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Medaka Box 10

You could've drowned.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Jul 11, 2009 02:42 | Go to Medaka Box

-> RTS Page for Medaka Box 10

This is for imangascans only.

page 1

b1) Inter-club swim meet!
b2) First event, water basketball!
b3) Everyone get ready, we'll be starting soon!
panel) An event organised by the student council. With money (club funds) on the line, the first bout begins!!

page 2

b1) I really don't need to explain the rules, but I will just in case. // There are 20 balls for each participating team at the bottom of the pool.
b2) The goal is to put as many of those balls as you can into the basket!
b3) All balls that stay in the basket will be counted as your teams points.
b4) Now then everyone, // let's get ready for the games to begin!
b5) Oh, sorry for not saying earlier! // I'll be the one announcing today's meet, the broadcast club president's right hand man, Asa Tanzaku!
box) Asa Tanzaku // Senior, class 3 // blood type AB // Sign Sagittarius
b6) Analysis by...
b7) There's nothing in this world I don't know!
b8) The no none-sense Shiranui-chan!
-if those last 2 bubbles didn't make sense its because it was supposed 2 b a joke, obviously lost in translation.-
b9) We'll make sure you don't miss a thing!

page 3

title) You could've drowned.
panel) Their ability to get things done is nothing to be laughed at!! Strong irregulars!!

[page 4

b1) Shiranui-san, I've heard that you're a good friend of student council member Hitoyoshi-kun, is that true?
b2) Akashi-senpai wants to know...
b3) Yeah that's right. // We've had a long, deep relationship! // Well, if you want to know anything about Hitoyoshi-kun, feel free to ask me.
b4) Okay!
b5) By the way, how did you two meet?
b6) We were in different schools through middle school.
b7) It was this April when I first met him.
b8) He picked up the eraser I dropped from my desk.
b9) That was short! // And it was empty!!
b10) That damn Shiranui...
b11) She's giving half assed answers again.
b12) kukuku!
b13) Didn't you mess up the rules?

page 5

b1) For this "chlorine pick up" type game, wearing those silly floaters wont allow you to do anything.
b2) You need something that allows you to sink for this game!
b3) Its an adequate handi-cap.
b4) Besides, Nekomi-san, // you're the only one who noticed this and made your team all girls.
b5) kukuku! // Although I've given up my seat as captain of the team,
b6) I haven't given up my title as king of fouls!
panel) Why is she so bold about being cheap?
b7) I don't mind. // Whether your cheating or being cheap.
b8) If that's your intention, see it through.

page 6

b1) And of course, I'll go through with my very own intent.
b2) Let's have a good fight, // senior Nabeshima.
panel) She changed bikinis...
b3) tsk! The rules really are messed up!
b4) Yeah.
b5) Same here.
b6) The handi-cap doesn't apply to her!

page 7

b1) Now for the first event in the inter-club meet with club funds on the line. // What do you think is going happen Shiranui-san?
b2) hmm, everybody has been doing this type of game since elementary school, so there shouldn't be any advantage or disadvantage. // But If I had to say, I'd say the basketball team has the adavantage.
b3) huh? The basketball team?
b4) Yeah. // Whether your in water or on solid ground the actions are still the same.
b5) You're trying to get a ball through a basket, right?
b6) What?
b7) No, I was just surprised that you can make sense...
b8) Well since it's not really basketball, there's a certain technique to do it right, // and there aren't too many people that know that.
panel) I'm going to do my work. // You paid with food afterall.
b9) That's why I warned them,
b10) The real problem // isn't with just getting the balls in the basket!
b11) Huh... what's that suppo...
b12) What's with this girl... // she's scaring me.
b13) I didn't notice as we were speaking, but it's almost time to start!
b14) Is everyone in position? // On your marks!

page 8

b1) GO!!
basket1) Judo club
b2) Dammit, these floater's are really getting in the way!
b3) Fool! // You only need to grab them with your feet!
b4) Even without the floaters...
b5) The pool is too big! My feet don't reach!
b6) The balls have soaked in water and they're really heavy.
basket2) Baseball team
b7) I can't throw it well now.

page 9

b1) Oh, the inside of the pool has turned into a serious struggle to get down! // What do you think of this, Shiranui-san?
b2) Hya hya hya hya hya hya hya!! // This is fun! This is fun!
b3) It's so funny to see people floundering around like that!!
b4) puha!!
b5) Captain, I'm not doing so well at picking up the balls!
b6,7,9) haa
b8) And if we let go, they sink to the bottom again!
b10) Ah, I'm not the captain.
b11) Former captain, former!
b12) Jokes aside, the degree of difficulty is really high for this.
b13) I did take it too lightly, but this game is a lot harder than I imagined.

page 10

panel) I wonder how the guys from the student council are doing...
b1) here
b2) pull up.
b3) H-heeeeeeyyyy!!!
b4) Why are you guys leaving the field of play!!?
b5) "Why"? Because...
b6) If we just stayed in there, we'd get in Medaka-san's way.
b7) Excuse me? // Oh yeah... Kurokami-chan...
b8) Where did Kurokami-chan go?
b9) Where?
b0) Did you just ask where she went?

page 11

b1) No matter where its the same.
b2,3,5) glub
b4) If your intention is cheating and being cheap,
b5) then Medaka-san's intention is pomp and circumstance!

page 12

b1) Wherever, whenever, Medaka-chan is
b2) always following through on that intent.
b3) oh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

page 13

b1) Kurokami Medaka! // She took all the balls,
b2) and threw them all at the same time!
b3) It...
b4) It went in!!

page 14

b1) The student council!
b2) They got 20 points in a single shot!!
panel) dumbfounded
b3) Amazing! // And she made such a crazy shot too...
b4) No, // that's the right way to do it.
b5) Like I said before, there's a technique to doing it.
b6) Instead of throwing the balls one at a time, throwing them all at the same time is more effective.
b7) It's easier to aim for the basket with a bigger ball.
b8) With gravity and inertia on your side, // if you throw the balls up like that, they want split apart.

page 15

b1) Even so, this is the first time I've ever seen someone do it with 20! // And what's more surprising is she swam up with 20 water heavy balls!
b2) That was a 3 pointer, I should have 60 points...
b3) You'd expect nothing less from our amazing student council president.
b4) I get it! // But you know, analyzer Shiranui-san...
b5) Everyone is trying to copy that after you explained it.
b6) Squish them together, then throw it!
b7) There's one there!
b8) Hurry it up!
b9) Go by 5's!
b10) AH.
b11) Hurry, hurry!
b12) Times up!
b13) Everyone stop!

page 16

b1) Yeah
sign) Inter-club swim meet // 1) Stundent council // 2) Basketball team // 3) Track and field // 4) Orchestra // 5) antiques club
b2) Things are playing out just like we thought.
b3) Should we have considered giving points for finishing places?
b4) It's fine. // Things are heating up because of how it turned out.
b5) Actually I was scared that the student council would be getting roasted right now.
b6) Medaka-chan's inability to go with the flow takes years off your life.
panel1) When it comes to a contest, she wont hold back.
b7) There would be a lot of people who would protest if the organizers were at the top. // I've got to thank Shiranui for that one.
b8) You're wrong Zenkichi.
b9) There's no need to be thankful to Shiranui.
panel) That wont surprise me anymore.
b10) What do you mean Medaka-chan?
b11) Because we wern't the first to finish.
b12) Take a look at them.

page 17

b1) Secretly, // yet quickly.
b2) Without anyone even noticing,
b3) yet faster than anyone else.
b4) They were the first ones
b5) to get 20 points.
b6) huh? Those guys were there?
b7) Yeah, they were!
b8) They're from the swimming club! // Yakushima, Tanegashima, and Kikaijima!
b9) I actually saw them,
b0) Although they had the floaters on, the guys swam to the bottom!

page 18

b1) The swimming club!
b2) These are the guys that Shiranui was telling me about!
b3) But even if it was 3 of them, they were faster than Medaka-chan!
b4) My decent was due to my lung capacity.
b5) But you guys didn't do the same right?
b6) People are heavier than water,
b7) however they still float in water.
b8) Its because there's air in their lungs.
b9) Before you guys got into the water, you filled your lungs with air,
b0) then breathed out all of the air, // making your air bladder empty right?

page 19

b1) That was compulsed expiry diving!
b2) If you made a single mistake, you could've drowned!
b3) Don't you value your lives?
b4) Life?
b5) Who cares about something so worthless.
b6) The thing we value over our lives is money!
b7) I'm sure the young student council president wont understand, but // we'll laugh for a single dollar, and die for one too!
b8) We'll now be moving onto our second event!! // Our second event is 2 people 3 chairs!!
-I have NO idea what that is! If you do know, please tell me-
b9) kukuku! // I wont lose this time, Kurokami-chan!
b10) That former captain, // she hasn't fought her directly yet, she's already set to be the underdog.
b11) Her smile is that of fodder too.
b12) And don't we only have 16 points?

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#1. by Doragon ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
Fast, as always. Thanks!

*Noticed something very srs. The current chapter should be 10 no?
#2. by Gomenasai ()
Posted on Jul 12, 2009
Yes it really should... sorry about that.
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