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Translations: Gintama 698 (2) , One Piece 916 by cnet128

Junk Record of the Last Hero 10

Justice 10: Junk Face

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Aug 7, 2009 19:02 | Go to Junk Record of the Last Hero

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Hiro: What are you doing here?
Lisa [tn: Not the Western name but a similar-sounding Japanese one]: !//Hmph. You're using the costume's functions./ Looks like you've read the manual.
Hiro: Answer my question./Speaking of which. It's the same as back then in Kanda!//Is there some kind of business going on between you and Manami?
Lisa: !//I ask you the same question./Are you a... a fan of Hiiragi Manami?
Manami: And now, time for the last sooong!!/FUN TO DRIVE!!
Hiro: So what if I am? If I come here, what's wrong with that?
Lisa: That's not what I mean. I think Manami's pleased too.

Lisa: Yuuki Hiro-kun.
Hiro: !!/That's my name...

Hiro: That's right. You are well-informed about me./Don't tell me.../On the Internet board back then. That was you?
Lisa: Don't be silly.//Even without that, if I wanted to do anything to Manami, I could./You can understand, can't you? That's within this costume's power.//Conversely, I thought you were the criminal.
Hiro: !
Lisa: You're a Hiiragi Manami fan./And a huge one, too... Makes sense, doesn't it?

Lisa: .......
Lisa: Trouble like that happens sometimes, Manami./It's alright.

Hiro: Daaah.
Hiro: !!
Hiro: !!


Manami: Wha...
Hiro: Oh... Oh, nooo!!

Manami: Hah!//Surprise! How do you like that little trick? Didn't see that coming, did you?/What do you know? Even the superman who's been causing everyone so much trouble comes running around!!
Manami: Actually, we'd planned to do that for the encore!/After that, preview time!//Okay, now time for the last song./(What's going on?)

Board: Special investigation headquarters for serial destruction in Nakano, Suginami, Kanda, etc.
Fujiwara: We ended up starting one hour earlier that scheduled, didn't we?
Kaji: On the flip side, it was over one hour earlier too, right?
Fujiwara: And in the end, no progress at all...
Chikaishi: Fujiwara.
Fujiwara: Yup?
Chikaishi: There's been no news of the superman since he last showed up in Niigata.
Fujiwara: Hey there. What are you talking about?
Chikaishi: Talking back to me won't make much of a change.
Fujiwara: Anyway, the investigation is proceeding by chronological order, right? The Kannana street convenience store near which he's appeared first, and the surrounding area.//Suginami. Nakano...
Chikaishi: If only we could find something. Anything.
Fujiwara: That you will.

Kaji: Fu... Fujiwara-san!!/It's... Hiiragi Manami's concert!! In Saitama!!
Fujiwara: Wow what? Wanna go see it?
Kaji: Tha... That's not the point!!//The superman has appeared, it seems!!/That's what the staff told us!!
Fujiwara: !//Wait a minute... Come to think of it, when he showed up in Kanda/Manami was there in a bookstore, signing autographs. What is the meaning of this?

Fujiwara: Anyway, let's go!!
Kaji: Yes sir.
Fujiwara: Notify the Saitama prefectural police!*step* *step* *step*
Fujiwara: We need their help in the investigation!!
Chikaishi: Quick. Dispatch more investigators in Saitama!
Cop: Yes sir!
Chikaishi: Hewwww.//Oh, man. Fujiwara's really tough on his men./Quite a change from when he was working with us.//Will the riot police be there this time?/I wonder.

Lisa: Wait!!
Lisa: Do you think this is the place to fight?//We need to do something about this man first.
Hiro: Aaaaaah.

Hiro: (She's right. He isn't the place for this./We need to do something...)//'Kay I got it.
Lisa: (Phew.../I'm almost out of time........//12 minutes left......./12 minutes.......)

Lisa: (I need to settle things here within that time. Besides, this place needs to be evacuated./Can I manage that...?)
Hiro: Hey! Wake up!!*shake *shake*
Nakata: Uh... Ah...//Wa... waaaaaah!!
Hiro: Are you the criminal? What were you trying to pull?

Nakata: ........
Hiro: If you don't talk, I'll bash you head in.
Hiro: Or maybe you'd like me to squeeze you. Like this.*creaaak*
Lisa: ......

Hiro: Manami never showing up again. Are you okay with that?*glare*
Nakata: I.... I'm not!! He just asked for my help!/I don't know what's going on!!
Hiro: That makes you an accomplice, doesn't it?//In any case, you don't have much of a future./Anything happens and I kill you.

Hiro: You won't suffer much. I'll make your death quick.*bonk*
Nakata: Sto... Stop it!! I don't really know what he's doing!/I really don't!!

Lisa: (I'm close to the time limit.../But...//Right now this man is our only clue.)
Lisa: (What should I do?)

*wail* *wail* *wail* *ZOOM*
*wail* *wail*
Fujiwara: When does the live end?
Kaji: In about 20 minutes.
Fujiwara: Close call. Tell the prefectural police to circle the Arena!//They've mobilized the riot police.*wail* *wail*
Fujiwara: You'd think Saitama's forces would be more than enough.//Anyway, make sure even a fly can't get out of the Super Arena!!
*wail* wail*
Kaji: ... I think I've heard that line somewhere before.

Hiro: Tell me the name of my enemy.
Nakata: I... I don't know his name./Only the one he's made up.
Hiro: Speak!
Hiro: Manami-Love.
Hiro: This is bullshit!!
Lisa: !!

Lisa: (I have no time.)
Lisa: (If I keep on screwing up like this... I'll be responsible for the explosion./Just like the Black JUNK.)*YEAAAH*
Lisa: Kh!*swip*
Hiro: !

Hiro: What's the matter? Uh?//Looks like your time is up.
Lisa: .....
*beep* *beep*
Nakata: Uh... Agh......*slam*
Hiro: Good.
*step* *step* *step*
Nakata: Aaaaaaaah!
Hiro: Cancel your transformation! Here, so I can see it!!/Come on!!

Lisa: .....
Hiro: I won't make the same mistake twice!!/You're trying to mess around with Manami's live.
Lisa: Me...?/Messing around with Manami...?


Manami: Everybodyyyyy!!/Thank you very muuuuch!!
*rumble* *rumble*
Manami: !

*rumble* *rumble*
Cop: A... A detonation?!*rumble* rumble*
*wail* *wail* *VRRR*
Fujiwara: What? An explosion?/Really?*wail* *wail*
Fujiwara: It was a bomb?!!/So that Internet entry was serious!!

Hiro: An explosion!!/It's a bomb!//It's not the only one, then?/Wherever they're hidden... There's no point in looking for them right now.
*PAH* *zaw* *zaw*
Speaker: Ladies and gentlemen, a moment of your attention, please.//Only a small part of the hall is affected, but a fire has been spotted.
Crowd: Hey there. What happens to the encore?/Eh? What's going on?
Hiro: Hey!
Speaker: Please abide by the staff's instructions......

Lisa: Release.
Hiro: Say what?

Hiro: !

Kaji: They're going to put the audience to safety. The "fly" thing is out of the question, it seems.
*wail* *wail*
Fujiwara: .......
Kaji: And the residents in the Super Arena's vicinity have been advised to take shelter as well.//Fujiwara-san?
Fujiwara: It's me! Is the boy home?
Hanafusa: Man, this job is so great I could cry.//He hasn't been home for the entire day, by the looks of it./Know what's come the closest from here? The evening.
Fujiwara: Got it. Keep it up. I'm counting on you.
Hanafusa: Yeah, yeah.//Sigh. Keeping it up? When do I see the end of it?

Manami: My dressing room is in flames?
Manager: Nothing dramatic, but you shouldn't get near it.//Anyway, this live ends here!! Let's hurry out! Maybe there are more explosives out there.
Manami: Here......//My dressing room...
Manami: Can we get a patrol car to escort us?*bam*
Manager: Eh?
Manami: ......../Ah!

Hiro: So this is your true identity, "white"?*wooooo*
Lisa: ........
Hiro: Hey! *grip*
Hiro: Lemme se your face!/That way, we're even.

Lisa: .....
Hiro: Face me!*BAH*
Lisa: .......
Hiro: Uh?


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