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Shoot! 51

「Shounen] Shoot! Chapter 51

+ posted by fosskers as translation on Dec 13, 2007 20:58 | Go to Shoot!

-> RTS Page for Shoot! 51

Shoot! - Chapter 51
Translation by fosskers
For HYDE Ltd./Manga Daisuki use only

RAW: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rf9ycz

Note: OT stands for 'Other Team'. Some random person from the other team is talking.

Page 63

Announcer: Tanaka shoots! Didn't see that coming!

Ahhh, right into the defense... too slow!


Announcer: Straight to the keeper Mitsuhashi...

Mitsuhashi: Alright!

Page 63
Mitsuhashi: Wha-!

Announcer: It's Hiramatsu!
He jumped in for the head shot!!

Ahhh Mitsuhashi got a hand on it...
But the goal is wide open!

Kakegawa has a chance!!


Announcer: Sasaki fires it back! Will it work?!

Sasaki: Come on!

Page 65

Announcer: What a catch!

Hitsuhashi misses nothing, right 'til the end!


Kakegawa gets no mercy here!

Page 66
Announcer: The ball is back to center field...

Kenji: Bastard...

If Kubo-san had been part of that play...

They can completely cover the goal, but...!

Either way...

We can't close the gap without Kubo!

Page 67
Kenji: Damn it!
What kind of keeper am I if I can't even protect the goal by myself?!

Announcer: It's him!

Kenji: If I can just stop his shot....

Others: He's right there!
Stop him!

Kenji: No! Let him shoot!


Page 68
Announcer: The shot!!!

Kenji: Which way?!




Kubo: Don't be fooled by the way it shakes in the air!

Kenji: Damn it..!

Page 69
Watch carefully!






Page 70
Kubo: Isn't having guts your thing?!
Believe in yourself!!!

Announcer: Kubo saves it again...

Kenji: If Kubo-san hadn't been there...

If Kubo-san hadn't been there...
They would have 4 points by now..!

Announcer: It seems Shiraishi really can't deal with Hirose's shot without Kubo...
Kakegawa is feeling it!


Announcer: Back to the action!


Koike: Yeah! (A lot of them look the same... it's hard to tell who's who sometimes)

Page 71


Announcer: Kamiya with the jump..!


Announcer: He got it!

Go~! Crush that Mitsuhashi jerk!

Announcer: Kakegawa isn't giving up! They're giving it their all!

Page 72
Announcer: They need a point badly!

OT: It's #11! What the hell is the marker doing?!


Announcer: Saiki goes in for the slide!

Kenji: They're going to run right into each other!

A shot off his left leg...!

Page 73
Tanaka: Waaahh!

OT: Don't let him use his left leg!

Announcer: Kakegawa regains possession...

Tanaka: Let's try this again..!

Hiramatsu: The left..?

Kenji: H.. hey!


Page 74
Announcer: Tanaka's on his own!

Tanaka: Damn!
Somehow I have to-

OT: No way!

Tanaka: I.. I can't!

Announcer: Ahhh he had to use his right leg instead!

Page 75
Announcer: Another save by Mitsuhashi!!

Tanaka: A kick from my right... just won't do it!

Hiramatsu: Damn, he got it!

Kenji: Wh... why didn't he use his left leg!?

Page 76
Kubo: He got charged from the left.

If you're shooting from your left, your body will shift to the right.

If you're hit from that side,
in order to take the impact, your weight will shift the other way.
You'd have no choice but to shoot with your right leg.

Your left leg is braced, so there's no point in trying to shoot from it!

Kenji: Damn it!

Announcer: Half time!!

Page 77
He can't use his left leg!

For them to go after him like that...
Awww but if he can't use his left leg...!

Kakekita's been thinking too...

What the hell are they doing!?!?
Kick the crap outta those jerks!!!

Same as ever...
She's pretty loud...

Oh how rare! You don't usually come to these!

Page 78 (Thanks to Molokidan for help on this page)
Well surprisingly... Kubo-san asked me to come.

You mean he doesn't always ask you?
Does he not like you or something?

No.. he said if I'm there he can't concentrate on playing.
He's pretty shy.

Soccer is really important to him.

Page 79
Damn it!

What should I do? I can't use my left....

Without Kubo..


Hiramatsu: What are we gunna do..?

Kenji: It's my fault

Page 80
Kenji: I can't even stop his shot...!

It's... not his fault...

Ah~ the second half.

Gather 'round...

Kakegawa has the kickoff.

You play like you're the only one on the team.
Did you think...
... that you'd be able to play like that forever? Don't fool yourself!

Page 81
You're not cut out to be a starter!


Announcer: Kakegawa gathers before the kickoff...
Are they planning something?


What's going on..?

Listen up!

Tanaka: Okay..?

Kamiya: After the kickoff
get the ball to me right away!

Page 82
Ahh this place is nice!
So hey, isn't it completely awesome when Toshi does those ramming attacks?

Didn't you already tell us all about this before...?

Why don't you actually LISTEN when you're spoken to?

A... a terrorist!!!

It's all good~

Listen up!! All you bitches are hostages! I'll friggin' kill anybody who screams! Got it!?

Ohhhh man! Toshi's like... whaaaam! Suicide attack!



Shut the hell up or you'll wind up like this retard!!

Are we finally free?

He reached Nirvana.... maybe....

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
thanks very much for the trans fosskers!!!
#2. by Obxist ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
theres some typo mistakes ^^,.. on page 65 you said Hitsuhashi instead of Mitsuhashi the others are fine ^^... and on page 77-78 its some chat between 2 girls.. i forgot the name .. but the one that said harsh word is kakegawa's manager and the other one who said kubo's name is her girlfriend ^^
#3. by fosskers ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
thanks! Yeah, again, I just had no idea who they were.

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