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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Medaka Box 17

Because I decided to try hard.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Sep 5, 2009 04:02 | Go to Medaka Box

-> RTS Page for Medaka Box 17

This is for imangascans only.

page 1

b1) The war between the enforcers and the student council has already begun fool!
b2) And I know this because,
panel) Unzen played his hand too quick! The fight was inevitable!
b3) I've already sent out 3 assassins
b4) to take care of your members!
title) Because I decided to try hard.
b5) sigh... // What a foolish thing you've done.
b6) huh?
b7) Shiranui, // I'm leaving this in your hands.
b8) Excuse me?

pge 2

b1) I'm going to end everything by my hands.
b2) It's all yours now.
b3) Hah!? Where do you think you're going!? // Are you going to try and save your council member?
b4) It's not like you'd make it in time!
b5) So stop trying to resist destiny!
panel) It was a thrown weapon! // But the trajectory isn't consistent! What on earth is he using, and how is he using it!?
b6) What the!?

page 3

b1) While it may be true I might not make it in time, what I do will NOT be useless!
b2) Someone is trying to hurt someone else! // Me doing nothing would be useless!
b3) W-what... was that? // There was multiple bodies of a girl with long hair running really fast!
b4) Oh, that was the student president.
b5) Don't be surprised, that's normal for her.
b6) Yeah, normal.
b7) tsk...
b8) What the hell is up with that beast? Is she a Kouga ninja or something?

page 4

b1) What do you think you're doing?
b2) Air tits?
b3) You know, doing things like this really isn't my style.
b4) But I was asked and was left in charge of this place.
b5) What the hell is that?
b6) Do you really think you can stop me!?
b7) No I don't think so, I've never thought so. // However mister head enforcer...
b8) You wont do anything to a student who hasn't broken the rules right?
panel1) I'm not part of the student council. // And I haven't broken any rules.
b9) tsk.
b0) Onigase-chan, has she broken any rules today? // Like did you see her eating in the halls?
panel2) She was...

page 5

b1) No,
b2) she didn't eat in the halls today.
b3) sigh... // then I have nothing on her.
b4) Fine, I wont do anything.
b5) Then I'll just enjoy this as though I'm watching a movie.
b6) Watching the useless strivings of that beast woman!!
panel) I'm nothing more than a guillotine used for the justice of the enforcers. // I dont think, I don't feel. // I don't get happy, I don't get mad. // I go in slice things to pieces and that's the end of my job.
bubble sfx.1,2) schiing
b7) Yeah! // My work for today was perfect too!

page 6

panel) Kurokami // Clothesline!
b1) guhhh
b2) Whaa!?
b3) Although I find your talons to be a cool weapon. // That's not something you should use on a girl!
b4) Put those dangerous claws away!

page 7

b1) wha
b3) Mo-mo-mo-mo
b4) Mommyyyy!!!
b5) Hey, don't move so much, you're messing up the landing point.
b6) WHAA!? // Does it really matter where we fall?

page 8

b1) We're dead!!
b2) What the hell? A meteor?
b3) No, It's a bird, It's a plane, It's... sorry, I'll do the real bubble 3 below (c:
b3) No, a girl fell from the sky holding someone onto our high jump mats.
b4) What the hell is that?
b5) Good! I knew you'd come if I fell here, senior Isahaya.
b6) Can I borrow your cleats? // I ran at full speed just now and destroyed my shoes!
b7) Right..
b8) Sure...

paeg 9

b1) Good,
b2) Thanks.
b3) What do you think she did to them?
b4) I'd like to know...
b5) That's normal?
b6) I'd like to get to the 3rd floor.
b7) If I do, I'll shave off a good 20 seconds.
b8) I have these claws and cleats,
b9) I should make it!

page 10

-Ice climbers!-
panel) Kurokami Climb!!
b1) I went too fast and got all the way to the 5th floor.
b2) I just lost time instead...

page 11

b1) There... was just a girl who came from the window leading to the field with only claws on both hands a cleats!
b2) Oh, that was probably the student president.
b3) Yeah, another day at the office for her.
b4) Yeah.
b5) Totally.
b6) Although the head enforcer can be very childish at times, there are times when he can be very careful!
b7) I'm all that's needed to destroy the student council! // Whether its a prince or a beast, there's nothing that I fear!
panel) Here's a taste of my killer bike // Akune Kouki!!

page 12

b1) It looks like you enforcers don't know the proper use for items. // A bike isn't meant to be held up like this, it's meant to be ridden.
b2) Like this.
panel) Ho-ly... // Shiiiiiiiiittttt!!

page 13

b1) Right now, there was a girl with claws on both hands, cleats on riding a grandma bike at lik 60mph!! // That I'm sure was the student president!
b2) Oh? It was the president?
b3) Then that's nothing to surprised about. // I was just shocked thinking it wasn't her is all
b4) Yeah totally normal... // But isn't this 'normal' new?
b5) What kind of pose is that supposed to be?
b6) The statue of Liberty. (Trying his hardest to make a joke)
b7) This is good, if I keep it up I'll...

page 14

b1) Sorry, but you can't pass through here miss beast.
b2) We just got a call from the 2nd enforcer Yobuko-senpai.
b3) Aren't you glad you have a reason to give up?
b4) How about you get us all some tea from the student council office?

page 15

sign) Stop
b1) hmph. // Thanks for you concern.
b2) But I wont listen to any of it.
b3) My 'useless' struggling wont stop here.
b4) I will not become useless.
b5) Since I was born there hasn't been a single time I've ever given up. // Whether it was called useless or impossible. // Because I decided to try hard.

page 16

b1) And that's why I'll keep trying!!
panel) Kurokami Dancing!!

[page 17

b1) Is something wrong Yobuko-senpai?
b2) No, it's noting. // I just needed to contact an underclassman is all.
b3) But I'm really sorry Hitoyoshi-kun. // I didn't have anyone else to help me carry these.
b4) Don't worry, I had just finished what I was working on anyway. // And I'm used to physical jobs like this.
b5) Ahaha! I see you're getting worked to the bone!
b6) Yeah WE are. // I hear you get worked over too.
b7) How embarassing. // I didn't know there such rumors of me.
b8) But it is true. // After being order by Unzen-san,
b9) I've take person, after person(x16),
b0) And hung them by their balls...

page 18

b1) Running, biking, and even infiltration. // To think you even had the finish tape prepared, you're on the ball today.
b2,3) haa
b4) But jokes aside...

page 19

b1) haa
b2) It looks like I made it in time. // Nice going me!
panel) This girl isn't normal!! // This is "Medaka"!!

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#1. by Ame-san ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2009
Ok ^^
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