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Medaka Box 11

I never expected you to understand.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Jul 16, 2009 22:44 | Go to Medaka Box

-> RTS Page for Medaka Box 11

This is for imangascans only. I got the number right this time around :p

page 1

box1) Now for an explanation on the scholarship system at Hakoniwa academy.
box2) The Hakoniwa academy board, known for its passion for education, gives out many scholarships.
box3) How many you ask? 1 in every 10 students at the school has a scholarship.
box4) Of course tuition fees are waved. Scholarship students are given every possiblity to advance their skills with ease.
box5) As you can see, regardless of circumstance,
panel) The special ones!! // Freshman Class 13 Kurokami Medaka // Freshman cass 12 Yuubaru // Senior class 11 Nabeshima Nekomi // Junior class 11 Akune Kouki
box6) there's an assortment of both hooligans with scholarships, and scholarships that are seasonal!

page 2

box1) FYI, cases like the swimming team where scholarship holders team up like this,
panel1) Scholarship X3!!
black box1) Yakushima // Senior class 11 // Bloodtype AB // Post: Swimming team's captain
black box2) Kikaijima // Freshman class 11 // Bloodtype AB // Post: Swimming team
box2) is quite the rarity.
panel2) There's nothing impossible underwater!
black box3) Tanegashima // Junior class 11 // Bloodtype AB // Post: Swimming team vice captain.
title) I never expected you to understand.

page 3

b1) The inter-club swim meet with an increase in club funds on the line continues!
b2) The second competition is the 3-legged race!!
-looks like I got my answer now huh... oh well-
b3) The rules for this competition is simple! // 2 members from each team will tie their legs together,
b4) and swim the 50m length of the pool!!
b5) The first to the goal gets 15 points! // 2nd place gets 14 points, 3rd 13 points and so on...
b6) Whoever's last gets no points, so I'm sure everyone wants to avoid that right!
b7) Now, what do you think of this part of the competition Shiranui?
b8) Hya hya! // It's so stupid it's great.
b9) Now, // that I got the giggles out.
b10) Looking at it logically, its basically a sprint while in water right?
b11) So if you think of it logically,
b12) the track team should have the advantage right?

page 4

b1) Even after saying that, I'll still put my money on
b2) the swimming team and the student council. // Hya hya!

page 5

b1) What's this Kurokami-chan, // you're going to simply watch the 2nd match?
b2) If I did every match of the competition, it wouldn't be much of a team competition would it? // Aren't you also thinking the same thing?
b3) Senior Nabeshima!
b4) kukuku! // Well, I need to let my underclassmen taste some competition right?
b5) There are some really bad guys at this competition.
b6) What are you talking about?
b7) Don't play dumb! I'm talking about the swimming team.

page 6

b1) kukuku! // Truth is they really are very troublesome.
b2) They really do anything, even if it's just a penny that they're after.
b3) You know them?
b4) Well yeah. // The leader Yakshima is in my class after all.
b5) Scholarship students are usually weirdo's and eccentrics, but that Yakushima stands on top of them all.
b6) That guy Yakushima is a different type of genius // than you or Akune-kun.
b7) From butterfly, to breaststroke, to backstroke, // long distance, or short distance, or medley's.
b8) He's an allrounder that can do it all.
b9) Truthfully, I do admire his raw talent.
b0) But you never know what he's thinking, // nor what it is he wants to do.

page 7

b1) I never expected you to understand...
b2) what we're thinking.
b3) But, I will tell you what is we want to do.
b4) What we want,
b5) is to make a pool of money.
b6) Spending a full day swimming in it, // is our dream.
-I guess they watched to much Duck Tales when they were kids...-

page 8

b1) Listen, Hitoyoshi-kun. // I know it isn't right that the even organizers come out on top, but
b2) that's not an excuse to go easy in a true blue battle.
b3) Of course not! Since we're doing this, I'll do it with all I have!
b4) I'll match my pace to yours, so go all out!
b5) Is that so? // It turns out I didn't need to tell you anything.
b6) I feel so proud to have such a good underclassman!
b7) I can say the same! // Now then, lets get ready to show how the student council works!
b8) That's right! // Let's show our fellow students the lower body power each of us has, and what its capable of when we're teamed up!
b9) On your marks! Get set...

page 9

b1) GO!!
b2) Oh, the student council has run straight out of the gate!
b3) ...or more like...

page 10

b1) Instead of calling this a cooperative match... // it's more like they're fighting each other!
b2) What on earth are those two doing!?
b3) You little worm! Don't try to keep up with me!
b4) Huuh!? // How about you start running!!
b5) They're running while arguing with each other!
b6) What an ugly show of unsportsmanship!
panel) Hya(x5)
b7) Everyone else is stunned by the feud going on between the student council members!
b8) No, actually... // they're really fast!
b9) ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
b10) The track team is losing face here.

page 11

b1) huh? Aren't those... // the guys who just got 20 points?
b2) Why are they in last place?
b3) What's this? Shiranui's pick, the swimming team, // is really far behind!
b4) Ah yeah, // I knew that would happen.
b5) Even the all rounder Yakushima-senpai
b6) would take about 25m to match speed with Tanegashima.
b7) Sorry for the wait Tanegashima.
b8) No, no, N-O! I wasn't simply waiting. // I was waiting for a long time :)
b9) Now then,
b10) Let's go!

page 12,3

b1) Oh...
b2) Ohhhhh, this is!!
b3) T-the swimming team!
b4) I can't believe what I'm seeing here!!
b5) This goes way beyond the level of being dangerous!
b6) It's crazy!
b7) They're swimming with their legs tied together!!

page 14

b1) In the world of men's swimming, Tanegashima-senpai is the fastest out there!
b2) Well, in this case, // I think I should be praising Yakushima-senpai for being able to keep up with him.
b3) And they are passing the other teams as if they're standing still!
b4) The swimming team has reached the goal first!
b5) 15 points to the swimming team!!
b6) 2nd place is the track team! 3rd place goes to the student council for having each member finish at different times.
b7) Are the holes in teamwork starting to show!?

page 15

b1-3) haa
panel) No, this has nothing to do with teamwork. If one of you messed up, you both could've drowned!! // There should be a level to how much you risk your life!
box1) And,
box2) the next match had the swimming team send in a solo participant.
box3) The 3rd match "eel catching", you get 1 point per eel.
bubble sfx.1-3) slip
box4) In this match that only allows one person per team,
box5) Nabeshima-senpai was only able to get 9 eels.
box6) The freshman ace of the swimming team, Kikaijima, easily passed her and got 13 eels.
box7) Which means she got 13 points.

page 16

box1) BTW, we of the student council sent out Medaka-chan. // Invoke skill "Intimidator"!
box2) None of the eels would get anywhere near Medaka-chan.
box3) Is the student council going to get 0 points!?
box4) Well, its pretty pointless to ask because the 3rd match was put in to make sure the student council would end up losing.
sign) Inter club swim meet // 1) Swimming team. // 2) Track and Field. // 3) Orchestra // 4) Calligraphy club // 5) Art club // 6) Boxing club // 7) Kendo club // 8) Student council.
box5) With the way things ended up, it looks like we did something unnecessary.

page 17

b1) From the looks of it, the swimming team is going to win. // What was the final leg of the competition?
b2) We thought it wouldn't be fair if the student council knew what all the matches were, // so we had Asa-senpai decide the final match.
panel1) I don't know either.
b3) Unfair huh...
b4) What's the least fair is the swimming team participating.
panel2) Its turning out exactly like Shiranui said it would.
b5) Hyaha!
b6) I didn't think it would be this easy to walk over the student council!
b7) Don't forget the increase in funds!
b8) Its supposed to be 3 times the normal amount right!
b9) Money, money, money, money...
panel) Can at least pretend // to have fun out here.
b10) Is that the only thing you can think of?
b11) Hyaha! Of course not!
b12) Or haven't you heard, Money makes the world go round!?

page 18

b1) What a pathetic man.
b2) Stude...
b3) Ms. president.
b4) I'm sure you guys were also swimmers who weren't led astray by the pull of money.
b5) I can only think that something really terrible happened to you, or else nothing else could turn you into such gold diggers.
box1) It's been a while since we've seen it.
box2) Kurokami Medaka's 'proof of one's worth' #1. Everyone has some good in them!

page 19

b1) Rest assured, // I'll reform all of you!
b2) I'll make you give everything you've got to a charitable service!!
b3) Everything we have? // Go ahead and try!
b4) And we'll watch as you sink! // Not in water, but in despair!
box) And while this was going on, // the worse underwater thing you could think of was going to take place.
b5) Hm, I don't mind them letting me decide, but I can't choose one. // Shiranui-san, what do you think the final match should be?
b6) Huh? Is it okay for me to decide? // Then let it be...

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