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Makyou no Shanana 3

Shanana, the jungle angel.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Aug 5, 2010 11:28 | Go to Makyou no Shanana

-> RTS Page for Makyou no Shanana 3

It looks like I'm going to have to make myself out to be a bit of a liar... oh well,

This is for Spiritovod's use ONLY.

page 1

b1) ruro!?
title) Shanana, the jungle angel.
b3) Shanana...
b4) T-tommy! Get a grip!
b5) Ah!?

page 2

b1) Ruruun

page 3

title) -the same as page1-
b1) ruh
b2) kuh
b3) ruhah
b4) Tommy, help me!

page 4

b1) Tommy, // help me!
b2) Right!
b3) Here, give me your hand!
b4) Yeah!!
b5) furauh... my legs hurt...
b6) Well, that's no surprise given your situation just now.. // But I'm glad that you're fine.
b7) I bet you it opened up some more.
b8) What did?

page 5

b1) The wound that I have down here.
b2) That's not a wound, you were born with that!
b3) P-professor Lloyd, over there...
b4) hm?
b5) What's that blue light?
b6) It's probably a treasure, let's take a look.
b7) Whoa, that's...!

page 7

b1) W-what's this wall of light?
b2) Did these ancient people have technology // that surpasses what we have today?
b3) And this jewel that looks like a scorpion,
b4) is that diamond? Or is it crystal?
b5) Which ever it is, we're going to be rich.

page 8

b1) STOP!!
b2) Huh?
b3) I-I'm getting a really bad feeling from that thing, // you shouldn't touch it.
b4) hmph, // that's just a legend passed on, right?
b5) No, I'm usually right with things like this!!
b6) Yeah right.

page 9

b1) Wait right there.
b2) Y-you too, professor?
b3) She has the same kind of senses wild animals do,
b4) if she feels danger, it's likely there.
b5) If there really is a god sealed in here like the legends say, we should be careful.
b7) Of course not.. But, it's a fact that this cave was built by someone with a very high knowledge of technology.
b8) We need to get an investigation team, with a physicist, here // to try and figure out this light before we do anything.

page 10

b1) I didn't say that.
b2) But I am saying it's a little too dangerous to do anything to it right now.
b3) Dammit.

page 11

b1) I'm coming for, my little treasure.
b2) Like hell I'd go home empty handed from this trip...
b3) after having to put up with that stupid father and son combo.
b4) Now, you're finally mine!
b5) I knew you would.
b6) huh?

page 12

b1) Shanana...
b2) Weren't you told not to touch that?
b3) I'll tell Tommy's father on you!
b4) Hey, wait a second...
b5) I know... why don't you and I partner up?
b6) If you do, I'll sell this and buy you some really nice clothes.
b7) I don't want any, I'm fine the way I am.
b8) Don't be like that, I've taken a liking to you.
b9) Well I hate you!!
b0) What the!? // You mean you choose that little brat over me!?

page 13

b1) You tried to trick me, so you're a bad guy!!
b2) But Tommy is nice to me!!
b3) tsk...
b4) ruah
b5) Whatever, I just need to shut you up.
b6) What's that?
b7) You don't know what a gun is?
b8) This is what it's used for!!

page 14

b1) ah!

page 15

b1) Oh shit!
b2) That was close...
b3) hm?
b4-6) haah
b7) W-what now!?
b8) What's going on?
b9) It's hot...
b0) Like I"m burning...

page 16

b1) Shanana, your hand!!
b2) ahh...
b3) ruh..
b4) kuh
b5) rururuh

page 18

b2) Th-this isn't my fault!!!
b3) There's no way in hell a person can turn into crystal!!
b4) This isn't a B-movie!
b5) huh!?
b6) Eeek!!

page 19

b1) What's going on out here?
b2) I'm hearing a voice from over there.
b3) Gayle, what happened?
b4) The... the scorpion...
b5) oh!?

page 20

b1) The scorpion... // My scorpion just...
b2) What on earth is that!?

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