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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Witch Craft Works 5

Takamiya-kun and Cronoir's trap.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Nov 18, 2010 19:45 | Go to Witch Craft Works

-> RTS Page for Witch Craft Works 5

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page 1

panel1) Battle!!
b3) Takamiya-kun, make sure you watch everything from there.
b4) okay.
b5) Watching your teacher and stealing their moves // is what it means to be a student.
b6) Tanpopo-chan, are we going to be alright? // She's invincible.
b7) We talked this over yesterday! We came with a proper plan this time! // We're going to attack her together.
panels) Start!!

page 2

panel) And the battle is over!! // Kagari Ayaka // is unstoppable!!
title) Takamiya-kun and Cronoir's trap.
b1) Kyahhhhhhhhhhh!!

page 3

b1) Alright, I need to make sure I watch everythi... IT'S OVER ALREADY!?

page 4

b1) Morning.
bubble sfx.1) cla-clack
b2) It's the princess!
b3) Who the hell is that guy next to her!?
b4) ...sigh.
b5) I can't believe those girls attacked us // first thing in the morning.
b6) Where do they get the energy from?
b7) hm?
b8) I had the image that your locker would be full to the brim with letters of guys asking you,
b9) I guess that's not the ca...
b0) WHOA!!!
b1) Actually,
letters) Death threat // DIE! // Up yours!
b2) my personal guard takes care of all them for me.

page 5

box1) My name is Takamiya Honoka.
-does this need to be repeated every chapter!? People aren't so dumb that they'd forget after 2 months...-
b1) Do you plan on reading all of those?
b2) Uh, // Yeah, I'll try to...
b3) They were written so they'd be read...
panel1) Good day, my princess. // Princess! // Good morning princess! // I love you princess!
box2) For some reason, I'm being targeted by girls who call themselves tower witches.
box3) This person is Kagari-san.
-This is a seinen manga... the guys are NOT going to 4get someone this hot! pun intended-
box3) She looks good, has a nice body, is smart and is the most popular person in school!
b4) btw, did you watch all of the fight just now?
box4) She's the witch that's protecting me.
b5) huh?

page 6

b1) The fight ended rather quickly this time, but that doesn't mean there wasn't anything that you could learn.
b2) No matter how small the matter is, there's always something to be learned.
panel1) Princess! // Good morning princess.
box1) And on top of that, now...
b3) You understand?
panel2) Good morning princess! // You're looking very beautiful today too! // Good morning m'lady!
box2) She's my magic instructor!
panel3) Princess!

page 7

b1) whoa.
b2) Look these over during your break time.
b3) Let's see... // Chemistry, math, English...
b4) Isn't this...
b5) This is part of your training.
b6) If there's something you don't understand, ask me.
panel) Princess, why are you always looking after that guy!? // Teach me too!!

page 8

panel1) Already something I don't understand! // Umm, Sch... Schu...bert?
b1) Oh, this part here...
b2) WHOAAAA!!!
panel2) + she smells good.
b3) tsk
b4) die.
b5) Who the hell is that guy?

page 9

b1) Alright class,
panel sfx.) clap(x2)
b2) line up.
b3) Today we're going to be playing tennis.
b4) The first 2 courts will be for the boys, and the last 2 will be for the girls.
b5) It's going to be doubles matches, so split into and pair up.
b6) Takamiya-kun.

page 10

b1) Pair up with me.
panel1) tsk, let that guy play by himself!
b2) huh? // Kagari-san!?
b3) But, we're not doing mixed doubles.
b4) Boy over there, // team up with the princess!
b5) She says it's no challenge playing against other girls, so she's playing against the boys!
panel2) Are you serious!? // Boo(x2)
b6) This is also... // part of your training, Takamiya-kun.

page 11

b1) We're going to win every point!
b2) fist
panel sfx.1) tap
b3) too close.
b4) Y... // yeah.
panel sfx.2,4) pow!
panel sfx.3,5) foosh
b5) haa... // haa...

page 12

b1) Here, stand up.
b2) huh?
b3) Hold the racket like this,
b4) try to loosen up a little
-that's about the only time a men will enjoy being short!-
panel) kill him(x17)

page 13

panel sfx.) ding, dong, dang, dong.
b1) Okay class, // those going home, be careful. And those with after school activities, do your best.
b2) I'll see you all tomorrow,
b3) you're dismissed!!
box1) ugh... the killing intent around me is getting stronger...
b4) At the station...
b5) Oh!
b6) Bye-bye! // See ya tomorrow!
b7) That little...
box2) I'm very appreciative of Kagari-san's deep interest in teaching me, but...
b8) Takamiya-kun,
b9) It's time to leave
b0) Oh, // yeah.
panel1) Princess, see you tomorrow!
panel2) That wasn't good. // Why am I starting to get down?

page 14

box1) This is the path that I've chosen for myself. // In fact, now is when the real training be...
box2) ...gins?
b1) WHAAAT!?
sign) Fuyutsuki high bus station
panel1) Bus stop.
b3) I thought that since class was over we'd be going on to the hard training, and I was preparing myself for that...
b4) Hm...
b5) Well, that was the plan,
b6) but you were about to fall over.
b7) oops!
b8) There's no need to rush, we'll just it tomorrow.
box3) Whoa, my instructor is like a super guardian...

page 15

b1) Kagari-san, I'm sorry.
b2) Because of me, you've been put into a bad situation...
b3) haha... // You know I was really surprised yesterday. // Who would've known that the school I always attend,
b4) was you witches base of operations! -small print- And that the chairman is the boss...
b5) That's because our school is a well known school for witches...
b6) HUH!?? // FOR REAL!!?
sign1) Next stop is / Fuyutsuki high bus station
sign2) Next stop is
b7) chnm
b8) Does that mean...

page 17

b1) Kagari-san, what happe...?
b2) Stay seated.
b3) My master once said // that life is like a box of chocolates.
-I couldn't help myself... it's really close 2 what's really there, so leave it if u want. If not, it's 'that life is like candy.'-
b4) In fact, she even narrowed it down to // either chocolate mousse or fudge brownies.
-continuation of previous joke, actual words are: Strawberry shortcake, Gateau chocolat-
b5) Now then, // I've always wanted to ask, why a box of chocolates?
b6) Anyway, // Nice to meet you two.
b7) Princess, and Kazane's daughter, fire starter, do you guys have any idea?

page 18

b1) My name is Cronoir Schwarz VI.
b2) I've come in all my magnificence!

page 19

bubble sfx.) click

page 20

b1) What's going on? Who is that girl?
b2) You're quite the problem when you start fighting...
b3) So I procured a way to keep you from moving.
b4) I got the iron extraction from an oceanic drill site where... // Well, I'll leave out all the boring details.
-thank goodness! I didn't want to have to translate that!-
b5) click

page 21

b1) What the...
b3) kuh kuh... just like I thought, not even a scratch.
b4) STOP THAT!!!
b6) ...hm, how admirable of you. // To use your body to cover for her. // But you really don't know anything, do you?
b7) Now then, let's get to the real problem here.
b8) Whether I stab her, or slice her stomach, or pierce her heart, // that girl will NOT die. -small print- I just confirmed that.

page 22

b1) huh...
b2) ugh...

page 23

b1) Now tell me,
b2) where does it hurt?
b3) ah...
box1) What the... it... // doesn't hurt?
box2) My clothes are cut and all,
box3) but there's no wound.
bubble sfx.1) shiing
bubble sfx.2) click

page 24


page 25

b2) Take a look at her wound.
box1) That's // right! I should be checking the severity of the wound she got...
box2) I might be able to tend to it...
b3) huh?
b4) kuh kuh... did you notice?
b5) The wound she has, is the one I just gave to YOU!

page 26

b1) Damage transfer!
b2) is what it's called.
b3) That woman becomes the recipient // of whatever kind of injury you receive.
b4) However,
b5) whoa.
b6) Unless you two are close together, the technique won't work.
b7) There's also a pattern that won't allow the technique to work even if the two of you are close. // It's not something that's easily explained, but I'll take the ti...
b9) Shut up and listen, boy.
b0) Or else that girl will die.

page 27

b1) Now then, how is it, this girl is able to take all your damage?
b2) Simply put: that's the path that awaits those who are bound by contract.
b3) She's borrowing from the powers within you, and is making herself invincible.
b4) By the special privilege that comes from serving as your personal knight.
b5) I have no idea what happened in the past,
b6) but you two are very tightly bound.
b7) If you want to save the girl, // then you'll only need to give her move of your power than she's currently receiving. // You know, your special white stuff.

page 28

b1) Eat this.
b2) It's a medicine that will allow your powers to be released.
b3) I get it,
b4) THIS is what you were after.
b5) That's correct.
b6) I could always force you to swallow it, // but that would be barbaric.
b7) You already ARE forcing me...
b8) ...Kagari-san said that if I fall into the hands of you tower witches,
b9) that something terrible would happen to the world.

page 29

b1) ...hmm? // That might be true, but i don't give a damn what happens to this world.
b2) Besides, you have no other method of saving her.
b3) Here's a little prophecy.
b4) In the near future, you will definitely take this medicine.
b5) Look, since you're going to be taking this anyway,
b6) here, // I'll make things a little enjoyable and give you your first kiss too. -small print- you should be thankful.

page 30

b1) tsk.
b2) cough(x2)
b3) What...
b4) just happened?

page 31

b2) Takamiya-kun, // it's alright.
b3) this damage...
b4) is nothing big.
b5) That aside, // I need a favor from you.
b6) huh?
b7) For a little while now...
b8) I won't be myself anymore.
b9) So... could you keep your eyes closed please?
b0) ...Is there... // anything else that I can do?

page 32

b1) Yes, keep thinking of me.

page 34

b1) Ohh!
b2) So my prediction turned out to be right!!
b3) Please forgive me for being so mean a second ago,
b4) fire demon.

page 35

b1) gueh

page 36

b1) I see all that can come out has.
b2) What a beautiful sight... I'd love to stay and talk with you guys a little longer, but...

page 37

b1) But my barrier is about to break.
b2) It's quite a shame, but I'm going to have to take my leave here.
b3) I'll be back back soon, during Walpurgis.
b4) Until we meet again, stay well...

page 38

b1) ugh...
b2) Isn't this...
b3) the school's bus stop?
b5) It's just a light case of anemia.
b6) She's resting now, so everything is alright.
b7) Okay.

page 39

box1) You know, // there was a time when Kagari-san burned her hair.
box2) I got mad at the time, but now that I think about it,
box3) isn't it because I got to know her?
box4) Now look at this, // because of me, she's...
bubble sfx.) crackle

page 40

panel1) That was a wound that my weakness brought about.
panel2) Here's a little prophecy, // In the near future
right of panel) The time for Takamiya to choose is coming.

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