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Medaka Box 14

It's just clothing

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Aug 8, 2009 14:20 | Go to Medaka Box

-> RTS Page for Medaka Box 14

Another text heavy chptr. Maybe I should've asked Shadow-Skill to do this one too... oh well

This is for imangascans only.

page 1

box1) Hakoniwa academy's rule enforcers.
box2) Is a group of students who put the school rules as top priority. // They operate as a stand alone unit thanks to permission granted from the board of directors.
box3) They are called the school's police by the students!!
panel) Here she is, the new face! The frightening rule enforcer!!
sign) School rule week.
b1) That's, against...
b2) School rules!!
black box) Onigase Harigane // Freshman class 3 // Bloodtype: AB // Motto: Rule with an iron rod

page 2

b1) There isn't a sinlge part of your outward appearance that follows school rules!
b2) If your clothes aren't clean, that means your minds aren't clean! // Therefore, your minds are sinking deeper and deeper in mire!!
b3) I, Onigase Harigane the 3rd leader of the rule enforcers, swear that as long as my pupils are still black,
b4) that I wont let any of you who aren't dressed properly step foot past the front gates!
b5) But...
b6) Even if you tell us that...
b7) Right?
b8) What's with that attitude?
b9) I don't want to hear any talking back!!
b10) Well, what you're saying might actually be right.
b11) But if so, what about them?
b12) Them?

page 3

panel) The student council moves on! With a feeling of individuality.
title) It's just clothing.

page 4

b1) What on earth, // are you people thinking!!?
b2) Why would the student council that sets an example for the students,
b3) be the ones not following the most simple of rules!?
b4) Hitoyoshi Zenkichi-kun! // Why on earth do you have a windbreaker under your uniform?
b5) Well...
b6) I hope you don't think that style looks good or anything!
b7) It's about time I got someone to follow my footsteps...
b8) Akune Kouki-san!!
b9) If you get angry like that,
b10) I find it hard to retailate.
b11) Even if you're a die-hard fan of Elvis Presley, you can't wear your clothes like that!!
bubble sfx.1,2) click
b12) And you there with the abacus! // Kikaijima Mogana-san!
b13) Why are you working like this has nothing to do with you!?
b14) Because it has nothing to do with me.
b15) I haven't altered my clothes, // and the length of my skirt is the normal length.

page 5

b1) Ha! // Ahhhhn?
b2) Did you think saying that would fool me!?
b3) See! Underneath your clothes you're wearing you swimsuit! You can't fool my enforcer eyes!
b4) How did she know that? -small print- Enforcer eyes?
-Byakugan, she has byakugan-
b5) And why is she wearing a swimsuit?

page 6

b1) hmph.
b2) Nice job seeing throug that,
b3) I was just testing you out there.
b4) Why are you trying to act high and might now!?
b5) My...
b6) legs feel like jelly.
b7) Dammit...
b8) I'm behind times...
b9) Onigase-san, // if I wore only my swimsuit, would that be bad?
panel) it's the school's swimsuit.
b10) Of course it would be bad!!
b11) Has your purge finished yet?
b12) Could you leave it at that now?
b13) It's not like they had any bad intentions.

page 7

b1) Ah, that's okay madam president! I should be apologizing for interrupting your work! // Now then, I'll take my leave.
b2) Yeah, tell the class rep. where I am.
b3) Right, that's not what I should be doing!
b4) You're the biggest problem here!
b5) There're no worse intentions in this world than that embarassing uniform you have on!
b6) Embarassing?
b7) hmph. // you said something pretty ridiculous again.

page 8

b1) I, Kurokami Medaka,
b2) have never once been embarassed about my splendid body!!
panel) Although it's pretty funny, I can't keep up with this conversation!
b3) If you're not embarassed by your body, then at least be embarassed by the clothes! // Exposing your breasts like that is indecent!
b4) I'm not exposing my breasts, // I'm just covering every other part of my body!
b5) Are you trying to tell me that you're always naked!?
b6) Would you think about the kind of influence that you have please! // Or are you actually waiting for someone to copy what you've already done?
b7) Copy? If they did, that would be good! // In fact I've wanted to change the way the uniforms look anyway.
b8) Are you planning something indecent!?
b9) hmm, // it looks like Medaka-chan is losing this one.
b0) hmph, you're such a silly worm Hitoyoshi-kun.

page 9

b1) This is her normal patter of doing things. // Soon, Medaka-san's winning line will come and everything will be over.
b2) She'll tell her something that can stop even that whining Onigase-san!
b3) Whatever the case, you need to change your clothes!
b4) Or do you have some special reason for not wanting to change your clothes!?
b5) I just don't want to!
b6) Medaka-san, wasn't that pretty bad?
b7) There's nothing to gain from making the enforcers our enemies. // Especially that Onigase-san...

page 10

b1) American handcuffs Onigase! // She was scouted by the school president for the sole purpose of being an enforcer.
b2) She's prepard to use physical force to enforce the rules. // After she took over as enforcer, the people that break the school rules have been steadily decreasing.
b3) I don't agree with her using physical force, but her intent is correct.
b4) I have no intent of going against her.
b5) However, I don't think I'm wrong either.
b6) People aren't meant to protect the rules,
b7) rules are meant to protect people.
b8) Dammit!
b9) This is annoying!!

page 11

b1) Annoying! (x3)
b2) Why is that girl the student council president!?
b3) Hey... what do you think....
b4) Fool! That's the enforcer! // You don't want anything to do with her!
panel) This is really damn annoying! // Why are we hated so much when we're trying our best to keep the school running like clockwork!? // Yet that ridiculous president's approval ratins is 98%!!? Something is wrong here!!
b5) Hey! // Wait a sec Onigase-san!
b6) Do you need something from me Hitoyoshi Zenkichi-kun?
b7-9) haa
b0) I'm on my way to report that girl to the school president.

page 12

b1) That's exactly what I ran out her to stop.
b2) I'll do something about Medaka-chan's unifrom, so let is slide, // please?
b3) Do you think you can do something about that?
b4) No, I think it's totally hopeless...
b5) Would you cut her a little slack, she has a small habit of exposing herself.
panel1) I somehow got her to sleep though.
b6) if you want me to change my clothes,
b7) then I'll go around in my underwear!
b8) THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I'M TRYING TO PREVENT!! // You're not helping you case here.
b9) Okay, fashion aside,
panel2) Recovery of the kendo hall // The case of the track and field bullying // The art model
b10) even you would have to acknowledge Medaka-chan's achievements right?
b11) Especially the case where she got the kendo hall back from the seniors, because that was a job for the enforcers right?
b12) So because she's doing good, // you want me to overlook the wrong she's doing?
b13) huh?
b14) No, that's not how I meant it...

page 13

b1) That line of reasoning will never work on me! // If I let that go, then for every top ranking student, I'd have to overlook something they did!
b2) When it comes to rules, everyone is on the same level! // And that's exactly why whatever the cause the enforcers must stay neutral!
b3) Is that so... // well, I guess that's fine.
panel1) This is impossible. Sorry Medaka-chan, I can't cover for you this time.
paenl2) Well, I always thought that there would be a time when we and the enforcers would butt heads...
b4) Although I will say this, // it's true that as a president, she is doing her best to fulfill her duties.
b5) That suggestion box that she has seems to be serving its purpo...
b6) That's right, the suggestions box!!
b7) If I make proper use of the suggestion box, I can force her to wear her clothes properly!!
b8) It looks like this time, she's the one who's going to be on the butt end...

page 14

sign) Do no enter.
b1) Since that indoor pool was finished, this pool hasn't been taken care of at all. // And now rain and dirt have filled it up.
panel1) I thought I could do something about it, but...
b2) What was the point of calling me out here classmate Onigase?
b3) I have absolutely NO intention of fixing my uniform!
panel2) In fact, this is correct! // She's like a jammed nail...
b4) huh, ah, right...
b5) Actually,
b6) someone dropped this off in the enforcer's room, but I think it was meant for your suggestion box.

page 15

b1) I read it without thinking, and someone who wants to remain anonymous says they dropped something important to them in this pool. // They want you to retrieve it for them.
b2) You need to get it quickly or it might get destroyed by the water. As someone else who loves this school, I'm putting my hopes on you, Kurokami Medaka, to get this done as quickly as possible!!
panel1) That girl... // the details of this request are too vague! // She sucks at lying!!
panel2) Fufufufu perfect! // I bet you I'd make a good actress! // I call it the north wind vs. Sun plan!
panel3) Since she can't see the bottom of the pool anymore, she'll have to get in there. So she'll need to change her clothes.
panel4) And while you're in there looking for something that doesn't exist, I'll take your clothes and go fix them in the home ec. room.
panel5) Because it's something from the suggestion box YOU suggested, you can't refuse it right!
panel6) Although I don't like that fact that I have to trick you into it. I'd rather NOT report this to the school.
b3) Okay! I've done all that I can!
b4) What'll you do now Kurokami-san?
b5) Hm, I don't really get it,
b6) but I get it.

page 16

b1) It's time to get working,
b2) to find what was requested of the student council.
b3) W-what are you doing!?
b4) I'm looking for what was dropped.
b5) That's not what I mean!
b6) Your clothes! They'll get destroyed if you wear them in such dirty water!

pge 17

b1) And what of it?
b2) What's with that response? This isn't a life or death situation!
b3) Whether they're dirty or get destroyed,
b4) it's just clothing.
panel) Well, whether she likes exposing herself, or is breaking the rules, // Medak-chan will stay true to herself.
box) Regardless of what they're wearing, // what makes a person will stay the same.
b5) Oh yeah, I didn't hear exactly what it is I should be looking for.
b6) Classmate Onigase, // what's the thing I should be looking for?

page 18

b1) ...my good conscience.
b2) And thanks to you, I found it.
b3) Is that so.
b4) I'm glad you found it before it was destroyed by the water.
b5) HUUUUUUHH!!? // Kurokami-san, you have 7 spare sets of school uniforms?
b6) What, you don't have a single spare uniform? // Then what are you going to do about tomorrow?
panel) You're all soaked and covered in mud.
b7) W-what will I do...
b8) Don't worry. // I wouldn't abandon a person in need of my help.
b9) Excuse me?

page 19

b1) Hitoyoshi! // How bad does someone have to be before retribution hits them like that?
-And here I thought we'd go a full week without Shiranui-
b2) You'll be surprised, // She tried to fool Medaka-chan into changing her uniform yesterday, // now look at her.
b3) This is beyond annoying!
b4) I'm going to get you for this Kurokami Medaka!!

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#1. by Muk ()
Posted on Aug 8, 2009
ahh the irony :gar
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