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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru 17

Kohinata Minoru's training announcement.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Jul 19, 2009 01:15 | Go to Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru

-> RTS Page for Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru 17

phew! I made it within the week like I said I would. I'm still not a front page translator yet, but here's your Kohinata fix.

page 132

b1) Turn and ready yourself defensively!
b2) Osu!!
b3) Doruahh!!
title) Kohinata Minoru's training announcement.

page 133

b1) Eiyahh!
panel1) Why...
panel2) Why did I say that?
b2) Then I'll beat you!! And after that, you'll have to leave him alone!!
panel3) There's no way I can beat him as I am now....

page 134

b1) Okay, that's enough warmups.
b2) Alright then, Ibuki, let's you and me spar.
b3) Osu.
b4) Hayama and Minoru will continue to work on the basics.
b5) osu.
panel) The basics?
b6) Excuse me, Minami-san...
b7) hm?

page 135

b1) Could you also...
b2) Also spar with me please?
b3) Mi-minoru...
b4) Hahaha, you can't run before you learn how to crawl. Anyone who joins here spends their first month doing basics ONLY.
b5) But I do like the initiative you're showing. hahaha.

page 136

b1) At this rate, I wont get any better!!
b2) I can't wait that long!! If it's not now...
b3) And why not?
b4) Is there some special reason that you need to rush?
b5) This is about Mamiya huh...

page 137

b1) Don't worry. I've gotten a letter saying he wants to quit, but I haven't acknowledged it yet.
b2) After his wounds have healed, I'll talk it over with him.
b3) ...But as long as his brother in the kendo club is here...
b4) That's why I should...

page 138

b1) I hope you're not trying to say that you want to fight the kendo club right? Let's get this straight!
b2) Karate isn't a tool used for fighting, or a technique that's used to beat people with! It's a way to overcome one's self!
b3) Those who don't do the basics, and simply run around starting fights will only hurt themselves!
b4) I'm only going to teach you karate!! If you want to fight then go somewhere else!
b5) osu
b6) I'm sorry.

page 139

panel) Reinan university cafeteria

page 140

panel1) Although Minami-san said all that, at this rate, Mamiya-san will go to the kendo club. // He won't come back to the 2nd karate club.
panel2) But what should I do?
b1) You're not looking too good.
b2) huh?

page 141

b1) Can I,
b2) sit next to you?
panel) Reinan university Tae kwon do captain // Kou Haruka
b3) Haruka-sa...
b4) Kou-san.
b5) fufu...Haruka is alright.
b6) By the way...

page 142

b1) I heard that you guys
b2) are having a bit of a feud with the kendo club.
b3) Yeah...
b4) You should be careful.
b5) The kendo club's Mamiya is very dangerous.
b6) Yes...
b7) I know.
b8) But if I don't do something about him,

pae 143

b1) Mamiya-kun...
b2) Won't come back to the 2nd karate club, That's why...
b3) Whoa, wait a minute!
b4) The one who's fighting the kendo club isn't Mutou-kun,
b5) but you?
b6) Is it that odd? That someone like me would be fighting...

page 144

panel1) I already know that someone like me, // doesn't have a prayer at winning if I stand up to him...
panel2) It hasn't been that long since I've gotten to know Mamiya-kun, but he's still my good friend.
panel3) And for him to end up like that...
b1) That guy said he'd leave Mamiya-kun alone if i beat him!
b2) So then doesn't that make this MY fight!?

page 145

b1) hmmmmm
panel) This kid has been infected by Mutou-kun's poison huh?
b2) But as of now...
b3) I know that right now he could beat me with one hand tied behind his back.
b4) But Minami-san said he wont teach me how to fight...
b5) He said if I want to fight to go somewhere else.
b6) hmm, that bowing guy says some pretty boring shit.
b7) huh?

page 146

b1) But you're so silly. You want to learn to fight right?
b2) And if so,
b3) you have someone really close to you that will happily teach you.
b4) huh?
b5) Ah!

page 147

b1) Excuse me!!
b2) Minoru...

page 148

b1) Mutou-san!!
b2) hm?
b3) There's someone I want to beat.
b4) So will you teach me kara...
b5) No...

page 149

b1) Would you...
b2) teach me how to fight!!
b3) hmm.

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Crayola, dancingblade

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#1. by Crayola (Scanlator)
Posted on Jul 19, 2009
Thanks a lot, and I'm sure you're well on your way to becoming a regular translator
#2. by Crayola (Scanlator)
Posted on Jul 19, 2009
looks like deadbeat scans is returning and will resume doing this project, so i won't be making a scanlation or anything
#3. by dancingblade (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 21, 2009
Here's some feedback...

page 133

panel3) There's no way I can beat him as I am now....
At my current level, there's no way I can beat him...

page 134

b2) Alright then, Ibuki, let's you and me spar.
Alright then Ibuki, lets spar. Just you and me.
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