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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Medaka Box 15

Butting heads.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Aug 22, 2009 11:51 | Go to Medaka Box

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This is for imangascans only.

page 1

b1) Hitoyoshi.
b2) What are we gonna eat on the way home?
panel) Eating as she walks down the hallways...
b3) If you ask me, I want some Okonomiyaki.
b4) I've been wondering about this for some time now... // but is there a black hole or something in place of your stomach?
b5) Ahyahya, come on now... no matter how black hearted I am,
b6) there's no way I could eat a black hole.
b7) I've never heard of someone actually being able to eat one.
b8) Before you start talking about your next meal...
b9) eating in the hallways is against the rules!
b10) Ah!
b11) Y-you're...

page 2

b1) from the indecent exposure club...
panel) Last time ended pretty harsh... Will it also end badly this time too?
b2) I'm from the enforcers!!
title) Butting heads.
b3) Shiranui Hansode-san, I've heard about you!
b4) And I caught you red handed!
b5) You'll be coming with me to...
b6) huh? What for? Would you please stop that? // What proof do you have?
b7) The proof is your face!!

page 3

b1) I'm going to purge // that defiant attitude of yours!
b2) There's no possible way you can be THAT hungry!
b3) W-wait a second there Onigase...
b4) Thank you Hitoyoshi!
b5) Ahya hya hya hya
b6) Whether you're the school police or the american handcuffs, you better think a little more before you act.
b7) There are a lot of people in this school who are after you because of you actions. // You don't have the time to be going after someone like me right?

page 4

b1) tsk... Stop right there!
panel) I said my peace, now I'm off!
b2) You'd better stop Onigase. // Aside from eating all the time, she's harmless.
b3) In a certain way, Shiranui is more untouchable than Medaka-chan.
b4) Like I'm going to let that happen! If I do, the name of enforcer will...
b5) ah.
b6) No way, we've totally been had! // Although I doubt Shiranui planned all this in advance...
b7) No, she actually might have.
b8) The cuffs are really good, they wont budge.
b9) These are special cuffs that even the military uses. // Don't lump them together with they toys you see other's walking around with.
b0) Why are you bragging?

page 5

b1) Well, whatever. It's not like I did anything wrong.
b2) Where's the key? // Take this thing off of me.
b3) Hey, what's wrong? // Where's the key!?
b4) As an enforcer, my determination is always at its peak. // In other words, I'm always fighting with my back to the wall. You could also say I'm like a runaway truck with no brakes.
b5) I don't give a rat's ass! // Where's the key!!?
b6) Right, how about we discuss what a key is? // The thing we believe is a key, among all the other objects we know, just what percentage is actually a key?
b7) You don't have the key do you?
b8) tsk!
b9) Yeah, that's exactly right! I don't walk around with the key! You got a problem with that?
b10) I can't believe you're getting upset at a small problem like this! // I never would have guessed the student council had such a loser in it!!
b11) Well, if you're fine with it, I really don't care either. // I was just wondering if you could handle what's going to come out of this: people will say that you're showering with me, and sleeping with me.

page 6

b1) Oh shit! I made her cry!!!
b2) Well if that's the case...
b3) Hitoyoshi-kun, // come with me to the enforcer's room.
b4) HUUH!? I haven't done anything wrong!!
b5) Calm down, I'm not taking you, you're coming with me! // We need to get these cuffs off.
b6) Although I don't have the key on me, it doesn't mean there is no key at all.
b7) The key should be somewhere in our office. // And if there isn't one, the captain should be able to do something about this.
b8) tsk!
b9) Is that so huh? The enforcer's office.
panel) From the student council's point of view, it's like going into the heart of enemy territory.
b0) Well, it's not like I have much of a choice. // Okay, let's get going.

page 7

b1) ugghh... I can feel the stares! // It's like they're piercing through me.
b2) I need to do something to get my mind off of it.
b3) Onigase, about what Shiranui said just now, // is it true that people are after you?
b4) Yeah it is. // I'm in the position that easily gets people angry at me.
b5) In fact. I was on my way to take care of those guys when I bumped into you two.
b6) Have you heard of the mokkin team?
b7) Xylophones? // Are you talking about that teacher that looks like a pumpkin?
b8) Get serious!
b9) I'm talking about 2 punks that have a wooden and metal bat that terrorize people.
b10) I've already gotten them once, but they haven't learned their lesson. // In fact, they're trying to blame everything on me.
b11) Don't worry, I have no intention of taking you there.
b12) tsk, damn right you don't.
b13) Besides, I don't want too many people seeing us like this.

page 8

panel) The 1 person I didn't want to see this just saw it!!

page 9

b1) hmm...
b2) hmm, hmm...
b3) I've been thinking about doing something about the bad blood between the enforcers and the student council myself. // We shouldn't be fighting each other when our goals are mostly the same.
b4) I was going to meet with the leader of the enforcers soon, but...
b5) But you guys are a step ahead of me! // You guys are trying to form a bond by working toether!
fan) Well done!
b6) You guys are something else to be able to get the jump on me!
b7) Why are you thinking so far ahead!? // You're totally misunderstanding!!
b8) What, so that's how it is...
b9) Why didn't you say something before?
b10) It's not like you even bothered to ask.
b11) Oh, that's right! // Medaka-chan, you know how to pick locks right?
b12) Well, // it's not like I can't do it.
panel) But that's not something you should be saying in school.
b13) Thankgoodness! // Then can you get these off please!

paeg 10

b1) Sure, I don't mind.
b2) Classmate Onigase, // give me your spare set of handcuffs.
b3) Okay? First you have to see how the cuffs lock up.
b4) Then you just go like this...
b5) go like this...
b6) ...go like this...
panel) I see you're using really good cuffs just like this! // You only made things worse!!
b7) You enforcers are really good!
b8) If you were just going to put the cuffs on, there was no reason to cuff me was there?

page 11

panel1) ...This is definitely bad. // I'd rather it was just Hitoyoshi-kun. But now I have to take Kurokami-san to the office too...
panel2) Why am I in this situation? // What on earth did I do to be led away in cuffs by these 2?
b1) Hey you two,
b2) we need to stop.
b3) She seems to be in trouble, // lets help her out.
b4) R-right...

page 12

b1) Okay, where done here Medaka-chan, // lets hurry onto the enforcer's office.
b2) Wait Zenkichi, // there are people ther that need our help.
b3) It's true that taking you guys to the office would be bad, // but it will only be bad AFTER we get there!!
panel) Why is she so flaky? It's like she's a kid with ADD. // No, it's more like... how should i put it...

page 13

b1) Oh, madam president, what are you up to this time?
b2-4) haa
b5) Is that another type of competition you thought of?
b6) Kurokami-san thanks for your help earlier!
b7) If you ever need anything, feel free to ask.
b8) You're up to no good again?
b9) Don't pick on Hitoyoshi-kun too much!
panel1) She's... // very popular.
b10) Hah! This is totally different from when it was just the 2 of us walking the halls.
b11) They're all ready to do something for her.
b12) Although I hate to admit it, after I became an enforcer, // I've never had anyone call out to me like that.
panel2) In fact all my friends left me...

page 14

b1) Well, don't let it bother you. // The work of an enforcer isn't the same as the student council.
b2) You and Medaka-chan are different too.
b3) I'm not bothered by it, in fact I feel sorry for her!
b4) The student council isn't something that can function without having to flatter the students!
b5) R-really...
b6) What's wrong Medaka-chan? // Did you find more people in trouble?
b7) Yeah... well they're not so much in trouble,
b8) as thye're trying to cause trouble.
panel) Over here, and there.
b9) Hey, you guys can come out now.
b10) How comes she knew?
b11) That beast woman is something else!
b12) Well, it's not like we were trying to hide it either.
b13) You didn't have to call us out, we were coming whether you liked it or not!

page 15

b1) The Mokkin team!! -small print- I totally forgot about them!
b2) I didn't think it was actually true...
b3) That miss enforcer Onigase-sama's cuffs and movements were sealed.
b4) Gyahaha! If we take down these 3, our name will become legendary!
b5) Damn right! Those punks are trying to take us on 3 vs 2, but we'll fight fair like we normally do!
b6) You guys, get behind me!
b7) I'll try to do something about the situation.
b8) I don't get it. // Why do we have to hide behind you?
b9) Why?
b0) Because keeping the students safe is the job of an enforcer!!

page 16

b1) Thats why I said I don't get it.
b2) I don't see any work for an enforcer here.
b3) There's no one for you to try and keep safe.
b4) I heard the sound of a metal bat breaking behind me, // but I wont let that get to me.

page 17

b1) Are you alright with this?
b2) I mean letting them get off.
b3) It's not a matter of letting them off or not, we can't chase them like this.
b4) She's absolutely right.
b5) That's a strange baseball club.
b6) It's true, // there was no one to try and keep safe.
panel1) I heard the rumors, but I never thought she'd be like this. // She thinks nothing of being attacked with a bat because of me. // I'm not a sap like Hitoyoshi-kun, but he's right she's untouchable.
b7) In fact, // she doesn't even think she was attacked!
panel2) She's the cream of the cream!!
b8) Now then, lets head on to the enforcers office. // It's close by.
b9) Ah, yeah, lets.
b10) Okay.
b11) Kurokami-san, I'm going to ask a really odd question...
b12) If you can easily break a metal bat, // can't you just break these cuffs?

page 18

b1) hm? // What...
b2) you mean it was okay if I broke these?
b3) That's the report from Onigase. // And because of her 2 successive failures,
b4) I think we should lay some kind of punishment on her.
b5) I don't think there's a need to punish her.
b6) Yeah, I feel sorry for her.
b7) What I want to hear is more about this Kurokami Medaka. // Yobuko, what do you think of her?
b8) If I had to say, she's almost like a saint.
b9) That suggestion box of hers too. // The approval rating on it is extremely high.

page 19

b1) kekeke! Yeah, that's what's been goign aroudn school.
b2) But you know, // that saint is our biggest problem.
b3) Mercy and truth,
b4) are like water and oil.
box) Unzen Myouri // Junior class 2 // Bloodtype AB // He's 10y/o (skipped grades) // The leader of the enforcers.
panel) A superhuman of Medaka's level is here!! I smell trouble brewing.

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