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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Medaka Box 9

Go ahead and eat.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Jul 4, 2009 03:45 | Go to Medaka Box

-> RTS Page for Medaka Box 9

This is for imangascans only.

page 1

box1) Our school puts a heavy emphasis on the students independence. // So the work of the student council varies, and is plenteous.
panel) Investigating scandals. // Equipment managment. // Paperwork. // Event administration. // Cleaning.
box2) You might be wondering what I'm getting at...
box3) We're dead tired!!
panel) No matter how hard we try, our job is never over.
title) Go ahead and eat.

page 2

b1) Hitoyoshi-kun...
b2) Is it alright if I quit the student council?
b3) Ahahaha..
b4) That's not even funny Akune-senpai.
b5) However...
b6) Look at Medaka-san... amazing.
b7) She's easily doing 10 times the amount we're doing.
b8) Objection.
b9) That's not true.
b10) Even I'm...
b11) starting to feel fatigued with all this paperwork.
b12) You don't look it.

page 3

b1) The change over from scouting entries to full club activities was big. // There are too many requests for club funds!
b2) Kah! // vice president aside,
b3) not having a treasurer is really hurting us now.
b4) Since I was in the judo club, I can say from experience: having even one extra dollar helps. // So I can understand where the people asking for funds are coming from.
b5) hmm.
b6) Whatever it is you try to do in this world, money is needed.
b7) The biggest problem is there are too many clubs in this school.
b8) I also tried out the personal experience club.
b9) But after they started talking in the 3rd person, I quit.
b10) There's a darts club, a bowling club, even a bobsled club.
b11) How on earth did the board approve of all these?
b12) Whatever the case, there's a limit to the amount we can increase each club's funding. // If we split it among all the clubs, there wont be enough to buy a pencil.
b13) It doesn't look like we can be fair on this issue.

page 4

b1) If you insist, I can even use my own private funds to...
b2) I insist you DON'T!!
box1) Just so you know, Medaka-chan lives alone.
box2) When she was still in midle school, she solved some crazy math problem called the juggling theorem.
box3) And because of that, she got a lot of money.
box4) To the Medaka-chan who holds money she might never spend in all her life,
box5) using it on the school would probably be like petty cash to her.
b3) Then how about this?
b4) Instead of splitting the funds, we give it 1 deserving club.

page 5

b1) There's an inter-club relay race coming up that I'm in charge of right?
b2) It's normally an assembly of sorts,
b3) but how about we make it into a competition where the winner gets the club funds?
b4) I really can't stand this guy!
b5) He's trying to lessen his work and make it look like he's doing something good.
b6) Hm, that's not a bad idea.
b7) But a relay is unfair. // Even if they were to just play around, the track team would win.
b8) Where was it now... // Here it is.
b9) Then this would be just perfect.
b10) I was going to bring it up later, but
b11) this was in the suggestion box.
paper) Kurokami Medaka-sama, The new 50m pool isn't being used a whole lot, and I think that's a shame really. Can you think of something that would allow the school to make use of it? from anonymous

page 6

b1) A club battle
b2) swim meet?
b3) Yeah. // There's that stupid huge pool that was finished recently right?
b4) Next sunday, we're going to hold the event there.
b5) Whichever club wins the race gets an increase in club funds.
b6) In swimsuits again?
b7) Yeah, in swimsuits again!
b8) hmmmmm. // Well, you've erased the advantage the track team had,
b9) but didn't you just increase the advantage of the clubs that are water based?

page 7

b1) Kah! // We've already thought about that.
sign) Its totally fair!!
b2) Its either going to be bread eating or group topple while swimming. // You don't really have to swim to do either.
-if these events dont' make sense 2 u, you're either very new 2 manga/ anime, or u just don't pay attention 2 the episodes with school wide sports events.-
b3) ahh
b4) hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
b5) What now? // Is there something you'd like to add?
b6) Is there? Shiranui-sensei?
b7) Something I want to say?
b8) No, not at all! // I have nothing to say!
b9) Is that so?
b10) Just...
b11) if you're going to hold the event in water, you can't exactly call it fair.
b12) is what i wanted to say.

page 8

b1) Because in our school, there are 3 people
b2) in the swimming club that are very pushy about money.
b3) Swimming club? Pushy with money?
b4) What's that about? // Hey, tell me.
b5) You mean, tell me please!
b6) Right!?
b7) Tell me please.
b8) Sure thing.
b9) It's kinda sick how those two get along with each other.

page 9

b1) There are people in this school just like I described! // They're all scholarship students who's skill is top notch, and they're all gold diggers!
b2) They don't enter a race unless there's prize money involved! // They'll even race as a student from another school if they're payed to do so! // Of course they're susceptible to underhanded bribes. // There are even rumor's of them holding their own races!
b3) Well, just stay on guard.
b4) Even if the queen is invincible,
b5) it doesn't mean she can't lose!
b6) A swim meet?
b7) What a retarded event!
b8) Come on now, don't be like that.
b9) Think of it as an event made especially for us. // Lets enter.
b10) Right, right.
b11) We'll get money if we win, so there's no reason to complain.
b12) Exactly,
b13) we'll be 1 step closer to our dream of a pool of money!

page 10

b1) We'll jump in for money! // We'll swim for money! // We'll dig for money!

page 11

b1) We'll sink for money!
box1) Swimming team captain // Senior, class 11 // Yakushima
box2) Swimming team vice captain // Junior class 11 // Tanegashima
box3) Swimming team ace // Freshman class 11 // Kikaijima

page 12

box) Sunday
sign1) Hakoniwa academy // Inter-club battle
sign2) -the middle one- Lacross team // -the 3rd one- baseball team

page 13

b1) You'll never see something more surreal...
b2) 15 of the clubs vying for the remaining funds have come.
b3) Since it was such a last minute thing, I didn't think this many would come.
b4) True...
b5) I guess each place has their own things to worry about.
b6) There are even people that I know here.
b7) The kendo team, // the track team.
b8) The judo team...
b9) The art club..
panel) Didn't Nabeshima-senpai retire?
b10) Now then,
b11) where's the swimming team Shiranui was talking about...

page 14

b1) Listen up everyone,
b2) its time to start the competition!
b3) It's said those who don't work, don't eat.
b4) We're going to go against the grain.
sign) Baseball team
b5) In fact, I'd rather say this:

page 15

b1) Those who work can go ahead and eat!
b2) If you guys // want those club funds, the go and win it!!

page 16

b1) Now then, I'll explain the rules of the competition.
b2) There will be 4 events to determine the winner. // Whoever has the most points at the end of all 4 will get the club funds.
b3) I'd like to explain what each event is, but before that,
b4) There are 3 general rules that must be followed.
b5) First! // Only 3 members are allowed to participate.
b6) We'd like to see the kind of teamwork you guys have built up within each club.
b7) Each club will send only 3 people as their representatives.
b8) Second! // All boys will be handi-capped.
b9) All events will be unisex, // so to make things even, the girls will be given a handi-cap.

page 17

b1) These are things that were already said, so you should know them, // and, // now to the final and most important rule...
b2) Zenkichi,
b3) let me be the one to say it.
b4) Go ahead.
b5) My earlier words of encouragemnet might have been a little rough,
b6) but I'm sure there are some who will be upset that only the winner will get the club funds.
b7) This is how I want each of you to feel:
b8) "I'm glad I participated."
b9) I want you guys
b10) to go home having enjoyed yourselves here.
b11) And that's why I
b12) came up with this rule to liven things up a bit.

page 18

b1) We of the student council will also be participating in this swim meet!
b2) Whichever club gets a higher score than us, regardless of place, // will get funding directly from me.
b3) It'll be 3 times the normal amount, no questions asked!
b4) hmm... you mean I can fight with Kurokami-chan?
b5) True,
b6) this is looking to be pretty damn fun.
b7) We begged her not to do this...

page 19

b1) Now, the 1st inter-club swim meet will begin!!
b2) The first is event water basketball!!
b3) tsk! It's begun... // This was supposed to be a peaceful club too.
b4) Now because of what Shiranui said, I'm getting a really bad feeling too!
b5) She said water basketball, what'll we do?
b6) As if you need to ask? // No matter how much of a beast she is, when in water, we're better than she!
b7) Damn right! Whatever the case, anything other 1st place is out of the question. // Money at best, and money at our worst!

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#1. by Doragon ()
Posted on Jul 4, 2009
So fast. But;

"Since I was in the judo club, I can say from experience: having even one extra dollar helps."

isn't it supposed to be yen, not dollar? :|
#2. by kagemaro ()
Posted on Jul 4, 2009
yosh~ now just waiting for the scanlation XD

ike! imangascans!! XD
#3. by Gomenasai ()
Posted on Jul 4, 2009
Yes Doragon it's originally yen, but I'm in america and translating 4 english speaking americans. We use dollars here, not yen, so that gets changed is all.
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