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Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa 3

School Beyond The Mirror

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Jul 22, 2011 11:12 | Go to Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa

-> RTS Page for Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa 3

Reserved for Red Hawk Scanlations.

Top Left Text: Chapter three of this new series contains extra pages, totaling a full 23 pages!!

Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa

Left Tilted Text: When will this longing of mine... finally reach her?

Right Tilted Text: Will it ever reach her? Under these circumstances?!

#2 School Beyond The Mirror

Kanou Yasuhiro

Mao: There... we...
Mao: ... go.

Side Text: What a wonderful morning (Heart)

Mao: I'm finished! Sorry for keeping you waiting-
Text: Seeing Satomi like this first thing in the morning...

Text: is like...
Text: having a cute sun shine upon me...

Mao: !!

Mao: Ahh! What are you snickering about!!
Mao: You didn't use a mirror somewhere as a window to look at me changing, did you?
Tetsu: Hell no!!

Tetsu: The only windows I have right now are the master mirror
Panel Text: It's been named as the master mirror.
Tetsu: and a street mirror where I can take a look outside at night.
Tetsu: To top it off, you had the master mirror placed inside the drawer for the whole night, right?

Mao: W...
Mao: Well, duh!!!
Mao: There's no way I'd let people see me sleeping, especially when it's you, Harisugawa-kun!!

Mao: Ahh, well... it doesn't matter who it is...
Mao: I'll always be embarrassed.
Tetsu: A... at least this way, she's not hating me...
//There's a verb "change" that goes with "this way/direction (of thinking)", but I have no idea how to put it in the sentence to make it fit.
//Or "A... at least she wouldn't hate me with this change in mindset..."

Tetsu: Anyway, if the only thing I can see is the road, I'd be bored to death.
Tetsu: It appears that you wouldn't feel hungry or sleepy in here.

Mao: Well, would it be less boring if you go to school?
Tetsu: School?

Tetsu: But I can't really attend school or whatever since I'm sealed inside the mirror.

Mao: Huuuuh~? So you're treating this as if you're having a long summer vacation?
Mao: Not in my book!

Mao: Harisugawa-kun, if you slack off now, you'll be the one suffering when everything is returned to normal.
Mao: This is why I’ve spent some time cooking up a plan!!

Mao: Firstly, we have this mirror stuck onto my cell phone.
Text: I can hold it right in my hand.
Mao: It's for our frequent conversations.

Mao: With it being on a cell phone, it can work as a disguise when we're talking, right?
Tetsu: I see.
Small Bubble Text: It's kinda small though.
Mao: I could then put the master mirror in the bag for safe-keeping.

Mao: It's kind of small, yes, but because we'll have so many eyes watching outside,
Mao: we have to be careful not to let the secret get out.
Tetsu: I understand.
Tetsu: If it gets out, I’ll be locked inside the darkness forever without any window.

Mao: So be vigilant!
Small Bubble Text: I mean it-

Annoying Guy: S... Satomi!

Annoying Guy: Wanna go to the karaoke?
Annoying Guy: We can go all go after school if it's okay with you, how's that?
Mao: Ehh?
Mao: Erm...

Tetsu: !!?

Mao: S... sorry, but I'm don't like confined spaces...
Mao: so that's a bit out of question~

Mao: Sorry.
Annoying Guy: Satomi!!

Annoying Guy: The light music club is performing new songs live. You wanna come?
Annoying Guy: Satomi-san.
Annoying Guy: I got tickets to Disneyland. Interested?
//Nezumii land = Mouse Land, nickname for Disneyland.

Mao: Hold o... What's going ooooon~?!!
Saki: Okay, that's it!

Saki: Quit swarming and chatting up Mao!!
Mao: !!?
Mao: Saki...

Girls: Harisugawa withdrew from school?

Girls: It appears that his parents were the one applied for him.
Girls: The news seems to have already spread among the guys.

Annoying Guy: Did someone finally kill him?
Annoying Guy: Or was it blackmailing? Driving him away with his weaknesses?
Annoying Guy: Anyway, now's the chance to get close to Satomi!!!

Mao: What kind of chance would Harisugawa's absence bring?
Mao: ?
Saki: ......
Long-Haired Girl: ......

Tetsu: ... What the hell was thaaaaaat?
Tetsu: Things are turning out like this?

Tetsu: What kind of bullshit is this? While I'm trapped in here and couldn't do anything,
Tetsu: I'd have to just shut my mouth and watch these bastards getting close to Satomi, trying to befriend her?

Annoying Guy: With that pesky guy out of the way, I can finally talk to our lovely Mao-chan.
Annoying Guy: Can we be friends from now on?
Annoying Guy: You're so pretty.
Mao: Y- you're just saying that.

Annoying Guy: May I... seal our friendship?
Small Bubble Text: With a kiss...?
Mao: Ehh...? But...
Mao: Someone might see us...
Mao: No one will see.

SFX Bubble: Ungaaaaaaah-

Mao: A... awww... Looks like I got a text!
Small Bubble Text: Hahaha
Saki: That's a weird ringtone.
Saki: It's also vibrating too much.

Glasses Girl: But what happened that'd make him withdraw from school?
Saki: It doesn't look like he's sick either.

Long-Haired Girl: He must've gone missing...
Long-Haired Girl: and died.

Long-Haired Girl: He became a ghost after he was dead!
Long-Haired Girl: I mean that man who appeared in the mirror at Mao's house...
Long-Haired Girl: Come to think of it, he looked just like Harisugawa-kun!!!

Saki: You're talking about that again?
Glasses Girl: Cut it out already. It's just stupid to talk about ghosts at this age.

Glasses Girl: If consciousness can exist in the form of a spirit,
Glasses Girl: wouldn't that mean it's pointless for us to live in reality and carry on in this living body?
Glasses Girl: We could've just lived as spirits from the very beginning.

Glasses Girl: Even if I step back a hundred paces and admit the existence of ghosts.
//Or the "Step back a hundred paces" is a Japanese expression for "taking a step back". Change it if you don't like it.
Glasses Girl: They don't have the brains necessary to hate and haunt people. It's empty up there.
Small Text: That makes them less than mannequin, no?
Glasses Girl: They'd be just "there"! What's so scary about that?
SFX: Eeeeeek
Long-Haired Girl: You're just saying that because you've never seen one before!

Mao: It should be okay right here.

Tetsu: Oh! We got another window!
Mao: You can see the classroom now, right?
Mao: This way, you can also listen to the lecture.

Tetsu: E... enough about that, Satomi. You should...
Mao: ? Should what?

Tetsu: Uh...
Tetsu: Ah...
Tetsu: Nothing...

Text: What should I say? Watch out for the guys?
Text: For Satomi, it is absolutely not my place to say that to her.
Text: Especially if I mess it up, she'll realize my feelings for her...
Text: Ahhhh... What should I dooooo~...

Saki: Hey, Mao.
Mao: Hmm?

Saki: Looks like something happened to Harisugawa.
Mao: To Harisugawa-kun?
Saki: Yeah, I mean he withdrew from school.

Saki: Aren't you curious about why he withdrew?
Mao: Nope, not really.

Saki: ?
Saki: ?

Saki: Huh, that's weird...
Saki: I thought she would be absolutely worried... But no reaction?
Saki: We've been friends since kindergarten, and I can see through any hidden feelings of hers right away...

Saki: Was I mistaken?

Mao: Ehh... You're kidding... Saki's worried about Harisugawa-kun?
Mao: By being with her since kindergarten, I can at least recognize that.

Mao: Could it be that Saki also has...
Mao: ......

Text: Oooooh... I'm too concerned with protecting Satomi...
Text: that the lecture just isn't getting into my ears.
Text: Gah!!! Just now, that guy sitting to the right one row behind took a peek at Satomi. Same goes with the guy to the left next to her.
Text: There are enemies here as well?

Mao: Did you listen to the lecture?
Tetsu: Erm...
Tetsu: S- sort of...

Tetsu: Well~ don't worry about the lecture...
Tetsu: There are a few things you should stop doing.

Tetsu: That habit of yours with unconsciously poking your lower lips really gets the attention of the guys.

Tetsu: Also, when you fidget a bit while sitting, it's best if you don't mess with your skirt.
Tetsu: You should cut down with moving your legs too... and you're playing with your hair too much as well...
Mao: Wait a...
Mao: Come on!! Quit looking at all those weird places!!!

Mao: Ah...
Mao: Ahahahaha.

Mao: That mirror is for studying purpose, you know?
Mao: ...Besides,
Mao: it's better for you to look at Saki instead of me...

Tetsu: ?
Tetsu: Matsukawa?
Tetsu: Where does she sit?

Mao: Huh...?
Mao: Isn't she your secret crush?
Tetsu: Does she have some funny little habits?

Annoying Guy: Ahh, there she is!!
Annoying Guy: Satomi!!
Annoying Guy: Satomiiii~

Annoying Guy: Wanna grab a bite at the family restaurant on the way home? My treat!!
Annoying Guy: Let's exchange text address!
Mao: Ehhh~ Again? Come on, what's going on~?

Mao: Sorry, I'm in the middle of a call noooow.
Annoying Guy: Ahhh~ Wait!!!

Annoying Guy: Ah, Satomi-san!
Annoying Guy: Satomiiii!
Annoying Guy: Let's play some video games!
Mao: Why are the guys suddenly chatting me up today~?

Tetsu: Damn it, I want out!
Tetsu: I'd do whatever it takes as long as I can protect Satomi!

Saki: Ehh?
Saki: The reason why Mao's scared of guys?

Saki: Hmm~ She was already a bit like that to begin with...
Saki: but it's mostly caused by the events after that accident we talked about.

Saki: While she didn't get run over by the car after being knocked out of the way,
Saki: at the time, she did fell and cut her forehead by the rubbles on the ground.

Saki: Although the scar disappeared about a year after that, she was made fun of by the boys during that period.

Damn Brat: Woah, scary~
Damn Brat: She's like a monster.
Damn Brat: You're disgusting~ Don't come close to us!
Damn Brat: Creepo!! Creepo!!

Glasses Girl: That's so mean...
Glasses Girl: So she was ...
Glasses Girl: traumatized by that?
Long-Haired Girl: That imagination of yours is the one that'd be traumatizing.

Saki: While it's not so much as a trauma, there does seem like a wall in the way since then.
Glasses Girl: But then she should hate the main perpetrator that is Harisugawa, right?

Saki: Nope. Rather, Harisugawa became the only one protecting Mao...
Saki: Hmm?
Mao: Noooooo~!!!

Saki: Mao?
Annoying Guy: After her!
Annoying Guy: I won't let anyone get in front of me!
Annoying Guy: Satomiiiii~

Mao: Wah! Ou- ou- ou...

Mao: Haa- Haa...
Mao: I'm completely exhausted...

Mao: But for starters, why do I have to be the one running away?
Mao: Sheeeeesh~

Annoying Guy: Satomi...
Annoying Guy: Satomi...
Annoying Guy: Satomi...
Mao: Eeeeek!

Mao: Hey...
Mao: I'm really busy with a lot of things now...
Mao: So...

Mao: I don't really have the time to hang out and stuff...
Mao: Meaning...
Mao: Well, errrrm-

Mao: please just stop
Mao: chasing after me...

Annoying Guy: Come on, don't say that. We'll definitely make it worth your while!
Annoying Guy: No, I'm the better choice!
Annoying Guy: No, me!

Tetsu: Gaaaaah!!!

Tetsu: Enough is enough, you guys!!!

Tetsu: You're bothering Satomi!!
Tetsu: Get a freaking clue!!

Mao: Hey...
Mao: Oh, no, Harisugawa-kun, they're going to know about the mirror...

Tetsu: Phew... Phew...
Mao: ......

Annoying Guy: Hey...
Annoying Guy: Just now...
Annoying Guy: ......
Mao: Awww...

Annoying Guy: That voice just now! It's Harisugawa!
Annoying Guy: Whaaaaat~? Seriously?!
Annoying Guy: So it was Harisugawa on the phone until now?!
Annoying Guy: They've even exchanged numbers?!

Mao: T- that's right, this is a cell phone.
Mao: Ahh! I've only picked this call up just now, so I haven't hung up yet.

Mao: L-
Mao: Looks like his marathon trip has started.
Annoying Guy: Argh... even the reason for his withdrawal?!

Annoying Guy: Guaaaaah! I thought that bastard was gone!
Annoying Guy: But he's very much still around!
Annoying Guy: Damn it!
Annoying Guy: This is so goddamn suck!!

Annoying Guy: With the lifesaver still in the game, we have no chance of winning...
Annoying Guy: Tsk... We're like a bunch of idiots here...
Mao: ?
Mao: ?

Side Text: A side story will be featured in the Jump Next Summer Issue! Mao's never before seen daily life will be out in the open?!

Mao: ......?
Mao: What exactly is going on?
Panel Text: For most of his rivals, it's just too hard to go against the "lifesaver".
Panel Text: With this information spreading instantly throughout, the whole situation calmed down in no time.

Mao: ......
Mao: Anyway.

Mao: Don't shout out like that!
Mao: We got through this time okay only because we fooled everyone.

Tetsu: Errr... Sorry...
Tetsu: Just that the tempers were flaring...
Tetsu: and I thought I gotta go ahead and do something.

Mao: You have you to be careful.
Mao: Even the luckiest person will run out of luck one day, right?

Mao: ... However...
Mao: Thank you...
Mao: for saving me.

Mao: Man... You're so sneaky...
Mao: I always ended up as the one being saved.
Mao: It's just so unfair...

Mao: But what kind of charismatic power was that?
Mao: One shout and everyone was chased off.
Tetsu: Hahaha...

Saki: So this is what's going.

Saki: When did they get so close that they're exchanging calls...?
Saki: And that's why she wasn't worried about him withdrawing from school.

Saki: You were able to protect Mao even though you're not here...
Saki: Pretty impressive, Harisugawa.

Saki: But, jeez, just like always...
Saki: I'm left on the side line again...

Saki: It's supposed to be my job to protect Mao... I have always been by her side and I cherish her more than anyone else!

Saki: I missed these opportunities because I wasn't nearby.
Saki: But if this is what it comes down to, I know what I must do as well.

Tetsu: Jeez... I'm so mad that I'm about to burst an artery.
SFX: Phew-
SFX: Phew-
SFX: Phew-
Tetsu: Even now, I'm still shaken by it...

Tetsu: Let me take a peek at the classroom and calm myself down.

Tetsu: Hmm? Weird...
Tetsu: This isn't the classroom.

Tetsu: It's the hallways.

Tetsu: ?
Tetsu: This mirror is moving!!

Tetsu: Hmm?
Tetsu: Where are we going?

Tetsu: H- hey, hold on a second!
Tetsu: Where the hell is this mirror pointing at?!

Tilted Text: The mirror is playing tricks...?!

Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa
#3: The End
Next Issue, a storm of panties is coming?! What will Harisugawa do in this mess caused by the mirror...!!

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