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Makyou no Shanana 1

Shanana, angel of the jungle.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Jun 11, 2010 03:41 | Go to Makyou no Shanana

-> RTS Page for Makyou no Shanana 1

Another ecchi from the author of Gacha Gacha.
fyi, everything I translate, aside from witchcraft works, is opened for anyone to use, and will remain that way. So don't ask to be exclusive, the answer is no.

page 1

panel) This takes place in a time when // there were still unexplored places on earth.
left of panel) The jungle at night, someone runs with all his might, as he is being chased.
box1) This takes place after WWII, in 1947,
box2) near one of the tributaries of the Amazon river, // in a village close to the Rio Madre de Dios

page 2,3

panel) Is the one being illuminated by the moonlight, an angel?
title) Shanana, angel of the jungle.

page 5

panel) There's an angel... // in the jungle?
b1) Why did you stop?
b2) huh?
b3) You're being chased, right?
b4) Hah!?

page 6

b2) SAVE ME!!!

page 7

b1) Thi... this girl is...
b2) fighting on par with a jaguar!

page 8

b1) That's right, I heard about this in Riberalta,
b2) that in the village on the Madre de Dios, there's a single blond girl, // of spanish decent, living there.

page 9

b1) I also hear that they call her things like Jungle fairy,
b2) and the beautiful savage.
b3) And like her name suggests,
b4) Haaaaah!
b5) She's as beautiful as a fairy, and...

jpage 10

b1) She's a strong fighter!
b2) I thought it was just folklore,
b3) but she really does exist.

page 11

b1) phew
b2) Oh, ah... // well...
b3) You see...

page 12

b1) Ah?
b2) Hmmmm...
b3) what's...
b4) Huh?
b5) What is this? It's so cool!
b6) Everything looks funny!

page 13

b1) um, my glasses?
b2) Oh, sorry about that.
b3) Here you go.
b4) Ah.
b5) It's Shanana.
b6) Everyone calls me that, so you can call me that too!!

page 14

b1) M-my name is Tommy Carlson,
b2) Tommy... Car...
b3) Just Tommy will do.
b4) Thanks for saving me back there. // Words really don't do enough to show my gratitude...
b5) oops...
b6) Would you like to eat this with me?
b7) You're going to eat that?
b8) Eat whatever you catch,
b9) that's the rule of the jungle!!
b0) I-is that so?

page 15

b1) Hnngh // I can't seem to start a fire today!!
b2) WHA!!
b3) What was that!? That's cheating!!
b4) It's called a lighter. There's lighter fluid in here, and the flint here is used to make a spark,
b5) and this switch here is used to keep the gas flowing to keep the fire up. // Oh btw, the fluid used is...
b6) In other words, technology is improving steadily...
b7) Hmmm...
b8) Are there a lot of things like that in your village?
b9) Yeah... // well, I guess so.

page 16

b1) It's not a village, but in America, we have things like cars and airplanes.
b2) Also, we have cake and ice cream.
b3) America? // You're from America?
b4) That's right.
b5) I came here with my father who's an archaeologist to do some research.
b6) He and some men came to do some investigating.
b7) But while we were doing our investigation,
b8) that huge jaguar attacked our camp.

page 17

b1) Tommy, get out of here!!
b2) DAD!!
b3) After that, I ran like hell to get away from that jaguar, // and ended up getting saved by you.
b4) B-but...
b5) The other guys are...
b6) dad is no longer...

page 18

b1) Actually... I don't even know if I'll be able to make it out of here alive.
b2) Are you injured somewhere?
b3) That's not what I mean.

page 19

b1) Here Tommy, eat.
b2) huh?
b3) If you eat something, your pain will go away.
b4) ...okay.
b5) hm?
b6) Where'd she... Shanana?
b7) Shanana, where did you go?
b8) Shanana!

page 22

b1) Ah!!
b2) Good morning, Tommy. // Would you like to bathe too?
b3) WAH!?
b4) N-n-no thanks... I'll, uh...
b5) hm?
b6) Why won't you face me?
b7) Th-that's because...

page 23

b1) Whoa!!
b2) What happened now?
b3) Because you've lived in the jungle for so long, // you don't know things like reservation, and not showing off to...
b4) Come swim with me.
b5) The cold water feels good.
b6) I-I'm fine, thanks.
b7) What's wrong with you? // Why won't you face me?
b8) Would you leave me alone!?
b9) Huh?
b0) Why are you acting like that now? // You're not much to talk about?
b1) huh?

page 24

b1) I'm... not much?
b2) That's right!! If I didn't help you out yesterday, // you'd be onsa food right now.
right of panel) A jaguar is called onsa in the Amazon.
b3) Y-yeah right. I'm fine on my own.
b4) Th-then does that mean you didn't need any help from me?
b5) Yeah... I never once asked for you help...

page 25

b1) I've had enough of you, do whatever you want.
b2) I was going to whether you said so or not.
b3) I hope you get eaten by a gaiman!
b4) I can make it on my own in this jungle just fine!!
b5) What kind of fool called her a jungle fairy? // She's just a plain old savage!
b6) But she was really cute...
b7) What a waste...

page 26

b1) No! I need to be able to do these kinds of things on my own!
b2-5) haa
b6) I'm... thirsty...
b7) I should've at least taken some water with me.
b8) W-water...
b9-2) zeh
b3) Water.
b4) What's that sound?
b5) Ah!?

page 27

b1) mm
b2) mffm
b3) ha-hm
b4) ah... There's so much juice here, and it's...
b5) Goo~ood!!
b6) Sh-she did that just to show me up!
b7) I don't want anyway!
b8) Huh...

page 28

b1) We have things that are a lot better than that in America.
b2) Like ice cream, vanilla shake, and cola...
b3) Mmmmm...
b4) These are so good. // And I have so many of them. // What am I to do?
b5) Alright, you've made your point, I lose.
b6) Please give me one.

page 29

b1) Well, I guess I can spare one.
b2) tsk...
b3) Th-thanks.
b4) m-hm hm hm hm.
b5) ptu! // It's sour!
b6) huh?
b7) That's not true! It was sweet just a second ago!
b8) This papaya is supposed to be the sweetest thing in this jungle!
b9) IT'S SOUR!
b0) pfft.

page 30

b1) ha ha...
b2) Tommy, I'm sorry I got mad at you.
3b) No, I should be the one apologizing.
b4) Now let's show that we've made up!
b5) huh?
b6) Where I'm from, this is how we show that we've made up!

page 31

b1) mmm
b2) mguh
b3) moguh
panel) I'm suffocating.. // but it feels really good.
b4) huh?
b5) Tommy, what's wrong?
b6) HAAH!
b7) That was close, I couldn't breathe!
b8) hm?
b9) What?

page 32

b1) That's a pretty... rare choker.
b2) Oh this? This is like a charm to me!!
b3) That's cool. Some pretty intricate work was done on it,
b4) and the stone is really pretty, I wonder what it is...
b5) Where did you get it from?
b6) I've had this since I was born.
b7) I used to be able to take it off, but it got smaller and now I can't take it off.
b8) I-I think it's because YOU got BIGGER that it can't come off anymore.
b9) Is that so... I was the one who got bigger, huh?
b0) Why are you living out here by yourself?
b1) I don't know. // I've been here for as long as I can remember, so I don't know.

page 33

b1) What about your family? Your dad and mom?
b2) I don't have, I've never seen them.
b3) Of course you have.
b4) Everybody has a father and mother.
b5) Is that really true?
b6) See, look over here...
b7) Those birds,
b8) The rodents over there too,
b9) They all have a father and mother.
b0) A father and mother...

page 34

b1) Tommy!! // How do you make a father and mother?
b2) HUH!?
b3) You have it backwards, // A father and mother make a child.
b4) How do they do that?
b5) W-well... // they mix the egg and sperm together, and...

page 35

b1) This isn't good. I'm starting to lose to my desires...
b2) If that happens:
b3) Alright, why don't we try it first hand!
b4) Alright! Now I'll be able to make a father and mother!
b5) T-tommy... will I be...
b6) ah
b7) hngh
b8) Nnnn
b9) a mother like this?

page 36

b1) Something like that!
b2) Stop! I shouldn't be thinking like that!
b3) I'm such a loser!
b4) Tommy, you smell really good.
b5) It makes me feel at ease.

paeg 37

b1) If she keeps this up, I'll really...
b2) Shanana...
b3) take advantage...
b4) hm?
b5) I can't resist anymore!

page 38

b2) Damn, they got me!
b3) There are 2 of them now!
b4) A tag team now?

page 39

b1) Oww...
b2) Th-this time I'll protect you!!
b3) Tommy...

page 40

b1) Tommy? // Tommy, is that you?

page 41

b1) Dad...
b2) DAD!!!!
b3) I'm so glad you're safe.
b4) Who's that girl?
b5) Ah.
b6) H-hey!
b7) Wow, fire gets shot out of this hole!
b8) That's dangerous!
b9) Shanana...
b0) We need to take care of your wound.
b1) hm?
b2) Don't worry!! I'm used to a wound like this.
b3) Y-you're used to it... // It's a pretty deep wound you know.
b4) Tommy, is she the one we heard about in Riberalta?
b5) Yes, she is.

page 42

b1) My name is Shanana, nice to meet you.
panel) She's strong, beautiful, and very mysterious!
box) Meeting this girl took me // on an amazing trip that no one could ever had imagined.

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