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Shoot! 50

Shoot! Chapter 50

+ posted by fosskers as translation on Dec 10, 2007 03:31 | Go to Shoot!

-> RTS Page for Shoot! 50

A soccer series new to MH!

For HYDE Ltd./Manga Daisuki use only please!

Raw: http://www.sendspace.com/file/3lusjk

Shoot! - Chapter 50
Translation by fosskers

Notes: Being new to this series, I have no idea who anybody is, so most lines have no names attached to them. Have mercy on me.
I go by numbers in the file name, not the number it says on the page
Generally, a break in a typing line seperates bubbles, and a double space will seperate speech between
different cells or speech between different people. Hope that's not confusing! :)

Page 42
At the appointed hour...

Now that we're here...


Sorry, sorry... anyway now that we're here...

Oooh man! That chick was dynamite!

Page 43

Page 44
The b...

The ball....

As if it dropped... just like that...

Page 45
Announcers: 2 - 0!!!

Kakegawa* tries frantically to hold on as Kitakou* easily scores!

This is the true "disappearing ball"!
The knuckle shot!!

The knuckle shot..?

It's the same as a knuckle ball in baseball.

Page 46
Usually when you kick or throw a ball, it'll rotate, right?
That rotation makes the air flow behind the ball, and so it goes straight.

Y... yeah...
Something like a drive shot?

Well that just increases the spin.
The drive shot speeds up a slow-moving ball. Even if it goes in, it wouldn't suddenly drop with a thud like that shot did just now.

Want to know the secret?

Page 47
You stop the rotation!

Against air coming straight for it..
..a ball with no rotation will sway, and suddenly change its direction completely.

They call it the knuckle ball in baseball.
Right as the batter starts to swing, the ball drops in the exact same way.

Hold on! Throwing a ball and kicking one are completely different!
How do we...

It's simple.
If you kick the center of the ball with the tip of your toe, it won't spin.

Page 48
The problem isn't how you kick...
It's WHERE you kick.

If you miss the center by even just a little, the ball will spin.
You have to kick it with the tip.

The logic of it is simple enough, but its not something just anyone can do.

No kidding...

That was just a fluke!
There's no way the way that went in was normal!

If that was from a play somehow...
For a first-year to do something like that...
... while we were all moving around...!

I'm telling you it's possible! (lit. It can be done/it's possible)

Page 49
Hirose can do it.

Back when he went to Kitakou for reconnaissance,
he wouldn't go to practise if he had to take care of his little brother.
They would always go to a park and play catch.

His brother wasn't very confident in the ball they were using,
so Hirose would always just catch and return it using only his feet.

Huh? Only his feet?

Yeah, and what they were using wasn't a soccer ball, either.

It was a baseball.


Page 50
I... never owned a soccer ball as a kid...

For him,
soccer was always something he could do easily.
Controlling a soccer ball,
has always been very simple to him.

But there wasn't much force behind his shot so..
..if we know what the knuckle shot will do before it happens...

It sounds like the ball varies irregularly each time.
Even the kicker himself won't know where it'll go.

Page 51
Kenji... (Finally! A name! Kenji is the keeper)

Kenji: ....
I've never seen it change like that before....
If he does it again...
I don't know if I'll be able to stop it..!

What should we do..?!

Page 52
Pull yourself together, Kenji!!

If they see us talking like this, it'll go exactly as they want!
You'll have to get used to that shot.
Those last two shots went in no problem.

Think carefully! Watch carefully!

Page 53
Quickly, Kakegawa. It's the kick off.

Get to mid-field! I'll stay here and help keep goal.

Hattori... (Hell ya! Another name!)

Wait WHAT!?


Any more goals on us and it'll start to hurt.
Kenji and I will stop that shot. You guys do whatever you can to keep a solid front line.

Wa... wait a second...

We're down two points!
How are we supposed to get more than that without you?
It can't be done!

There's still time!

Without you we're just...

Page 54
Hattori: Pull yourself together!!
Have you forgotten our match against Roikou*?!

Kamiya. (Names! Yes!)

Kamiya: Yeah

Hattori: You'll be the one giving instructions at the front lines.
I know this won't be the first time you've done it.

Wasn't it the same at Fukuroisen* where you pushed through without me?

Page 55
is your true power.

Our true...

Ref: Hurry Kakegawa!

Announcers: Alright..
Let's get this match going!


Page 56
Announcers: Could that be it for the first half?
Nahhh~... But that shot really flew, didn't it!

First-year Hirose's disappearing shot!

Page 57
Here it comes!!

Announcers: Hirose shoots!


Announcers: Shiroishi jumps for it! (Kenji's last name...?)

Watch closely!

Kenji: Ga!!

Announcers: No good!!!

Page 58
Kenji: Kubo-san...! (I guess his name is Hattori Kubo. I'll call him Kubo from now on.)

Announcers: Kubo? It's Kubo!!
He stopped the ball in one fell swoop! Impressive!

Kubo fell back behind the goal line to guard the shot!

He did it!

Kubo: Kenji!
It's not impossible, so get the hang of it quickly.
Remeber to follow it with your eyes.
If you're serious you have to learn to do it yourself! Got it?!

Page 59
Kubo: You need an unusual sense for soccer...
You need more guts than anyone!

You protect the Kakegawa goal.
Don't forget that.

Accouncer: Alright! Kakegawa heads to the front...
What a huge kick!

Page 60
This is our game!


Do it!!

We can win this...

Page 61
But getting a goal comes first!!

Let's go!!!!

Page 61
Ahhhh what nice weather!
The leaves keep piling up~


What are you doing? Why are you running!?
Please don't leave me behiiiiind!


Chapter 50 - Fin


Kakegawa : 掛川 : Team name, could be their High school.
Kitakou : 北高 : Probably short for "North high school of such-and-such"
Roikou : 袋工: Another team from the past, it seems 
Fukuroisen: 袋井工戦 :Refers to the match they had against Roikou

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juUnior, DonBagong

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 10, 2007
thanks fosskers!!!
#2. by Obxist ()
Posted on Dec 10, 2007
thank you,.. yes kakegawa is the school which toshihiko tanaka, kubo yoshiharu, kenji shiraishi (its shiraishi not shiroishi), and kazuhiro hiramatsu came from....

let me explain the character a bit

toshihiko tanaka = the main character, the striker, the one that has a bazooka shot with his lefty
kubo yoshiharu = the number '10' or kakegawa ace, the one who support kenji

kenji shiraishi = the goalkeeper.

kazuhiro hiramatsu = toshi partner, the one that wear glasses.

hattori : the one that has a big body (not the tall one)

kamiya : the one that have dots on his cheek (number 7 i think)

as for hirose... hes come from kakekita (not kitakou) and hes the one that shot the knucke shoot,. anyway its based on my country tankobouns,.. so i leave it up 2 u to decide ^^
#3. by fosskers ()
Posted on Dec 10, 2007
thanks ^^

*double checks* aaaah yes, you speak the truth, it is Shiraishi. I guess I wasn't looking at the furigana close enough and just assumed it was Shiro because of the Kanji.
#4. by juUnior ()
Posted on Dec 10, 2007
Quote by fosskers:
A soccer series new to MH!
Rather new, because of first trans ot that xDxD

Quote by fosskers:
For HYDE Ltd./Manga Daisuki use only please!
Are You they translato right now? And if yes, I would like to ask if they will continue with they scanlations of Shoot!? xD

Quote by Obxist:
as for hirose... hes come from kakekita (not kitakou)
Yhym, yes, in anime it's also Kakekita ^^

Thx fosskers for translating this series from 50 chapter, where right now MD stopped ^^
#5. by fosskers ()
Posted on Dec 10, 2007
Yup I'm the translator~

As far as I know it's a joint-effort between HYDE and MD. I'm told the scanlation should out some time this week.
#6. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2007
yeeha,thanks yah!
#7. by  ()
Posted on May 27, 2008
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