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To Love-Ru Darkness 13

Adhesion ~Leave me? Or Leave Me Not?~

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Nov 18, 2011 11:51 | Go to To Love-Ru Darkness

-> RTS Page for To Love-Ru Darkness 13

Top Left Text: The latest Manga volume 3 goes on sale today!! We have a Center Color Page to thank you for your great support!!

Chapter 13 "Adhesion ~Leave me? Or Leave Me Not?~"
ToLoveRu Darkness

Manga: Yabuki Kentarou
Script: Hasemi Saki

Text: Even now, her heart continues to hold on to the sorrowful burdens of her childhood days.

Text: We're celebrating the publication of Manga volume 3!!
Text: Super Rare
Text: Huggie Pillow and Bathroom Poster.
Text: Present for 1000 lucky readers!!
Text: The Design is still ongoing.
Text: Specially drawn by Yabuki-sensei.
Text: Check out page 488 and the book ribbon of the manga volume for details!!

Text: A side story will be featured in SQ.19! Check out page 302 for details!!

Text: Personal Spacecraft of "Golden Darkness"
Text: Lunatique

Lunatique: Master, have you been training for combat without sleeping again today?
Lunatique: You should get some sleep every now and then.

Side Text; Yami's residence...

Yami: I'm trying to get back my instinct that's been dulled by this peaceful life.
Yami: Not to mention ever since I picked you up from the junkyard, have you ever once see me sleep peacefully in this bed?
Lunatique: No... I can't say I have.

Yami: Also, Luna...
Lunatique: Yes?

Yami: Please stop calling me "master".
Yami: It'll just be "Yami-chan" from now on...

Panel Text: When was the last time I had a nice sleep?
Panel Text: I can't remember much about "the past"
Panel Text: since there wasn't anything worth recalling.

Text: However, I'm able to recall everything that came after that single Taiyaki
Text: so clearly that it's like it has just happened.

Rito: Kujou-senpai!
Rito: I believe you took care of my little sister Mikan just the other day...
Rito: Well... Thank you so much!!

Rin: It's nothing.
Rin: I was just doing what I was supposed to do.

Rin: I'm heading out now.
Rin: Things will get complicated if Saki-sama is to see me talking to you like this.
Rito: Got it!

MoMo: I'm glad that you managed to thank her in person, Rito-san. (8th Note)
Rito: Yeah! Thank you for getting her for me, MoMo!

MoMo: So... What do you think? About Kujou-san? (Heart)
Rito: Huh? What do I think...?

Celine: Mawu-

Celine Text: Ma-wu
Yami: What's this?

MoMo: Yami-san...
Rito: Ah! That device! Could it be...

Rito: Yami! Don't touch that-
Yami: !?

Rito: Ah-

Haruna: !?
Haruna: Yuuki-kun? Yami-chan?!
Yui: H... hold on, what's this?

SFX Bubble: Grip

Rito: D... don't get the wrong idea, Sairenji! And you too, Kotegawa!!
Rito: T... there's a reason for this...

NaNa: Ane-ue's device accidently triggered and caused their hands to stick to one another!
Mea Text: Huh-
Yui: Ehhh?!

Out Panel Text: Refer to ToLoveRu Volume 17, Trouble 143.
Yui: H... how did that happen?!
Student: Byebye-

MoMo: This device... caused something like this before, and I had it put away because it's quite dangerous...
MoMo: But it looks like Celine-san brought it out with her...

Mea: Interesting!
Mea: There's no way to pull you apart?
Rito: Our hands are turned into somewhat like super magnets...

Yami: I guess I have no choice...

Yami: Should I cut it off?
Rito: Noooo-

Haruna: Wait... Calm down, Yami-chan!
MoMo: Y... yeah! The magnetism should naturally grow weaker as the time goes!

Yami: So until then, I'm stuck holding your hand like this...
Yami: This is very annoying.
Rito: ......

Rito: Hey... where are you going?
Yami: I'm going to buy some Taiyaki. It's my daily routine after school.

MoMo: Ah... I'm coming with you since there could be some inconveniences that I'd need to help you with.

Haruna: I'm so jealous of you... Yami-chan...
Yui: Have them no shame...?

NaNa: ~...

NaNa: I... I'm going as well! Come on, Mea!
Mea: Ah-

Mea: Sorry, NaNa-chan!
Mea: It sounds fun, but I got something else to take care of today.

NaNa: I... I see...
NaNa: Okay then, I'll see you tomorrow!

Rito: Uhh- This is so embarrassing...
Rito: Walking while holding hands like this...

Text: Yami-chan, you're holding hands with your boyfriend~ Such a lovely couple~ (Heart)
Rito: Even the guy at the Taiyaki shop were saying stuff like that...

Yami: I, too, am extremely annoyed.
Rito: ......

Yami: But...
Rito: Eh?

Text: Such warmth...

Yami: It reminds me a bit...
Yami: about back when I was young.

Rito: Huh? That's before you became an assassin...?
Rito: Come to think of it, what was it like back when you were still a child, Yami?

Yami: Don't overstep your boundaries.
Yami: There's nothing for me to tell a target of mine like you.
Rito: Haha...

Yami: Also, I will kill you if you eat my Taiyaki without asking.
Rito: I got it...

NaNa: That stupid Rito is holding hands with Yami and laughing like an idiot.
MoMo: ......

MoMo: "Tight-Tight Clutch-kun"...
MoMo: I have completely forgotten about the existence of that amazing invention.

Text: If I were to use that, I would...
MoMo: Rito-san... People are watching us...
Rito: I... I can't do anything until we get back home...
MoMo: Alas, that just won't do! If I am stuck with Rito-san around the clock like that,
MoMo: I won't be able to contain myself at all... (Heart)

NaNa: ?
MoMo Text: Fufufu

Text: However...
Text: it was quite surprising that Mea-san didn't tag along...
Text: I really thought she's the kind of girl who'd stick her nose into something like this...

Text: This really gets me curious... but...
Text: With Yami-san and Rito-san under such condition, perhaps it's better for me to just ignore that and not make a move...?

All: Let's eat-!!

LaLa: Yami-chan, I'm so sorry about my device giving you trouble like this.
Rito: Now that's convenient-
Yami: It's no problem...

Mikan: Just take it easy until the effect wears off.
Yami: Thank you so much.

Rito: Erm~ It was also a real pain back when I was stuck with LaLa's tail.
Rito: It's just so hard to work with just one hand...

NaNa: ......
Rito Text: Ah-

Text: Maybe I should...
Rito Text: Ahhh-

NaNa: Wait! Why should I do that?!
MoMo: ......

Yami: I will kill you if you take even a peek.

Rito: Mughhhh (I can't...)
Rito: Mughhhh- (You're killing me-)

Yami: ......

Yami: Mikan.

Mikan: What is it, Yami-san?

Yami: I would like to borrow your shower.

Mikan: You're talking a shower... with Rito with you?
Yami: It's unavoidable at this point.
Rito: W... wouldn't it be better to just skip something like this for a day?

Yami: I always take showers once a day.
Yami: Not to mention you need to wash up since you're kind of smelly too.

Yami: Of course, I'll need to blindfold you again...
Rito: D... don't blindfold me with your transformation ability!!
Rito: I'll cover my eyes with towels instead!

MoMo: Oh, my, that's fantastic!!
MoMo: If that's the case, please let me go in with you to help out! It's be really a hassle with both of you having just one hand to use!!

Mikan: MoMo-san!!

NaNa: Nope, not you, MoMo!!
NaNa: You're always so pandering towards Rito no matter what he does!!

NaNa: I... I will
NaNa: go in there with you guys!!

Mikan: You, NaNa-san?!
NaNa: That's right!
NaNa: I'm going in with them to make sure that Rito wouldn't do anything funny to Yami!!

NaNa: Yami, is it okay with you?!
Rito: ...

Yami: Okay.
Yami: I'll leave the rest to you, Princess NaNa.
Rito: W... what about MY say in this-?!

Mikan: Hmm... Well, if it's NaNa-san, then it should be...
MoMo: I shouldn't take this lightly... even though it's NaNa that's going in... (Heart)

NaNa: Here, Rito! I'll blindfold you!
SFX Bubble: Tightens
Rito: Ah... sure...

Rito: B... but how are we going to take off our clothes?
Yami: We can just cut them loose.

Rito: ......
Yami: I can use my transformation ability later and sew them up.
NaNa: You better not take those blindfolds off, Rito!!

NaNa: Nnn-

Rito: !

Text: E... even though I'm blindfolded,

Text: the smell of the girls... can still reach me...!!

NaNa: I'll wash your back for you.
Text: T... this is bad...!!

Text: How did it get to this...?!

Yami: Sorry for troubling you like this, Princess NaNa.
NaNa: Just call me NaNa!

NaNa: Hey, I'm not going to wash you, you know?
Rito: I... I know that!

Rito: Let's see... showerhead... showerhead...
NaNa: Here-

SFX Bubble: Grip
NaNa: Fuaaaah?!

NaNa: Ah-
NaNa: Hold o....
Tail SFX: Slippery
Tail SFX: Grab
Tail SFX: Grab

NaNa: Haaaaaa-
Rito: Huh?
Rito: This feels like...?
NaNa: That's...

NaNa: It's my...
NaNa: tail...
NaNa: Stop-
NaNa: Nnn (Heart)
Rito: Eh?!

Rito: S...
Rito: sorry-

SFX Bubble: Soft-

Yami: ......

SFX Bubble: Tremble

Text: I hate ecchi people!!

SFX Bubble: Loosen...

NaNa: Uhh~

NaNa: Huh...
NaNa: ......?

NaNa: ......!!
NaNa: Eh-
NaNa: Ahh-
NaNa: No way...

NaNa: G... get away from me, you animal!!!
Rito: Gyaaaah-!!
Mikan: What are they doing...?

LaLa: What's wrong, NaNa?
NaNa: I... it's nothing...

MoMo: Mikan-san, are you laying the futons in the Japanese room?
Mikan: Yep.
Mikan: It's too crowded for Yami-san and Rito to sleep in the same bed.

Yami: Thank you so much, Mikan.
Mikan: Don't worry about it.
Mikan: LaLa-san said that she believes the effect from the device should wear off in the morning, so please just take it easy.

Mikan: Okay then, Good Night-

MoMo: Is it really okay like this? Have them on the first floor means that you won't be able to get there right away if something is to happen between them.
Mikan: That won't be a problem. It's Yami-san, after all.

Mikan: It's a different story for you, though, MoMo-San~ (8th Note)
MoMo: ... She's more wary of me than the number one assassin of the universe...

Rito: Uhh...
Rito: I didn't expect to be sleeping right next to Yami...

Text: While my heart was also racing back when the same thing happened with LaLa...
Text: I'm actually tense about something else when it comes to Yami...

Text: Not to mention my hand can still recall that sense of touch happened just now...
Text: Damn it~ I can't sleep like this~

Yami: ... What kind of ecchi things are you thinking right now?
Rito: !!

Yami: If you do anything funny again next time, I will kill you right on the spot.
Rito: I- I'm not going to do that!!

Rito: ......
Rito: Y... Yami, you can't sleep either?

Yami: Ever since I became an assassin, I had never once reached total calmness and fallen asleep.
Yami: I don't go into deep sleeps, but, instead, I just close my eyes and let my body rest.

Text: ...!
SFX Bubble: Slash
Test: ... It's true that when she stayed over last time, I saw her stood up while sleeping...

Rito: Is it because if you don't do that... you wouldn't know where an attack might come for you?

Yami: Yes.
Yami: Without constant vigilance, I could lose my life in an instant.

Rito: You sure lived in a challenging world, Yami...

Rito: That's right, she did say this to LaLa back when we first met...
Text: "A princess like you, who's been sheltered for her entire life, wouldn't understand how it's like."
Text: "You wouldn't understand the loneliness of surviving in this universe alone by yourself."

Text: Those words weren't just for LaLa...
Text: They can also be applied... to me...

Rito: Sorry...
Rito: for everything...

Yami: What are you apologizing for?
Yami: Are you talking about what happened in the bathroom?
Rito: T... that's one of them, yeah...

Rito: I've said... some rather arrogant things to you many times, Yami.
Rito: "You are not a weapon."
Rito: Well, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself.
Rito: Of course, I really do mean all of what I've said as serious advices for you.

Rito: But since they were directed to you, Yami,
Rito: I just thought that it might give you the feeling of "how dare you say those arrogant things when you don't really know anything at all"...
Rito: Which is why... I want to apologize...

Yami: ......

Yami: ......

Yami: Dr. Tearju Lunatique...
Rito: ... Eh?

Yami: Today... when I was holding your hand...
Yami: I remembered her...

Side Text: Don't forget to check out the next page!!

Yami: Can I talk about...
Yami: my past for a bit?

Text: Finally, the truth about her childhood days are becoming clear-

ToLoveRu Darkness ---- To be continued in January issue

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