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Translations: Gintama 667 (2) , One Piece 890 by cnet128

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru 18

The bloody training post.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Aug 18, 2009 16:02 | Go to Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru

-> RTS Page for Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru 18

It's been a while I know, but here's the chptr. 19 coming soon.

page 152

b1) Can you...
b2) Please teach me how to fight!!
b3) Hmmmmm.

page 153

title) The bloody training post.
bubble sfx.) scratch(x2)
b1) This coming from the one who looks most like a baby.
b2) For your own good, it's best if you keep playing karate with those guys over there.
b3) Fights hurt you know.

page 154

b1) Like they say, no pain no gain.
b2) I've prepared myself for some pain, because there's someone I want to beat!
b3) You're prepared huh?
b4) Okay, fine.
b5) huh?
b6) Come with me.

page 155

b1) This should do.
b2) Huh? What?
b3) What's this?

page 156

b1) Don't worry,
b2) it's nothing difficult.

page 157

b1) You only need to punch this.
b2) I... I get it!
b3) If I hit this over and over, I'll get better right?
b4) What?
b5) Like hell you'll get better from just doing that!

page 158

b1) huh?
b2) Then what's the point?
b3) Don't get the wrong idea.
b4) I still haven't decided on whether to teach you anything or not yet.
b5) You said you were prepared right?
b6) I'll make my decision after seeing that resolve of yours.
b7) O-osu...
b8) You're going to hit this wooden post here as many times as I tell you to.

page 159

b1) For starters,
bubble sfx.) flick
b2) this should be enough.
b3) A...
b4) A thousand?
5) No, 10,000!
b6) You want me to do 10,000?
b7) hmph,
b8) if you don't want to, that's fine by me.

page 160

b1) No, I'll do it! // I was only confirming!
b2) Minoru...
b3) Here I go!
b4) oww...

page 161

b1) What kind of punch was that?
b2) What the hell have you been doing during practice?
panel1) That's right, I totally forgot about what Mamiya-kun taught me.
panel2) Start with the pinky and pull all your fingers in to the base of your palm
panel3) Focus // on the enemy in front of you.
panel4) Use the shortest distance to him, // a straight line...

page 162

panel) Punch!!

page 163

panel) 2 hours later.
b1) Move it! You have another 6,000 to go!!
b2) You can't be serious? A n00b can't possibly do that many.
b3) I'm amazed that he can still keep his arms up.
b4) And this isn't like you either.
b5) What on earth are you expecting from that shrimp?

page 164

b1) I have no idea.
b2) But it's true, this isn't something I normally do.
bubble sfx.) screech
b3) Minoru...
b4) Good afternoon.
b5) What are you guys up to?

page 165

b1) What's that?
b2) What's he doing?
b3) Well, it's...
b4) Whoa! Hey, you're bleeding!!
b5) Stop fool! What are you going to do if it get's infected!?

page 166

b1) kyaah!
b2) What!?
b3) What was that for?

page 166

b1) Shut your mouth and just watch.
b2) tsk...
b3) What's your problem...
b4) Nana-chan,
b5) I'm sorry, but please stay out of this.

page 167

b1) huh?
b2) This is something i decided to do myself.
panel) This is my fight!!

page 168

b1) You haven't even done half yet!!
panel) Minoru-kun...

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