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Off guard.

+ posted by Gomenasai as translation on Nov 29, 2011 23:44 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 10

page 1

title) Off guard.

page 2

title) -same as before-

page 3

b1) Mountain dwellers...?
b2) Wait, they're talking about the families that live in the mountains, right?
b3) Then that means, // I'm also a mountain dweller?
b4) Hah! "mountain dweller"!
b5) But why did my family leave the confines of the mountains?
b6) That reminds me,
b7) grandpa was saying something about that before he died...

page 4


page 5

b1) What the hell do you think you're doing!?
b2) Bitch!

page 6

b1) I found it.

page 7

b1) I can't believe that savage moves so quickly. // Who is he!?
b2) I hear he's a warrior from a country that's farther west than Chu.
b3) A warrior from the west?
panel1) When Qin attacked Chu, Muta and his men were scouting out the land. They fought along with us at the time. // Those who saw Muta fight were awe struck. So the commanders brought him to Qin.
b4) Is he really that good a fighter?
b5) Dunno. I've never seen it myself. // But,
b6) Cap, we found his mark!
b7) Yeah, we found it, but...
b8) I've heard that his fighting style isn't that of a human. // We need to go around.

page 9

b1) X-xin, // who's that?
b2) XIN!!
b3) Shut up!
b4) Hm,

page 10

b1) It's you, isn't it?
b2) The guy who killed the assassin in that dirty village.
b4) And what are you going to do if it is me!?
b5) I'll make you suffer as I kill you.
b6) You'd better be prepared for it.

page 11

panel1) What's with this guy?
panel2) He has these weird clothes on, talks big, but looks weak as hell. // He's small, unarmed, and unlike that ass at that village, I don't feel any bit of fear towards him.
panel3) I felt something odd coming from him earlier, but it looks like I was mistaken.
panel4) This guy's a chump!

page 12

1b) You're probably mad that I beat your friend, but you should quit while your ahead.
b2) You can't beat me.
b3) You guys from Qin are all stupid.
b4) And among them, you seem to be the stupidest.
b6) For starters, that assassin was NOT a friend of mine.
b7) And above that, it's quite a simple matter for me to kill the likes of you.

page 13

b1) Just like this.
b2) What... the hell!?
b3) Yeah, you have the disposition of a fighter.
b4) Your body naturally reacted to my poison darts.
b5) Poison darts?

page 14

b1) My poison is potent.
b2) One dart kills an elephant,
b3) so if it scratches you, you're dead.
b4) Diao, get inside!!
b5) You're afraid of my darts, aren't you?
b6) Well, they are very potent after all.
b7) But you don't need to worry about them.
b8) I won't use them on you, who's killed an assassin.
b9) WHAT!?
b0) I really hated that assassin.
b1) He said my darts were cheap, and would always make fun of me.
b2) He didn't think I was a good fighter at all.

page 15

b1) These darts are well known even in Yue as dangerous weapons.
b2) It's a warriors job to defeat a lot of enemies, and these darts are the tool to that end.
b3) But you people in Qin are stupid and don't know that.
b4) And since you don't know anything, I won't use it on you.
b5) I'll show in a way that you'll understand, just how good I am.
b6) For you, who was better than that assassin, I'll use these hatchets to chop you to pieces.
b7) I'll have to teach you slowly, just how powerful I truly am!!
panel) Dammit, he really was...

page 16

b2) Damn, he's quick!!
b3) XIN!!

page 17

b1) But, if we're talking about speed...

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