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Witch Craft Works 7

Takamiya's mean little sister.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on May 31, 2011 00:56 | Go to Witch Craft Works

-> RTS Page for Witch Craft Works 7

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page 1

panel) -yellow words- The beautiful and over excessive Kagari will engulf the world in flames! // -white words- Chasing after the secrets of Witchcraft Works, // a bunch of different powerful witches have joined the fray, // -red words- All going after Takamiya.

page 2

top of page) Witchcraft Works side story.
title) Takamiya and the 6 witches.
right of panel) 1st witch, animal ears.
box1) My name is Takamiya Honoka. A high school kid with a lot on his mind.
b1) sigh...
b2) What's wrong Takamiya?
b3) Why are you sighing like that?

page 3

b1) If there's something bothering you, I can at least lend an ear.
box1) And you have plenty to lend.
left of panel) the rest: Pigtails, // big forehead // flat chest // Eye patch.
b2) What is it? I'll listen to you too.
b3) Yeah, me too.
box2) The first thing that comes to mind when you ask that,
box3) is the way I'm totally surrounded here by you witches.

page 5

b1) Kagari Ayaka is invincible. // Last time around I punched her full of holes, but it didn't do anything!
b2) Isn't the real problem her fire magic? -small print- I don't think we can get passed that.
b3) And to top it off, she's beautiful, smart, and that figure is deadly! // Even if it's just once, I want to feel her in my hands!!
b4) uhm, // you know...
b5) What is it?
b6) I don't think... we should fight... that fire witch.
b7) Don't fight her?
b8) I get it! She means to go after Takamiya when he's alone.
b9) yeah.
b0) I know, but they're always together...
b1) Oh,
b2) do you mind if I get a word in on this conversation?

page 3,4

title) Takamiya's mean little sister.
panel) Together, we're the best!?

page 5

b1) hngh...
b2) I feel.... // awful...
b3) Good morning mom.
box1) My name is Takamiya Honoka.
-is n e 1 else as tired of that box in EVERY damn chapter as I am!!? by now we should all know who he is!!!-
box2) A not-so-normal high school kid that hates early mornings.
b4) Oh,
b5) good morning Honoka.
b6) Breakfast is almost ready.

page 6

b1) Good morning, // Honoka.
b2) Kasumi!
box1) This girl is Kasumi.
-yeah, I got that from the last bubble...-
b3) Good morning.
b4) Bed head...
b5) ha ha...
box2) She's my sister.

page 7

b1) Thanks // for helping me out.
b2) It's okay. // There was something I wanted to talk to you about anyway.
b3) About what?
b4) Well, // there's something I've been meaning to ask you.
b5) What is it?
b6) ... it's about that sunday earlier this month. (I made that up. it wouldn't make sense in english if I didn't put something like that)
b7) who on God's green earth was that girl that called you!?

page 8

b1) Gya // Gya(x3)
b2) Gyat auhw wuh shalking a-out!?
b3) That couldn't possibly have been, // THE PRINCESS, could it?
b4) You go to the same school, right?
b5) There's no way those rumors haven't reached my ears.
b6) People have been giving me a hard time about it too. // Just because I'm your sister they ask me a lot of things, and pick on me too.
b7) However, // I'll overlook all of that for you,
b8) but you just need to truthfully answer my question.
b9) Wh-what do you want to know?

page 9

b1) The truth behind,
b2) your relationship with the princess.
panel) Oh look, it's the princess!! Looking as lofty as ever!

page 10

b1) Good morning,
b2) fire witch.

page 11

b1) On the day of your date,
b2) you got to the meeting place an hour earlier than you should have, // yet you told her, I only just got here.
b3) I see she's already got you by the balls.
b4) WHAT!?
b6) When my plain amoeba of a brother gets a date, // with the princess no less, don't you think I'd follow along to see if it were true or not?
b7) So,
b8) I saw everything that happened to you that day.

page 12

box) That day...
b1) That's right, we were attacked by tower witches...
b2) What are you two doing? // It's time to eat.
b3) Well, // I'll let it go for now, I hate being late.
b4) Tonight however,
b5) I'll be in your room.

page 13

box1) This isn't good.
box2) I had no idea I was being followed that day.
box3) Kagari told me to keep this a secret from everyone.
box4) I guess..
box5) that goes for family too, right?
box6) Wait, // that isn't the main problem here. // Kasumi said people were picking on her because of me.
box7) I can understand Kagari's "body guards" doing something to me,
box8) but having them touch my sister is going too far.

page 14

box1) I guess I'll need to tell her about...
b1) Oh yeah, I left the house a little late today!
b2) I need to get on that bus!
box2) I made a promise...
b3) You need to catch this bus at this time. // Yeah.
box3) With Kagari about it!
b4) huh?
b5) gyahhhh

page 15

b1) What...
b2) was that? -small print- oww
b3) hmph
b4) You need to watch your step, Takamiya.

page 16

b1) I heard all about, fire witch.
b2) The secret behind // that ridiculous strength of yours.
b3) but you know...
b4) looking at you from this close, you're REALLY pretty.
b5) hmph.
b6) I like that attitude of yours.

page 17

b1) Let's see how long you can keep resisting us when Takamiya's magic can't reach you,
b3) Let's see
b4) what you're really made of!

page 18

b1) kuh
b2) As we speak,
b3) my fellow witches are assaulting the fire witch.
b4) What we're after this time was getting the two of you apart.
b5) Listen closely to what I have to say.

page 19

b1) That fire witch Kagari is invincible, // but there's a trick behind it all: it's only when Takamiya is close to her.
b2) When that condition is met, she can use as much power as she desires. // When an endless source of power, and one capable of using it are together, there's no chance at beating her.
b3) You should go after them when they're apart. Like right before they board the bus for school.
b4) kuh kuh, now's the time to get her back for all that she's done to you.
b5) Take him away!
b7) Not a chance, she needs to be repaid for all that she's done to us.
box1) This is bad.
box2) I need to find a way to get to Kagari or else...

page 20

b1) huh?
panel1) Wind?
b2) wha? // Jeanne?
b3) Pierre?
b4) hyahh!!
b5) Wha...
b6) WHAT THE!!!?

page 21

panel sfx.) -by the bear's hand- Craaaaacccckkkk

page 22

box1) What...
box2) the hell is...
box3) WHAT!?

page 23

b1) KASUMI!!!?
b2) You have some guts to try and do something to my brother,
b3) where I can see.
b4,5) whoa
b6) Hey!
b8) Things were FINALLY going our way, // and then YOU (workshop witches) show up again!?
b9) Always, ALWAYS getting in our way!
b0) In a battle of size,
b1) I WON'T LOSE!!

page 24

b1) whoa

page 26

b1) Seriously now,
b2) did you really think a rabbit would beat a bear!?

page 27

b1) kyah
b2) What...
b3) is going on with this fight... -small print- another weirdo showed up.
b4) groowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwl

page 28

b1) ...for all the evil in this world // to be kept under wraps...
shirt) Justice
b2) Fine then, I'll show // you that my mission in life is greater than...
b3) the petty objectives you fools hold!
b4) No matter how many of you join forces,
b5) you'll never beat me!!

page 29

b1) "Why's that?" you ask?
b2) Because I'm on a mission to protect both
b3) this town,
b4) and my brother
b5) who lives in it!!!

page 30

sign) Chairman's office
b1) hm(x4)
b2) What nice weather to go along with the peaceful day.
b3) Oh, it's almost time for today's horoscope.
b4) I'm reporting live from the station where there was a big explosion not to long ago! A lot of buildings have taken heavy damage,
b5) but as crazy as it seems, there isn't a single person injured!! // In fact, at the time of the explosion, the people who were caught up in it, aren't even scratched!!
tv) Mysterious explosion!! A new form of terrorism!?

page 31

b1) We'll get you back for this!!
b2 please.
b3) Kasumi...
b4) you're a witch?
b5) Yes, // I // am.
b6) Surprised?

page 32

b1) Yeah.
b2) But,
b3) I was saved thanks to you.
b4) You're not thankful enough!
b5) What's that supposed to mean?
b6) When the princess isn't around, //who do you think it was that // protected you all this time!?
b0) Look.
b1) huh?

page 33

b1) KAGARI!!
b2) You're alright!!
b3) Are you injured?
b4) ...not at all.
b5) thank goodness.

page 34

b1) If anything had happened to you...
b2) I don't know...

page 35

b1) whoa!
b2) Come on!! // What's up with that!! // I'm the one that saved you back there!!
b3) So why are you acting like I don't exist!! // This is SOOO not fair!
b4) Princess!
b5) Now that it's come to this, I'm going to give you a piece of my mind! At home, on weekends and vacations, he's mine. From the bus stop to school and back, he's yours.
b6) Yet on the weekend you took him out somewhere, right? What's all that about!?
b7) Can you please N O T do that!!!!?
b8) Is that why she stalked me that day...?
b9) Wait... // Then this morning's...
b0) That's right, I was busting your balls.
b1) it's one of my rights as a sister to mess with you.

page 36

b1) Wait... // Then the story about people picking on you...!!
b2) Would you like to hear what I did to those fools who had the nerve to do so?
b3) No... I'd better not.
b4) Lastly, princess,
b5) I have a message from the chairman for you.
b6) She says there are around 30 tower witches in the city now, but they aren't doing anything. // But they might do something in the near future.
b7) Takamiya, // I've been thinking this since I got here...
b8) What?
b9) I didn't think // that not seeing you at the normal time, // it was just a few minutes,
b0) hm?
panel) that tickles
b1) would make you so // lonely.
b2) Lonely?? -small print- I was worried...

page 37

b1) So I've decided to // protect you for 24 hours now.

page 38

b1) Lets you and I live together at my place.

page 39

b1) Or would you rather,
b2) we searched for our own apartment?
b3) the hell was that?
b4) She didn't break a sweat.
b5) That fire witch.
b6) Even alone, she's freakishly powerful...

page 40

b1) Even after using 5 soldiers to attack, // we're still this far from him using that medicine?
b2) It looks like I'll need to do some research on their past.
b3) My lady, // as ordered, I've gathered all the tower witches that were in this city.
b4) Good! // Now to the next move!
b5) ...hello?
b6) This is Kazane... about this morning, we'll take care of...
b7) huh?
b8) That's not why you called?

page 41

b1) Medusa has escaped!?
b2) Yes, // her underlings have been giving my students a hard time.
right of panel) Has fight night finally come!?
b3) Well, I'll give her credit for having the balls to give orders from her cell... // Is that so? Thanks for the info.
b4) sigh...
b5) Things are going to get hectic, and soon.

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#1. by kanapox ()
Posted on May 31, 2011
I like that sister!!!
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