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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Yoru to Yakusoku 00

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Aug 19, 2009 23:01 | Go to Yoru to Yakusoku

-> RTS Page for Yoru to Yakusoku 00

This is for majorscans only.

page 1

box1) And I swear by the moon and the stars,
box2) to love you forever, // and...
panel) The moon was witness to this bond, but it's a forbidden love.

page 2

box) I swear to never view humans as food ever again.
b1) Kouga! Have you lost your mind!?
b2) You, our leader by strength and blood, // should know better to fall in love with your food!!

page 3

box1) That was the begining of the love of
box2) my father (youkai) and my mother (human).
b1) Seriously now, what the hell were they thinking?
box3) My name is Yoruno Shinya (15y/o).
box4) The high school halfling of a youkai father and a human mother, // And,

page 4

box) I also get picked on!
b1) Hey Yoruno, I'm thirsty! // Hey! // Are you listening?
b2) Why are you always smiling? That's such a turn off!
b3) Okay, as an apology, go buy me a drink!
b4) This is ridiculous!!
b5) There she goes again, picking on anyone she thinks is weaker than her!
b6) But I wouldn't mind getting stepped on by her.
b7) ahahaha

page 5

box1) Dad, I can't for the life of me understand why you decided to live on the side of the humans.
panel) The vendor in the quick stop 5 blocks from school.
paper) Buy a Pine-peach Coca Cola. Of course you're paying.
b1) Get it done within 10 minutes.
box2) Because everyone here...
box3) looks...
b2) But it's true he disgusts me and I don't want to get near him.
b3) Yeah, he always has that nasty smile on his face!
b4) Isn't he the one who's been kidnapping those girls that you hear about in the news?
box4) so damn delicious!!

page 6

b1) Did you feel a chill just now?
b2) ugh, that was nasty.
b3) Ahh! // They all look so delicious, and they're always picking on me, so I can't help but smile.
b4) To make matters worse, as my classmates get older, they start to look more and more delicious.
b5) But a werewolf's main source of food is humans! // This is totally natural!
b6) It's unnatural to try and curb those natural cravings.
b7) Only dad swore to mom, their pact shouldn't affect me too.
box1) I can't blame my classmates for thinking poorly of me when I'm like this.
box2) They don't know why, but they can feel that I'm different from the rest of them.
b8) I especially wouldn't mind Takami-san's thighs... I drool when I think of soft and delicious they...
b9) A wolf wouldn't be bothered if sheep were picking on him.
box3) Just once would be fine, even if its just a bite, I want to try eating a human.

page 7

box) But I'm scared of what dad would do to me!
b1) Shinya, you are NOT to eat humans! // You're going to live your life as a human afteral!
b2) Didn't you go bald because of the stress that piled up from not being able to eat humans?
b3) I don't mind being bald, I don't regret not eating humans.
b4) Listen to me Shinya,
b5) humans have something that no youkai does.
b6) Something that youkai don't have?
b7) The ability to trust.

page 8

b1) The ability to trust... // right.
b2) Youkai trust no one but themselves.
b3) Even if it's their blood brother or parents, when the time comes they can kill them without a second thought.
b4) But your mother trusted me.
b5) And I never once doubted that trust that she put in me.
b6) Because of that, I learned the comfort
b7) of trusting and being trusted.
b8) Isn't that just because mom was a special case? You can't say that about all humans..
b9) Shinya!
b0) If, for any reason, you eat a human...
b11) I'll return the favor to you!!

pge 9

b1) Dad, can't you trust your son?
b2) Well, he's right in not trusting me.
b3) Isn't that the kid...
b4) that's always getting pikced on?
b5) Even though he's always getting picked on, he's still smiling! I can't deal with guys like him.
b6) What's he looking around for?
b7) And up.
panel) hey, Hey, HEY, HEY!!
b8) D-don't tell me...
panel2) He's going to kill himself!?

page 10

b1) Okay, // if I go straight from here, I should be fine.
b2) C-calm down, if I yell to him, he'll fall from fright. Slowly, calmly...
b3) I was told to live as a human... but I'm not human! -small print- I'm not a youkai either
b4) I don't feel suffocated living without any trouble, in fact I'm used to it.
panel) However, there are times // when I don't know why I'm even here at school.

page 11

b1) Aahhhhhhhrrrrggghhhh!!!
b2) No way!!! He jumped without hesitation!!!
b3) WHA?
b4) I was seen!!
b5) Oh shit, it's going to cause a huge stir if humans find out about me!
b6) How should I tell dad what happened!?
b7) What? // There's nothing there...

page 12

b1) Oh, I was still sleeping!!
b2) huh?
b3) I'm pretty sure that's Gouda-kun from my class. Although he's a human, he keeps himself seperate from the class. After me, he has the least amount of friends.
b4) Since he thinks he was imagining things, he wont say anything to anyone, damn I'm lucky.
b5) hm?
panel) Nice weather today.
b6) Oh! It's the vice principal.
b7) That was close!
b8) Gouda-kun's sense are pretty good, // I need to be more careful.

page 13

b1) Come again.
b2) hmm
poster) Now hiring!
b3) Yo, how nice of you to be playing butler for the humans.
b4) Haflings have it easy.
b5) Shadow cat...
b6) Hey now, don't glare at me like that! That was scary!
box) Shadow cat // He controls shadows, charms people and eats their corpse's.
b7) Rotten werewolf.
b8) I can't stand it! After your father beat the other werewolf's and took over as this town's protector,
b9) it's become too peaceful and quiet!
b0) The other youkai that ate humans were too scared of him and left, leaving a scavenger like me hungry.

page 14

b1) And to top it off, he went making something so nasty with that filthy human!
b2) I don't know if he's gone mad or whatever, but this is sickening!
b3) You better watch your mouth!
b4) Even though I'm a halfling, I have enought power to rip you ro shreds!!
b5) Gyah!(x3) He's mad, he's mad!!
b6) By the way, does a halfling's cropse taste good?
b7) What do you think?
b8) Kukukukuku
b9) Kukukukukuku!!
b0) Give me a break!
b11) It's not like I asked to be born like this.

page 15

b1) She was last seen at a 24-hour store at 1am...
tv) Missing high school girls.
b2) Where she's believed to have disappeared was only her clothes and her bag...
b3) No way, that's close by.
b4) I'm getting scared.

page 16

b1) You're late!!
b2) haha...
b3) hahaha // haahhhh...
b4) What a useless little...
b5) With things like this,
b6) being made fun of by that shadow cat should be expected.
b7) Oh!

page 17

b1) Yoruno! He's still alive!
b2) So I was only dreaming then!
b3) huh...
b4) Whoa!
panel1) It's because he doesn't fight back this happens...
b5) You little punk!
b6) You did that on purpose right!
panel2) Yeah... that has to have been a dream.
b7) He's always smiling and he looks like he doesn't care so I always leave him alone, but...
b8) I'll help him this time.
panel3) Are you having fun // stepping on me!?
panel4) Too bad!! I'm not in the mood for your bs right now!!

page 18

panel) If I didn't promise dad, // there wouldn't be a trace of you!!
b1) What...
b2) are you...
b3) Let me go!
b4) HEY!!
b5) I said let me go!!
b6) Whoa!
b7) That hurt!!
b8) Her bare leg!!

page 19

b1) HER BARE LEG!!!!
b2) Hey Takami,
b3) would you stop picking on him.
b4) Huh?
b5) Mister wanna-be gangsta is trying to be a cop today?
b6) You know...
b7) hm?
b8) I should be fine if I just took a little nibble from one of her toes!!

page 20

b2) What's with the stupid look? Are you making fun of me?
b3) She's right,
b4) is something wrong Gouda-kun?
b5) huh// wha?
b6) Yoruno!?
b7) What the!?
b8) Am I sleep walking or something?
b9) What's with you?
b10) You just killed my fun!
b11) Ass.
b12) I'll get going too.
b13) Hey! Wait a second!!
b14) huh?
b15) What's with that tail!?

page 21

b1) Ahhhhh!!! -small print- I messed up!!
b2) It's nice to have such lively kids.
b3) Are you taking care of the flowers today too?
b4) You're half youkai,
b5) and half human!?
b6) Are you messing with me?
b7) Please.
b8) Don't tell anyone about this!
panel) What am I going to do!? I never thought I'd mess up this badly! I have no proof that he'll keep quiet about this. In fact, he's holding me by the balls! // Should I eat him before things get out of hand? It looks like he tastes like shit, but if I eat him there'll be nothing left of him, and I might be able to keep this from dad too!
b9) I can't believe my ears! You're saying you're a youkai... well there was that tail...
b10) Then that means what I saw on the roof was real! He can fall off of a roof and come out unharmed...
b11) He also said that people look delicious... doesn't that mean he's an enemy?
b12) As luck would have it, no one is here right now. If I'm going to eat him, now's my chance!

page 22

panel) But...
b1) He looked so lonely then...
b2) *sigh... Well, if that's the case.
b3) Hey, stop doing that, look up.
b4) Come on stand, stand up.
b5) Since there isn't much choice, I'll be your friend.
b6) Excuse me?
b7) No one asked...

page 23

b1) Because we're friends I'll keep quiet about this.
b2) Because we're friends whenever you're in trouble, I'll help you out.
b3) Wh-what kind of odd rationale is that?
b4) It's just my way of getting head around things, don't worry about it.
b5) After finding out that I'm a monster he didn't shy away from me, in fact he did the opposite, came to me and forced himself into being my friend...
b6) You're a weirdo, you know that?
b7) Look who's talking.
b8) Alright, let's go home.
b9) pfft!
b0) kuku
b11) Why are you laughing?
b12) kuku

[page 24

b1) Gah
b2) Gyah(x4)
b3) Ah this sucks!
b4) I'm going home and jumping in the shower.
b5) Do you look at me and think I'm delicious too?
b6) No, you look awful.
b7) WHAT!?
b8) Why would he get mad at that?
b9) Kyaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

page 25

b1) Yoruno!!
b2) huh?
b3) Some guy in black just attacked me in the classroom!!
b4) You mean there's a tresspasser here?
b5) Yeah, I think he's still in the classroom.
b6) T-this is!?

page 26

b1) You little shit!!
b2) Hm?
b3) THIS IS!?
b4) Yoruno...
b5) If you want a little,
b6) you can eat me.
-yeah, you're supposed to be leaning back while picking up your skirt as you say that-

page 27

b1) And why does Takami-san know that I want to eat people?
b2) Who cares, eat me!
b3) ugh
b4) Come on, eat me.
b5) What the hell are you doing?
b6) Is she being controlled?
b7) Enough already!!
b8) Hey Takami,
b9) there was no one there.
b1) ah.
b11) Whooooaa!! // What are you doing?
panel) This isn't the place for that kinky stuff...

page 28

b1) Dammit, explaining would be a total waste of time!
b2) Ah, // hey!
b3) Don't lose to your urges!
panel1) Takami-san got caught by this string and was controlled. // This is the work of a youkai.
b4) I can't cut the string.
panel2) The youkai that live in this town are too afraid of my father to do anything to me... // Then this guy is from out of town.
panel3) The reason that shadow cat was acting all tough // was because he's in league with this guy?
panel4) Whatever the case, if I follow the string, // I'll end up where he's hiding.
b5) This is a youkai barrier.
b6) I guess this is it.

page 29

b1) Mr. vice principal?
b2) huh? What's this?
b3) Students should be at their homes by now Yoruno-kun.
b4) Wha?
b5) Or do you
b6) want to help me tend to my garden?
b7) What the hell is this!?
b8) ukekekek!

page 30

b1) What's this halfling? You didn't eat the girl?
b2) Especially after you almost did earlier.
b3) Shadow cat.
b4) Even after Yashagumo-sama went through all the trouble of putting her on a silver platter for you.
b5) Yashagumo? I knew he wasn't from around here!
b6) What could you possibly want here?
b7) Dad can piss on him and win, but we're likely even... no he's probably stronger.
b8) I've heard about you from this shadow cat here. It seems like you can't decide on being either youkai or human.
b9) But the werewolf blood in you is strong.
b0) I hear you get the craves to eat people every now and then.

page 31

b1) How about it? Do you want to team up with me and run this town?
b2) That means we'll have to beat my father.
b3) On top of this town not having any other human eaters,
b4) there are a lot of delicious looking ones all over the place.
b5) I'm sure you've had it tough. Walking around with your food right in front of you.
b6) If you team up with me,
b7) you'll eat until you're tired of hearing the word food.

page 32

b1) Look, all the preparations have already been made.
b2) Come have some fun with me.
b3) That's good, just like that! If he eats a human, his father wont let him off for it!
b4) When the two of them fall, this area will be Yashagumo's!
b5) If the two of them fight it out, his father will be weakened, and Yashagumo can finish him off. I must say I set up a nice trap.
b5) I'll be able to eat to my heart's content!
b6) Now eat!
b7) ugh
b8) ugghhhh
b9) EAT!

page 33

b1) Come on now...
b2) Where did Yoruno run off to?
b3) Uwhoooaaaaa!!
b4) hm?
b5) I'm sure I just heard his voice.
b6) What...
b7) The?
b8) Sorry to inform you, but I'm not so stupid as to fall for your dirty little trick.
b9) Damn that was close.
b0) I'll tie them up with the court net to keep them from being controlled.

page 34

b1) If I had remembered Gouda-kun back there I might have forgotten myself and ate them.
b2) It's true, this town is my father's lair. // But this school is MY lair!!
b3) If you want a blade of gras from this school, you'll have to go through me!!
b4) Of course you'd first need permission to set foot here!
b5) Huuuuh!? You dare bare your fangs at me!?
b6) What's going on here Shadow cat!?
b7) You said the halfling boy would easily fall prey to our little trap!
b8) Ah!
b9) No, // well, you see...

page 35

b1) I never thought he'd have a friend that could touch his heart like that!
b2) Th-this isn't good!! Even if we beat the halfling here, we'll get killed later!!
b3) What's this...
b4) Fog?
b5) That human outside of the barrier...
b6) I know!
b7) Yashagumo-sama!
b8) What's goign on?
b9) And this time things should go as planned right?
b10) Yeah, it should.
b11) hm? // What...
b12) The fog suddenly let up.
b13) Gouda... kun.
b14) What on earth is going on here?

page 36

b1) Yoruno... why...
b2) Why are you riding on top of tied up naked girls?
b3) ugh..
b4) hnn...
b5) Gouda-kun...
b6) Yoruno is... this monster is the one who's behind the recent kidnappings!
b7) Wha?
b8) Hey you, help me take him down!
b9) ugh
b0) When did he transform?
b11) Yoruno...

page 37

b1) goo-ood, good, good!
b2) After being betrayed by your friend, we'll be able to...
b3) Eat this!
b4) guha!
b5) WHA?
b6) I don't get what's happening, but this is the bad guy right?
b7) Wh-why...
b8) What are you basing that on?
b9) My gut.
b10) Your guy!?
b11) Right before you took Takami away, something was odd about her.
b12) Also, you didn't make any excuses.
b13) Besides,

page 38

b1) I'm the type that trusts my friends.
b2) kuku
b3) What you said just now reminded me of something I never though possible.
b4) But strangely enough,
b5) I feel my power rising...

page 39

b1) You little!!
b2) gyaah
b3) Don't think you're going home
b4) in one piece after angering me!!
b6) What the hell is that!?
b7) Stand back Gouda-kun.
b8) That's a youkai.
b9) And I'm a monster just like him.

page 40

panel1) Th-this is Yoruno's
panel2) youkai form!!
b1) Are you so scared that you don't want to be my friend anymore?
b2) Get serious!
b3) I say bring it on!

page 41

b1) Empty bravado gets you no where in our world!
b2) guah!

page 42

b1) kukuku
b2) You're going to regret your decision.
b3) Putting your trust into something as worthless as humans.
b4) I doubt that.
b5) I don't ever think I'll regret it.
b6) Did you say empty bravado!?
b7) bitch!
b8) Gahahahaha!

page 44

b1) Nicely done.
b2) The girls that were kidnapped were all found unharmed in the shool's storage house.
b3) But all of them don't remember a thing, and this case still has a lot of holes in it.
b4) phew. // We managed to keep them from noticing us.
b5) kukukuku
b6) Yoruno, this isn't a laughing matter.
b7) No matter how many times I replay it in my head, it gives me the giggles.
b8) To me who's neither a human or youkai, // I met someone willing to be my friend.
b9) kuku
b10) And to top it off, he's human!
b11) I think you're putting too much of an emphasis on being human or not.
b12) I simply...

page 45

b1) Think that I have you as a friend, nothing more, nothing less.
box1) You know dad, this night I feel like
b2) kukuku
b3) He's laughing again.
box2) I could make the same kind of vow you did that night.
box3) This night,
b4) kukuku
b5) Stop laughing!
box4) with these feelings.

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Looks interesting, congrats on the translation!
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