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To Love-Ru Darkness 15

Refrain ~Warmth~

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Dec 28, 2011 04:46 | Go to To Love-Ru Darkness

-> RTS Page for To Love-Ru Darkness 15

Panel Text: News Flash!
Top Text: Volume 4, the latest installment of the series, is scheduled for release on March 2nd (Friday)!!

Text Book: Biology II

Left Side Text: All eyes from the male students are focused on her?! After her first lesson, the lovely teacher will of course be...

ToLoveRu Darkness

Manga: Yabuki Kentarou
Script: Hasemi Saki

Chapter 15 "Refrain ~Warmth~"

Tearju: Well then, that's it for today.
Tearju: Anything els...

Saruyama: I have a question!
Saruyama: Sensei, are you single?!
Tearju: Eh-
Tearju: Y... yes, but...

Saruyama: What about boyfriends?!
Student: What's your three sizes?!
Tearju: Ehh...?!
Tearju: T... that's a bit...

Yui: C... cut it out, guys!
Yui: You're making Sensei uncomfortable!!
Sayaka: That's right!
Risa: That's sexual harassment-

Saruyama: What did you say?!
Saruyama: What's so wrong about having interest in a pretty and mature lady?!
Yui: I won't allow such shameful act!!

Tearju: Aww...

Tearju: H... hey, calm down, everyone-
Tearju: I don't
Tearju: really-

Tearju: ......
Student: S- Sensei?!
Sayaka: Are you okay?!

Tearju: Y... yeah-
Tearju: It's only...

Yui: Sensei-?!
Haruna: C... careful!
Guys: ......

Saruyama: A blond, huge tittie, bespectacled, and clumsy teacher...!
Yui: Stop adding weird titles to Sensei!

Risa: But man-

Risa: Why did we get a junior advisor out of the blue?
LaLa: I heard something about having her to support Hanekawa-sensei because his back pain had lately-
LaLa: I was so surprised when I saw Sensei's face.
LaLa: She looks just like Yami-chan!
Haruna: T... that's what I thought as well.

Rin: It's true that, for some reason, she felt just like the adult version of Golden Goddess.
Text: Though their personalities are totally different.

Ren: Well, I don't think it's actually that shocking.
Ren: As big as the world is, there are bound to be a few people that look alike.

Risa: Beside that, I was really shocked to see that dynamite breasts!!
Mio: Yep, yep!

Rito: ......

Oshizu: Rito-san!
Rito: Oshizu-chan?

MoMo: Aren't you going to meet with Tearju-sensei?

Sign: Library

Yami: What are you...
Sign: Psychology
MoMo: Haven't you heard about the new teacher at Rito-san's class?

MoMo: I heard about her from Mikado-sensei.
MoMo: "Tearju Lunatique",
MoMo: a prodigious biologist and an important figure at the organization you were from, Yami-san.

MoMo: I can tell that she's a really special person to you just from her outer appearance, Yami-san.
MoMo: If we ask her,
MoMo: we may be able to find out information relating to Mea-san or her master...
Yami: MoMo,

Yami: if I'm really that good with these things...
Yami: I wouldn't be called "Golden Darkness" right now...

Risa: Oooh- There she is! The miniature Yami-Yami! (Heart)
Mio: They look so much alike-
Risa: What are you and MoMo-chi talking about-?!

Mio Text: Wah-
MoMo: Kyah-
Risa: Oh, my, I can sense great future for those breasts, MoMo-chi~ (Heart)

MoMo: M... Momioka-san, stop it... It's embarrassing...

Risa: Oh, dear~ So innocent and adorable.
Risa: Would you like to have Onee-san teach you more?
SFX Bubble: Fondle Fondle
MoMo: Hyann- (Heart)

Risa: MoMo-chi, if you continue to hone your skills, you just might be able to lead any man by his nose, you know?
MoMo: Ah-
MoMo: Hold on... what's this...? She's really good at this...!!
MoMo: I... I don't really...

Mio: Yami-Yami, do you want to get a massage too?
Yami: No, thanks.

MoMo: Ah... please wait a minute... I still want to...
MoMo: Ahnn-

Tearju: ......

Rito: Then... it was you who brought Tearju over, Mikado-sensei?

Sign: Infirmary

Ryouko: That's right.
Ryouko: Didn't I tell you? That "the investigation is moving along"?
Ryouko: I found her living quietly on a planet in the outskirt of the galaxy and brought her back with me.

Rito: But how did you find her location...
Ryouko: I was going through my data while looking for clues, and I found an old picture that even I had forgotten about.

Rito: A picture?
SFX Bubble: Beep
Ryouko: Yep, here it is.

Ryouko: It's Tear and I while we were in school.
Ryouko Bubble Text: When we were about 14.
Ryouko: And it appeared that having actual visual clues made the jobs of information dealers a lot easier.
Ryouko: The were able to pin point her location in a really short amount of time.

Rito: I- is this really you, Mikado-sensei?!
Oshizu: She's so cute in here, don't you think? MoMo-san was also very surprised just a few minutes ago.
Ryouko: Fufu~ (8th Note)

Ryouko: Tear had... always been really smart, but she was also clumsy and unreliable in certain situation.
Rito: Ahh... I see.
Ryouko: When I heard from her that she was being scouted by some suspicious research institution, I was really uneasy about it. (And, sure enough...)

Ryouko: While a long time had passed when I was finally reunited with her, it seemed that her clumsiness was still pretty much there.
Ryouko: And it looks like she still hasn't reacquainted with Yami-chan yet since coming here...
Ryouko: Well, I guess they're both confused about the best way to face one another...

Ryouko: They're also very much alike on such matter.

Book: 30000 Light Years in Search of Mother
TL Note: This is a reference of "3000 Leagues in Search of Mother", an anime from the 1970's.
Ryouko: Those two...

Rito: ......

Rito: Tearju-sensei!!
Tearju: Kyah-

Tearju: My glasses... My glasses...
Text: Aww...
Rito: Ah... Sorry!

Tearju: ...!
Tearju: Are you...

Rito: Sensei...
Rito: Please...
Rito: Please meet with Yami!!

Tearju: !

Yami Flashback: Can I talk about my past for a bit?
Rito: I heard... everything from Yami!
Rito: That Tear is a very important person to her...
Rito: If you can meet with Yami, Sensei... She'll definitely be really happy...!

Rito: Ah... Right... Yami is...

Tearju: ... I heard from Mikado... That's the name she's going with now, right?

Tearju: Thank you...
Tearju: Thank you for caring for her...
Tearju: Thank you... Yuuki Rito-kun.

Tearju: I want to...
Tearju: meet her too.
Tearju: I want to be able to be with her everyday again.
Tearju: I came over to earth with that in mind... Along with a lot of help from Mikado as well...

Tearju: But when it's all said and done, it just might not be enough...
Tearju: I mean after all... it was because I left her there, that she was...

Rito: Sensei...

Principal: Tearju-sensei! (Heart)

Tearju: Mr. Principal...
Principal: How's everything on your first day teaching?

Tearju: Ah... Yes, well, there are still a lot of things I'm not really used to... but I'll try my best to cope.
Principal: Splendid!
Principal: I have high hopes for you as you were recommended by Mikado-sensei.

SFX: Pant-
SFX: Pant-
Principal: As a teacher, you must always be a model for our students.

Principal: That's right... You have to be tolerant of everyone...
TL Note: The Japanese expression "being tolerant of everyone" literally means "being so big that it can encompass everything".

Principal: Be soft like a pillow!!
Principal: Be bouncy and squishy at the same time!!
Principal: Oooooooh! I'm burning uuuuup!

Tearju: Huh?

Principal: Please teach me a lesson too-!! Teach this naughty body a lesson!!!
Tearju: Ehhh?!
Rito: S... Sensei!! We gotta run!!!

Tearju: W... why? I mean it's only Mr. Principal...
Rito: That, and also the most dangerous man in the school!!

MoMo: Ah-
MoMo: It's Rito-san... and Tearju-sensei?

LaLa: Ah, Rito!
LaLa: What's wrong?!

Rito: The Principal is coming after us!
Rito: Can you do something about it-?
LaLa: Okay-!

SFX Bubble: Beep
SFX Bubble: Beep
LaLa: There!

Rito: !

Rito: That's it?! Of all things, you have to pick Pyon-Pyon Warp-kun?!
Rito: It's a defective device that only warps away your body and not your clothes!!
LaLa: Don't worry! I've made improvements from the previous ones! (Heart)

Rito: R... really?! I'll trust you on this!
Tearju: Y... Yuuki-kun...
Tearju: I'm not really good at running...

Tearju: Ah-
Rito: Eh?

Tearju: Ahnn-
Rito: Ohh-
SFX Bubble: Beep

SFX Bubble: Poof-
Tearju: Kyah-
Rito: Ugh-

Text: Ouch...
Text: D... did we warp away?!

Text: ......
SFX: Bouncy
Rito: ?
SFX: Bouncy

Text: W... what's this?
Tearju: Nn-
Tearju: Ah-
Text: What's this soft and huge things on top of me...

SFX Bubble: Squishy
SFX Bubble: Squishy

Rito: !!
Text: Could...
Text: this be?!

Tearju: Ahh...
Tearju: Nnn-
Tearju: Don't...

Rito: ......
Tearju: S...
Tearju: Stop it-

Rito: Woah-!!
Rito: S... sorry, Sensei!!

Text: That LaLa!!
Text: She told me it's been improved,

Text: but it's still pretty much the same as being totally naked-!!

Tearju: W... when did I take off my clothes...?!
Rito: Ehh?!

Tearju: B... but I don't know a lot about these things...
Tearju: I haven't gotten to know you that much, Yuuki-kun... Should we be...
SFX Bubble: Thump
SFX Bubble: Thump
Rito: It looks like she got the wrong idea-!!

Rito: T... that's not it, Sensei!! It- it's all because of malfunctioning from LaLa's device...
Tearju: Kyah-

Rito: !!?

Yami: Enough. Please get away from him already and get dressed...

Rito: Y...
Rito: Yami?!

Text: Ah...

Text: Eve...

Principal: Huh?! Where did she go~?!
Student SFX: Kyah-
Yui: Have you no shame?!

Rito: You're exactly the help I needed, MoMo, for bringing me my clothes.
MoMo: It's nothing. I just happened to see what was going on.

MoMo: While I do want to say "jeez, Onee-sama's device was really a total disaster"...
Rito: Same goes for the Principal...
MoMo: He thanked me for my help! (Heart)
MoMo: it appeared to have created an unexpected opportunity~ (8th Note)

Tearju: It- it's been a long time...
Tearju: I'm glad to know that you're doing great,
Tearju: Eve...

Yami: I am "Golden Darkness" now, and you can call me "Yami-chan".
Yami: I'm not who I'm used to be anymore.
Tearju: !
Tearju: I... I see.

Tearju: ... I knew it...
Tearju: You're mad at me... for leaving you...

Tearju: At the time...
Tearju: I was being eliminated from the organization... and I thought about escaping with you.

Text: But they saw through what I was planning,
Text: and I could barely save my own life...

Text: While I was hiding my past and moving between planets, I heard about the organization being destroyed...
Text: I tried to look for you, but I couldn't find you at all.

Tearju: It was a few years later that I heard rumors about "Golden Darkness", the one who had the Underworld trembling...
Tearju: While I knew right away that it was you...

Tearju: I just didn't want to believe it.

Tearju: How much despair did you go through...
Tearju: to drive a cheerful and kind-hearted girl like you to live like that...?

Tearju: I'm sorry...
Tearju: I'm so sorry...

Yami: ......

Yami: ... Those things...
Yami: don't matter anymore...

Yami: The way I've lived can't be undone even if you apologize to me.
Yami: And I'm not planning on denying my identity as Golden Darkness.

Tearju: Ahh...
Tearju: W... wait!

Yami: There's just one thing
Yami: on my mind right now...

Text: "I'm glad that you're alive."

Yami: That's all,
Yami: Tear...

SFX Bubble: Swoosh-

Tearju: ......
MoMo: Oh, my, she ran off.

MoMo: Yami-san just can't be honest with her feelings...
MoMo: It would've been better and easier to understand to just give her a hug...

Ryouko: That's just the way it is.
MoMo: Mikado-sensei.

Ryouko: Because they're both feeling guilty towards one another...
Ryouko: it's not so easy for them to reconcile after being apart.

Rito: ......
Text: But... if only one day...

Text: It's okay if takes time...

Text: As long as they can return to...
Text: the way they used to be...

NaNa: Ane-ue's class just got a new teacher who looked so much like Yami!
NaNa: Do you want to go and see her later, Mea?

Mea: Hmm... right...

NaNa: And for some reason, her boobies are sooo huge!
NaNa: That really caught my attention~

Text: Tearju Lunatique...
SFX Bubble: Crack-
Tilted Text: What will Mea's fangs strike at-?!

ToLoveRu Darkness ---- To be continued in March Issue

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