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Diamond no Ace 38


+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Nov 20, 2010 22:05 | Go to Diamond no Ace

-> RTS Page for Diamond no Ace 38

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page 1

title) Changed?

page 2

b1) So your shoulder really wasn't in any shape to play yet?
b2) Yeah.
b3) It's going to take a little more time before it's completely healed.
b4) However, I don't regret anything.
b5) I'm thankful to the coach for allowing me to play in a game once more.

page 3

b1) All that's left now,
b2) is to see exactly how long you guys can make our summer last.
b3) Now I'm going to be working behind the scenes as your support.
panel1) Damn fool // What do you mean you don't regret anything?
panel2) In this, our last summer, // I wanted to form a battery with you.

pgae 4

b1) Dammit, I don't like this.
b2) Oh, you too?
b3) Damn right!
b4) I can understand Ryousuke's brother,
b5) But why the hell is Sawamura on the varsity team?
b6) During that practice match, if Chris wasn't there, he would've been knocked all over the park. // He doesn't even know how to pitch from the set position.
-the set position is the motion used when you have a runner on base. If you do your normal wind up, you'll give the runner an extra advantage when stealing. fyi, a lefty (like sawamura) doesn't really need to pitch from the set position. I'd explain why, but that'll take even more space.-
b7) There's no way you can use him in an official match like that.
b8) I don't understand why the coach put him on the varsity team and not one of the other upperclassmen...

page 5

b1) I can't stand the coach. He's such an ass...
b2) He's just tossed us aside like we're nothing...
b4) Zono!
b5) We're part of a team that's always aiming for the Koshien.
b6) It's nothing outrageous to have talented people that aren't ready for the stage this year on the bench so they can get a feel for what it's like.
b7) I... I know that!
b8) But, aren't you... don't you feel mad that you were left out?
b9) Of course I'm mad!

page 6

b1) But the ones who should be upset the most are the seniors, // but this morning all of them were there and ready for practice!
b2) Why the hell should we, who have another chance next year, be sulking and complaining like this?
b3) If you don't like your current situation, work to make it different next year!!
panel2) That's all we can do...
b4) Just you watch,
b5) I'm going to make the varsity team next year!!

page 7

b1) Yeah.
b2) Oogawa looks like it's going to be real hot this year.
b3) Miyuki, what are you looking at so intensely?
b4) The score book from our match against Kokushi.
b5) You really like doing things like that, don't you?
b6) Well, it IS part of my job.

page 8

b1) To tell you the truth,
b2) I never thought Sawamura would get this good in such a short amount of time.
b3) Well, it was all thanks to Chris though.
b4) hyaha
b5) But I wonder if he'll be able to recover from this.
b6) He spent the whole night crying yesterday.
b7) SHUT UP!!
bubble sfx.1-3) sniff
b9) Because no matter how you try to slice it, he's the type of pitcher that pitches based on his feelings.
b0) I hope this doesn't affect how well he pitches.
b1) Oh he'll recover...

page 9

b1) I'll make him.
b2) I can't believe you just said that! // That part of you really pisses me off, you know!?
b3) Well thank you.
b4) That was NOT a compliment! // You have so many faces, it's hard to tell which of you I'm talking to.

page 10

b1) We can see here,
b2) The amount of hard work that Murata put in...
b3) it was so great, it was recorded in the guiness book of records...

page 11

panel1) After he got selected to the varsity team, // Sawamura has changed.
panel2) He kept on saying that he was going to be the ace, // so I thought he'd be happier than this...
b1) He's actually paying attention during 1st period.
b2) He'd normally be asleep right now. -small print- This is something serious.
b3) My preaching finally got across to him...

page 12

panel1) There's only one thing that we can do now. // Get good enough to represent those that didn't make the varsity team.
panel2) Good enough.

page 13

panel) Better...

page 15

panel) I'll do everything that I can do...
b1-3) haa

page 16

panel) Because that's... // the only thing that I can do as payment to Chris.
b1) HAAAAAA! I'm not going to lose!
b2) Not to myself, or baseball!
b3) Eijun is really taking this seriously.
b4) When he decides he's going to do something, he falls head first into it.
b5) That actually happens to be his best quality.
b6) Oh... he sped up a little.

page 17

b1) haha
b2) I need to try and keep up with them.
panel1) You never once looked at me all this time, Ryou... // Do you think it's too soon for me to be on the varsity team?
b4) ha ha ha! It looks like you were worried for no reason.
b5) He's even more fired up now than he was before.
b6) tsk.
b7) It'd be a serious problem if he wasn't.
b8) His greatest weapon,
b9) is his ability to keep moving forward.

page 18

b1) Chris...
b2) But, this could be bad.
b3) huh?
b4) The amount of things he needs to learn are a lot.
b5) If we don't properly control him, he'll break himself down.
b6) That's right, he's the kind of fool that doesn't know how to take it easy.
b7) Yeah, the kind of fool that doesn't know when to stop.
b8) hya ha ha ha ha! Are those supposed to be compliments?
b9) Coach Kataoka,
b0) is the reason you put another pitcher on the bench,
b1) because Tanpo hasn't really been improving much?

page 19

b1) "How many strikeouts did he have?" // "How many hits did he hold them to?"
b2) in high school baseball, when you lose, no one cares about what your personal stats were.
b3) I don't care how bad it looks to the people in the stands, // the kind of ace I'm looking for
b4) is one that will win regardless of the method used!!
b5) And it's because of that that I can say,
b6) that on this team, there isn't an ace.

page 20

b1) During this training camp, and the tournament, we're going to have to raise up an ace.
b2) I don't care if it's a freshman, if he's doing well, he'll be on the mound pitching.

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