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To Love-Ru Darkness 12

Bad Mood ~The Bond of Happiness~

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Oct 3, 2011 17:19 | Go to To Love-Ru Darkness

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Top Right Text:
The highly anticipated Manga volume 3 is scheduled for release on November 4th (Fri)!! An original goods present campaign is being planned!!
(Star) Please refer to the book ribbon that comes with the manga volume as well as the next issue for more details...!!

Left Tilted Text: Which one do you like? Trick or Treat?

Chapter 12 "Bad Mood ~The Bond of Happiness~"
ToLoveRu Darkness

Manga: Yabuki Kentarou
Script: Hasemi Saki

Bottom Left Text:
Thank you so much for your great support!! Magazine Cover and Center Color Page totaling at 46!!

Rin: I understand, Saki-sama.
Rin: Yes.
Rin: Just leave everything to me.

Side Text: Center Color Page to thank all of you for your great support!!

Rin: Please enjoy your meal with your father...
Rin: ......
Text: Rin, a member of the Kujou Family, which serves the Tenjouin Family for generations-

SFX Bubble: Drip-
Rin: Looks like...
Rin: it's going to get hot today...

SFX Bubble: Nnn...
SFX Bubble: Nnn (Heart)
SFX Bubble: Haaa... (Heart)

SFX Bubble: Ahh (Heart)
SFX Bubble: Nnn (Heart)
MoMo: R... Rito-san...
MoMo: I can't...
SFX Bubble: Haaa-
SFX Bubble: Haaa-
MoMo: Getting into it like this in the morning...

Rito: Nnnn~
Rito: Ice Cream... (Heart)

MoMo: Ahh-
MoMo: M... my tail...
Rito: Yum-
SFX Bubble: Slurp
SFX Bubble: Slurp
SFX Bubble: Ahh (Heart)
MoMo: isn't ice cream... (Heart)

SFX Bubble: Nnn (Heart)
SFX Bubble: Fuuh (Heart)
SFX Bubble: Nnn (Heart)

SFX Bubble: Nnn
SFX Bubble: Nnn (Heart)
SFX Bubble: Nnn (Heart)

Rito: Nnn~
MoMo: Hmmuh?

Text: Ah...

SFX Bubble: Om

MoMo: Not yet...
MoMo: for that...

Text: That's only for when I do become Rito-san's concubine...
Text: When Rito-san decides for give it to me by his own will...

MoMo: Well, then...
MoMo: Time to head back...

MoMo: I've managed to take complete control today.
MoMo: Fufu... (Heart)

MoMo: Next time...

MoMo: Ah-

Mikan: Next time... What?

SFX Bubble: Rustle
Mikan: It's too late to be trying to hide now!!

NaNa: Hmm?
NaNa: What's wrong, MoMo?

MoMo: She showed up so early...
MoMo: Mikan-san's instinct is getting sharper as well~

NaNa: ?

Student: Morning-
Student: Hey-

Mikan: Jeez... MoMo-san is so...
Mikan: Just when I thought she's exerting some self-control over sneaking into Rito's bed...
Mikan: I can't let my guards down at all...

Mikan: Hmm?

Letters: To Yuuki-san
//The text on the first one is almost all covered up
Letters: To Yuuki-san

Mikan: Letters from the boys again...
Mikan: They even include ones from boys I've rejected...
Mikan: I told them that I'm not interested in going out with them...

Text: I like you!!
Text: Please exchange your text address with me!! //Partially covered
Mikan: ......

Text: Maybe MoMo-san... really does like... Rito...
Text: If not, then she would be sneaking into his bed night after night...

Text: I used to think she's just playing tricks...
Text: But now... if she's taking actions while holding such feelings...

Text: And if Rito...
Text: shares that feeling as well...

Mikan: W-
Mikan: what should I do...?

Mikan: B... but come to think of it, why do I have to the one worrying about such a thing?!
Mikan: It is Rito's problem if something like that causes his relationship with LaLa-san and everyone else to become awkward...!

Mikan: ......
Text: What's wrong with me...

Text: I never used to worry about things like this.
Text: When did I start losing composure over these things like this...?

Text: Is it because I'm going up against MoMo-san...?
Text: So what if it's MoMo-san...?

Haruko: Y... Yuuki-san is staring at me...
Haruko: Is there something wrong with the way I teach?!
Textbook: Social Studies

Student: Later, Mikan-chan.

Mikan: So hot...

Mikan: Let's see... I got this, and that...
Mikan: And now...

Mikan: Oh, right, Rito's toothbrush!
Mikan: His old one's been used for quite a while now.

Text: Speaking of which, yesterday...
MoMo: Rito-san, your toothbrush is getting old, so I bought you a new one. (Heart)
Rito: Oh, thanks.

Rito: So you noticed about that.
Rito: Fufu... That's because I'm always watching you.

Mikan: W... why am I getting annoyed? That's a good thing!
Mikan: It's great for her to be thoughtful!

Text: Come to think of it, ever since MoMo-san transferred to Sainan High,
Text: she's been helping out with all kinds of chores.

MoMo: Let's me help you with the dinner, Mikan-san.
MoMo: We're living in your home for free after all, so this is the least I can do. (Heart)

LaLa: MoMo, how about some dark matter seasoning?
MoMo: Ahh...
MoMo: I know that it's your favorite, Onee-sama, so please do allow me to add it for just yours.

Text: Although she's a princess and is inexperienced with chores, she has a pretty decent knack for them.
Rito: This miso soup is delicious.
MoMo: Fufu- It's still far from the ones made by Mikan-san though.

Text: She's able to get a firm grasp on Rito's favorites and his usual habits.
Text: My workload also lessened a lot thanks to her...

MoMo: Your collar is off.

Mikan: But for some reason...
Mikan: I felt as if
Mikan: my place of belonging has disappeared...

Mikan: I see...
Mikan: That's why I'm... losing my composure...

Mikan: !?

Text: Ehh? What's this? Everything is swirling...
Text: Ahh, it's not?
Text: Is it... me then...?

Text: Oh, no...

Logo: Game Shop Kintarou

MoMo: Fufufu-
MoMo: It's been a while since I've found a great game like this. (Heart)
MoMo: A dating-sim where you can conquer a total of 300 pretty girls!!

MoMo: I have go home and give it a try right away.
MoMo: There could be some hints for my Operation: Harem. (8th Note)

MoMo: ?

MoMo: Ehh...? Mikan-san?

MoMo: !!

Rin: Are you all right?

Text: Huh...? Isn't she...?

Rin: Looks like the sun has gotten to you.
Door: Kujou

Rin: It's best if you rest for a bit and cool off your body.
Rin: My home is pretty close from here...

SFX Bubble: Nnnn (Heart)
SFX Bubble: Nnn

Text: A cold shower like this...
Text: feels so good...

Mikan: !
Rin: How are you feeling?

Mikan: Ahh... yes! My head feels much clearer now!
Rin: I see.
Rin: That's great...

Rin: It's just so hot today.
Rin: I was sweating so much as well...

Rin: The dryer is over there.
Mikan: Ah... Got it.

Text: She's so pretty...
Text: And that air of coolness is a bit like Yami-san...

Mikan: Haaaa-
Mikan: It's so breezy...

Rin: A lot of breeze comes through here.
Rin: It's best if take it easy until the sunset.
Mikan: Sorry for bothering you like this...
Mikan: Erm...

Rin: It's Kujou Rin.
Mikan: Ahh... My name is Yuuki Mikan!
Mikan: I'm Yuuki Rito's...

Rin: Ah, yes, his sister.
Rin: I remember you. We met several times at the beach.

Text: Kujou Rin...
Text: She's the one always with that other girl named Tenjouin...

Mikan: Well... Why aren't you with Tenjouin-san today?
Rin: Yeah... Saki-sama has a dinner meeting with her father.
Rin: Aya and I both have something else to do.

Mikan: Huuuuh-
Rin: ...

Rin: You don't... have to sit so formally.
Mikan: Ahh... but-

Mikan: E... excuse me then.
Text: I was going along with you...

Rin: ......

Rin: Unlike your brother, you are very well-mannered.
Mikan: Rito?

Rin: Whenever that guy shows up, he always ends up doing something indecent to me and Saki-sama...
SFX: Ehehe
Rin: He's really dangerous just to get close.
Mikan: Ahh...

Rin: Just the other day, he tripped and grabbed my breast...
Rin: It's hard to forgive him even if he didn't mean it...

Rin: ... I'm sorry. This isn't something I should talk to his sister about.
Mikan: I... it's fine. It's the truth after all...

Rin: How is he like... at home?
Mikan: He's a totally useless brother!
Mikan: He won't be able to do anything without me...

Text: Ahh...

Mikan: But lately...
Mikan: it doesn't seem like that anymore...
Mikan: He seems fine even without me...

MoMo: Mikan... -san?

Rin: ......
Rin: What... happened?

Rin: I see...
Rin: So while you do think it's perfectly reasonable for a freeloader like her to help out with the chores,
Rin: you felt that your place of belonging has disappeared because of it, right?
Mikan: ......

Mikan: MoMo-san... is into the same things as Rito like plants and video games more than I am...
Mikan: It just makes me feel out of place for some reason...

Rin: You... really do look up to him.
Rin: To Yuuki Rito.
Mikan: Ehh?
Mikan: T- that's not it!
Mikan: I just notice all kinds of stuff since I'm his little sister...

Rin: This might sound rude, but the only thing I see is how different he is from you.
Rin: But come to think of it,
Rin: there was this incident where Yuuki Rito tried so hard to protect Saki-sama when she ran away from home...

Mikan: ... Rito always puts everything on the line...
Mikan: He is always so serious and tries his best no matter what it is...

Panel Text: It's about 3 years ago...
Panel Text: It happened on a hot day like today, when Rito took me to the pool.
Panel Text: It was really crowded...

Panel Text: At one point, I was separated from Rito.
Swimsuit: Yuuki
Panel Text: But even so, I did not realize that I was lost.

Mikan: Okay, let's head for that pool next!

Rito: M... Miiiiikan-!!!

Mikan: Rito?
Rito: Haa-
Rito: Haa-
Rito: I... I finally found you-!!

Rito: D... didn't I tell you not to leave my side?
Rito: I've looked soooooo hard for you-
Rito: I was worried that you might have been taken away by bad guys...

Mikan: Ahahaha! No way!
Mikan: Rito, you're exaggerating-
Rito: I'm not exaggerating!!

Rito: There are a lot of scary people in this world...

Mikan: You're sweating so much...

Mikan: Were you really thaaaat worried about me?
Rito: Y- you idiot! I... it's because I was swimming in the pool!

Text: From all that sweat... I was able to know how hard Rito was looking for me...
Swimsuit: Yuuki
Text: While I thought he was... being an idiot...
Text: I was also... very happy for some reason...

Text: A story of the past that I didn't know...

Rin: Whether...
Rin: they are the good or the bad parts of Yuuki Rito,
Rin: you have been the one who saw them closer than anyone else.

Rin: Just like how Saki-sama and Aya are in my heart...
Rin: You and Yuuki Rito are
Rin: irreplaceable for each other.

Rin: As long as you have that bond,
Rin: no one will be able to replace you.
Rin: Because you are
Rin: Yuuki Mikan.

Mikan: Rin-san...

Mikan: Thank you so much for everything today-!

Mikan: I'll be all right from here.
Rin: Don't force yourself that much. You still have things to carry. I'll walk you a bit more.

MoMo: That won't be a problem, Kujou-senpai.
MoMo: I'll take good care of her from here!

Mikan: MoMo-san?!
Rin: ...
MoMo: Let's head back together, Mikan-san (8th Note)

Rin: ... I see...
Rin: Take care of Mikan.
Rin: Bring her back to Yuuki Rito...

Mikan: I didn't know you also fly, MoMo-san.
MoMo: It's the anti-gravitational wings system developed by Onee-sama.
MoMo: I can easily build it into any clothes because it's only a microchip. (8th Note)

Mikan: Did you hear the conversation between Rin-san and me?
MoMo: Yes.
MoMo: I'm sorry for making you worry like that...

Mikan: ......

MoMo: Mikan-san...
MoMo: I... am actually

MoMo: really jealous of you.
Mikan: Ehh?

MoMo: Just the other day, Rito-san said:
Text: "Mikan is... my one and only precious little sister."
Text: "I believe our bond is something more special than that between siblings."

Mikan: Rito...
Mikan: said that?

Text: I... can't help but feeling jealous....
Text: Jealous of you, Mikan-san. Jealous of the person Rito-san would go as far as saying such a thing....
Text: Jealous of you being together with Rito-san for so long, longer than both me and Onee-sama....
Text: Jealous of you sharing so much memories between just the two of you. Memories which we never knew about...

MoMo: It is a place... where I will never be able to set foot in no matter how hard I try...

MoMo: One day,
MoMo: I would like become someone Rito-san can call "special"...
MoMo: from the bottom... of his heart.

MoMo: But there are still so many obstacles ahead. (8th Note)
Text: MoMo-san... is indeed in love with Rito...

MoMo: Oh well...
MoMo: Now that we understand each other's feelings...

MoMo: How about tonight? Let's sneak into Rito-san bed together, shall we?!
Mikan: How do you even get to that?!

Rito: Miiiiiiikan-!!!
Mikan: !?

Mikan: Rito? Why is he...
MoMo: Ufufu- (Heart) I gave him a call just now.

MoMo: I told him that we'll be heading back this way,

MoMo: but it looks like he just can't sit still and wait for us.
Mikan: ......

Rito: M... Mikan!! Are you okay to walk now?!
Rito: How's your heat stroke?!
Rito: Are you still feeling nauseous?!
Mikan: I- I'm fine!! I'm all right now!

Rito: Y... you sure?!
Rito: Don't force yourself!!
Mikan: I'm not! Stop being so loud! You're embarrassing me!

Mikan: ......

Text: Ahh...
Text: All that sweat...
Text: That expression...

Text: It's the same...
Text: as it was from that time...
Mikan: Wipe your face,
Mikan: you idiot brother.

Rito: W... why did you call me an idiot-?
Mikan: That's the truth, isn't it?
Mikan: I managed to show her how it is.

Text: And also...

Text: Kujou Rin-san... of the third year, is it...?

Text: Maybe I should check-up on her. (Heart)

Text: A new hidden force is joining MoMo's Operation: Harem?!

ToLoveRu Darkness ---- To be continued in December issue

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