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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

To Love-Ru Darkness 14

Past ~the memory which connects with tomorrow~

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Dec 2, 2011 20:50 | Go to To Love-Ru Darkness

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Tearju: ... Good morning.
Tearju: How do you feel?

Yami: Well!
Yami: I feel great, Tear!

Side Text: The truth about Yami becomes clear!!
Tearju: I see.
Tearju: That's great to hear.

Tilted Text: During her childhood days, a strong yet gentle bond existed only between these two-

Tearju: I'll read you a storybook later.
Yami: Okay!

Text: Volume 3 of the series is already going through a massive reprint!!
ToLoveRu Darkness
Chapter 14 "Past ~the memory which connects with tomorrow~"

Manga: Yabuki Kentarou
Script: Hasemi Saki

Rito: Dr. Tearju Lunatique...
Rito: Is she your mother, Yami?

Yami: While she did give birth to me, she isn't technically my mother.
Yami: I was created artificially by science using her cells as base.

Rito: So it's like... cloning?
Yami: Yes.
Yami: Tearju was a prodigious scientist in her teens with no one able to rival her in the field of Universal Bioengineering.

Text: But I only found out about these things later...
Text: I was just born and didn't know anything. She took care of me...

Tearju: The little girl and all of her friends lived happily ever after.
Tearju: The end...

Yami: Wah~ That was really interesting!

Yami: Hey, Tear! Will I be able to make friends too?

Tearju: Of course you can.
Tearju: And you have to introduce me to them when you do.
Text: Happy days...

Yami: Tehehe!
Yami: Okay~
Text: Peaceful times...

Text: Tear taught me all sorts of things.
Text: Like a mother...
Text: And like a sister...

Text: At the time, my heart was...
Text: filled with light...
Text: But then...

MoMo: Rito-san and Yami-san... with their hands stuck together...
MoMo: How are they getting by like that? I'm too anxious to sleep.

Sign: Mikan's Room
Mikan: Where are you going, MoMo-san?
MoMo: !!

MoMo: Ahh...
MoMo: Just... to use the toilet...

Mikan: There's a toilet in your living quarters, MoMo-san.

Mikan: Come on! Back to your room!
MoMo: Ah... hold o-
MoMo: Please wait a minute, Mikan-san!

MoMo: Do you think it's wise to just leave them like that?!
Mikan: !?

MoMo: Rito-san and Yami-san are young man and lady of that age, after all!
MoMo: Not to mention they're inside a futon with their hands stuck together!!
MoMo: It's not that far-fetched if something is to happen between them, don't you agree?!

Mikan: Ehh...
Mikan: S... something is to happen?!

Rito: Y... Yami?!
SFX Bubble: Grip

Yami: Y... Yuuki...
Yami: Rito...

Yami: For some reason...
Yami: I feel like my body's burning...

Text: So I...

Mikan: B... but there's no way those two would do such a...
MoMo: Then, Mikan-san, let's go check up on them! Together!!

Mikan: ~~~...

Rito: So...
Rito: What happened? Where is Tearju-san now...?

Yami: ... I don't know. She could still be alive...

Rito: What do you mean?

Yami: ......

Yami: Tear!
Yami: Tear, where are you?!

Yami: Look! I made this!!
Yami: It's a present for you, Tear!
Yami: So hurry-

Scientist: Lunatique-kun is no longer with us.
Yami: !!
Yami: Why?

Scientist: She does not believe the same thing as we do.
Scientist: So we got rid of her.
Scientist: She told us to say hi to you...

Yami: Got rid.. of her?

Scientist: Don't worry.
Scientist: She was simply wrong about this.
Scientist: We will guide you down the right path.
Scientist: The path of... being a weapon.

Yami: Wea... pon...?

Scientist: That's right.

Text: You don't need friends.
Text: You are a weapon that was born to nip away
Text: all kinds of life.
Text: All by using your Transformation Ability.

Yami: I am...
Yami: a weapon...

Text: While posing themselves as a legitimate research institution, they were really after the goal of building me into the strongest "Transformable Weapon".
Text: They wanted to develop a new business in the midst of the centuries-old Great Galactic War.

Text: To them, Tearju was in the way for raising me as a "human being".
Text: It's likely that she was banished from the institution...
Text: Or worse...

Rito: W... what the hell was that?!
Rito: Then that means they were the one who caused you to...
Rito: Those guys are unforgivable!!

Yami: Please calm down.

Text: Soon after that, the galaxy was unified for the first time in the hands of a new force, the Devilukes.
Text: And their plan fell apart because of that.

Text: Furthermore, the organization itself was destroyed during the chaos after the war...
Text: It no longer exists now.

Yami: It's all... in the past now.
Rito: ... But still!!

Rito: If Tearju were to stay by your side, Yami,
Rito: you could've been able to know different ways of life...

Text: What a weird person...
Text: He's acting like this for me... A person who has declared to be going after him...
Text: Getting angry for me...
Text: Encouraging me...

Text: But... what's even weirder...
Text: is me.
Text: Why am I feeling so peaceful...
Text: around my target... around this man...?

Text: Tear... Will I be able to understand it all?
Text: Will I be able to do so if I feel this warmth...
Text: with my whole body...?

Rito: Yami...?

Mikan: T... this is just no good.
Mikan: Let's head back, MoMo-san.
MoMo: Oh, but why?

Mikan: I just feel awkward because it's like I don't trust Yami-san...
MoMo: And yet, you'd just push open door if it was me.

MoMo: But... are you sure that's wise?
Mikan: Eh?

MoMo: Mikan-san should also know about this, right?
MoMo: How bad Rito-san's twists and turns during sleep are...
Mikan: !!

Text: Once THAT gets going, not even Yami-san...
Rito: That looks delicious...
Yami: !?

Rito: Thank you for the meal.

SFX Bubble: Chomp-
Yami: Haa-
SFX Bubble: Lick-
SFX Bubble: Lick-
Yami: Nnn-

Text: is able... to resist...!!
Yami: No-
Yami: Ahh-
Yami: Awww-

MoMo: Rito-san is really amazing while he's asleep... (Heart)
Mikan: MoMo-san... Is that your first-hand experience?

Mikan: B... but I believe that Yami-san is a strong-willed person...
MoMo: If that's what you believe, wouldn't it be best to confirm it yourself?

Mikan: Ah-
Mikan: ......

Mikan: T... that's just not right!!

MoMo: Eeek-

Mikan: No! You mustn't go...
MoMo: Nn
MoMo: ...
MoMo: ~~~~!!

MoMo: M... Mikan-san, my tail...!!
MoMo: I... I can't keep quiet like th...
MoMo: Nnn (Heart)

Rito: W... what is it?

Yami: No...
Yami: it's nothing...

Rito: ......?
Text: Somehow, these words...
Text: "I want you to embrace me"...
Text: almost came out of my mouth...

Rito: !

SFX Bubble: Slides off...

Rito: Ohhh!!
Rito: It... came off!!

Rito: This is great-!! Looks like the effect from the device wore off sooner than we expected!!
Yami: ......
Rito: Now we can finally relax!!

Yami: ... Are you this happy to get away from me?
Rito: Ehh?

Rito: Well, of course-
Rito: We're now both fre-

Yami: ......

Yami: You idiot...

Text: Good Night~ Tear...
Text: Aww... you're such a baby.

Yami: Good night...
Yami: ......

NaNa: Munyah...
NaNa: Ugh~ You animal...

LaLa: Rito... (Heart)

SFX Bubble: Buzz...

Nemesis: So Mea... how about it?
Mea: Well.. by hacking Dr. Mikado's computer,
Mea: it shows that she had indeed made several contacts with someone this past week.

Mea: Ahh- but because the security on her computer is too strong, I couldn't find out more than that.
Nemesis: Looks like she's on high alert against us.

Nemesis: ... If that's the case,
Nemesis: then we have more than one enemy to deal with.

Mea: Master,
Mea: who are you talking about?

Nemesis: ......

Rito: It was just crazy yesterday.
Rito: Hold on, when did I fall asleep anyway?

Text: I'm not sure why, but Mikan and MoMo didn't seem to have enough sleep...
Text: Yami was gone when I got up. I wonder if she at least had a bit of sleep or not...

Text: But... with Yami willing to tell me about her past...
Text: does that mean she's letting her guards down around me for a bit...?
LaLa: Rito-

LaLa: Have you heard?
LaLa: For some reason, we're getting a new teacher as junior advisor of our class starting today!
Rito: Eh?

Tearju: My name is Tearju Lunatique.
Tearju: Nice to meet you all.

Text: Huh...?
Text: Tearju...?

Side Text: Could it be...? Chaos is coming!!

ToLoveRu Darkness ---- To be continued in February Issue

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