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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Makyou no Shanana 2

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Jul 20, 2010 16:14 | Go to Makyou no Shanana

-> RTS Page for Makyou no Shanana 2

page 1

box) The campsite of the Carlson investigation team.
b1) The food is ready, eat up Shanana!!
b2) Thanks for the food!!
b3) Delish! What is this?
b4) It's called Pizza.
b5) It's an Italian dish that was brought over to America in the 19th century.
b6) -hmmm... I don't know what a "fokacha" is supposed to be, otherwise I would tl this bubble here... if someone knows, please tell me.-

page 2

b1) Do you get eat this all the time?
b2) No, not all the time. On occasion is all.
b3) Other cultures are nice!
b4) Huuh? // This one stretches out a lot.
b5) Shanana, that one is still raw!!
b6) It tastes good like this too!
b7) You're amazing...
b8) Thanks for the food.
b9) I'm the one who should be thanking you...

page 3

b1) You're the only reason I lived so long throughout this whole ordeal,
b2) so thanks.
b3) Don't worry about it, we're friends, right?
b4) But because of that, you were hurt so badly...
b5) Hurt? Oh, you mean this?
b6) HUH!?
b8) Huh?
b9) Little scratches like that normally heal after a single night's rest.
b0) N-no they don't... you were hit by a jaguar, you know.
b1) Really? // Is that how it works?

page 4

panel1) Her super healing ability, just like her superior physical strength... // I think there's something quite different to her than meets the eye.
b1) Have you ever been sick before?
b2) Yes, I have.
b3) Once every month, my stomach hurts,
b4) and I start to bleed down here.
b5) HUUH!?
b6) That is NOT a sickness!!

page 5

b1) Tommy, can you cure me?
b2) Huh... well, no, that's impossible.
b3) Is that so...
b4) She really doesn't know anything scientific.
panel1) With her like this, I could probably...
b5) There's this popular game in America where you put your mouths together.
b6) I want to do it too!
b7-9) -kiss and moan sounds, I'm lazy, sue me-
b0) Also, if you want your disease to be cured, // you'll need to take my personal syringe, and inject you in here...
b1) Something that big won't fit...
b2) Argh... Tommy, wait!
b3) Ah.
b4) hngh.

page 6

b1) T-tommy, this feels good!
b2-6) ahh // mhm // ahh(x4)
b7) P-please inject me some more
panel) End up doing something like that.
b8) WHA!?
b9) I'm such a fool! // How could I think of something like that?

page 7

b1) Tommy, what are you doing?
b2) DAD!?
b3) Well, it's just that Shanana's wounds are all healed!
b4) huh?
b5) Yeah, they're totally healed. // And that choker of hers.
b6) What a mysterious girl.
b7) Do you mind if I take a closer look at it?
b8) Go right ahead.
b9) hmm... I've never seen these symbols before...
b0) And there is neither a scratch, or mold on it at all!
b1) Is that an Incan item?
b2) No, it doesn't look like anything of the sort...
b3) Shanana doesn't even know where she got that from.
b4) hm?

page 8

b1) I don't think it's so, but just in case...
newspaper) Search for El Dorado!! // The well known treasure hunting Roberts couple leaves for the Amazon.
b2) Here it is!!
b3) Wow!! This is a really good painting!!
b4) It's a photograph.
b5) This photo is from 17 years ago, // when the famous treasure hunter Johny Roberts and his wife left for the amazon.
b6) They were trying to find El Dorado.
-The name used here says Majanka, but I don't know what that is. Since everything else mentioned so far is real, I used a real legend. El Dorado is supposed to be in or close to the Amazon so it fits. IF anyone knows what Majanka is, please tell me.-
b7) El Dorado?
b8) The legendary golden city.

page 9

panel1) Scientists believe that their civilization came before the Incans. // Some even say that they're the descendants of Atlantis.
panel2) However, without even knowing if the place actually existed or not,

page 10

panel1) The Roberts couple left a few years after that article, entered the Rio Madre de Dios, and never returned.
panel2) Rumor has it that they took residence in this land, // and that they had a baby girl...

page 11

b1) Then does that mean Shanana is!?
b2) Huh?
b3) She looks just like her, plus her age is just about right, so she might be.
b4) And if they did find El Dorado,
b5) that choker might be something from there.
b6) These 2 people,
b7) are my mother and father?

page 12

b1) Putting that aside for now, Shanana, do you know where Baguha's temple is?
b2) Baguha? What's that?
b3) It's a temple made of stone, it looks like a jaguar.
b4) We came here to investigate that temple.
b5) Jaguar?
b6) You know, an onsa.
b7) Oh, I know where that is.
b8) But I'm tired now, so I'm going to sleep.
b9) Huh?
b0) Good night.

page 13

b1) S-she's fast asleep...
panel) Shanana is such a fun girl to be around.
b2) Man, it's like she's totally naked.
b3) huh?

page 14

b1) Shanana!
b2) Where did she go?
b3) huh?
b4) AH!!

page 15

b1) Sha...
b2) Shanana! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?
b3) Oh, Tommy. Gayle was teaching me a game that's really popular in America right now!
b4) H-he thought of the same thing I did... but he actually...
b5) Gayle!!
b6) Don't get so mad, it's just a game.
b7) Don't give me that! You're just trying to take unfair advantage of her ignorance!

page 16

b1) There was nothing unfair in what I was doing, she didn't mind at all.
2b) hm?
b3) tsk.
b4) Listen, you're no one special here, // I'll tell my father and have you fired!
b5) Dad, dad...
b6) Whenever something happens, you spout out your father's name,
b7) just like a spoiled little brat.
b8) Have fun teaching that barbarian,

page 17

b1) The morals that we civilized people live by!!
b2) Tommy, are you mad?
b3) I'm not mad at you,
b4) I'm mad at Gayle for deceiving you.
b5) Deceive?
b6) A kiss is something that only people that are in love with one another do.
b7) Love?
b8) When you have strong feelings for the other person.
b9) Love... civilization is pretty hard...

page 18

b1) Don't worry, I'm here for you, // I'll teach you everything slowly.
b2) Okay!!
box1) After we finished our preparations, we left camp.
box2) And followed Shanana through the jungle.

page 19

b1) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
b2) Come on, hurry up!!

page 20

b1) Shanana, wait up.
b2) Ah.
b3) Look, I found a lot of Rio cherry's!!
b4) The name jungle fairy fits her to a T.
b5) Yeah.
panel) If we're with her, I think we can overcome any obstacle.
b6) Here, I'll share with everyone.
b7) We've arrived.
b8) huh?
b9) A-are you serious?

page 21

b1) I-is this the Baguha temple?
b2) hm....
b3) The witch doctors say there's a demon sealed in there, and we should stay away from it...

page 22

b1) R-really...
b2) Shanana, have you ever been inside?
b3) No, it's pitch black in there.
b4) WHOA!! Is that some more of your magic!?
b5) Of course not, it's a flashlight. // Advancements in technology have made it this small.
b6) Mmmmm
b7) Okay, once we're done preparing, we're going in.
b8) Yessir!!
b9) It would be great if we could find some treasure.
b0) P-professor, look at this...
b1) O-oh my...

page 23

b1) Th-this is awful...
b2) These guys must be treasure hunters... or what's left of them.
b3) D-did was just step foot into a death trap!?
b4) Shanana!

page 24

b1) This one is holding something.
b2) It's pretty dangerous out there, so come back.
b3) Okay.
b4) Shanana!!
b5) Raaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

page 25

b1) Haaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
b2) uh-oh

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