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Witch Craft Works 1

Takamiya-kun and the fire sorceress.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Mar 19, 2010 15:15 | Go to Witch Craft Works

-> RTS Page for Witch Craft Works 1

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page 1

box1) Why did things turn out like this?
panel1) When the school was engulfed in flames,
box2) She suddenly appeared,
box3) and saved me.
panel2) She came.
box4) Nothing was making sense to me at the time.
box5) But there was one thing that I was totally clear on,
box6) and that was she...

page 2,3

panel) Introducing my classmate // who's the strongest fire sorceress on earth!
box1) My classmate is the one who saved me.
title) Takamiya-kun and the fire sorceress.

page 4

right of panel) Begin the countdown to the end of those peaceful days!
box1) My name is Takamiya Honoka. // I'm your everyday student that fights the urge to sleep in every morning as I go to school.
box2) My time from home to school is 20 minutes: 5 minutes to the bus stop, and 15 minutes on the bus.
box3) I thought today was a day like any other.

page 5

b1) 'morning.
b2) And then...
b4) whoa!
b5) Today too?
b6) I ended up on the same bus as Kagari-san.

pae 6

b1) Make way for the princess!!
b2) Ayaka-sama!!
box1) This is the person everyone is so excited to see, Kagari Ayaka.
box2) As you can see, she's beautiful. And is popular enough to have her own fan club.

page 7

box1) The bus she uses always ends up like this.
box2) And since I usually end up on the same bus as she, I feel like a canned sardine quite often.
b1) Isn't she the chairman's daughter?
bubble sfx.1) slam
b2) If so, she should get driven to school.
b3) I'll never understand how rich people think.
sign) Takamiya.
b4) I found you.

page 8

box1) I... // always thought that I would never get involved in anyway with madam Kagari Ayaka.
box2) Even if she's my classmate and sits directly to my right.
box3) Although we're this close, we've never spoken to each other.
box4) That's how things were between us.

page 9

b1) I hope they do a seating change soon. // Nothing good comes from me being here.
b2) oops.
bubble sfx.) suh
b3) whoa!
b4) th... // thanks.

page 10

b1) You think you're something special, don't you?
panel) Kagari Ayaka's personal defense team.
b2) Just because you sit next to her, // you had our princess pick up your eraser, right?
b3) You did that to show us up, right?
b4) Obama-kun, // get him.

page 11

b1) ugh.
box1) If you get involved with her,
b2) Let this be a lesson, // and don't even look in her direction.
box2) these guys get on your case and do everything from pranks to bullying.

page 12

b1) oww.
sign) Teacher's lounge.
b2) Oh, you're finally here.
b3) Take these papers to the classroom.
b4) Okay.

page 13

b1) Takamiya-kun!

page 14

b1) You're taking these to class, right? // I'll take that from you.
b2) ah.
b3) Princess,
b4) I got them! Let's go.
b5) What was that about?
b6) Oh,
b7) today is also Kagari-san's day.
b8) tsk.

page 15

box1) Break time.
b1) Princess,
b2) listen to this!!
box2) This is my seat, yet I'm being treated like I don't belong here.

page 16

b1) Takamiya.
b2) Hey, Takamiya. // When we're don here, do you want to chill with us at a karaoke bar?
b3) Chill with that.
b4) Thanks for the offer, // but I'll pass.
b5) See, he's just like I said he was.
b6) He never hangs out with anyone.
b7) I guess he's a loner.
b8) Guys! Stop slacking off and finish cleaning!!
b9) Takamiya-kun, you're taking out the trash!

page 17

b1) hm?
b2) Huh?
b3) What's this white thing?
b4) It wasn't there before, I think...
b5) Let's see!

page 18

b1) A stuffed toy?
sign) Today's weather: Sunny with spot showers of the school falling.
b2) Sunny...
b3) spot showers... // OF THE SCHOOL!?
b4) hm?

page 19

b1) WHA...
b2) WHAT THE!?
panel) This part.

page 20

box1) What the hell is that? ...the school?
box2) Is that the school's clock tower?
box3) Why is a part of the school // falling?
box4) And it's heading straight for me!!!
box5) Am I going to die?
box6) No way...
box7) I don't...
box8) WANT TO DIE!!

page 21

box1) I still haven't...
box2) even done as much as held a girl's hand.
box3) hm?
box4) I didnt die...
box5) A hand?
box6) Mmm?
box7) It's not too strong, but it smells good.

page 22

box1) What
box2) the
box3) hell?
box4) Kagari...san?

page 23

b2) Kagari-san, what do you think you're doing!?
b3) If you move too much, you'll fall.
b4) Excuse me!?

page 24

b1) Oh shit!
box1) We're up high!
b2) The... // the...
b3) The school is all in shambles.
b4) And we're floating!!
b5) Ah.
box1) What on earth is this!?
b6) I'm // sorry!
box2) I'm being held like a princess!
b7) Is that the modern witch?
b8) Let's see what she's made of.
bubble sfx.) snap

page 25

b1) They're coming?
b2) What is?
b3) gah
b4) kyah!
b5) argh
b6) Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

page 27

b1) Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!

page 28

b1) Were you...
b2) hurt at all?
b3) Do not // leave my side.

page 29

b1) Whoa!
box1) What is this!?
box2) What on earth is going on here?

pgae 30

b1) Takamiya-kun! // Over here.
b2) It's safe!
box1) Who's that?
box2) They're calling me.
box3) One of Kagari-san's little helpers?
box4) Yeah, I bet that's the case. I'll go stand with her.

page 31

b1) Explosion!!
panel) Gone.
b2) Takamiya-kun?

page 32

b1) huh?

page 33

box1) Ca... // Calm down.
box2) There's no way any of this is normal. // The school fell apart.
box3) And now I'm being attacked by stuffed rabbits.
box4) That's right,
box5) I'm dreaming.
box6) This is all
box7) just a bad dream.

page 34

box1) Ka...
box2) Kagari-san!

page 35

b1) Didn't I tell you // to stay close to me?
b2) Ha ha.
b3) Even in my dreams, // Kagari-san is hot.
b4) Dreams?
b5) That's right, // a dream.
b6) There's no other way to explain THE Kagari-san saving me.
b7) Because it's the // mission given to me.
b8) huh?
b9) You're probably very confused right now, // but don't worry.
b0) she's close.
b1) Because, // I'll protect you.

page 36

b1) Because Takamiya-kun is my princess.
b2) Come again?
-It's not too farfetched, his name is Honoka...-

page 37

box1) ...right... // Up until the end there, I understood what she was saying. And it sounded really cool.
box2) But did I mis-hear that last part? // Because it made no sense whatsoever.
b1) So swallow your pride, // and let me protect you.
box3) What's that?
box4) Her hair is...
box5) Was it because she covered for me?
box6) ... for me?

page 38

b1) Kagari-san...
b2) Why are you taking a hit for me?
b3) What are you doing here?
b4) Like I said...
b5) you're my princess...
b7) Why...
b8) are you getting mad?
box1) I'm mad?
box2) Yeah.
box3) I don't really know why,
box4) but I'm very pissed right now.

page 39

b1) Since I was the one that was fooled, you should've just left me alone. // Why did you sacrifice your hair for something so trivial?
b2) Your hair is... // Your hair is...
b3) It's not a stretch to call it one of god's great miracles!!
box1) Why...
box2) on earth did I just say that?

page 40

box1) We've only been classmates for 1 month.
box2) And we never once spoke to each other.
panel) Or am I some kind of loser that likes long hair like that?
bubble sfx.) shuffle.
b1) Ah.
b2) Look out!

page 41

b1) gueh
b2) waarghhh
b3) Takamiya-kun!
b4) ugh...

page 42

b1) ha ha
b2) I // look like such a loser, dont' I?

page 43

b1) It's my fault that I
b2) didn't finish them off properly.
b3) I should've burned them to the point...
b4) where not even atoms were left.

page 44

b1) Incinerate them, Million Clover.

page 45

b1) Guess that's the end... // I'll remember this, fire witch.

page 47

b1) nnn
box) Where am I?

pge 48

b1) Good morning.
b2) How do you feel?
b3) Ka...
b5) WHE... // WHERE AM I!?
b8) We're at school, in my private quarters. // You don't remember what happened?

page 49

b1) uhhm...
box1) She's dressed normally now,
box2) So was that a dream?
b2) It wasn't a dream.
b3) I'll explain // everything in due time.
b4) School ended a while ago. // So let's just go home for now.
b5) Your stuff is right there.

page 50

b1) Wait a minute, // Kagari-san...
b2) There's no longer a need // to sneak around and protect you from the shadows.
b3) We're going home together.
box1) From the shadows?
box2) Protect me?
panel) Why were we always on the same bus... // in the same class and sitting next to each other, // even our cleaning days are the same... // Come to think of it, we're always together.
box3) Yeah...
box4) what's this all about?
panel2) Takamiya-kun is a little slow in this field.
-oh please! Not another Sennou Natsuru!!!-

page 51

b1) My mission is to protect you.
b2) Because you're my master.
b3) HUH!?
box1) You mean I'm not your princess!?
-it's the same thing, fool.-
b4) You need to // walk shoulder to shoulder with me, princess Takamiya-kun.
b5) Ah, right.
box2) Oh, she went back to that.
box3) Kagari-san...
box4) is a mysterious girl.
box5) From that point on, // we didn't speak to each other.
box6) But I enjoyed that sweet scent from her.
right of panel) My classmate is hot and a sorceress, she also smells really good.

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#1. by kanapox ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2010
Thanks pal!! I was really interested in this series.
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