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Makyou no Shanana 5

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Oct 4, 2010 00:06 | Go to Makyou no Shanana

-> RTS Page for Makyou no Shanana 5

it's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry 4 the delay.

page 1

b1) It took one of Shanana's full body attacks, and got it's head blown off, yet it's...
b2) I want... that power... // I want...
b3) Shanana... // would you...
b4) Would you...
b5) combine with me!?

page 2

b1) urah
b2) kuh
b3) uruuh
b4) This feels great... combining with you...

page 3

b2) You don't need to feel so embarrassed...
b3) I can't believe he's still alive!
b4) Is he immortal!?
b5) Isn't there anyway to take this guy down!?
b6) Oh!!

page 4

b1) That light just might do it!
b2) Shanana!! That blue light!! // Throw him back in there!
b3) huh?
b4) It'll turn him back into a crystal!
b5) Okay.
b6) Fool! This is the first time in over 10,000 years that I'm tasting freedom,

page 5

b2) Now what? You no longer have a way to beat me, // and as a bonus, you can't see me either.
b3) tsk.

page 6

b1) But I'm sure you know,
b2) that bats don't need sight to move around.
b3) They use something like a sound radar to navigate.

page 7

b1) guh fuh fuhfuh. // Nicely done. Feeling the my movements through the subtle changes in the air...
b2) Then I'll just...
b3) How do you like these high frequency waves?
b4) There's a really nice echo in here, right?

page 8

b1,2) kuh
b3) M-my head...
b4) ruh
v5) ruah)
b6) rurah
b7) ah
b8) I'll make you a part of me after you've lost consciousness.

page 9

b1) Shanana, close your eyes!
b2) Okay.
b3) Gayle... // I mean, Baguha!
b4) hm?
b5) What did MIT's Robert Edgarton invent in 1931?
b6) I don't know.
b7) THIS!!

page 10

b1) How do you like the taste of technology!?
b2) My eyes...!
b3) Now's our chance, let's get out of here.
b4) There's the exit!
b6) Hah?
b7) Oh no... he's already coming after us!
b8) What the... Shanana?
b9) Wha?

pge 11

b1) What on earth are you doing?
b2) Tommy, you need to get out of there!
b3) B-but...
b4) WOAH!
b5) You're not going anywhere!
b6) OH NO!!

page 12

b2) rururu...

page 14


page 15

b1) You're better off being in a million little pieces!!
b2) That was amazing...
b3) kuh
b4) Ruh?

page 16

b2) Now then, Shanana...
b3) it's about time we become one...

page 17

b1) What!?
b2) She jumped in of her own accord!?
b3) hah

page 18

b1) ruh ruh
b2) ruh rah
b3) ruhh

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