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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

I like you more than money

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Jul 25, 2009 21:42 | Go to

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This is for imangascans only.

page 1

b1) The inter-club swim meet has reached it's final leg,
b2) the well known cavalry battle!
b3) Whether you end up crying or smiling, the winner will be decided by the outcome of this battle!
b4) Exactly which club will walk away with the extra funds today!?
panel) It's time to duel!
b5) Why am I in the rear?
b6) Because you lost in rock paper scissors.
title) I like you more than money
b7) Now then, lets have our analyzer Shiranui-san explain the rules for us!
b8) Sure, sure! // There isn't a thing in this world I dont know! The straight liner Shiranui-chan! (She really likes that line).

page 2

b1) Well, it's nothing really special, just your normal cavalry battle. // You win by taking your opponents headbands.
b2) If you your headband is taken, // or if you fall into the water, you lose.
b3) However! // if we do things the traditional way, the teams low on points wont have a prayer.
b4) That's why we're going to do it like a quiz show!
b5) Your points wont be based simply on how many headbands you get, but by the quality of the headbands you take.
b6) If you take the headband of a high ranking team, you get more points!!
b7) In other words, if you take the top ranking team's headband, you get 16 points! // Whereas the lowest ranking team will only earn you 1 point. // 2nd place gets you 15 points, 3rd place 14 points and so on.
-the teams and their positions haven't changed from last week's chptr.-
b8) I get it, this way the higher ranking teams will be targeted by everyone else.
b9) That's exactly right!
b10) kah! // She's stirring things up nicely isn't she!
b11) That's my best friend for you, her way of thinking isn't like everyone else's.

page 3

b1) I love you Shiranui!
b2) Yay! I love me some me too!
b3) They get along so well its disgusting.
b4) I don't care who you say you love,
b5) but don't lose sight of your purpose as a member of the student council!
b6) You didn't need to get violent...
b7) The run down of the rules are irrelevant!
b8) Our enemy is right in front of us!
b9) What should we do Yakushima-san?
b10) Let's see... // Right now we have 48 points and the student council has 33.
b11) So if they get our headband they'll be in 1st place.
b12) However, if we get their 9 points, we'll have a 15 point lead on the track team.
b13) Even if the track team manages to get the headband of the orchestra club who's in 3rd place, we'll still be fine.

page 4

b1) This isn't a rule to give the lower ranking teams a chance to take the lead,
b2) the rules were made so that we and the student council would fight it out!!
b3) And we have no reason to accept that fight! // We gain nothing from doing it.
b4) If we take the 7th place team's headband, we gain an extra point on our lead.
b5) Yeah, that's right. Let's do that.
b6) And the money will be ours.
b7) What's with you guys? // After getting this far you're going to run away now?
b8) Don't be like that and fight us.
b9) If you do that, I'll teach you that there's something more important than money.

page 5

b1) Oh shit! Please stop that!
b2) Saying "There's something more important than money" is taboo to Kikaijima ms. president.
3) I'm sorry you guys, // I take back what I just said.
b6) Y...
b7) yeah.
b8) Our last battle will now begin.
b9) On your marks, get set...

page 6

b1) GO!!
b2) We already have 2 teams going at it!
b3) The student council and the swimming team!
b4) Would you call them evenly matched Shiranui-san?
b5) Yeah... well the problem lies in the horse. // If we're only talking about they're physical abilities, madam president wins by a long shot.
b6) But the horse is made of 2 people right. // And if the two that make the horse don't cooperate, the lancer will lose their balance.
b7) So whether they're in water or not, the teamwork of the swimming team is better than that of the student council's.

page 7

b1) You guys really are something else you know? // I really do mean that.
b2) And I really like people like you!
b3) HA! What are you saying now of all times?
b4) After you called us money zombies!
b5) You act like you're zombies.
b6) The style you've used so far to win shows what little respect you have for your own lives.
b7) Money is more important than your own life?
b8) I can't believe I heard those words come from students!
b9) You're not getting off the hook for that statement!
b10) You're only being lured by the strong pull of money!
b1!) ugh... // S-shut up!
b12) What the hell would you know!!?

page 8

b1) Because we didn't have any money, my father ran out on us!
b2) My mother is sick because she worked herself into the ground!
b3) Because they didn't have money Yakushima-senpai's family has split up!
b4) Because they didn't have money the orphanage that raised Tanegashima-senpai was foreclosed!
b5) I dont' care who thinks what! // Money is more important than life!
b6) I'd take the money if it meant giving up my life!
panel) Is this the result of Medaka-chan's "proof of one's worth"? // But that's not even funny!
b7) You think I don't have enough respect for my life, that's fine!
b8) I'd be happy to die for money!
b9) Anyone would be sad if they dropped their wallet/purse that had money in it.
b0) But no one would care if we died!

page 9

b1) Ah! The student council's Kurokami Medaka
b2) has been knocked off her high horse!!
b3) The horse has also been ripped apart!
b4) This is game over for the student council!
panel) hmph... // I'm a little upset that we didnt' get their points. // But with the student council out of the way, the other teams wont pose a threat to us!
b8) Don't go mouthing off garbage like that!
b9) Even if you guys luck hit the depths of hell, // that's still no reason to throw away your lives!!

page 10

b1) After saying how important money is, you went and bought something very, VERY expensive classmate Kikaijima.
b2) You just bought my wrath!
b3) S-student coucnil president Kurokami Medaka is...!!
b4) She's standing on water!!! // WHAT THE HELL!!?

page 11

b1) Ah... No, I'm wrong!
-she's like the chick from Bakemonogatari!-
b2) But still, I don't believe my eyes!
panel) Isn't that the floater that Hitoyoshi-kun threw when we lost our footing!? // Are you telling me, in that situation, he knew where she'd land and threw that!?
b3) I really don't care about the outcome of this match, // however, that
b4) statement just now got me pissed.
b5) That's why I'm on your side for once.
b6) Go get her Medaka-chan!
b7) I'm not totally sure about being in water,
b8) but in mid air, you're the best!!
b9) And now the student council president
b0) takes off! // And knocks off the lancer of the swimming team!

page 12

b1) You can simply pick up a dropped wallet/purse. // But once a life is lost, there's no way to bring it back!
b2) There's nothing more important than your lives!
b3) If you guys died,
b4) I'd be sad!!

page 13

box1) Kurokami Medaka's Proof of one's worth #3:
box2) Overflowing love! -small print- This one's rare!

page 14

b1) Ohhhhhhhhhhh! // Both of our competitors have fallen into the water!
b2) Yeah, but before that, // as she was saying something, madam president took the swimming teams headband.
b3) Um, what's the ruling on the turn of events here?
b4) Do you even need to ask? // If you fall into the water you lose.
b5) But since she stood on the floater ABOVE water,
b6) her last move counts!!
b7) Th-then the student council just scored 16 points!
b8) They've just taken the lead!
b9-11) haa

page 15

b1) That was close. // This is one of those things in life money can't buy.
-for everything else there's Mastercard-
b2) That was a match no one could pay me to replace.
b3) Miss...
b4) president!
b5) Is that what you had in mind when you said you'd 'reform' us? // You're crazier than we are!!
b6) And FYI, just because we lost at a school swim meet doesn't mean we're going to change our ways!
b7) We'll still do everything we can to get money! // I'm not chaning how I live now!
b8) There's no reason to change how you live. // In fact, don't even try.
b9) What?
b0) So long as you aren't hurrying along to your death, then everything is fine. // So long as your not a zombie, but a normal person working for money.

pge 16

b1) You have a grand dream of making a pool of money right!? // Having a dream grand like that makes the dream itself worthwhile!
b2) I also want to swim in it, so when you guys do reach your goals, call me! // So live and make your dreams reality!!
b3) Dead trees bear no fruit!
b4) Your priceless teammates life, // make sure you take good care of it.
b5) Yakushima-san...
b6) Taneshima-san...
b7) Money or me...
b8) which is more important?

page 17

b1) HA! What a stupid question! // MONEY! M-O-N-E-Y! What did you expect?
b2) He's right! // Don't let that beast woman lead you astray.
b3) That's right...
b4) Then, money or me...
b5) which do you like better?
b6) YOU!!!
b7) Yeah, that's right.
b8) I like you guys too.
b9) I like you more than money.
b10) Haha! // Don't get all down on us because of a silly kiss!
b11) We'll be running full speed towards our dream of pool of money tomorrow on!
b12) And that was the final whistle!
b13) The inter-club swim meet // has just come to an end!

page 18

b1) The winner is Nabeshima Nekomi and the judo team!
b2-4) Thank you
b5) Congratulations!!
b6) HUUH?

page 19

b1) Well, as the swimming club and student council were going through their soap opera of a match, // the judo club secretly took the headbands of all the other clubs.
b2) All together, they totalled 103 points, // they won hands down!
panel) Huuuuh? // They're allowing that?
b3) Wha...
b4) Soap opera?
b5) kukuku! // Beat a clean opponent nastily!
b6) Being cheap and cheating, // I used what I always do to win!
b7) However next time I'd like to beat you head on, Kurokami-chan!
b8) Wash off those tears and come at me again! // I'll be waiting for you!!
b9) Wow...
panel2) nicely done.
b0) Although that was cheap, she was so cool about it!!

page 20

box1) And that's how the curtain closed on the first ever inter-club swim meet. // As promised the club funds went all to the judo club.
box2) But Nabeshima-senpai said we don't need this much and gave the rest to ther clubs. // The girl still makes no real sense to me.
b1-3) chatter
b4) Our event ended in success. // However, there was a lot of negative feedback about using personal funds for a school function.
panel) The upperclassmen let me have it.
b5) It's just like you guys said, mixing personal affairs with business isn't good.
b6) So, to prevent such events from happening again, // I've gotten an treasurer for our student council.
b7) I'll intrudoce them now.

page 21

b!) This is the person who will be our treasurer, Kikaijima.
box) Kikaijima Mogana // Freshman class 11 // qualifications: 1st class bookkeeper.
b2) She's on rental from the swimming team, so treat her well!
b3) I'm taking this as a side job.
b4) If you waste money, be prepared to feel my wrath!
b5) hmph // now that tha's taken care of.
b6) Try to get along.
b7) By the way, her rental fee is $3.00 a day.
b8) That's surpirsingly cheap!
panel) With their new treasurer Kikaijima, the student council now has it's 4th member!!

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#1. by Doragon ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2009
Where's the series name?
#2. by bobrianto ()
Posted on Jul 26, 2009
lol, i thought it was a new series.
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