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Witch Craft Works 3

Takamiya-kun and the Ivory Quintet

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Sep 20, 2010 02:47 | Go to Witch Craft Works

-> RTS Page for Witch Craft Works 3

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page 1

box1) These past couple of days, I've been attacked by a girl with animal ears, who says she's a tower witch.
box2) That same girl brought some of her teammates here, and they've all transfered into my class
box3) The one who saved me from her, was Kagari-san.
box4) She's beautiful, has a nice figure, she's smart, and is the most famous person in school, // and to top it off, she's a WITCH!!
box5) FYI, I'm Takamiya Honoka.
box6) Your run of the mill high schooler who's being chased and protected for reasons unknown to me.

page 2

panel) Sweetly dreaming while encompassed with all these dire thoughts
title) Takamiya-kun and the Ivory Quintet.

page 3

box1) That's right, // I've been caught up in all these events lately,
box2) and the one thing that's bothering me is, I'M THE ONLY ONE THAT DOESN'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!!
box3) This time around, I'm going to get the details from Kagari-san.
box4) I've tried on numerous occasions, but I've only been given the same monotonous 3-word answer "In due time". I'll make today that time!!
box5) ... however, she wasn't on the bus today.
box6) I wonder if something happened?
box7) Kagari-san doesn't seem like the type to oversleep.
box8) She wasn't in her private room either, should I search for her?
box9) I hope she wasn't attacked by those tower witches...

page 4

b1) Oh,
b2) Good morning, // Takamiya-kun.

page 5

broom1) 50 points
broom2) 1 point
broom3) 100 points
panel) HNNNNNNN!!! // Pwned.
box) WTF!!??

page 6

b1) Ka... // Kagari-san, what on earth do you think you're doing in the classroom!!?
b2) Hey wait a second...
sign) Torture experiment club
b3) THIS... // Isn't our classroom!!
b4) What the!? I could've sworn // I took the same hallway...
b5) I cast a spell on you that would bring you here without you realizing.
b6) This is one of the unused club rooms.
b7) What...
b8) on earth... // IS THIS!?

page 7

b1) Do you need to ask? // It's a witch hunt.
b2) huh?
b3) Well, yesterday, you said they were troubling you...
box1) Trouble?
box2) Yesterday, // on the way home.
b4) Man...
b5) Things have really taken a turn for the worse, there's 5 of them in our class now...
b6) And they're all coming after me, right?
b7) This is really troubling...
b8) What if you end up getting hurt, like last time...
b9) Takamiya-kun...

page 8

b1) If those 5 are around,
b2) Takamiya-kun will be troubled...
box1) I remember...
box2) I really did say that.
b3) I really wanted to be with you as we came to school this morning,
b4) but I thought it would be best to get rid of them as quickly as possible, but one got away. // So I figured if I tortured the others like this, that last one would show up.
b5) Um, you know... // Kagari-san...

page 9

box1) WAHHH!! -small print- that scared the shit out of me!
box2) Oh yeah, // I totally forgot that these girls were still here.
b3) Hey,
b4) Can you take that thing out of her mouth? // It looks like she wants to say something.
b5) Also, remove the fire.

page 10

b1) ptu!
panel) Yeah, you tell her!
box1) Wow...
box2) I can't believe she just said that about herself...
b4) And you know, // this all happened because you didn't train her well, Takamiya-kun!!
b5) Train?
panel2) Shake.
b6) Isn't she your woman!?

pgae 11

b1) What...
b2) Excuse me!?
b5) Takamiya-kun,
panel) Pissed. // ha ha
b6) Is it alright if I turn that to cinders? -small print- it's annoying.
b8) Um...
b9) You know,
b0) Kuraishi-san... // or was it ms. crazy?
b2) Why are you guys // coming after me?

page 12

b1) I have no idea
b2) why I'm being targeted like this.
b3) Did I...
b4) do something before to make you angry? // Or was it something else?
b5) You haven't heard anything from that girl?
b6) huh?
b7) Well, I guess that's to be expected,
b8) She's one of the workshop witches.
b9) The one who was responsible for hiding you all this time.

page 13

b1) We have nothing personal against you.
b2) We're just after your body.
b3) My... // body?
b4) To be more precise, // that WHITE STUFF that's inside of you.

page 14

b1) Tanpopo-chan (x2),
b2) hm?
b3) if you put it like that,
b4) isn't he going to take what you said the wrong way?
b5) Why would he?
b6) ...Now I feel dumb for even asking.
panel) They're after my body! // And specifically, the white stuff within me!? // WHITE STUFF...!? // THAT WHITE STUFF!!?
between panels) He totally took it the wrong way.
b7) Takamiya-kun, // don't take everything the enemy says seriously.
b8) Oh... // Yeah!
b9) kuh kuh... that aside. // Is it really alright,
b0) for you guys to be like that?

page 15

b1) You caught 4 of us... out of 5!
b2) huh?

page 19

b1) This chick is all yours!
b2) Takamiya // kuh...
b3) Kagari // sah...

page 21

b1) You now have us to deal with,
b2) fire witch!!!

page 22

b1) You know, // I never thought that those 4 would be caught so easily.
b2) That was way out of my calculations.
b3) Well, // she does guard you like your her final meal.
b4) Everything should be fine now, I'll just leave with you in hand.
b5) I... can't move.
panel sfx.) crack
panel) Ha ha ha!

page 23

b1) Kyahh!

page 24

b1) Are you kidding!?

page 25

b1) What the...
b4) It's like Mario after he gets a star...
b5) Hey!!
b6) Don't come any closer!!

page 26

b1) Or else I'll have my pup // bite his head off!
b2) Ka... // Kagari-san,
b3) you don't... // need to worry about me...
b5) Takamiya-kun,
b6) you're the one that doesn't need to worry, and just wait on me.
b7) I'll have you out of there in a jiffy.

page 27

b1) I'm just trying to decide how I should cook up that woman...
b2) I bet it would be pretty cool if I started with her web looking hair.

page 28

b1) I-if possible, I'd like you to do it in a more peaceful manner.
b2) Hah!
b3) You seem // to be fully at ease here.
b4) I-I originally thought // that you were simply protecting the white stuff inside of him,
b5) but from the looks of it, Takamiya himself is more important to you than that.
b6) I guess THAT'S your true mission, huh?
b7) But as you can see, he's in my hands right now.
b8) H-how do you plan to rescue him from this situation? // JUST TRY IT, FIRE WITCH!!

page 29

panel) Fire.
b3) Kyahh!!

page 30

b1) WHAT
b2) ON EARTH!?
b3) Takamiya-kun was // set on fire!?
b4) ugh.

page 31

b1) Why...
b2) are Takamiya's wounds...
bubble sfx.) shhh
b3) He who fights and runs away, // lives to fight another day.
b4) I'll catch you two later.
box) The other 4. (Are running away with their tails between their legs.)
b5) I get the feeling we won't ever beat that witch.
b6) She has to have some kind of weakness.
b7) I'm more concerned about my skin right now...
b8) It's still only 1st period...

page 32

b1) hmmm...
b2) This is Kagari-san's room...
box) There was a scene just like this before.
b3) Wasn't I...
b4) OW!
b5) But there isn't a wound.

page 33

b1) Are you up now?
b2) Kagari-sa...
b3) Hey, // why are you wearing a scarf!?
book) The proper way to fool a person.
b4) because it's a bit cold today.
b5) We're in the middle of June.
b6) Takamiya-kun, listen...
b7) hm?

page 34

b1) I've been...
b2) praying that, // you would be able to live out your life totally oblivious to what's going on around you,
b3) concerning us witches.
b4) Kagari-san...
b5) But, // those tower witches will continue to attack you.
b6) Plus, you've learned, although a little, of what's going on. // To get back your peaceful days that you've enjoyed so far, we're going to have to be the ones to go on the offensive.
b7) Go on the offensive?
b8) We'll have to take care of the final boss!!
b9) The one who's disrupted your daily life, the man pulling the strings!!

page 35

b1) Now for the problems we have to overcome to achieve that...
b2) I don't have the slightest clue who the final boss is...
b3) Shouldn't that be the most important thing?
box1) The reason Kagari-san didn't tell me anything, // was to keep me from danger.
b4) Although I said that, there's no need to feel uneasy.
b5) With my powers, I can find out who that is easily.
box2) She's protected me from the shadows all this time. // And she's trying to go on the offensive for me as well.
box3) Kagari-san, there's something underneath that scarf that you can't show me, right?
box4) A scar of some sort that my weakness brought upon you.
box5) Come on Honoka, you know what it is you should be doing right now.
b6) And once I do, I'll finish him in the blink of an eye. So until then, // please hide in a safe a...

page 36

b1) Please tell me everything. // What's going on between us, who those girls are... // please, don't fight by yourself anymore.
b2) I'm the one that they're after. // I can't stand to see you get injured on my behalf.

page 37

b1) Also, I have a request of you.
b2) Can you teach me magi...
b3) I mean, would you allow me to be your pupil!?
b4) huh?

page 38

b1) Welcome back,
b2) MASTER!!
b3) This way please!!

page 39

b1) Long time, no see. // Kazane.
b2) What on earth could a bad guy like you // possible want in calling me out here?
b3) Cronoir Shwartz.
b4) I see you're still as cold as always. // This is the first time that we're meeting in over 30 years.
b5) Isn't it the proper etiquette of you workshop witches to greet the witch that governs a new area that you go to?
b6) That's only between us workshop witches, // you're a tower witch.
b7) That's right, we're enemies.
b8) However, we're also friends that have lived through many different times.

page 40

b1) When did you get here?
b2) Late last night.
b3) kuh kuh...
b4) I heard that kids under Medusa have started a little skirmish with the kids under the master.
b5) I thought I could get in on the fun too.
panel) Kazane & Kurono
b6) Once he's found, sooner or later, it'll turn into an all out war!!
left of panel) All the witches are after Takamiya-kun!!
b7) Walpurgis night is upon us!!

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