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Witch Craft Works 4

Takamiya-kun and the witches feelings.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Oct 26, 2010 19:14 | Go to Witch Craft Works

-> RTS Page for Witch Craft Works 4

This is for animexis' use only.

page 1

box1) Sunday,
box2) 9 am.
left of panel) The sweet personal times begins now!!
box3) Yeah, this is a little odd.
box4) I don't know why I'm getting so nervous.
box5) I'm just meeting up with a classmate of mine today.
box6) Well, // it's not like I don't know why I'm nervous.
b1) Hey there.
box7) Because...

page 2

b1) Did you wait long?
box) The person I'm meeting with is the hottest chick in school, AND she's a witch.
b2) No, I just got here myself.
title) Takamiya-kun and the witches feelings.

page 3

box1) I... I need to calm down. // I know, but... in all my life,
b1) You're in you school uniform today too?
b2) Because I had to make a stop at the school before I came here.
b3) Oh.
box2) this is the first time that I'm going out with a girl! (aside from family)
box3) But you know, // today's activities,
box4) are because of what happened yesterday, right?
panel1) Yesterday.
paenl2) I asked Kagari-san to make me her pupil.
box5) I guess she was mad that a person with no knowledge whatsoever of magic asked her to be her pupil, and she quickly changed the subject...
panel3) Knock first!
b4) Bro,
b5) it's for you. A girl.
bear) New York Soul -OR- Spirit of New York.
-I've seen shirts and bears that have both being sold in tourist areas out here in NYC-
box6) But this morning, she called my house and asked me out.

page 4

box1) And now,
box2) this is where we are.
b1) Kagari-san,
b2) where are we going?
b3) Hmm...
b4) I'll let the suspense build,
b5) until we get to the surprise.
b6) huh?
b7) We're going to walk a little bit,
b8) so let's talk some.
-DAMN he's short!!-

page 5

b1) There's something I want to talk to you about.
b2) What is it?
b3) About...
b4) us witches.
b5) Takamiya-kun, // yesterday when I fought those tower witches,
b6) Uh, // yeah.
b7) A shortcut?
b8) do remember them calling me a workshop witch?
b9) Yeah, I do remember one of them saying that.
b0) Well, to be accurate, I'm actually a witch that's in the care of the workshop.
b1) Workshop?

page 6

b1) There are 2 major types of witches in this world.
b2) 1 is the witches that are trying to protect this world, // they would be the workshop witches.
b3) We go to cities where a lot of people gather and build a workshop there.
b4) We keep watch to make sure that no one is using magic for evil purposes.
b5) There will be an established workshop in each major city. // From there we do all of our overseeing. // And those are our witchcraft works.
panel) We're normal civilians otherwise.

page 7

b1) And the other type is // the type that uses magic for whatever they feel like.
b2) They're the tower witches.
b3) I don't know exactly what they're after, but they always try put the world into chaos.
b4) They couldn't be bothered with how the world turns out, or if people die.
b5) If...
b6) you were to fall into their hands,

page 8

b1) Disaster would befall this world.
b2) Kagari-san...
b3) Then... what does... // that make me?
b4) To be blunt, the tool by which humanity will be destroyed.
panel) A giraffe's neck will grow longer. // A lobster will be a pro boxer.
b5) You'll destroy the earth. // And rule as the great demon king.
b6) R-r-r-really!?
b7) ...pyske.
box1) Kagari-san...
box2) since you rarely smile, I can't tell if you're joking or not...

page 9

box1) Whatever the case,
box2) Kagari-san is protecting me so that I don't actually become that.
panel sfx.) ding ding
b1) Welcome.
b2) K-Kagari san!?
b3) I'm a little tired, // let's take a break.
-now for a few pages of big tit chicks-
b4) What will you be having today?
b5) Oh, princess!! Will you have the usual?
box3) This menu kinda looks like magic instruction booklel...

page 10

b1) Please enjoy yourselves.
panel1) He ordered something random, and this is what he got.
b2) Oh, a challenger.
b3) I shouldn't have ordered this!!
b5) So you really are here!! The other girls were making a big fuss about it, and it looks like they were actually right this time.
b6) If you're in the store,
b7) why don't
b8) you...
b9) kyahh!

page 11

b1) Say something to me?
panel1) oww
b2) Another weirdo showed up!
bubble sfx.) ting
b3) Oh, I know! You came to see me working hard, right!?
panel2) What the... it's frozen solid.
b4) You're usually SOO cold to me.
b5) Kyahh!! There it is, the "I wish this stupid tit-monster would disappear" stare!!!
-Maybe u didn't notice the last panel, so I'll give u a hint, think Gray and Natsu.-

page 12

b1) Well, that's fine with me. // I'm satisfied with just being able to get this close to you.
b2) Oh yeah.
b3) I nearly forgot.
b4) Have you heard about the matter with Cronoir?
b5) It appears the ol' wicked witch of the west is in this city right now!
b6) I've also received word that the star and flower teams have also entered the city.
b7) There are a lot of tower witches coming to this city now,
b8) What on earth is going on here?
b9) Eek!! That piercing stare!! // That's the same stare I got that day when I tried to do a scene from a movie on you, and you stuffed everything down my throat!!
b0) The 3rd wheel will now leave!
b1) Please take care of the princess,
b2) Takamiya-kun.
panel) Bye-bye // Why do you know my name?

page 13

b1) Hey, // that girl just now, // could she have been...?
b3) Hm?
b4) I don't know her.
b5) HUUUH!!?
b6) Just kidding.
b7) Truthfully, she's a person that I would be better off NOT knowing.
b8) Anyway, // let's get out of here.
b9) HUH?
b0) ah, // Sure.
panel) This ended up inedible...

page 14

box1) To most normal people,
box2) wouldn't this be known as shopping...?
box3) Was her reason for calling me out today...
box4) just to have someone to carry her bags?
panel sfx.) waah waahh

page 15

panel) Are yo lost? There, there, stop crying. I'll help you find your mother.
b1) HELLO!!
box) What a nice scene... if that were Kagari-san, she would...

page 16

b1) Whoa!
b2) Hm?
b3) Can I help you?

page 17

b1) I just got this a second ago too.
b2) And to think I hit the jackpot!
panel) I'm on fire!
b3) Ex... // Excuse me?
b4) Out my way, stupid kid.
b5) kyah
b6) Sorry for the wait,
b7) let's go to the next...
b8) Oh, // Kagari-sa

page 18

b1) HA HA HA!!
b2) WHOA!

page 19

b1) We're back! // There was so much to choose fr
b2) om...
b3) hm?

page 20

b1) Mii-chan,
b2) Right behind you.
b3) Kagari San...

page 21

b1) Stay down like that.
b2) ugh...

page 22

b1) What the!?
b2) cough cough
b3) Where'd she go?
b4) ugh...
panel) Where's that nice girl?
b5) That little girl!
b6) Ah!
b7) Gyah!

page 23

b1) UH-OH!

page 24

b1) Isn't that sound a...
b2) Don't worry, it'll all be over soon.

page 25

b1) Ow, that's hot!
b2) What...
b3) is this!?
b4) Bang.

page 26

b1) Oh shit!!

page 28

b1) Hey, we're getting out of here!
b2) HUUH!?
b3) I can still fight...
b4) Don't give me that! Both of you were 1 hit-KO'd!
b5) Pretty little couple,
b6) we'll leave things like this for today.

page 29

b1) You two are going to need to be very vigilant now,
b2) because regardless of where you are, we're going to be coming after you!
b3) We were just a little unlucky today, but we'll get you next time!!!
b4) There are a lot of weirdos among you witches, aren't there?
panel) Mommy!

page 30

b1) Um, // Kagari-san...
b2) I want to apologize, // for getting caught back there.
b3) Yeah,
b4) you know,
b5) you're a little too defenseless.

page 31

b1) uhn...
b2) While being so defenseless,
b3) do you really think you can handle being my pupil?
b5) Since the enemies keep piling up,
b6) I think it's a lot better to learn a little magic,
b7) than to do nothing and just wait for their attacks.

page 32

b1) Like I said yesterday, // once I defeat the one pulling the strings, everything will be over.
b2) It's be great if I could find that person right now, // but there's the high possibility that this will drag out for a while.
panel) Kagari-san...
b3) Can I ask you something?
b4) Why don't you do something directly to me?
b5) Well, you know, if it's such a bad thing for me to get caught by those tower witches, // why don't you hide me somewhere, or seal me away or something? // If I hadn't left my house today, I wouldn't have been attacked, besides...

page 33

b1) Ow...
b2) Stop worrying about minor details.
b3) Did you study for tomorrow's // grammar quiz?
b4) Huh?
b5) I've // wanted to say this for a while now.
b6) But every time we have one of those, you look like you're having a hard time.
b7) Whereas, if you'd just study for it, it's pretty easy.
b8) Or is it that you do study, and you still dont' get it?

page 34

b1) Whichever the case, // if you're going to worry about something, you're better off worrying about your school work.

page 35

b1) That's the kind of world // I'm fighting to protect.

page 36

box1) Kagari-san...
box2) I guess she's right.
box3) My worries won't do us any good...
b1) What's wrong? // Are you tired?
b2) No, // I'm fine.

peg 37

b1) Oh,
b2) I figured we were headed for the school. // Since we take this road 5 days a week.
b3) This is the workshop.
panel1) What?
sign) Chairman's office.
panel2) No way!
b4) Yes?
b5) haaa...
b6) So you're finally here?

page 38

b1) Why is it that you're coming back NOW when it's long past snack time,
b2) since you left to pick him up before noon!?
panel) pissed.
b3) Ayaka!!
b4) Ms. Chairwoman!!

page 39

box1) This woman is the chairwoman.
-Yeah, I think we got that from the last page...-
b1) I just got a phone call. // It was a report from the shopping center, // the man said: "Your wild horse just used her fire to inscribe some mystery circles on the floor, please give me a break!"
box2) Her name is Kagari Kazane.
b2) After you burnt a hole through the floor yesterday, // didn't I strictly warn you!?
box3) She also happens to be // Kagari-san's mother!
b4) Seriously now, // what's a workshop witch doing destroying things?
b5) E-excuse me!
b6) I don't mean to step in like this, but you're a little off the mark there, ms. chairman.
b7) Kagari-san was only...
b8) Oh, look at who we have here. // This is the first time that we're speaking face to face, right Takamiya Honoka-kun.

page 40

b1) You can complain about her all you want later. I've heard about your wanting to be her pupil. // And that's the reason she brought you here today, for a workshop custom.
b2) When a subordinate is going to take on a pupil, they need to meet with that person's commander.
b3) And I see no problem with you, Takamiya Honoka-kun.
b4) Welcome
b5) to the workshop.
panel) Training begins!?
box1) The next day.
b6) Put this on.
box2) You mean...
box3) all that shopping yesterday was for this?
box4) At that time, the animal ear girls were...
box5) And Cronoir was...
b7) I want to take part in the next chapter...

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