?

No, it’s nothing…

What should I do? This doesn’t involve me!

It’s not like I could do anything anyway…

But then, I

Just as I ready to die during the famine, someone found me and saved me.

Even though I was just someone else’s abandoned kid, in a hopeless situation

But still…

Has anything good really come from me being alive?

Hey, old man! I’m talking to you!

A sage’s job is to think, isn’t ! Why don’t you worry instead of me!

A baby?

Ok. Let’s go! Come one, follow me!

Wait, wait, wait, old man!

Do you plan on taking on that many people with just the two of us?

Even if we were lucky and manage to save it and escape, how are we going to travel across the wilderness in winter with a baby in tow? How are you going to find milk?

Um… So then, what do we do?

Were you even listening to me!?

You know, Saiam, advice…

Even from one Sage to another, is a dangerous gift

So it’s written in this wonderful book here!

When did I ever use that one…

I see…

I think I know why the old woman under here isn’t dead.

Likely, the villagers weren’t able to lift a hand, and they were all buried alive.

Then, among all of them, the old woman,

No matter how much time passed, just wouldn’t die.

Just wouldn’t…

Well, whatever! I’ll think of the rest later.

So we are going!

You’re staying here. If you come along, you’ll just get in the way.

My amazing wisdom and composure would be helpful in a time like this!


Ah… Enemy sighted at 11 o’clock! Go and seize him while I provide a distraction!

At your age, give it up already.


I hope they’re finished with business for today…

There it is!

Hm hm

He’s in the next shop.

That bald man from earlier

Shall I go in? Well, I guess I’ll try it.


Hello, excuse me.

You wouldn’t have a treatment for baldness, would you?

Mhmm. With this, you’ll have a full head of hair in one night.

Ooh, that’s amazing.

I’ll be so popular with all the young ladies starting tomorrow…

So, how much is it!

It’s an ointment made from human fat.

That’s too expensive. Make it less.

O- Of course…

He really does understand human psychology…

I’ll just reach through this gap…


Don’t cry


It’s cheaper than it costs to court even just one woman

I guess that’s true…

After getting this far, we should be safe!

I guess that’s what you call not aging gracefully.

Only a bald man can understand a bald man’s mentality.

Fx: Whaah…

Oh, that’s no good.

I wonder if that medicine would really have given me hair…

Don’t worry. You’re already covered in ten year’s worth of hair- your beard, anyway.

There, there. I’m taking you out…



…Old man. Come here a sec.

What the heck are these?

Ah, troublesome little buggers you’ve picked up there.

That’s why I asked what they are are!

They’re called doglings*. They may be small, but they’re proper devils.

The bones and innards of the little ones are used to make a very expensive medicine that cures hundreds of illnesses.

*inuwarashi is the japanese; the meaning is roughly “dog-children”. However, given the vaguely european-like setting for this manga, I decided I would rather translate than transliterate, thus “dog + diminutive ending”.

Ugh, they’re still clinging onto me. If you won’t go away, I’ll sell you off!

Sell… sell us off.

Did that thing just speak…

Is bad man who sells us off. Are you bad man?

Yeah, you could say I’m going through a bad time. Go on now!

Bad man.

…get revenge on bad man.

What kind of revenge?

Scary, scary revenge…

There, there. You’re wrong. He’s not a bad man. Come here, now.

What the heck…

Little demons, you know, are often a hundred times more innocent than humans.

If you raise them well, they’ll be truly lovable, but…

If you make just one mistake, you’ll release two terrors into the world.


Where are your mommy and daddy, little ones?


Daddy here!


Who’s daddy here!? Let go, you stupid…

I mean, I’m just showing topsy-turvy love…

That is… I love you so I say mean things on purpose…


Daddy stupid

Daddy worthless! Daddy ugly!

They’re becoming so attached to you!

What’m I supposed do I do now…?

They already seem to know many things.

So in another two months, they should be ready to be separated from their parents.



Hey, Saiam!


I’d been living steadily as a carefree grifter.

Somewhere along the way, I must have gotten myself pulled into a complicated snare.

Is what I suddenly thought at that time.

Hang on!


Water! Water!

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