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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Medaka Box 16

Looking down on people as fundementally depraved.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Aug 29, 2009 12:46 | Go to Medaka Box

-> RTS Page for Medaka Box 16

Well, now that imangascans is no more, n e 1 can use this...

page 1

b1) huh? // Bring something to Unzen-san?
b2) You want ME to take it to the music room?
panel1) The enforcer leader Unzen, what's his level like!?
b3) Yeah, the rest of us have other duties to take care of... // While on the other hand, you've only been playing around lately.
panel2) Here, it's this towel.
b4) I think it would be best if you could see how the captain works and maybe you'll get back into the swing of things.
b5) Ah... // Well thanks for your concern!
b6) giggle
b7) Don't be like that, I'm sure you'll get something out of it.
panel3) If you're a student of this school, I'm sure you already know. // There is a group of students known as the best of the best, the elite among the elite, the exception if there ever was one. // A special set of superhumans who's attendance is even overlooked. // Hakoniwa Academy's superhumen.

page 2

b1) Last year when he started school, our leader was only 9 years old, he was quickly known around school as the monster child.
b2) The way he went about doing things,
b3) it was as though he was born to be an enforcer.
panel) A total change in atmosphere! It's become as cold as ice! The head enforcer's work is begining!!
title) Looking down on people as fundementally depraved.

page 3

b1) Now then, // today I'm going to have everyone
b2) be in a death match!
b3) Whoa! Wrong! That's wrong! // Argh, I'm such a loser!
b4) sililoquy?
b5) Why do I always talk about death matches when I'm in front of a lot of people?
b6) Okay, lets try this again.
b7) Hello members of the orchestra!
b8) I'm the head enforcer Unzen Myouri. // Today I've come to purge your club.
b9) The noise you guys make has gotten to the level of contamination, and I've recieved a request from other clubs to do something about it. // So I think I should take the proper steps to remedy the problem!
b10) Hey! Who is this kid? -small print- is he someone's little brother?
b1!) No, he's an actual student here, he's skipped grades and is the head enforcer!
b12) This is no joke captain.
b13) He's one of those elites!

page 4

b1) Don't go touching someone else's body like that!
b2) Bitch!
b3) And don't think excuses or bribes will work on us enforcers you little shit! // Your execution was decided the moment I stepped foot in here!
b4) I'm going to massacre all of you, so lets make this quick!!

page 5

b1) Madam president, I haven't seen you in a while!
b2) You're looking really good in that! -small print- Are you the band leader?
b3) Yeah, it has been a while, Shiranui.
b4) Yeah, this is due to the message in the suggestion box. // Today I'm dealing with a complaint.
b5) From the looks of it, the soundproofing in the music room has some holes in it.
b6) There have been a ton of complaints about the orchestra lately.
b7) Oh, I've heard about that too.
panel) During the inter-club match the orchestra came in 4th or 5th place.
b8) Those who've gone to complain only get turned around by the captain's silver tongue.

page 6

b1) So, how do you plan to deal with this as the student council?
b2) Well, first we're going to do as much repairs on the soundproof as possible. // Then we'll just have to adjust their practice times.
b3) Hmm! That's exactly the kind of response I would expect from Madam president! // Huh? You're alone today?
b4) Zenkichi, secretary Akune, and treasurer Kikaijima are already doing their given jobs.
b5) Those guys are so reliable.
b6) They make things so very easy for me.
b7) Ahya hya, I see, sorry for that last remark!
b8) The solo student council is a thing of the past now right?
b9) But now that it's like this, I'm very interested in who will be the last memeber. // I wonder who it is that will take the seat of vice president.
b0) If I had it my way,

page 7

b1) I want you
b2) to be the one to take the seat of vice president.
b3) Ahya hya // Oh stop it please.
b4) I'm sure you already know. // That I can't stand group things like that.
b5) And you also know...
b6) That I can't stand the sight of you // And you can't stand me either.
b7) That's fine. // In fact, // I'd rather have it that way.
b8) The current members are a little too fond of me.
b9) That's why the person who takes the position of vice president should be someone with enough guts to stand against me!
b0) Although I may be a tyrant, // I have no intention of becoming a dictator!

page 8

b1) Uwah... // Kurokami-san and Shiranui-san!
b2) This is awful! // I didn't want to see either of them!
b3) Yahoo Onigase! // Where are you going with that towel?
b4) Oh classmate Onigase, // where are you headed?
b5) I... // I'm going to the music room.
b6) She's dressed like that again... // And she's eating something again...
b7) The music room?
sign) 3rd music room.

page 12

b1) oh, it's Onigase-chan. // Did you bring that towel for me? -small print- thanks
b2) Ah, yes, I did.
panel1) What the... // hell is this?
panel2) I know that we enforcer's have been given permission by the chairman to use weapons when the time calls for it, // but what on earth could he have used for things to turn out like this!?
b3) Man, I'm such an idiot. // I always get my opponents blood on me...
b4) Yet I always forget to bring my towel with me.
b5) And what's with you, // Kurokami Medaka?
b6) What the hell are you doing here?

page 13

b1) Looking at you from this close, those tits of yours are amazing. // How about I make you my woman?
b2) It looks like our jobs overlapped with one another.
b3) I'm a little disappointed that our first conversation came in this fashion, junior Unzen.
b4) I can get a pretty accurate guess on what exactly happened here, but you seriously went overboard.
b5) Was there any reason for you to go this far?
b6) kekeke don't worry. // I've already contacted the nurse's office.
b7) That's not the problem here.
b8) kekeke! I can tell from your ridiculous outfit what you were going to do!
b9) You were probably going to solve this peacefully right? // Like if you talk it out, they'll understand. Or if you know what the circumstances are you can do something about it... something like that right?

page 14

panel1) That's right! I believe in that policy and became an enforcer! // However, this really is taking it too far!
b3) M-madam president, I don't think I need to say it, // but this guy is crazy.
b4) If I say he's the same type of superhuman like you, you can guess where I'm coming from right?
b5) After he took over the enforcers, they became much more violent.
b6) Hey, hey little miss air tits!
b7) Air tits?
b8) Would you stop throwing around those weird rumors! // We enforcers are nothnig more than a righteous group that loves peace.
b9) Keeping the students on the right path is our only goal! // Using weapons and violence is nothing more than just a means to that end!
b0) Of course that includes going up against the student council, and its leader, you...

page 15
b1) Kurokami Medaka!
panel) A... thrown weapon? A staff? A whip? I didn't see it at all! // Considering his height, he still hit her head!
b2) That's strange... // I was only planning on saying hello with that attack.
b3) Even if you couldn't see it, you should've been able to dodge it.

page 16

b1) There was no reason for me to get attacked by you.
b2) And therefore, // there's no reason to dodge.
b3) hmmm...
b4) That's pretty interesting.
b5) Try saying the same thing again and I'll stuff you in your little box!!
panel) This time he hit from below! // And it was a lot faster this time!
b6) keke
b7) There was no reason for me to get attacked by you.
b8) And therefore,

page 17

b1) There was no reason to dodge.
b2) I said it. // Go ahead and put me in a box.
panel) I don't believe my eyes! // She's an even greater beast than what's rumored about her!
b3) Nicely done!
b4) P-please stop what your doing captain!
b5) Kurokami-san is right! // There's no reason for us to attack them!!
b6) Of course there's a reason Onigase-chan.
b7) Since times past, those on the side of justice always fight it out with those on the side of mercy.
b8) Don't give me that garbage!
b9) If you keep using violence, as an enforcer, I wont be able to overlook it.
b0) keke! Do you realize who you're speaking to? // Well, I love the way you don't hold back on me!

page 18

b1) However, there is a reason. // It might have been coincidence that we met here, but I'll call that coincidence fate!
b2) Mercy and truth are like oil and water. // One of the two has to be destroyed.
b3) Kurokami.
b4) I hear your style is you look on people as having some sort of good in them.
b5) Then my style is to look down on people as being fundamentally deprived.
b6) If you're on the side that plants flowers, // I'm on the side that sharpens fangs!!
b7) It's true our way of doing things might be different, // but that doesn't mean we can't talk things over.
b8) There's still no reason for us to see each other as enemies.
b9) kekeke // Still seeing people with some good in them. // But I think we're way past the point of talks!

page 19

panel) Because I've already sent out 3 people to destroy your student council. // I bet they've already taken care of them!!
b1) Doing things this way works best on guys like you right!? // Come on try saying the same thing once again!
b2) If you can, I'll stuff you into your little box!!
next to panel) We're in trouble!! Medaka!!

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#1. by bobrianto ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2009
eh? what? nobody doing this anymore?
#2. by [Cross] ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2009
I wouldn't say that so soon >.>
#3. by lululoo ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2009
>.> nonononono we're back T_T
it was just for one day
#4. by jakethesnake3713 ()
Posted on Aug 30, 2009
you left out a translation for page four
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