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To Love-Ru Darkness 16

The Right Thing ~How should I live?~

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Feb 2, 2012 10:43 | Go to To Love-Ru Darkness

-> RTS Page for To Love-Ru Darkness 16

Text: Both the guys and the girls are interested in her... (8th Note)

Text: The manga's fourth volume will go on sale on March 2nd!!

NaNa: S...
NaNa: so that's Ane-ue's new teacher...?

ToLoveRu Darkness
Chapter 16 "The Right Thing ~How should I live?~"

Manga: Yabuki Kentarou
Script: Hasemi Saki

NaNa: S... she's amazing...!
NaNa: What did she do to get those boobies like that...?!

Text: Tearju Lunatique...

Text: She's the only one staring coldly at all this...

Mea: Master, what kind of person is she?

Text: "She's the woman who objected to Golden Darkness's way of life as a weapon
Text: and foolishly wished for her to 'live her life as a human.'"

Panel Text: ... If so, she's really going to be a hindrance to us...
Panel Text: Wouldn't it be better to get rid of her,
Panel Text: Master...?

Tearju: !

Mea: Let's go, NaNa-chan.
NaNa: Eh?

NaNa: W... what's going on, Mea?
NaNa: I was thinking about talking to her for a bit...

Text: Red hair
Text: and a long three-strand braid...

Text: That's the girl...

MoMo: So... Tearju-sensei, you don't know anything about Mea-san or her master either?

Tearju: Yeah...
Tearju: I couldn't have known everything about the plan that was in the works even back when I was still in the organization.

Tearju: But... I believe that the girl named Kurosaki Mea is indeed the second generation weapon based on the developmental data of Yami-chan
Tearju: since the ultimate goal of the organization... was the mass production of transformable weapons.

Tearju: As for her Master...
Tearju: we can only speculate at this point.
Tearju: He or she could very well be a surviving researcher...

Rito: That's true... We have yet to see what the person even looks like.

Tearju: I'm sorry that I can't be much of a help.
MoMo: That's not true.
MoMo: Having you here is more reassuring for me than anything else, Sensei.

MoMo: Which is why
MoMo: I'm giving you these to protect yourself...
Tearju: What are those?

MoMo: They're the seeds of Dadoole which I recently had a huge harvest.
MoMo: When you're in trouble, you can just throw them on the ground. They will grow rapidly upon impact
MoMo: and immobilize your opponent by tying around his or her body.

MoMo: Additionally, I have improved them so that they will emit a signal and call for me when they sprout.
MoMo: So as long as you're not too far away, I'll be able to sense the signal and come rushing to your aid.
Small Text: It was originally something I made for Rito-san, though.

MoMo: They're here to act as your bodyguard since the Master could be
MoMo: planning on doing something to you, Sensei.
Tearju: ......

Tearju: Thank you...
Tearju: I'm so happy right now, MoMo-chan,
Tearju: that she has... such a reliable friend like you.

MoMo: ... It was a request from Yami-san.
Tearju: From her?

Text: "Please take care of... Tear..."
MoMo: She's really...
MoMo: not upfront with her feelings.

Tearju: ......
Tearju: ... I see.

Text: That girl...

MoMo: Even though Tearju-sensei and Yami-san are clones,
MoMo: their personalities are totally different.
Rito: Yeah-

MoMo: That includes their breast size as well...
MoMo: The younger Tearju-sensei we saw on the picture was supposed to be of the same age as Yami-san and I.

MoMo: Could it be the difference in nurturing and surroundings?
MoMo Bubble Small Text: Even though they have the same genetic makeup.
Rito: I think it's best if we don't bring this up with Yami...

MoMo: Well... with that in mind!
MoMo: If we can have Tearju-sensei to join the harem along with Yami-san, it will be so much fun! (Heart)
Rito: Huh?!!

Tearju: Yuuki-kun~ (Heart)
Tearju: Would you like for me... to wash your body?

Yami: I'll do what Tear's doing as well...
SFX: Slip...

Text: Let's keep it a secret from the rest of the class...
Text: Okay...?

Rito: ......
Rito: W... w- w- what are you talking about?!!
MoMo: Ufufu~ I'm kidding!
MoMo Bubble Small Text: (Probably~ (Heart))

Text: After School

Yui: Ahh...
Yui: Tearju-sensei.
Tearju: Oh my, you're still here, Ko-Ke-Kawa-san?

Yui: Yes... I had a meeting with the other Morals Officers...
Yui: And my name is Ko-Te-Kawa.
Tearju: Ah... I- I'm sorry!!!

Yui: Hey... Sensei,

Yui: if any of the boys did anything shameful to you, please tell me about it!
Yui: Especially Yuuki-kun! He someone you must look out for!!
Tearju: Eh?!
Tearju: Ah... Okay...

Tearju: Shameful things...?
Tearju: What could it be...?

Tearju: Phew... On the other hand, being a teacher is harder than I thought...
Tearju: It's already so much work just to remember the names of the students...

Mea: Finally...
Mea: Looks like we can have a simple chat now.

Mea: Do you have a minute,

Mea: Doctor...?
Tearju: ......

Tearju: Yeah,

Tearju: I too...
Tear: have something to talk to you about, Mea-san.

Mea: Heh... That's surprising.
SFX Bubble: Thud
Mea: What exactly do you...

Text: Focused Telekinesis!!!
SFX Bubble: Straining
SFX Bubble: Straining

Tearju: ?

Mea: What the...

Oshizu: Mea-san! You shall not get any closer to Tearju-sensei!!
SFX Bubble: Straining
SFX Bubble: Straining
Oshizu: If you need something, just get it over with over there!!

Tearju: Oshizu-chan!!

Oshizu: I have gotten hold of your clothes with my telekinesis, Mea-san.
Oshizu: If you try to move by force, you will go "Huh~?" and have your clothes be all torn up!!

Text: I'm the only one who touched the Darkness within Mea-san's heart...
Text: She is more dangerous than what everyone else believes...
Text: As Mikado-sensei's assistant, I'm duty-bound to protect Tearju-sensei!

Mea: ......
SFX Bubble: Straining
SFX Bubble: Straining

Mea: Wah
Mea: They really did get all torn up.
Mea: But Murasame-senpai,
Mea: do you really think this can make me do what you want me to do?

Text: Her clothes... regenerated themselves... and they even changed..
Text: So that's... her transformation ability...!!

Oshizu: W- well then!
Oshizu: I won't hold back anymore and will go straight to stopping your body!!

Mea: It's been a long time since someone
Mea: showed any hostility towards me.

Text: Amazing... Heart)

Tearju: S... stop it, you two!
Tearju: I...

SFX Bubble: Trip
Tearju: Kyah-
Oshizu: Sensei?!

Tearju: Hyah-?!

Rito: What's the matter, MoMo?

MoMo: This signal...

MoMo: is from Tearju-sensei!!

Text: !!?

Oshizu: Hyah...
Oshizu: Gasp-
Oshizu: Stop iiiit
Tearju: Ahh...
Tearju: No-
Tearju: Doooon't-
Tearju: Hawww...

Tearju: H- help us~
Rito: How did it get like this-?!!

Tearju: They started sprouting when I tripped myself...
MoMo: Does she have the same tripping tendency as Rito-san?!

Celine: Mawu!

Celine: Ma-wu!!!

SFX Bubble: Grab
Tearju: Hyah-

Tearju: Hawwww-

SFX Bubble: Suuuuuckle
Tearju: Hah- (Heart)
Tearju: Stop iiiit
Rito: Ceeeeeeeline!!

MoMo: I... I'll unravel the vines now!
Rito: P... please do.

Mea: Ahaha!
Mea: This is turning into something rather amazing~

Rito: !

Rito: Mea...
Rito: What are you doing here...?
Rito: Are you coming after Tearju-sensei...?

Mea: Don't get me wrong, Senpai.
Mea: I'm just trying to confirm what kind of person Tearju is exactly.
Mea: It was Murasame-senpai who started the fight.

Mea: I won't show mercy towards anyone who shows hostility.
Mea: That's... what Master Nemesis taught me.

Rito: ...!
Rito: Master "Nemesis"...?!

Tearju: I... I heard of...
Tearju: that name before.

Tearju: Project Nemesis...
Tearju: It was...
Tearju: a completely parallel developmental project for transformable weapons from Project Eve,
Tearju: which gave birth to you and Yami-chan...

Tearju: B... but I heard that the project failed and was frozen.
Tearju: Could it be that your master is...

Mea: That's right.
Mea: Master Nemesis is the transformable weapon from Project N.

Text: The very first memory I had
Text: was the ruined laboratory... and broken nurturing capsule...

Text: I walked among the rubbles without knowing who I was
Text: or the reason for my being.

Text: That's was when...
Text: I met her.
Text: When I met Master Nemesis.

Text: Master Nemesis taught me how to live my life as a transformable weapon
Text: as well as how to use my ability and the existence of Yami Onee-chan.
Text: I was able to live till this day because of the guidance of Master.

Mea: Master is the only one truly understands me and Yami Onee-chan, and the only one able to guide us.
Mea: She's a "weapon" just like us, after all.

Mea: Tearju,
Mea: even now, are you still thinking about getting in between us
Mea: and have Yami Onee-chan live her life as a human being?

Tearju: ...
Tearju: Yeah,
Tearju: that's what I'm planning to do.

Tearju: ... I want to
Tearju: do this for you as well.

Mea: ...
Mea: Huh?

Tearju: If you're Yami-chan's little sister,
Tearju: you'll be my little sister as well.

Mea: W...

Mea: what are you talking about?!
Mea: That's so stupid! I'm telling you, I'm a weapon!!

Mea: As soon as I get the order from Master!
Mea: I'll kill in the blink of an eye!!

Tearju: But you're...

Tearju: living in this town right now as a human being...
Tearju: along with Yami-chan... right?

Mea: I...
Mea: I can't help it... since it's Master's order.
Mea: Sainan isn't where we really belong...

MoMo: You can change that.
MoMo: No matter how much you think of yourself as a weapon, you still have a heart.

MoMo: I too... from the bottom of my heart, wish to be your friend, you know?
MoMo: After all, I'm rather shy and have very few friends.

Mea: ......
Rito: Mea,

Rito: if you're no longer here in this town,
Rito: I believe NaNa would be really sad.
Rito: Same goes for Yami...

Mea: ... What about you, Senpai?
Rito: Eh?

Mea: Senpai, if you give me a thorough licking...
Mea: I might just give it a bit of consideration...

Small Text: Huh?!

MoMo: Rito-san! Please go for it!!
Tearju: Yuuki-kun, please do it in a way I can understand!
Rito: Hold o... Why the hell would I do that?!

Rito: And why did you bring that up out of the blue...?
Mea: Fufu

Mea: ... So it's not going to work, right?
Mea: Somehow, I've already known that this is the way you are, Senpai.

Mea: A person's heart isn't something that can be changed easily.
Mea: That's why you have to work so hard on Senpai, right, MoMo-chan?

Mea: Oh well... Anyway,
Mea: I have to stick with what Master tells me to do.

Mea: Senpai and MoMo-chan, if you're fine with that, then let's continue to get along

Mea: like before.
Mea: Same goes for you...
Mea: Tearju-sensei...

Text: A person's heart
Text: isn't something that can be changed easily... is it?

Text: But still, Mea-san... While you call yourself a weapon,
Text: you still accept the fact that you have a heart...

Text: Mea...

Oshizu: Hey...
Oshizu: Please help me too~
Rito/MoMo: Ah...

Side Text: We'll have the cover and color pages in the next issue!!

ToLoveRu Darkness ---- To be continued in the April Issue

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