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To Love-Ru Darkness Special : Side Story 3

Body touch? ~Nyanderful Life~

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Nov 18, 2011 11:50 | Go to To Love-Ru Darkness

Side Story “Body touch? ~Nyanderful Life~"
ToLoveRu Darkness
Manga: Yabuki Kentarou
Script: Hasemi Saki

Center Right Text: We have a Lead Color Page to thank you for your great support!!

Bottom Right Text: Special Campaign
Bottom Right Text: "3 Pockets transparent clear file folders" for 1000 lucky readers!!
Bottom Right Text: Details are on page 6!!

Left Vertical Text: Those sleepy eyes in the bright morning sun. Who was it that they saw in dream-?

Bottom Left Text: Accumulated Sales has surpassed the 1.5 million mark!!
Bottom Left Text: Ultra rare
Bottom Left Text: Huggie pillow cover and Bathroom poster
Bottom Left Text: Specially drawn by Yabuki-sensei.
Bottom Left Text: For 1000 lucky readers!!
Bottom Left Text: It's going on now!!
Bottom Left Text: Check out Jump SQ December Issue and the and the book ribbon of the manga volume for details!!
Bottom Left Vertical Text: Manga volume 3 is being received with great fanfare!!

Haruna: Awww...
Haruna: No one noticed me...

Haruna: What should I do...?
Haruna: I didn't expect something like this would happen...!!

Left Side text: Who exactly is this cute little kitty...?!
//It's one single sentence. Please cute it accordingly.

Bottom Side Text: We have a Lead Color Page to thank you for your great support!! [ToLoveRu Darkness]

Panel Text: 10 minutes ago.
Haruna: LaLa-san, is that your new invention?
LaLa: Yep!
LaLa: That's right~

LaLa: It's a fun device that can freely turn a person into an animal.
LaLa: I thought I would give this to NaNa as a present once it's finished. (8th Note)
Haruna: Huh-

Haruna: But I just can't adjust it right...

Oshizu: Kyaaaah-

Oshizu: The dog is chasing me-!!
Dog SFX Bubble: Bow-
Haruna: Oshizu-chan?!

LaLa: Hold on! I'll save you right away!!

SFX Bubble: Click-

Haruna: LaLa-san!
Haruna: You dropped th-
SFX Bubble: Beep-Beep

Haruna: Ehh?

Haruna: Kyaaah-
Haruna: I didn't expect my body to be changed into that of a cat...

Haruna: What should I do...? LaLa-san didn't come back...

Haruna: Though I doubt I'll stay like this forever...

Haruna: ?

Haruna: Kotegawa-san!!

Yui: W... what a cute little kitty...
Haruna: ?

Yui: Here kitty- kitty- kitty-

Haruna: Nya- Nya-nya-nyaaaaah-!!! (Kotegawa-san, it's me! Can't you tell-?!)

Yui: Awww- She hates me-
Haruna: Why-?!!

Haruna: Gasp!!
Haruna: She couldn't understand me because I'm a cat! What should I do then...?

Text: That's right!!
Text: NaNa-chan can speak to animals!!

Haruna: All right!

Oshizu: Help me~
LaLa: Hold on, Oshizu-chaaaan!!

Mikan: Thank you!

MoMo: A cat...?

Haruna: Sorry for barging in like this, Mikan-chan!!
Haruna: Where's Nana-chan~?!

Rito: What's this?!
Haruna: !!

Rito: A cat?!
Text: Yuuki-kun!!

Rito: No entering people's home uninvited, ok~?
Haruna: That's not it! I'm not really a cat, Yuuki-kun!!

Rito: Huh-

Rito: You're one little cutie. (8th Note)
Haruna: !!

Haruna: C... cute?!
Haruna: Yuuki-kun said I'm cute...

Rito: There- There-
Text: I'm in heaven...
Text: It's not too bad to just become Yuuki-kun's pet like this...

Text: Wait, Noooo~!!
Text: It's totally bad!!!

Rito: Ah-
Rito: Hey?!

Haruna: Nyaaaa-

Rito: Ah...

Rito: Jeez... You really need to calm down-
Haruna: Wh...

Haruna: Why did it get to this-?!
Rito: There, hold still.
Rito: Your body is all sticky.

Haruna: Awww-
Haruna: Y... Yuuki-kun's naked~

Text: I...
Text: I mustn't look!
Text: Though I really want to just peek a litt... No!!

Rito: Is this... the right way to give her a bath?
Rito: We never kept pets at our home before~

Rito: Sorry about this- It'll be over really soon, so just hold on for a bit.

Text: Yuuki-kun... He's so gentle even with cats...
Text: ...... (Heart)

Text: Speaking of which, I was turned into a dog before and was given a bath by Haruna-chan in her bathroom...
Rito: That was an amazing experience...

Haruna: !!

Text: Ahh...
Text: S... stop it, Yuuki-kun...!!

Text: H...
Text: He's touching me there directly with his hands...

Haruna: Funyaah!

Text: D...
Text: Don't...

Haruna: W... what should I do...?
Haruna: I'm being given a bath by a guy...

SFX: Glows faintly...

Text: Hmm?
Text: What's this? The cat's body seems to be glowing...

Haruna: Nya-
Rito: Wah-
Rito: Hey, stop struggling!

Rito: Ooooh?!

Rito: Ugh-

Text: Huh...?!

Haruna: Nnn...
Haruna: I... I've returned...

Haruna: to normal...?

Haruna: Y...
Haruna: Yuuki-kun...

Haruna: Hang in there, Yuuki-kun!!

Mikan: Rito, what happened!?
Mikan: What was that loud noise just no-

Mikan: H... Haruna-san, why are you...
Haruna: I... it's not what it looks like, Mikan-chan!!

NaNa: ?
MoMo: I seem to have missed a really delicious event...

LaLa: Huh-?
Oshizu SFX: Pant-
Oshizu SFX: Pant-
LaLa: Where did Haruna go...?

Side Text: Rito just got K.O.'d...
Side Text: at a sweet spot...?

ToLoveRu Darkness Side Story---- The End

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