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Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa 1

Mirror of Mysteries

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Jul 9, 2011 04:27 | Go to Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa

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Let's see... I did a 54 Pages Chinese TL (of this), 19 Pages English TL (Magico), and 54 Pages English TL (of this, again) for the past 3 days...

Time for bed.

Update: Fixed the missing translation on page 49.

Reserved for Red Hawk Scanlations, Muda Scantrad, I Eat Manga, or the MRI Alliance. However they want to make this work...

Horizontal Warped Text: Let's go! To that uncharted world!! Let's roar! For my far and distanced love!!
Horizontal Warped Text: Mystic Summer's
Horizontal Text: New Series
Horizontal Text: Leading Color Page with total of 54 pages!!
Horizontal Text: Round 2

Vertical Warped Text: This girl is so cute whether seen from far or near!!
Vertical Warped Text: A "lovebyrinth" spawned from the mirror!!

Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa
//Harisugawa in the Kingdom of Mirrors (Japanese Translation Ver.)
//Through the Looking-Glass, and What Harisugawa Found There (Modified English Title Ver.)
Kanou Yasuhiro

Horizontal Text: Peeking from total darkness, it is a view that'll make you blush! What exactly happened to this young man...?!

Panel Text: I was sealed into this pitch black world of darkness...
Panel Text: Nothing to see, and nothing to hear.
Panel Text: I don't even know how far this place spans.

Panel Text: There was a single open window.
Panel Text: Seeking for help, I took a peek outside. And beyond that was...
Panel Text: What's there was...

Super Sized Vertical Text: New Series
Vertical Text: Leading color with a total of 54 pages!!

Tilted Text: I've approached rapidly toward the girl I love through this mysterious mirror?!
Tilted Text: The start of a heart-poundingly fresh romantic comedy!!

#1 Mirror of Mysteries
Kanou Yasuhiro

Top Horizontal text: (star) Let's go! To that uncharted world!! Let's roar! For my far and distanced love!!

Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa
//Harisugawa in the Kingdom of Mirrors (Japanese Translation Ver.)
//Through the Looking-Glass, and What Harisugawa Found There (Modified English Title Ver.)

Bottom Left Vertical Text: Keep on reading!!
//It's not literal, but...

Panel Text: Boys,
Panel Text: they are creatures whose sight will follow the girl they like wherever she is.

Tilted Text: Since elementary school...

Panel Text: If there comes a day that, by chance,
Panel Text: the boy realizes she is in danger,
Panel Text: and he will be able to save her because he is always watching her,

Panel Text: he will feel the ultimate bliss of his life on that day.

Satomi: Saki~
Satomi: Wait uuuup!!!

Satomi: Let's go to the class together!!

Saki: Mao, aren't you concerned with your panty being all exposed by running like that?

Satomi: Awwww...

Guys: Ohh!! It's Satomi Mao!

Guys: As usual, she has this lovely aura all around her.

Harisugawa: ......
Harisugawa: Really?

Guys: What do you mean "really"...? You're such a...

Satomi: !!

Guys: Ahh! She's running this way!!

Satomi: Morning, Harisugawa-kun!!
Harisugawa: 'Sup!!

Satomi: You didn't see my panty, did you?!
Harisugawa: Hell no I didn't see it!!! Why are you saying this all of a sudden?!

Satomi: You're saying you didn't see it even though you did!
Satomi: What is this? You trying to be a gentleman or something?
Harisugawa: I told you I didn't see it!

Harisugawa: I don't care about girl's panties!!
Satomi: Ehhh~ That's such a lie.

Satomi: Didn't you checkout a swimsuit magazine at a convenient store right when the cashiers change shift from a young lady to a middle-aged old man the other day? Are you saying that it's for your friends?
Panel Text: Those friends
Saki: Don't go spilling those kind of things on the hallway...

Harisugawa: Satom...
Satomi: Ah!
Satomi: Stop!!

Satomi: What happened? Why is your face all puffy?
Harisugawa: !!!

Harisugawa: Ahh... it was just a bit of...
Satomi: Of what?
Satomi: Didn't you just bruise it the other day?

Satomi: It's best if you put a cold pack on it.
Satomi: We got a long day ahead of us.
Harisugawa: Yeah.

Guys: Yo, Tetsu!!! Why are you the only one so friendly with our Satomi there?!
Guys: Is it all because of that accident?

Harisugawa: Well, sort of.
Harisugawa: I just by chance happened to become her "lifesaver".
Harisugawa: There's nothing else special about that.

Guys: It's special enough for us!
Guys: Have you not heard the voices of the guys who are jealous of you?!!
Harisugawa: I broke my leg and ribs for that!!

Harisugawa: While I do know Satomi is really popular among the guys,
Harisugawa: I'm not really interested in her like that.

Harisugawa: I mean don't you guys know the chit-chats we had whenever we ran into each other?
Harisugawa: Even if we did talk, it's about things you talk when you're just friends.

Guys: But still, she isn't this friendly with any other guy except you.
Guys: That's why those who gave up or got rejected
Guys: are always coming after you.

Guys: Same goes with Ushijima-san of the third year this morning... That was scary...
Ushijima: Are you that Harisugawa?!!

Ushijima: It's all because of yoooooooou!
Ushijima: It's all your faaaaaaaaault!!

Ushijima: Damn iiiiiit!!!

Saki: Mao.
Satomi: Hmm?

Saki: Did someone confessed their love to you?
Satomi: !!!?

Satomi: Hold o... How did you know about it, Saki?
Saki: Hahaha
Saki: It's because there will be changes to him every time this happens.

Satomi: What are you talking about?!
Saki: Heeeey, guys, Mao was just...
Satomi: Cut it out!

Panel Text: Satomi is so cute, so smart, and so kind...
Panel Text: So am I not interested in her like that?
Panel Text: Like Hell I'm not!

Panel Text: Of course I like her!!

Panel Text: I'm completely smitten by her!
Panel Text: I mean that's why I studied super hard and got into this high school.

Harisugawa: Argh!
Guys: Woah, what's wrong?
Panel Text: But!

Panel Text: It's also excessive and dangerous to hope for more than what we have now.

Panel Text: I'm the only one who has obtained the title of "lifesaver"...
Panel Text: and I used that as foundation to build up to a friend...

Panel Text: If I'm too clumsy in placing high hopes on top of this...
Satomi: I'm sorry...
Satomi: While I'm truly thankful for you saving my life,
Satomi: I just don't share that kind of feelings for you...

Satomi: This has become really awkward now... Don't talk to me like you normally do any more!!!

Panel Text: I could end up with nothing.
Panel Text: Not just from my own mouth, but even a slight rumor that ends up in Satomi's ears is a big no-no.
Panel Text: Unless I am absolutely positive that it could work, I will not risk ruining this unique relationship that was a gift from lady luck!!

Panel Text: Because of this, I can easily bury even my own love.
Small Text: What a miserable guy-
Small Text: Woah, you suck-
Small Text: Total chicken
Panel Text: No one will know, and no one will hear it.
Panel Text: It's a path I have chosen!!!
Kanji: Secret Love

Saki: Well, I got a dentist appoint.
Satomi: Okie, later-

Satomi: !!

Satomi: What's with that light?
Satomi: What is this?
Satomi: A thrift store?

Satomi: Ahh, so it's a mirror?
Satomi: A really dusty old mirror.

Store: Thank you so much.

Satomi: Why did I...
Satomi: buy it?

Satomi: What's wrooooong with me, buying something like this~
Satomi: There goes my allowance!
Satomi: But I felt that I just have to buy it~

Satomi: Siiigh
Satomi: I just don't get it...

Harisugawa: Satomi? Hey!
Harisugawa: Lucky! Second time today!

Harisugawa: Normally, I couldn't get too close to her because I was keeping an eye out for the people around.
Harisugawa: I'm so happy with actual encounters like this.

Panel Text: Boys, they are creatures whose sight will follow the girl they like wherever she is...
Satomi: Ahhh, Harisugawa-kun.
Satomi: Jeeeez~ will you look at this...
Panel Text: Thanks to that, he will run into her being in danger again.

Panel Text: And he will, of course, save her again!!

Harisugawa: Satomi!!!

Driver: M- Miss!! Are you okay?!
Driver: Are you hur...
Driver: Are you all right?

Driver: I lost control of the steering wheel because I was avoiding a cat...
Driver: Miss?

Satomi: You're kidding...
Satomi: Harisugawa-kun?

Driver: !?
Driver: Is there someone else?
Satomi: Of course he's here!!
Satomi: Where are you, Harisugawa-kun?! Are you okay?

Driver: No... but it does look like you're the only one here.
Satomi: Ehh?

Satomi: No way...
Satomi: Who was it that saved me then?

Satomi: You saw the person who pushed me away, right?
Driver: No... well... my eyes were closed...
Satomi: He's here! There's no doubt about it!!!

Satomi: Harisugawa-kun!
Satomi: Where are yoooooou!!!

Satomi: Harisugawa-kuuuuuun!!

Harisugawa: !?

Harisugawa: Huh?
Harisugawa: What? Where am I?

Harisugawa: It's completely dark here. I can't see a thing!
Harisugawa: What's all this?

Harisugawa: Could it be that I'm dead?
Harisugawa: No way!
Harisugawa: Really?
Harisugawa: Gaaaaaaah~ Nooooo~

Harisugawa: I won't be able to see Satomi any more? This can't be happening!!!

Shadow: Shut uuuuuuup~!!!
Harisugawa: Gaaaah!!

Harisugawa: What?! Who are y...
Shadow: We are inside the "mirror".

Harisugawa: Mirror...?

Shadow: You were sucked in here.
Shadow: This mirror has the magical power to suck in humans who are on the edge of "life" and "death".
Shadow: You eyes caught the mirror at that very instance.

Harisugawa: So that means I'm close to death?
Small Text: And that I caught glimpses of the mirror?

Shadow: Since you're in here, I'm going to let you know two things.
Shadow: One, you can take a peek at the outside world through "mirrors" only.
//Or just "mirror". There isn't anything that indicates singular or plural in the original text.

Shadow: And then, the second thing,
Shadow: there can only be another person other than you who knows about the magic power this mirror holds.

Shadow: If and when someone other than the two of you knows about this, you won't be able to leave this place any more.
Shadow: And you can't take a peek of the outside world either.

Shadow: It's up to you to figure out the rest by yourself.
Shadow: To tell you the truth, there were still a lot of things I didn't know.
Harisugawa: Hey-hey-hey, what's going to happen if I become unable to get out any more?

Shadow: You'll become just like me.
Shadow: With the only purpose of existence being to wait until the day the next person comes in total darkness.
Harisugawa: You're shrinking?...
Shadow: Hmph... You don't know your own size because you don't have anything else to compare it to.

Shadow: There can be only person staying in here.
Shadow: I have passed on what I have heard from the dweller before me.

Shadow: I can finally self-destruct now.
Shadow: Ahh... It's been like eternity...
Harisugawa: Hey!

Harisugawa: Wait up!! I should I do?
Shadow: Hahaha...
Shadow: Just try your best I guess.

Harisugawa: I still totally don't get what's going on!
Harisugawa: Don't go on and disappear on your oooooown!!!

Satomi: There's definitely something fishy!
Satomi: I knew he was here! That Harisugawa-kun!!!
Satomi: There is no way that he wasn't here in the beginning!!

Satomi: Why did he disappear?
Satomi: Where did he go?

Satomi: There's no trace of him on the road or around the car.
Satomi: Did he went home without saying anything after knocking me out of the way?
Satomi: That'd also be really weird!!

Satomi: It'd be all good if he's all right...
Satomi: but what if he isn't?

Satomi: Was I... saved by him again?
//Emphasis on "again".

Satomi: I can't just stay quiet about this!!

Satomi: I'm sure his telephone number is in the yearbook...
Satomi: Got it!

Satomi: Hello? My name is Satomi.

Satomi: Is this Harisugawa-kun's resident?

Harisugawa: !!?
Harisugawa: What's this? Light...?

Harisugawa: I can see something on the other side...
Harisugawa: Is it a window?

Satomi: So, he's not home yet?
Satomi: Thank you.

Satomi: ......
Satomi: I definitely need to go check it again!

Harisugawa: What the hell is on the other side?!

Harisugawa: Huh?

Harisugawa: Gaaaaaaaaah!

Satomi: !!!

Satomi: Kyaaaaah~!!!
Satomi: Who's there?

Satomi: Was it just in my head? ... No...
Satomi: That's not possible...

Satomi: Are you outside of the window? I'm calling the cops!
Satomi: I... I'm armed!!
//The literal translation here is "I... I'm really strong!!", but it sounds awkward in English.

Satomi: ?... No one's here...
Satomi: Right, he doesn't want to get caught...

Harisugawa: Why's the first thing that pops up at the window...
Harisugawa: someone's panty?!

Harisugawa: Let me check it out
Harisugawa: one more time...

Harisugawa: Ugaaaaaaah!
Satomi: !!?

Satomi: Ehh? You're kidding!
Satomi: This?

Satomi: The sound just now came from this...

Satomi: Hold on, that voice just now...
Satomi: I'm pretty sure it's...

Harisugawa: Satomi!!!
Satomi: !!!!

Satomi: Ehh?
Satomi: Ehh?

Small Text: Looking at the other side

Satomi: Ehhhhhh?!

Satomi: Harisugawa-kun, are you really in there?
Satomi: I mean it's true that this doesn't look like an iPad however you look at it.

Satomi: How did this happen? I didn't know this is the kind of mirror that does things!

Harisugawa: Right, she was holding something...
Harisugawa: So it was this mirror?

Harisugawa: Ugh...!!!
Harisugawa: S... so cute...

Harisugawa: I never got this super close to Satomi before even though this is across a mirror.
Harisugawa: I... I'm so nervous...

Text: Come to think of it, it's not just getting close to her...
Text: but I've suddenly gone so far as seeing Satomi's amazing form...

Harisugawa: Ughpffff
Satomi: Waaah
Satomi: What? What is it?

Harisugawa: No, it's nothing...
Panel Text: Nosebleed

Satomi: Enough about that, come out of there already!!
Harisugawa: I don't know how to get out!!
Harisugawa: Anyway, it's pitch dark in here...

Harisugawa: and it looks like I can only see the outside world or have my voice getting out if light hits the mirror.
Harisugawa: Satomi, when you covered up the mirror while changing just now, the window on this side vanished, and my voice couldn't get out either.

Harisugawa: This is another important thing to note next time...
SFX Bubble: Ding-Dong

Satomi Mom: Mao, your friends are here.
Satomi Mom: It's Saki-chan and the others. I've let them in just now.

Satomi: Saki and the guys? ... What's up?
Harisugawa: Hey!! I need to ask you something before they come in, so listen up!

Harisugawa: Do not tell anyone else about this mirror.
Harisugawa: It seems that if someone else knows about it, I'll never be able to get out again.
Satomi: Ehh?! You're kidding!

Harisugawa: It sounded pretty real!
Harisugawa: So please, you must keep it a secret!!

Satomi: I... I got it.
Saki: Heeeeeey!

Satomi: Ahahaha
Satomi: Welcome, guys.

Satomi: S... so why the sudden visit?
Saki: What do you mean why?

Saki: Don't you realize that I got worried and came to visit you because of your nonsensical phone call?
Saki: Something about you getting run over by a car and Harisugawa dying?
Long Hair Girl: Wasn't it about him disappearing?

Saki: I couldn't follow that at all.
Satomi: Ahahaha... No... well... it was a false alarm...

Harisugawa: Is it Matsukawa and the others...?
Harisugawa: They better not stay here long.

Satomi: I got some weird delusion mixed up with the reality...
Satomi: Ahahaha, It was just silly.
Saki: A delusion? That's not like you at all.

Long Hair Girl: Well, it's great to know that you're all right!
Girl in Glasses: That's right.
Satomi: Sorry for worrying you all.

Girl in Glasses: Speaking of which, what was the delusion about?
Girl in Glasses: With getting hit by a car and all.
Long Hair Girl: Ahh, was it that one? The accident you had back in elementary school.
Long Hair Girl: We don't know the details though.
Satomi: Ahhh~ That's it!!

Saki: It was a really huge deal back then.
Saki: Our Mao, who rarely talk to boys,
Saki: was visiting Harisugawa everyday.

Girl in Glasses: I see, so you went ahead with killing Harisugawa because you were tired of visiting him...
Satomi: What are you talking about?!

Long Hair Girl: Ah... Sorry, Mao, but can I borrow a mirror really quick?
Long Hair Girl: An eye lash got into my eye.

Satomi: A mirror?
Satomi: Ehh?

Harisugawa: !!!

Satomi: H... here you go!!
Satomi: Right this way!
Satomi: Use the dressing mirror!!

Long Hair Girl: The small one is good enough...
Long Hair Girl: But oh well!

Harisugawa: !!?

Harisugawa: It's a window!!
Harisugawa: A new window has suddenly popped out!
Harisugawa: But why?

Harisugawa: What can I see from this window here?

Long Hair Girl: Gyaaaaaah!
All: !!!
Satomi: What?!

Long Hair Girl: There's this weird looking guy just now!!
Long Hair Girl: Huh?
Long Hair Girl: He's not here anymore...
Long Hair Girl: He was showing up in the mirror~!

Satomi: The mirror?

Satomi: I... I don't see anything showing up in here!!

Long Hair Girl: Not that one! This one!

Satomi: Huh?
Saki: There's no way a guy would be in Mao's room.
Girl in Glasses: Isn't it too early for monster season?
Long Hair Girl: I really saw him!

Long Hair Girl: He was looking at me with murderous eeeeeeyes!!
Girl in Glasses: It's all in your head.
Long Hair Girl: Trust me on thiiiis~

Girl in Glasses: How about some fresh air outside?
Saki: Ahh, Mao, we'll be going now.

Girl in Glasses: You studied too hard,
Girl in Glasses: and got really tired.
Saki: Sorry for the intruuuusion
Long Hair Girl: It really was there!

Satomi: Pheeeeew~

Satomi: ...Harisugawa-kun, are you there?
Harisugawa: Yeah, that got me so worried...
Harisugawa: Are they gone now?

Satomi: What's going on?!
Satomi: Why are you inside my room's dressing mirror?!
Harisugawa: I don't know! There was a window popping out all of a sudden, and I ended up being able to peek through here.

Harisugawa: No, wait.
Harisugawa: I saw the dressing mirror from the first mirror,
Harisugawa: and that was when the second window appeared.

Harisugawa: Does that mean this window is the dressing mirror?
Harisugawa: Could this be caused by it being reflected in the original mirror?

Harisugawa: Since the inner dimension is all the same...
Harisugawa: when another mirror reflected itself on the first mirror,
Harisugawa: that mirror will also become a new looking glass in here... Right?

Harisugawa: This gotta be it!
Harisugawa: Let's try with the first mirro...
Harisugawa: Huh? It's gone!
Harisugawa: ......

Satomi: Ahh, sorry.
Satomi: I hid it in my backpack.

Satomi: Let's see...
Satomi: Hmm?

Satomi: Nothing!! It's not here!!
Satomi: The mirror's gone!!!

Satomi: The mirror's disappeared!!
Harisugawa: Whaaaat?!

Harisugawa: It's only the first mirror
Harisugawa: that holds the magical power to make other windows, isn't it?
Harisugawa: Without it,

Harisugawa: I will never be able to get out from here!
Harisugawa: Eeeeeeeeek!!
Small Text: I'm scaaaaared~

Satomi: Oh!
Satomi: I might've mistakenly placed it in someone else's backpack.

Satomi: Hello? Juri!!
Satomi: Ehh? You don't see it?
Satomi: Hello? Misaki?

Saki: Mao! What is it now?
Satomi: Ahh! Saki!

Saki: What am I doing now? I just got home.
Saki: Huh? My backpack?

Saki: A mirror? Hold on...
Saki: Ahh! Yeah, it's here.
Saki: Why's it in my backpack?

Satomi: Thank Gooood

Satomi: I'll go and pick it up right away.
Satomi: It's really important to me, so please don't touch it.
Saki: Yeah, I got it.

Saki: This is such a dusty old mirror.
Saki: Mao really does have horrible taste.

Saki: It sure's dirty for something that important.

Saki: Oh well.

Harisugawa: !!?
Harisugawa: More and more windows just keeps...

Harisugawa: Matsukawa!!
Harisugawa: And also the mirror...
Harisugawa: So it is true that mirrors reflecting off that first mirror will become windows in here.

Satomi: I'll hurry and get it back.
Satomi: I should be right there in a bit since it's Saki's house.

Saki: All right!
Saki: Let's clean you up!!
Small Text: Special Service for you

Saki: La-La (8th Note)
Saki: La (8th Note)

Saki: Hmph! Well, that's that!

Harisugawa: !!
Harisugawa: Another window!

Saki: Awwww~ Awwaww...
Saki: I got the shower on by mistake!!

Saki: This sucks...
Saki: Come on... I'm completely soaked...

Saki: Might as well take a shower.
Harisugawa: Where is this place?

Harisugawa: Huh?
Harisugawa: Huuuh?

Harisugawa: Guaaaaaah
Saki: Here we go.

Harisugawa: Matsukawa, what are you doing?!
Saki: (8th Note)
Harisugawa: You idiot! Stop it!

Harisugawa: Cut it ooooout~!!!

Harisugawa: Ahhhh!

Harisugawa: Human instinct is such a scary thing...
Harisugawa: My body is like telling me
Harisugawa: not to resist and that I gotta see it.

Harisugawa: W... while I do want to see this...
Harisugawa: it's the kind of stuff only done by low-life scuuuuums...

Harisugawa: Hmm? What was that light?

Harisugawa: Huh...
Harisugawa: Huuuuuh...

Saki Mom: Mao-chan, hold on.
Saki Mom: I'll go get her now.
Satomi: Okie

Harisugawa: Satomi! Over here!
Satomi: Harisugawa-kun.

Satomi: So what? Do you know where the mirror is at?
Harisugawa: Err... yeah, it's in the bathroom.
Satomi: The bathroom? Why?

Satomi: ? What's wrong? Your nose is bleeding really bad.
Harisugawa: I... it's nothing.
Harisugawa: Enough about that...

Harisugawa: We got a big problem!
Saki Mom: Sorry, but can you up to her room?
Saki Mom: She's taking a shower,
Saki Mom: and she'll be right now.

Satomi: Okay
Satomi: Wait...
Satomi: Shower?
Satomi: ?

Text: Shower
Text: Naked
Text: Girl
Text: Bathroom
Text: Clothes taken off
Text: Nosebleed
Text: A guy
//I can't make out the other words.

Satomi: ......
Satomi: Harisugawa-kun... D... did you...?

Harisugawa: Wait!! It was unavoidable!
Satomi: So you did see it!
Satomi: You are horrib...

Harisugawa: Just hold on!! You can get mad at me later!
Harisugawa: There's something else...

Satomi: Mrs. Matsukawaaaaa!
// Or "Oba-saaaan!"

Satomi: Call the police! It's super urgent!
Saki Mom: Huh?

Satomi: Ahh, and let me borrow this!

Satomi: ~~~~~!!!

Satomi: Hey!!!
Satomi: What do you think you're doing?!!

Peeping Tom: Whaaa... Damn it!

Satomi: Hold it right there!!!

Peeping Tom: Ugaaah!
Peeping Tom: Ahhhhh!

Satomi: Take this!!!
Peeping Tom: Nyaaaaaah!

Peeping Tom: I got smoke in my eyes...
Peeping Tom: Guaaah!

Saki: Hey, what's going on?
Saki: Is that you, Mao?

Saki: So is he like the peeping tom that's been rumored to be around?
Saki: Scary.
Saki: Is that a CCD camera? Looks like he used that to shoot his videos.
//I'm not sure if people would understand what a CCD Camera is... I guess we could go with something like Hi-resolution Camera...

Saki's Mom: It's great that you found out about this, Mao-chan.
Saki: Yeah, I mean thanks to you, we managed to delete them before the police arrived.
Saki: And it looks like the perp didn't see anything while filming either.

Satomi: I just happened on it by chance... Hahaha.
Satomi: Anyway, everything turned out fine.

Satomi: I got the mirror.
Satomi: I'll see you tomorrow.

Saki: Bye-bye.

Satomi: Oh, yeah, Saki!
Saki: Hmm?

Satomi: It looks like Harisugawa-kun really didn't have any ill intentions.
Satomi: I'm apologizing for him as well, so please do forgive him.

Saki: ......?
Saki: Huh?

Harisugawa: I really wasn't trying to look!!
Harisugawa: Also, I was trying to avoid looking when checking for the camera!!

Satomi: I know, it's okay.
Harisugawa: No, it's not okay~!!

Text: Being hated by Satomi is worse than anything else.
Text: My life would be a total darkness just like this place if that's to happen!!!

Satomi: Really...
Satomi: I know.
Satomi: I believe you, Harisugawa-kun.

Satomi: Besides... it's not really my place to get mad or anything.

Satomi: After all,
Satomi: I'm the main cause for all this to begin with...

Satomi: I just had to buy this stupid mirror...
Satomi: and caused Harisugawa-kun to be sealed inside...
Satomi: So for me, anything's fine.

Satomi: Sorry, I'm so sorry, Harisugawa-kun...
Satomi: Though I can't really fix any of my errors...

Text: Satomi...

Harisugawa: You are such an idiot.
Harisugawa: Haven't you heard anything I said?

Harisugawa: I would've been dead now if it wasn't for this mirror, right?
Harisugawa: The only reason I can talk to you like this now
Harisugawa: is because you saved me.

Satomi: ... but
Harisugawa: No buts.
Harisugawa: That's the true, okay?

Harisugawa: Whatever happened, happened...
Harisugawa: I just have to think about how to get out of here from now on.

Harisugawa: That's what the guy in here said.
Shadow: You may only let one other person know about the magic power of the mirror.
Shadow: If and when someone else knows about it,
Shadow: you will no long be able to leave again.

Harisugawa: So if you think from another angle, it means that if you don't have more than two people knowing about this,
Harisugawa: you would have a chance to get out.

Harisugawa: Satomi, I'm really sorry about making you the other person who can know about this without letting you consider it first.

Harisugawa: Satomi, however you might feel about this,
Harisugawa: for me, I just have no other choice but to ask you to lend me your strength...

Satomi: I've already made up my mind!

Satomi: I'm really happy to be that other person.
Satomi: Because...

Satomi: I guess I've always wanted to do that?
Satomi: That a day might come when it's my turn! When I can be the one to help Harisugawa-kun!

Satomi: And the time has come.

Satomi: I'll do whatever I need to do!
Satomi: Let us both try our best!!
Harisugawa: S... Satomi... you even thought of things like that...
Harisugawa: I guess my golf ball tower wasn't such a waste...

Satomi: But... having such a day when I can talk to Harisugawa-kun this much all of a sudden...
Satomi: Not to mention it might be staying like this for a while...
Satomi: I... it's making me really nervous.

Text: Ehh?...

Satomi: Ahh, well...
Satomi: The huge pressure must be coming from us having to hurry up and find a way to let you out.
Harisugawa: Ahhh, so that's what you meant.

Harisugawa: I don't know... without any clues, it might take days... no, years...
Harisugawa: for me to get out of this strange world.
//Or "dimension".

Satomi: Don't lose hope.
Satomi: Let's try our best,
Satomi: and fight on.

Harisugawa: !!
Harisugawa: Yeah.

(No Text)

Both: Ehhhhhhhh
Panel Text: The day when I can finally come out got here surprisingly sooner than what I had expected.

Side Text: Grim prospects ahead! Life in a mirror begins!!

#1: The End
So what will Harisugawa do after being switched out…?!
Next issue: The second chapter features a center color page along with additional pages totaling 25!!

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