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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

We Can Fly! Oneshot : We Can Fly!

+ posted by fosskers as translation on Nov 15, 2009 06:59 | Go to We Can Fly!

We Can Fly! (One-shot)
TL by fosskers

Note: '::' indicates a change in panel by the same speaker.
Text in brackets indicates a line that appears handwritten on the edges of bubbles.

Page 1-2
We Can Fly!

Sei: ...I hate this place.

Box: My Dad's a doctor, my mom an actress, and my grandfather a member of parliament.
My house life is a three-way satire, thanks to that.

Guy: Sei, you think EVERYTHING sucks.
You're still green, ma man!

Girl: Sei-kun~ Come down here and play-!!

Sei: ...Idiots.

Page 3-4
Box: People who strive desperately for money or good grades are all just shit.

Sei: You want money? Take it, you lowlifes.

Box: That, I promise you is true.

Guy: Man, you're gonna die like a king one day.

Sei: You got that right.

Box: There's just no fun to be had in a shallow life like this.
And if that's the case...
:: Don't you just wanna go out in style?
Screaming "I can fly!" or something, haha.

Page 5-6
Sakura: Ahh~
:: Another...
Beautiful day...
:: Hm?
:: Wha-

Page 7-8
Sakura: What the-!?
:: Hey hey hey hey!
You're falling!!

Sei: ...Huh?

Page 9-10
Sakura: Pull out your wings, hurry!
:: You're in dan--
:: --ger?
:: Aaaaaahhhhhh!
I'm falling!!

Sei: Wings!?

Sakura: I
Can't fly either...!!

Page 11-12
Sakura: Uaaaaahhhh!

Sei: Buaah!
Holy shit, there's water in my ass!!
:: ...Where the hell...
...Am I...?

Page 13-14
People1: Whoa, check it out! A guy with no wings!!
Somebody call the cops!!

Sei: What...?

Child: Mama!

Person2: No way...

Sei: They've...
All got wings...!?

Person3: Somebody call the...

Person4: No wings!?

Sakura: Hey, you!
:: Over here!

Sei: Wha-
Hold on a second! Stop!
Oh I get it, this is Akiba, isn't it?
You guys are all just cosplaying, yeah?
Just who the hell are you people!?

Sakura: I have a name, you know. It's Sakura. And this is Shibuya, by the way.

Sei: What!?

Page 15-16
Sei: The Shibuya I know isn't a freakin' ocean!
And there sure as hell ain't anybody flying around!!
:: Like seriously, stop for a second.
You need to stop bullshitting me ca-

Sakura: Hey! Do you realllly
Not have any wings?

Sei: Of course I don't!

Sakura: Well...
:: That means you're
The same as we are.

Sei: Eh?
:: 'Kay...
There is no flippin' way I'm in Japan right now...

Kid: Whoa, no wings!

Page 17-18
Sei: So you're telling me that everybody here is born with wings...

Sakura: Yup!
We live in a world where a person's wings reflects their value as human being.
:: We get discriminated by how good our wings are, and by whether we can or can't fly.
For example, they say black wings like mine are unlucky.

Sei: Wow... This is still really hard to believe...
But I guess I can't doubt what's right in front of my eyes.

Sakura: Hey,
Is everybody really wingless where you come from?

Sei: Yes! Nobody has wings! (And give me some freakin' personal space here.)

Sakura: Really? That's kinda nice...
:: So...
There's none of "that" is there?

Sei: You mean... they're always like that?

:: Well yeah, but...
You don't have wings in the first place, so...
:: A wingless person is simply an impossibility in this world.
So people think that the appearance of the wingless person will bring about the end of the world.
That's the rumour, anyway. (Kinda silly, isn't it?)

Page 19-20
Sei: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
So I'm the God of Destruction here, is that it?
:: ...That would be pretty damn sweet if it were true...

Sakura: ...Well, if you've got nowhere to go, then you can stay here with us!
Life can be hard sometimes but the people are great!
:: Even if our wings are dirty, or broken, or we just can't fly as well as everybody else,
For some reason we're just a lot more free here
Than the people who can only look down on us from above.
:: So you should st-

Sei: Wow that was lame.
:: You're saying all that
:: For your own sake, aren't you?

Page 21-22
Sei: You're telling me you've got a better life than those bastards up there.
But I know you're just saying that to convince yourself.
:: Don't force that shit on other people, alright?

Sakura: ...Ah,
:: Sei, you have't eaten yet, have you?

Sei: Huh?

Sakura: I'll go get you something! Just wait here with the kids okay?

Sei: Wait...!

Guy: Nice one Romeo, you made her cry.
:: I'd really appreciate it if you didn't make one of mine cry like that.
:: I don't think many of the folks here would care much about what you say,
But Sakura's different.
:: Truth is...
She should be able to fly. Her wings are just black, is all.
:: A little bit of misfortune in the past and the depression that followed
Convinced her the ground is where she ought to be.
:: Wanting to fly, not wanting to fly,
Whether she SHOULD fly or whether she shouldn't... I'm pretty sure it's all she thinks about.

Page 23-24
Sei: ...That's just stupid.

Kid: Big sis!!

Sakura: Sorry I'm late.
I accidentally took the main road.
:: Here you go!

Sei: Uh...
:: Wha-

Sakura: *Crying noises*

Sei: If you're hurting inside don't just try to laugh it off.

Sakura: !
:: Hey, Sei...

Page 25-26
Sakura: Take me to your world!
:: Nobody can fly there 'cause nobody has wings, right?
:: We could take everyone with us, and-

Sei: Listen.
:: You can fly, can't you?

Sakura: W... What are you talking about? Of course I can't...
:: There's no way I could fly.

Sei: "No way?" You seriously need to stop running away from everything.
:: You're different.
You're just scared of flying, aren't you?

Sakura: ...
:: Yeah...

Page 27-28
Sakura: I had a brother...
:: His wings were whiter than anyone's
And he flew with a kind of grace I can't describe.
:: But because of me,

Bro: Stop it!
:: Run!

Sakura: He died trying to protect me.

Sakura(past): Brother!!

Bro: Just get outta here already!

Sei: So you're saying you regret that to the point where you've chosen not to fly?
And now you wanna come to my world... Yeah, you're just running alright.

Sakura: What do you know?
You came here running away from something too, didn't you?
Even making up a lie that you came from another world...
:: You're the same as me,
And that why you hate me.

Sei: You're wrong.

Sakura: Yeah right.

Sei: I said you're wrong!
:: I'm not running from anything! I threw it all away of my own free will!
The world and everybody in it are shit and I couldn't take it anymore!
You and I are not the same.
:: No matter where you go,
You'll never stop running.

Sakura: ...
I'm fine with that.
:: You know, when my brother died,

Page 29-30
Sakura: I should have been able to fly.
I should have been able to fly and go get help.
:: I just... couldn't. No, maybe I just... didn't.
:: I saw his wings get dirty all over the ground.
Wings that used to be the most perfect white.
It shocked me a little, seeing that.
:: I thought,
"They're even dirtier than mine."
:: If I can really fly,
It means I'll be admitting those feelings.
:: When we met I knew you had no wings, and I thought,
"He's even worse off than I am." I took comfort in that.
:: If that's the kind of person I am then I'd be glad to run forever.
If my heart is just going to be as black as these wings are...

Sei: You...

Men: There he is!!

Page 31-32
Men: He's a wingless!!
Get him!
:: Come with us!!

Sei: Wha-

Sakura: Sei...

Sei: ...Hey.
:: You know,

Man: Get moving!

Sei: You might not want to admit it, but I know you want to fly.

Sakura: Eh?
:: Sei...

Sei (box): It's...
Not like I wanted to throw everything away. I just didn't know where I was or what I had to be grateful for.
To tell the truth...

Men: What are you after!?
Are there any more of you!?

Sei (box): I didn't really want to die when I threw myself off that building.

Page 33-34
Sei (box): I thought I could see where I was
If I looked down on everything from up above.

Sei: ...Ouch...

Sei (box): I guess her and I are kinda lost in the same way.

Sei: You sure you're alright with kickin' the crap outta
The God of Destrution?

Men: What!!?
:: Just as we thought...
So the legends were true...!

Sei (bubble): Yeah, right...

Men: Uuuuaaaaahhh!
An earthquake!?
Y... You! Did you do this!?

Sei: Eh? Was I the God of Destruction after all?

Sakura: Sei...!!

Sei: Wha- You!

Sakura: We gotta go!!

Page 35-36
Sei: Why are you here!?

Sakura: We really get into it when our friends are in trouble!

Sei: Friends...?

Sakura: Everyone's fighting for you, Sei. They're all down below.
Half of it is probably just them blowing off steam too, though <3
:: We've got a lot of experts, you know!

Men: There they are!
Kill them!!

Sakura: Oh man, they're here already?
:: We gotta jump across.

Man: That's far enough...!

Sakura: Sei...!

Page 37-38
Sei (box): Ahh...

Sei: Sakura!

Sei (box): What am I doing...?

Sakura: Sei, let me go!
You'll fall!

Sei (box): This is so lame...

Sakura: Sei!

Sei (box): I'm no different from the people I've been making fun of all this time.

Sei: If you don't wanna fall,
Then fly.

Sei (box): But...

Sakura: I... I can't!

Sei (box): Really...

Sei: I...

Sei (box): This isn't so bad.

Sei: I want to see you fly, Sakura.
Why don't you just listen to me for once?

Page 39-40
Sei: You want to fly, don't you?
:: It's okay.
You can fly.

Page 41-42
Sakura: ....Sei?
:: Truth is...
I kinda wanted you to destroy this place.
:: But...
I take that back.
:: I was finally able to face myself.

Sei: You...

Sakura: By meeting you, I... I wanted to fly again!

Page 43-44
Sakura: Thank you, Sei.

Sei: Yeah...

Sakura: Aww, you're blushing!

Sei: Am not!!

Sakura: Ahh stop fidgeting!

Sei: Wow...

Sei (box): That was the first time I really felt like I knew where I was.

Sakura: And... down!
:: Ah-!

Sei: Are you okay? (Didn't you just get shot!?)

Sakura: It hurts a little but I'm fine...
But more importantly...
:: I flew!
Wasn't it awesome?

Sei: Yeah,
It was.

Sakura: Hehehe I got complimented~

Page 45-46
Sakura: What's...

Sei: Ah...
Is that... my world? (They're all still...)

Sakura: Whoa, they really don't have any wings!

Sei: Sakura...
:: You coming?

Sakura: Thanks.

Page 46-47
Sei: Wha-!?

Sakura: ...But I'm staying here.

Sei: Yeah...
I thought you'd say that.

Sakura: I won't run away anymore!
I can fly now!
:: So one day...
I fly to where you are, Sei!

Sei: ...Alright.
And no more falling, okay?

Sakura: You too!

Page 49-50
Sakura: Bye bye!
See you again someday!

Sei: Oh man...

Page 51
Sei: Was the sky always this beautiful?


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#1. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Nov 15, 2009
Thanks for taking the time to TL this one-shot. ^_^

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