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Junk Record of the Last Hero Volume 3

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Aug 6, 2009 12:12 | Go to Junk Record of the Last Hero

Author's foreword: I think I've been publishing for about 5 months now. Guess I can start the regular tankoubon (volume) releases. [...]. Where that course of action will take him is another question. Hiro is a young boy true to a certain idea I have of him.

I think I'll keep him that way and draw the world and pretty much everything else realistically.
In JUNK, there's only one fantastical element. That's the starting point.

Colored double-page commercial: What is the shocking truth that lies before Hiro?

The hands of destiny have started to turn for Ryouko and him.

The police's investigation leads them to Hiro!

JUNK fights the mass media!
Feelings and thoughts running wild.

JUNK Record of the Last Hero 4.
Next Winter. Coming Soon!!

And then, something else appears...

Justice 11: Junk Fun]003
Hiro: Manami?!

Hiro: Manami...?! So... So who's performing the live down there...?
Lisa: That's Manami. The real one...
Hiro: The real one? So who are you...?
Lisa: Me?//I'm her double.

Lisa: The shadow created out of the strong light that is Manami./Her double.
Hiro: The shadow.../ that Manami created

Crowd: We're screwed. We're screwed, I'm tellin' ya. *rumble*
Crowd: Outta my way!!
Cop: Calm down. Please calm down./Follow the police's instructions.
*roll* *roll* *brake*
Fujiwara: Hey! Who's in charge, here?/CALL THEM OUT!!*grab*
Cop: Wha... What's the... What is your problem?

Manami: Who.... Who's there?
Stalker: Ahhhhh.*splat*
Stalker: Theeeere you aaare! Manami-chan.
Manami: !
Stalker: I can't have you running away from here. No no no no./Hehehehe.
Manager: Tha... That guy...
Manami: (He's the one who brought the toilet paper...*clap*)

Lisa: We don't have time for this right now! I'll tell you more about myself if we meet again.//Do you think the explosive that just blew up was the only one?
Hiro: ....
Lisa: There might be more, but I can't transform.//The audience is still out there, and then there's the crowd outside too./And naturally, Manami is among them.//You're the only one who can do something about it!*point*
Hiro: !

Hiro: Me?/Me... Saving people?
Lisa: You've been using this costume only to cater to you own feelings./But how about this time, you use it for others instead of yourself?//Even if you don't feel like it, at least do it for Manami.
Hiro: For Manami...
Lisa: Quick./There's no telling when the next explosives will blow up.
Hiro: ..../(What am I thinking about?)

Hiro: (There's always time for that later... That's what I'm thinking, aren't I?/At least I can use my power...//to rescue Manami!)*grip*

Hiro: This hall is completely empty already...
Cell Phone: Chan cha-chan cha
Lisa: Yes!/Yeah./Yeah.
Hiro: (That ringtone... If that's not Manami's debut song.)
Lisa: Got it! *clap*
Lisa: Yuuki Hiro-kun! I know where to find the explosives!! The toilet paper in every bathroom!!
Hiro: Toilet paper?!
Lisa: The explosives are in there!!
Hiro: Yeah.
Manager: Him! That man! So he's the criminal?!!

Lisa: Hurry!! Go check all the bathrooms and recover the explosives!!
Hiro: O... Okay. [sizeptptptpt="1"]Bathroom-checking? Gimme a break.//Consider this a repayment for what you did for me in Kanda!!*Dash*
Hiro: From here, you should be able to get away by yourself.
Lisa: Get away...?/Are you kidding? ...//I'm not running away!!

Lisa: Quick Loading.
Lisa: (Quick Loading is an emergency procedure./I use batteries to power up the costume, thanks to which it's operational within a mere 3 minutes.//Three minutes.../Just like Ultraman.[tn: Ultraman is a live-action TV series about a guy gets superpowers out of his campy costume. Quite like Power Rangers, who picked up the concept from Japan, and pretty much what the JUNK suits amount to.]//I'll use those three minutes to take out this criminal!! I will rescue Manami!!)

Fujiwara: How many times need I tell ya before it gets through?/Don't let the audience in the Arena take even one step out!! You'd be silly to let them get back home!!
Cop: Uuuh? What are you talking about?! There's still the danger of another explosion! Any minute, now!!
Fujiwara: The bomber and the superman are in there!! This is my chance!!//I won't let them get away!!/:(This is for my (younger) brother too.
Cop: You're out of your mind, aren't you? I'm in charge of this place!!//I can't agree to a request like that!
Fujiwara: The superman has appeared......//So full authority now lies with the criminal investigation headquarters!
Kaji: Fujiwara-san......

Fujiwara: You're under my command!! Don't let the civilians out of here!! You got that?!*GRAB*
Cop: Uh.
Kaji: What a mess...
Hiro: There's been an awful lot of heroes out there...//But I've got to be the only toilet paper-gathering hero.*sigh*

Hiro: X-ray.//Yikes!! The bombs are really there?!//'Kay, I give up. You gotta be joking./Haa.On to the next bathroom, then...
Hiro: Wait a minute...//What am I supposed to do with the toilet paper.../once I'm done collecting it?

Stalker: Manami-chan. Don't you go anywhere again!!/You and I will make it into legend together!! You won't even have to sing anymore!!
Manager: Let's get going now!/This way, we can get rid of this g...
Manami: No way!! He may be completely nuts, but he's clearly a fan./Let's keep waiting. We'll get our chance.
Stalker: Can you hear me, Manami-chan?/I discovered you first... No. I was the fist one to appreciate you.//You''ve been shining since the first time you performed, in that audition TV show./I knew it right away: "This girl will go far", I thought!!//Your debut song, the bonuses: I bought everything!!/All 450 of them!!

Stalker: Thanks to me, you made it to the second place at your first stage performance!!
Manager: What is he talking about?
Manami: .......
Stalker: You are my idol. [tn: Idols are young and usually pretty pop music-singing girls, extremely popular in Japan.]I made you./Then...//You grew popular in the blink of an eye... You became a star...//No more singing variety late at night./You became the kind of big star that performs in great events and had her own records.//You went out of my reach.../I was sad.//You are mine and mine only./I won't let anyone else have you.//I'll get you back!! With me you'll be free.../Free from this busy life!

Stalker: Become my personal idol again. Please!!*beep* *beep* *beep*
Stalker: Manami-chan!!
*stap* *step* *step*
Stalker: I've just turned on the switch. In 3 minutes, the remaining bombs will explode all at once./Even this place will be blowing up.//The first explosion was meant to interrupt the concert and have you leave./With this one//We're going to die together!!
Manami: Eeek.

Lisa: Loading complete!*clip*
Lisa: Enter!!
Stalker: You and I will become legendary together!!/You will become my Manami and mine only.
Manami: EEEK

Stalker: !?
Stalker: Gwah.//Gasp.*vlam*
Lisa: Phew.

*slam* *slam*
Lisa: Are you okay?
Manami: I am. Thanks.
Lisa: Don't worry. Get away from here.
Manami: The remaining bombs will explodein 3 minutes.
Lisa: Understood.
Manager: Do you know that woman?
Manami: ........

Manami: Yeah.
Hiro: Yup. That's the whole lot of them./Well... What now?
Hiro: Is that... a phone?
Lisa: It's me. The explosives will go off in about 2 minutes.
Hiro: WHAT?!
Lisa: And I've captured the culprit in the underground parking lot./The rest is up to you.
Hiro: Uh? Hey there!/Wait up.

Hiro: One minute left?!//Damn it!! Man, what a pain in the ass...!!*BAH*
Hiro: Anyway. Let's find some deserted place.*step*
Hiro: Should be okay to have them explode there!!//Aaah. What a paaaain. *step* *step *step*

Hiro: Man. I feel like Santa Claus.//Heave-ho.//UURAAAAAAH!!*BAH*


Lisa: Waaah.

Fujiwara: Wai... *step* *step*
Fujiwara: Step aside!! Step aside!!//Out of the way!!
Fujiwara: !!*grit*


Fujiwara: Freeze!! Put him down and hold your hands up...!!*click*
Hiro: Lower your weapon, please. This is the bomber. I'm turning him in to you.
Fujiwara: I have business with you too!! Take off that costume, now!!
Hiro: Sheesh.//By the way, I saved this place, the audience... And even you guys. I did./If you want proof, look up the pictures I've given to every media out there.

Fujiwara: What?
Fujiwara: Ah!! Crap!!//Blockade the whole vicinity!!/I've found the superman!!
Lisa: ......//Huhu.

Narrator: A few days later.
Kaji: ........//Newspapers, TV, everyone is starting to think the superman might be a hero.
Fujiwara: Uuh?//So what of it?*frush*
Kaji: Nothing... It's just that those pictures are really persuasive.
Fujiwara: That guy's definitely not a hero./And I'll prove it.

Hanafusa: Whew.//The superman's a hero, is it? An investigation about his true identity?//Sigh. With such juicy material out there, why do I get to watch after some kid?//.....

Hiro: Um.*toc* *toc* *toc*
Hiro: Good morning...
Kaori: (Ryouko's mom): Oops. Did I wake you up? Sorry about that.
Hiro: Phew./No...

Hiro: It's okay. I was just thinking about getting up anyway.[

Justice 12: Junk Eyes]039
Narrator: Sunday.
Hiro: Here...
Ryouko: Uh?
Hiro: This is your birthday present.
Ryouko: Is it? That was 2 weeks ago.
Hiro: Ah... Sorry.
Ryouko: It's okay. I'm still glad. Thank you. /Can I open it?//A sharp pen and ballpen set?!/Thank you. I'll treasure them.
Hiro: Yeah.

Narrator: Monday.
Ryouko: Thanks for the good meal. [tn: "Gochisou-sama" (literally "It was a great feast") is the polite thing to say when you're done eating.]

Ryouko: Mom, I'll be busy with the club today, so I'm gonna be late.
Kaori: Okay. We won't wait for you for dinner, then./Are you going to dine outside?
Ryouko: Yeah. With the rest of the club.//See you later.
Mr Harumi: I'm off.
Kaori: Where's your business taking you this time?
Mr Harumi: Hokkaidou. I told you earlier./Later.
Kaori: Take care.//Well...

Hanafusa: So that car's just as hard to miss as I thought, eh?//Oh, well. It's not like I had a choice.//I even had to rent this room...//Fujiwara-san is really tough on his own men.//It's been that way ever since he joined the police department.//Hm?

Hanafusa: Monitor A looks promising...//That mommy sure comes around here a lot./Let's seeee.
Hanafusa: Ah, yes. That's his classmate, Harumi Ryouko's mother.//Harumi Kaori. 45 (years-old).../Classmate or not, shouldn't she be minding her own business?//That really shouldn't be happening... Really.

Hanafusa: Monitor B is on the living-dining room.../But man. That's one defenseless house. You can see everything.//Now she's preparing something... Breakfast? ... Especially for him?/Wow...//Mh?
Kaori: Ah...../You were awake?

Hiro: I just got up.
Kaori: Ah.//Mh...//It's morning...
Hiro: What of it?
Kaori: Unh.//The windows are still open.
Hiro: The neighboring building is a primary school's gymnasium. No one can see us.
Kaori: Shut the blinds.
Hiro: Too bothersome.

Hanafusa: .......//Hey hey hey./You gotta be joking!!
Hanafusa: What the hell is this?/.......
Ryouko: Good morning.
Classmate: Morning, Ryouko.

Classmate: Hey, Ryouko. For the Japanese test
Ryouko: I won't show you a thing.
Teacher: Come on. Take your seats.

Kaori: Ha./Ah.//Ah./Ha.//Haa!/Yes.
Hiro: .......
Kaori: Yeees.
Hiro: (Ryouko...)

Kaori: Aaah!/A... ha.
*pant pant pant pant*
Hanafusa: .......//If I'd been told that while waiting for the superman to manifest himself, I'd get to see that kind of stuff... I wouldn't have believed it.//But... What am I supposed to do with this?/ Submit my morning info to some morning variety show?

Kaori: There goes breakfast.
Hiro: It's okay. Next lunch will count for both.
Kaori: What are you gonna do on Christmas and the New Year?
Hiro: I haven't made my mind yet.
Kaori: How about you come at my place?
Hiro: Yeah...//I'll think about it.

TV spokesman: There are two general opinions right now.//Those images the superman gave us indeed show him capturing the bomber./Can we really call him evil after this?//The film has been cut in various places./There's no way to ascertain what truly happened from a chronological point of view.
Hiro: Don't you mass-media do the same?
TV spokesman: We can't help but wonder if the cut out material didn't feature some unsavory...
Hiro: Sheesh.*beep*
TV spokesman: I still don't think I can trust this super...

Hiro: Man. Off to bed.*flap*
Hiro: .......

Fujiwara: Aaah.//It's been three days since the Saitama Arena incident./No news from the superman ever since.
Kaji: But TV is still going on about him.
Fujiwara: Because they got pictures.//Pictures taken from his point of view./Talk about suspicious.//What I dread the most right now is time./People, Japanese people particularly are excitable, and they forget just as easily. That makes me nervous.

Kaji: Fujiwara-san./Haha.../You look disappointed that the superman isn't showing himself.
Fujiwara: Disappointed...?/........//Maybe you're right.*slam*
Fujiwara: Maybe I'm wishing he appeared//And that something, anything happened./.......//Even the many meetings we've had here have been decreasing in number./I'm wishing he deigned to rear his ugly head.

Ryouko: Pleasure working with you. Really. [tn: "O-tsukare-sama (deshita), or literally "(Yours) was a commendable, hard work" is the polite thng to say to co-workers when everyone's finished]/What are we gonna eat on the way back?

Ryouko: See ya.
Coworker: Tomorrow, then.

*click* *click* *click*
*BOOM* *click* *click*
Hiro: Pfff.//This game is boring.*clank*
Hiro: Aaaah./You've got a helluva lot of spare time...//when you don't go to school.

Ryouko: It's pretty late now.//Let's take a shortcut.



Hiro: Ugh...
Cell phone: Jan Ja-jan ja
Hiro: .......//Mh?//Ye... Yeah?*slab*
Kaori: Ah! Hiro-kun? It's me. Err. Is Ryouko at your place?
Hiro: Uh? No, she's not here....../Do you mean she isn't back home yet?
Kaori: Yes. All her other friends have returned....../What happened?/I'll go look around for her.

Hiro: No. You better say at home./I'll go look for her.//Where's Mr Harumi? [tn: In the previous scans Hiro addresses Mr and Mrs Harumi as "auntie and uncle". This is a mistranslation. In Japan, it's rather commonplace to call a complete stranger "sister", "uncle", "grandma", etc... out of respect. The person referred to and the speaker aren't necessarily related. Among other things (thank God), that means Hiro is not banging his own aunt. Yuck.]
Kaori: On a business trip. He's not here.
Hiro: Okay.//I'll let you know when I find Ryouko... But if I don't find anything after 12 hours.*step*
Hiro: Call the police.*step* *step* *step*
Kaori: Okay.
Hanafusa: !//What's going on? What's he going out looking so confused for?//Bah. It's my job to follow him, right?

*pant* *pant* *pant*
Hiro: The way back to from school should take her somewhere around here.//.........
*beep* *beep* *beep*
*riiiiing* *riiing* [tn: the modern, electronic kind of sound]
*riiing* *riiing*
Hiro: (This is weird. She usually answers after the sixth call, no matter how late.)

Hiro: Ryouko, where are you?
*riiing* *riiing*

Ryouko: ..........

(Fujimi) Masakazu: Ah! You're awake?
*riiing* *riiing*
Ryouko: !!

Masakazu: Harumi Ryouko-san.
*riiing* *riiiing*[

Justice 13: Junk Abduction]076

Ryouko: !
Masakazu: Y... you don't have to be afraid.../I would never ever harm you.
Ryouko: Uuuh.//Mmmmh.
Masakazu: Even I can tell what I'm doing is wrong.//I can swear to God if you like. I will not lay a hand upon you./I just want you to remain here of your own choice.

Hiro: ... That's weird.//Why won't she answer?/She can't have left her phone at home, can she?
Kaori: Eh? Ryouko's cell phone? I'll look for it./But try to call it again.

Ryouko: !!
Masakazu: Someone is looking for you.*riiing*
Masakazu: I'd like to let them know you're okay, but... *riing* *riiing*
Masakazu: That wouldn't be reasonable right now.
Kaori: I can't hear the ringtone.../Ryouko's really in...

*step* *step*
Hiro: Uh? It's really not in her room?/Okay.//You better tell the police, then!/And what about Mr Harumi? He's there yet? Yeah. Got it.
Kaori: I'll tell the police.
Hiro: Alright.
Kaori: Ryouko.../Uuuhhhh.

Hiro: ....../I'll transform./Once I do, I can look for her.
Hiro: Let's find someplace deserted, shall we?

Hanafusa: Where's he going to this late at night?//Gotta follow him regardless, right?
Hiro: Around here I should be fine...//It's narrow, in here.
*step* *step* *step*

Hiro: Pheeeww.
*pant* *pant* *step* *step* *step* *pant* *pant*
Hanafusa: Cra... Where's he gone to?

Hanafusa: What? A place under construction?/In such a back alley?!//.......//Maybe I should look elsewhere.

Hiro: ...

Hiro: Ryouko... Where are you?*swish* *swish*

Narrator: Hokkaidou.
Mr Harumi: So. No news from Ryouko? What's going on?/Did you tell the police? Alright.//Me?/Yeah. Tomorrow morning, if they haven't found her.
Kaori: It doesn't matter if they find her or not. I want you back home regardless!
Mr Harumi: I'm in Hokkaidou right now. I have to wait until morning./Anyway. Contact me again in the morning.
Mr Harumi: Talk about bad news.../Haa.

Hanafusa: Ssshit!! I lost him!!//Where was he going so late at night?//Scratch that. What kind of youngster is still up and about at such an hour?//Sshit!!

Masakazu: I'm telling the truth. I won't do anything to harm you./Please trust me./That's why I'd like you to do as I say./It's dirty and narrow in here, right? I've prepared a room for you./Come with me.*shift*
Ryouko: Mmmmhh./Mmh.
Masakazu: Please...../This is my room, not yours.
Ryouko: Mmmh!!/Unnnh.

Masakazu: I'm begging you!! Please do as I say!!*slam*
Masakazu: I'm begging you!! I'm begging you!!//I'm begging youuuu.//I'm begging...//... you.
Ryouko: .......

Hiro: Shit...//Shit and shit.//It's useless.I can't find her.../I don't know how to look!*grind*
Hiro: There's no point in using the X-ray in the whole middle of the town!/Even thermography won't work!!

Hiro: What should I do? How?/I don't know! I have no idea!!//Fuuuuuck!!/What the hell!!//Even with this costume on it's no use!/Another hero would have popped his way into the enemy's place already!!

Hiro: I'm completely useless, aren't I?!!

Hiro: Shitty useless costume!! *wham*
Hiro: The girl I love. Only one person. And I can't even find heeeer!!//Damn it!! God damn it!!

Ryouko: ....
Masakazu: Aren't you hurt? Your mouth was taped so you couldn't talk. Sorry about that./By the way, even if you cry out, no one outside can hear you.
Ryouko: L... Let.../Let me...
Masakazu: Calm down... Here, drink./There. It's still warm, though.
Ryouko: .......//What are you gonna do to me?/Le...

Ryouko: Let me go!! Now!!/Let me leave this place!!
Masakazu: I'd like to let you go.../But for now, I cant./I don't want you to be mistaken. I hold human life in high regard./I don't wanna do anything to you.//The moment you get home...//is the moment the police comes and arrests me...
Ryouko: I... If you set me free now, I won't tell anyone!!

Masakazu: ......//I cannot.
Ryouko: !
Masakazu: Let's go to your room./It's tinier than here, but it's prettier too. It's the room right next to this one, though.//If you go there, I'll unbind your arms. I'll take the plastic tape away.
Ryouko: ........
Masakazu: I've prepared a new bed for you. With new sheets. Everything brand new. There's even an individual shower.

Masakazu: This is your room./Feel free to use it as you will.

Ryouko: !!
Ryouko: Wai... *bam* *bam* *bam*
Ryouko: Let me out!! Open up!!//The doorknob on my side.../There isn't one.//Let me ouuut!!/Let me out of heeeere!!

Ryouko: Let me out.../Nooo!! Noooooooo.//Help!! Someone!! Someone help me!!/Hiro-kun!! Mom!!//Dad!!*plic*
Ryouko: Dad!! Someone!! Help me!!
Masakazu: I really.../wanted to help you..........

*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*
Masakazu: Can you hear me? There's a speaker in this room.
Ryouko: !!
Masakazu: You'll have three meals a day.//I'll change your clothing every day. And the towels too./You can put your dirty clothes into the disposal.//Lets use that small entry to communicate.
Ryouko: Don't make the decisions all by yourself!!
Masakazu: The most important is life./Your life. I won't let you die.//Look up.
Ryouko: ?

Ryouko: !!!!
Ceiling: Don't you die!!

Narrator: Tuesday.
Hiro: In the end... I couldn't do a thing./Even looking up the manual didn't reveal anything that could be of use.
TV: ... which means we'll be looking forward to the next edition. Let's proceed to the next piece of news.//In Tokyo's metropolitan area...
Hiro: And Ryouko... No news about her yet?

Hiro: Could that possibly mean she's back? *bip* *bip* *bip*
Hiro: Speaking of which I haven't checked since that last time.
Kaori: Yes./Ah... Hiro-kun...//That's right. Yes./She hasn't come back...//No: they haven't found her yet.//Even with the police on the lookout for her./Sorr, Hiro-kun. I have a lot to do... I'm going to hang down.

Hiro: (So she really didn't get back home.)/Where are you? Ryouko!!//If she's... If she's been abducted./Then the guy who did this...//I'm gonna tear him apart with my bare hands... I'll send him to hell alive.

Ryouko: (Don't you die...//What's that supposed to mean?...../That I shouldn't commit suicide, maybe? ........//Suicide... No. I'm not gonnna die!/I'll definitely leave this place alive.)

Ryouko: (That man said he wouldn't do anything to me... Did he mean it? .../What should I do? ... Calm down... Calm down...//This is no good... I haven't eaten anything since yesterday... I haven't slept either.../At any rate... I'm tired...)
Ryouko: He wasn't lying about the meals./ And the towels... Could he possibly be sincere...?//What should I do?

Masakazu: Feel free to eat. This is today's breakfast./Ryouko.//Today is the beginning of my new life with you./Once again.//I can start once again...//I'm happy... I'm so happy.//Ryouko.../Boo hoo hoo.
Ryouko: Is it an old saying or something?/You can't go to war on an empty stomach!
Masakazu: She's eating!! Ryouko is eating the meal I gave her!!*dash*
Masakazu: She's eating it.//Ryouko! My Ryouko!!*BAH*

Ryouko: I can't tell.../what it tastes like.....//I can't...[

Justice 14: Junk Chaos]113
Narrator: Thursday.
TV: We're still without news of Suginami district resident Harumi Ryouko-san's whereabouts./On Monday, Ryouko-san went out of school//She ate out at a neraby family restaurant, after wich she parted ways with her friends./We don't know where she went to afterwards.
Hiro: .......
Reporter: I am standing in front of Ryouko-san's house./There's an increased agitation in the vicinity//but the house itself is morbidly silent.
Hiro: .......//Ryouko....

Hiro: (Ryouko's disappeared for three days already... Where the hell are you?/Ryouko.../I have more power than most and I still can't find you./What the point of that strength? If it doesn't help, it's just like I didn't have it at all.
TV Screen: Harumi Ryouko-san, 18. Whereabouts unknown.

TV: *zap*
Hiro: I really useless, am I...?//.......//Really.../Where are you... Ryouko.

Building: {Metropolitan Police Headquarters} Suginami Police Station #1 [tn: The part between {} is hidden from view in this picture but visible later on.]
Kaji: Fujiwara-san. Did you know?
Fujiwara: Know what?
Kaji: Looks like the young boy's girlfriend is missing. Countermeasures might be able to get on the case soon enough. [tn: Probably the local Disaster Countermeasures HQ. Prefectural agencies that mostly deal with earthquakes, a rather frequent occurrence in Japan. It would make sense given the massive property damage Hiro tends to cause.]
Fujiwara: Countermeasures can deal with abductions, now?
Kaji: The things she left behind have been found, or so I heard. The superman might be involved somehow.
Fujiwara: Who knows? But random events really seem to follow that boy around./Maybe the stars want it that way.
Kaji: It's not like you to speak like that, Fujiwara-san.

Kaji: The bag and scarf we found have been confirmed to be hers./The place where they were discovered will be secured for inspection//In the meantime, the investigators have started to gather information.
Saeki: The information should be up to date and detailed.
Mr Harumi: Alright.
Saeki: No news from the criminal. What is he after?*slam*

Saeki: She disappeared on Monday./The next day was pretty rainy, so the police dogs were useless...//Maybe the mobile police and juridictional forces should make a local investigation...

Ryouko: (I stink of sweat...//Maybe I should take a shower.../I've been keeping my school uniform on ever since I came here...//I'm fortunate enough to have towels and spare clothing...)//Phew./......*creak*

Ryouko: (I feel a lot calmer now....../That's weird... Given the situation.//Clothes. A bed. Food. He really wants me to live./Looks lik he doesn't want to killing me?//As long as I don't anger him...
*glide* *slam*
Masakazu: (That's it...)/A girl should be taking care of her looks.

Ryouko: Ventilation...//It's probably linked to the street...*kwip*
Ryouko: wheeew

Ryouko: Help!! /Someone!! Help me!!//Help!! Help meee!!/Somebody!! I... I am here!!//Help meee!!/Somebody help!!//Help me!! Heeeelp!!*plic*
Ryouko: Someone!! Help meeeeee!!/Somebodyyyyy!!

Ryouko: Some... body.../Help... me... Somebody...

Ryouko: Somebody. Aaaaaah.
Masakazu: The bathroom's ventilation is not linked to the outside. Only to this room.
Ryouko: Aa-aa-aa-aaah. Oo-oo-ooo.
Masakazu: Please don't cry, Ryouko. When you're sad, I'm sad too./My poor Ryouko.
Ryouko: Oo-hoo. Ooo-oo./Aa-aaaaa.

Hiro: ....
Manual: *Scanning Function
1; You may retrieve information about someone who uses the Internet.
2; You may connect with the helmet's 3D vision function (p.120) to look for a specific object. The object must be immobile. Since living things are not fixed, they cannot be taken into account. (P.252)
*ding dong* *ding dong*
Hiro: Who is it?

Tsujidou: It's been a while. Looks like you haven't gone out an awful lot, lately.
Hiro: Tsujidou-san.../How do you know?
Tsujidou: A little bird told me.
Hiro: Still, I'm busy.
Tsujidou: I've seen it on TV... The missing girl... She's your girlfriend, right?
Hiro: How do you know that?
Tsujidou: I've had your relationships checked out before I came to your place.//I remember her. She was quite a hottie./You wanna look for her. And find her. Don't you?//The police should be on the move.
Hiro: ......

Hanafusa: .....//He hasn't gone anywhere for quite some time.//This is pointless. What with his girlfriend being missing.//Uh?//Hey there. Three days ago there were heavy engines in here. The place was under construction./They're done already? What's going on?

Masakazu: I've augmented the air conditioning's temperature. With your hair wet, you might catch a cold./You should dress yourself, quick. You have plenty of clothes to chose from, don't you?
Ryouko: I've never put on such cosplay-like clothing before.
Masakazu: You were really great in your waitress attire. These clothes will suit you just fine./I'll take out the clothes you had until now for cleaning. Won't you put these on in the meantime?

Ryouko: (Cleaning?/Take out?)//A... Alright. I'll put them on...
Ryouko: ......(He doesn't look like someone who would wash a school uniform by himself. He's got to take them out for cleaning./If I put a message in one of the pockets , the laundrymen should notice!!//A ball-pen. and... paper...//There! A pen/and the paper inside the box of pocket tissues...

Message: I've been abducted. Please call the police. Quick.
Ryouko: (Please./Let the laundrymen check inside the pockets.)
Masakazu: It looks really great on you.

Masakazu: Just as I thought!/Adorable. You're so cute. Really cute!!

Masakazu: You're great, Ryouko!!
Ryouko: .....//........//He's pleased./I can tell...//Adorable. Cute.../Even Hiro-kun...//never called me these before...//That feeling.../What could it be?

Hiro: How... how do you ook for someone?
Tsujidou: I told you before, didn't I? If you want candy, go to the candy shop. Asking the police would be your best bet. There's a limit to what one person can do on her own.
Hiro: .....
Tsujidou: Then, maybe you can follow whatever it is that links you together.
Hiro: And what would "whatever" be?
Tsujidou: Beats me.Anyway, there must be something you have in common. Something you can communicate through.

Tsujidou: Something you might be able to follow.
Hiro: That's sooo not concrete. Any example?/A red string, or something.
Tsujidou: You got it.
Hiro: Errrrr. I'm serious, you know......
Tsujidou: Do I look like someone who's fooling around?

Tsujidou: Except this time, the obstacle is pretty huge...

Fujiwara: Yo! Saeki!
Saeki: !//Fujiwara...
Fujiwara: What gives? Any clue about the criminal's motives?
Saeki: Not yet. This case is something even the jurisdiction's cops aren't used to deal with.//This is probably an abduction, too. It's not like the info's gonna pop up on its own.*clamp*
Fujiwara: There might be a connection with us too./What's not to like?.*slam*

Saeki: A connection? Are you telling me the superman case and the abduction are related somehow?/(What is he talking about?
Fujiwara: Let me explain.
Saeki: ......
Fujiwara: !
Ryouko: ......

Ryouko: (Maybe I can persuade him.../Anyway, I must make sure I never anger him.//He gives me something to eat every day. He buys new towels and underwear for me.//I can tell he's really taking care of me.//If I keep up the communication/Will something come out of it.)

Ryouko: Hey! Tell me why.//Why did you do this to me?//(There's got to be a microphone and a camera in there somewhere./He should be able to hear me.)//You just came out of nowhere and abducted me. I wanna know why!!/Answer me!! Why did you do that?//Answer me!!/You can hear me, right?!//Please!!

Ryouko: ..../He's not there?
Masakazu: .....
Ryouko: ......

Hiro: Search function..../Probably this.//.......//With the immobility condition fullfilled, I can use the scanning function.../for a search within a 3 kilometers' [tn: roughly 1.9 miles] radius...//That's it.../But...//what should I look for?
*rumble* *cries*
Hiro: What's with all that commotion outside?

Hiro: Fireeee.!!

Hiro: A fire at this time of the day!!/What the hell!!//The fire-engine should be there shortly.*tadam* *tadam* *tadam*
Hiro: ANyway. I need to get outta here...
Hanafusa: Uh.//My apartment...

Saeki: I see. The boy does seem involved./But that abduction case is serious business. Maybe we'll even have to ask you guys for help.
Fujiwara: Oh, well. We haven't had the tiniest bit of news from the superman.
Saeki: Ultimately, we might have to resort to rounds. Often, when you have the men and the mobility, a lot comes out of it.//For a basic local investigation.../Even with the Internet, there's a limit to how much you can investigate people's privacies.//And you can't treat gossip lightly either.
Fujiwara: .....
Saeki: In abduction cases........./What is it?
Fujiwara: Any suspicious-sounding phone calls or something?

Saeki: Nope. Nothing./No body that looks like someone who's been missing. Nothing from the criminal either.
Fujiwara: Probably a kidnapping./Kidnapping with sequestration.......
Saeki: ....
Fujiwara: In that's the case, it won't be pretty.*grit*
Fujiwara: The captor is maintaining the status quo.//He doesn't want his faults brought in the open. Whatever traces were left, they're gone...

Ryouko: ...//...!/I've been sleeping...
Masakazu: Good morning, Ryouko.
Ryouko: !*bolt*
Masakazu: Well I say that, but actually it's evening already.
Ryouko: I asked you a question.../earlier...
Masakazu: I heard that. The reason why I kidnapped you, was it?
Masakazu: That's right! Why did I do such a thing?

Masakazu: I... I needed you.../I needed you so I kidnapped you.
Fujiwara: I've worked on an abduction case before.../When I was at the main office.
Masakazu: To put it simply...
Ryouko: Uh?

Masakazu: I needed a daughter.
Saeki: You? I had no idea.
Fujiwara: Ahem...
Ryouko: A daughter?
Fujiwara: Do you know about the Stockholm syndrome?[

Justice 15: Junk Prisoner]151
Saeki: Stockholm syndrome? Yeah, I know. Has to do with the criminal-hostage relationship during an abduction or a sequestration./It's rather common for the assaillant and the victim to hate each other.

Saeki: But with enough time, there are cases when those feelings turn into affection. Right?/But that's pretty rare.
Fujiwara: That's right... Rare./But I've been investigating such a case in the past.
Saeki: !
Ryouko: A daughter?/Me? So you mean that's what I am?

Masakazu: I used to have a daughter. But she died before long, when she was still a little thing.
Ryouko: Dead?
Masakazu: Because of my negligence. I was taking care of the housework. Laundry... Cleaning.../At some point I got tired, and before I knew it, I'd fallen asleep.//When I finally got back up, she had climbed over the fence through a slightly opened window./The room was on the building's 11th floor.
Ryouko: ....
Masakazu: I realized when I heard someone yelling from below.//I'd killed her... My own daughter.
Ryouko: .........

Fujiwara: The sequestration had lasted a solid 2 weeks. The criminal had his guard down and he was sleeping, so we broke into the place.//Do you know what we found standing in our way? ...../The girl who was supposedly the hostage.//Limited space. Limited time. Limited relations./I don't know the details, but probaly the hostage had somehow sympathized with her captor, and love was born out of that.//Don't you destroy our world./That's what she said.
Saeki: Living in a time and space different from normal can change someone's way of thinking./Maybe bringing forth feelings she'd never experienced before.
Fujiwara: What that young woman was like back then I haven't forgotten to this day.
Saeki: .......

Fujiwara: Even after the man was captured, they stayed together, him in the penitentiary, her outside./But he didn't get out of jail alive.//He fell ill and died in prison./The girl only got back his incinerated remains.
Saeki: ....
Fujiwara: Abductions and hostage situations are the creepiest out there.//Everyone involved gets sick in the head somehow. Even if they live. Even if they die. It's as if everything was frozen in time.
Saeki: But you could apply that to every case, yes?
Fujiwara: Yeah, I know.

Masakazu: It was crystal clear./My daughter was lying in a pool of blood, her face completely crushed.//My wife rebuked me violently. There was nothing I could do to bring our daughter back./My wife went away, taking our daughter's remains with her.//I always wished I could get my child back. But I had no idea where my wife was.//Eventually I sought to replace her...
Ryouko: ....
Masakazu: With dolls.//I developed a steady liking for dolls. That's when I started to bring them in. Lots of them./It didn't take long before I made them human-sized too...

Masakazu: I gave the human-sized dolls the same name as my daughter and I cherished them.
Ryouko: What was your daughter's name...?
Masakazu: Ryouko.......

Narrator: Friday.
Hiro: A fire so close in the vicinity... I didn't expect that.//I heard it could have been deliberate. Scary.../Thank God the fire didn't spread, though.
Fujiwara: Your apartment was burned down in a fire? Why's that?
Hanafusa: No idea. Anyway, all my equipment got burned. I'm getting a bad vibe. Wonder if I really should be on this case.
Fujiwara: Hey there. Do you really mean that?

Hanafusa: Yeah. 'Sides all the info's gone out the window. Well I haven't lost my bread and butter.
Fujiwara: Ah, yeah...?
Hanafusa: If you have anything on the superman, let me know.//When it's over.
Fujiwara: That was pretty weak.
Hanafusa: Well, back at you.//Uhh-uuuh.//So all I got left are the images from the kid's affair with a married woman?//Talk about a bad day...

Hiro: (They haven't found Ryouko yet... Where should I look for clues...? At her place...?//)*beep* *beep*
Hiro: (No answer...)
TV: Still no progress regarding the disappearance of Harumi Ryouko-san.......
Hiro: ......// Ryouko...Where are you. Where should I look for clues?/Something Ryouko has with her... If I knew what... Maybe I could "search" for that? I have no idea...

Hiro: ....
<Flashback>Tsujidou: Asking the police would be your best bet. There's a limit to what one person can do on her own.
Hiro: .....</Flashback>
Hiro: Spot on./There are a lot of problems the police doesn't have to cope with when they do their thing.//So that's their power......?/Power, eh...?//Power.../So what's my power?//The costume? That costume that gives me a power a man can only dream of?

Hiro: Ain't that my power?/The power I have right now?

Ryouko: (So these are the clothes for today...//I put on all kinds of clothing, and that makes him happy./And he compliments me too.//Calling me adorable... and cute...//......=

Ryouko: (I feel kinda sorry for that man.../There's something sad about him.)
Masakazu: I dress my dolls with plenty of clothes and I spoiled them...//Before I knew it, I'd learned that there were circles of people who had such puppets,and I joined one... It was fun.//There were so many kinds of them... But we all loved them.//I rented a studio and took plenty of puppet photograps... no, photos of my daughters./Even uploaded the pictures on an Internet homepage to share them.../That's how I lived my life until I realized. That a puppets is just a puppet./That if I spoke to it, it wouldn't answer. That is wasn't my daughter.

Masakazu: I kept the clothes, and sold the dolls./I even left the doll-lovers community.//That's when by chance, I found a girl in a family restaurant.//The waitress costume looked so good on her.//When I checked her name tag, I was really surprised./The name on it was "Ryouko". [tn: Spelling Japanese names is tricky business. The same name can be written with a wildly varying set of characters. "Ryouko" can go 涼子 (as in the manga) or 寮子, and that's only two among many. But the opposite is also true: the same set of characters can often be read in several different ways. 涼子 can go "Ryouko", "Atsuko", "Suzune", etc... Hence Masakazu's understandably great surprise and ensuing interpretation when he read Ryouko's name. The man is still nuts, though.:P]//I thought this girl'd got to be the reincarnation of my dead daughter./That it had to be God who'd brought her to me!

Masakazu: It was my chance to start a new life!*clank*
Ryouko: .....//(The poor man./He's always been chasing after his daughter...//But I... I can't replace his daughter./And me, what am I doing......?//Every day, I put on the clothes he's prepared for me.../I eat the meals he prepares for me...//Then I take a bath and I go to bed. Again and again.)*clank*
Ryouko: (Ah... The books.../The books I asked him for...)

<Flashback>Masakazu: Ryouko. You've got a lot of time to kill. Is there anything you want?
Ryouko: There's a couple of novels I wanted to read...
Masakazu: Alright. I'll prepare them for you.</Flashback>
Ryouko: Tha.../Thank you.
Masakazu: .....*pant*
Masakazu: Ryouko... Ryouko is.../She's thanking me!!*pant* *pant* *pant*

Narrator: Saturday.
Saeki: Red Dragon Express?//Never heard that name. Have you?
Cop: No.
Saeki: You. Make sure there really a company with a name like that.
Cop: Yes sir!
Saeki: Thought so... Usually, when you look for suspicious vehicles, you're more likely to guess at an ordinary-looking car./But an express delivery vehicle wouldn't seem out of place anywhere, whether it's stationed on the roadside or running rather slowly.//Determine the perimeter that Red Dragon Express car was in when the victim disappeared and interrogate the eye-witnesses.
Cops: Understood.

Hiro: Ah!//The ballpen and sharp pen!! The ones I gave Ryouko!!//But maybe they're in her bag and she doesn't have them.*slide*
Hiro: If that's the case, there's really nothing I can work with.*clap*
Hiro: The Hiragi Manami fanclub's couple-pencils set. 2000 units limited edition./I'll scan these...//and start the "search"!*clamp*

Hiro: Hewww.

Masakazu: I needed you so much I couldn't help it. I wanted you to be my daughter.//I know this is wrong.*pant* *pant* *pant*
Masakazu: I investigated you and followed you.//I prepared a delivery truck and stenciled a fake, imaginary name on it./A delivery car can be anywhere at any time without arousing suspicion, you see.//Then I took you away......
Ryouko: .......

Ryouko: Er... There's somethig I'd like to ask you....
Masakazu: What is it?
Ryouko: My school uniform and the rest of my things... Have you taken them out somewhere for cleaning yet?
Masakazu: I do the cleaning myself.*startle*
Ryouko: !!
Masakazu: I even found your message.../A pity...
Masakazu:But that means you and I will always be together.//I will always give you pretty clothes to put on.*pant* *pant*
Masakazu: Ryouko.//See, I work in a laundry!*tremble* *tremble*
Ryouko: .......

Ryouko: (I can't escape?)*spat*
RYouko: (I can't escape from here.//I can't escape from him!/I can't........!!)
Masakazu: RYOUKO!*pant* *pant*
Masakazu: RYOUKO!!

Hiro: Scanning complete./Well, now...//Initiate "search".*clip*
Hiro: Nothing within the next 3 kilometers?//I don't have a choice other than combing the area, then./Scanning for 2 hours, charging up... Rinse and repeat... There's no other way.

Ryouko: ....
*pant* *pant* *pant*
Masakazu: My beloved little girl.../ Ryouko... You're lovely.//Adorable!!
Ryouko: .....
Ryouko: He is pleased./He calls me lovely.
Masakazu: Ryouko. Kneel on your bed... open your legs.../look into the mirror and smile.
Ryouko: Okay. Like this...?*creak*

Masakazu: Pull up your skirt... Yes... Adorable!/I'm so happy...//Ryouko!!*pant* pant*
Masakazu: UNH...
*pant* *plic* *plic* *pant*

Narrator: Sunday.
Saeki: Yes.//You found her?!

Masakazu: That girl is not mine.../No... It's Ryouko-san...//Ryouko is back! She's a child!!//She's my child... No. She's not mine...//She's a child. But not my child. I am... a father./I'm a father, but not her father... So what does that leave?

Masakazu: (I'm her father.//I'm Ryouko's father.*clack*
Masakazu: (Ryouko is my)*creak*
Masakazu: Yes.//Ryouko is my thing!!/Mine!!
Ryouko: ..../Uh...

Cop: I've checked the warehouse for trucks.
Saeki: Good. What about the people?
Cop: This laundry is owned by Fujimi Masakazu, 55. No employees. Currently single, but he was married in the past./He used to have a child. But she died in an accident. His daughter's name was Ryouko, it seems. Just like the one we're looking for.

Cop: He hasn't done anything unusual lately. But there was a strange rumor about him owning large amounts of girly clothing. He didn't have an awful lot of clients.*clank*
Saeki: .....//Search warrant?
Cop: We have it!
Saeki: He's inside?
Cop: Not in the store. But there's light in the warehouse.//The warehouse is secured too. We're getting in!

*creak* *creak* *creak*
Masakazu: Uh. Ah.*creak* *creak*
Masakazu: Haa.Hah.*creak* *creak*
Masakazu: Uh. Hah.//Ugh.../Hah.
Ryouko: ......

Masakazu: Uh... Gh.//Aah.*stomp* *pant* *pant*
*pant* *pant*
Ryouko: Are you done......?
Masakazu: Ry... Ryouko.......*pant* *pant*
Ryouko: What is it...?
Masakazu: I'm....*crack*


*rumble* *rumble*
Ryouko: ![

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