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Translations: Gintama 601 (2) , One Piece 836 by cnet128 , Bleach 686 by cnet128

Diamond no Ace 33


+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Oct 8, 2010 20:47 | Go to Diamond no Ace

-> RTS Page for Diamond no Ace 33

Yeah... apparently, I started on the wrong chapter... so here's the real 1st one.
This is for helz0ne's use only.

page 1

title) Requiem
b1) tsk!
b2) Another bunt!?

page 2

b1) Ball!
b2) Whoa!

page 3

b1) Safe!!
b2) kuohhhhhhhh!!!
b3) Why are you guys only setting up to bunt!!?
panel) Just like the lead off batter, this guy is also bunting. // Is this a tactic to disrupt Sawamura?
b4) Stop getting distracted by them putting up a bunt stance!!
b5) You walked the lead off again!
b6) Eijun-kun, calm down. // Just let them bunt if they want, they're giving us a free out.
b8) Well... you didn't need to respond like that.
b9) kuh kuh

page 4

b1) Keep it up, get in his head!
b2) Make sure he isn't himself anymore!
b4) You're not going to bunt?
b5) That fool is letting everything around him disrupt his rhythm.
b6) I know how he feels.
b7) Safe!
b8) That was close!

page 5

b1) But this is exactly what you wanted, right Saizen?
b2) kuh kuh
b3) Full count, // 1 out, runner on first.
b4) I wonder how they're going to attack now?
b5) What?
b6) Bunting with 2 strikes!?
panel) Don't worry about it. // Pitch like you're supposed to.
b7) RAH!!

page 6

b1) Ahh, he bunted it foul!
-in case u don't know, that's strike 3.-
b2) What a waste.
b3) Alright, there's 1 out!
b4) That's right, you're at your best like this!
b5) S-sorry about that.
b6) It's pretty difficult to get a read on his pitches.
b7) kuh kuh kuh... this is perfect.
b8) You made him throw so many times.
panel) We're not trying to disrupt the pitcher. // 1 out!

page 7

b1) We're going after that catcher.
b2) He hurt his shoulder and hasn't played for a full year.
b3) If he throws now, he's bound to make an error.
b4) Another bunt?

page 8,9

b1) A steal!?
b2) He got a good jump off of him too!!
b3) tsk.
panel) I wonder if I'll get him?

page 10

b1) Huh?
b2) Safe!

page 11

b1) What was that... did he slip or something?
b2) That catcher made a throwing error!?
b3,4) kuh kuh kuh

page 12

b1) kuh ha ha ha ha!! What is that!? // What happened to that laser beam throw to second base!?
b2) Just like I thought, he isn't totally healed yet!!
b3) Run like hell!
b4) Run all over them!
b5) Chris-senpai.
panel) I knew your shoulder wasn't healed yet.
b6) Don't worry, I'm fine.

page 13

panel) Yuu...
b1) 1 OUT!
b4) Right!

page 14

b1) RIGHT!!
panel) Dammit, it's because I let him get such a good jump off of me...
b2) You can bunt as much as you want.

page 15

b2) RAH!

page 16

b1) H-he got it down!
b2) But it hasn't lost any speed!
b3) Ohhhhh!
panel1) I got this!
b4) Leave it to me!!
panel2) Will I get the runner at third?

page 17

b1) No...
b3) Sa...
b4) SAFE!!

page 18

b1) Whoa... safe at third on the fielder's choice*. // Now the runners at first and third are safe.
*=right of panel) A fielder's choice is a play where the batter would normally be out, but the fielder tries to get the lead runner to keep him out of scoring position. If the batter makes it safely to base, it doesn't count as a hit.
b2) What's wrong with that catcher, his throws have gotten really poor all of the sudden.
b3) Chris...
b4) senpai...
b5) With just 2 and half years of high school baseball,
b6) who would've known that a full year off would make such a difference...
b7) You're just a shell of your former self.

page 19

b1) As your former rival in the senior (as opposed to little) leagues,
b2) it's my duty to perform the last rites for you.
panel) S-saizen!?
b3) 1 out, runners on the corners. // And to think it was the catcher's, the one who pulled the team together, errors that made this situation.
b4) Will the momentum fall to the opponents now?

page 20

panel1) The chance you've been given only lasts // 3 innings.
panel2) Pitch the very best you can, // Sawamura.
b1) Dammit, what the hell am I doing? // I got my wish to be in a battery with Chris-senpai, but...
b2) my mistakes are now causing the whole team trouble...
panel3) I still haven't given Chris-senpai back anything.

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#1. by alf123 ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2010
Great, when you post Ch37, i've been wondering whose group is picking this up. It's good thing you mentioned helzone group. Are they really going to scanlate this? Can't wait if its true.
#2. by Gradonil_Ral ()
Posted on Oct 12, 2010
Yes, we are.

I'll try to release this chapter by Friday.
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