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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Gamon The Demolition Man 1

Welcome to House Kugura!

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jan 10, 2010 17:30 | Go to Gamon The Demolition Man

-> RTS Page for Gamon The Demolition Man 1

Kowashiya Gamon Volume I.

1st chapter. Welcome to House Kugura!___5
2nd chapter. Something precious___51
3rd chapter. Never give up!___79
4th chapter. A promise between men (?).___103
5th chapter. For the smile on my family's faces.___121
6th chapter. Running out of time!___139
7th chapter. A dependable man!!___159
8th chapter. Director...___177

Note: Please affix your seal after inspection. Do not forget this under any circumstances.

1st chapter. Welcome to House Kugura!
Gamon: Not enough explosive?
Haruna: That's right. Looks like there was a mistake, and we didn't take quite enough of it for the pillar./The manager's just gone back looking for more.//Sorry, but we're gonna have to wait for a little while........
Dude: Well, those explosives aren't exactly cheap, are they...?
Gamon: Let me deal with this, Kokushou-san!/That's a job for the director!

1st chapter. Welcome to House Kugura!

Gamon: Here?!//Alright!/Go for it, Kokushou-san!
Haruna: Understood, sir.
Narrator: Built-in receiver.
Dude: I see. He's gonna make up for the lack of explosives
Bloke: By smashing down the pillar with a hammer.

Dude: Hey. That's insane!!/You'd better stop him, Haruna-chan!
Haruna: Of course I tried to stop him./But he said he'd take care of things...//I don't have the authority to overrun his decisions./I'm just the secretary!*plain and clear*
Bloke: Well, that's not the problem...
Dude: It could be dangerous!
Haruna: Very well, Director. I'll launch the countdown.
Bloke: Duh!
Dude: Waaait!!
Haruna: 5 seconds...
Bloke: It's dangerous!!
Dude: Stop it. Stop it!!
Haruna: 4./3.//2./1.

Haruna: Ignition.
Gamon: 25th Director of the Kugura Company........./Kugura Gamon!!

Gamon: AT-/TACK

Dude: !!
Bloke: Hey!! He did it?!
Dude: Bloody hell, he did it!!
Gamon: Right!!/And now...

Gamon: Retreat!!
Bloke: The guy's really something!!
Dude: He ain't a director just for show!!
Haruna: ........./That's all well and good, but...
Gamon: Hop!//........./Duh?

Narrator: Mikawa Prefectural High School, the next day.
Tomoko: I'm wondering if you'll still come to Tokyo despite what you say, Megumi.
Megumi: Nope. You guessed wrong.
Gamon: (That won't do./This is really, really bad.)*Mmmmmnnnh*
Sasaki: Yo. What you looking at, Gamon?
Glasses: You look dead serious.
Gamon: Mh? Yeah. It's about this
Check: Bill. ¥200.000

Sasaki: A ¥200.000 bill?!
Glasses: What the heck have you been doing?
Gamon: Well, I was trying to save expenses at work.../but for some reason, I ended up caving in a car's bonnet...//Perfection is nowhere to be found in this world.
Glasses: I didn't get everything, but you went overboard, and you screwed up as a result, yes?
Sasaki: Stop it.//Your father is in the demolition business, was it?/Looks kinda tough.
Gamon: Yeah... But I can't afford to be demoralized./And you know why...? Because I'm the company's director!*sparkle*
Gamon: (My name is Kugura Gamon.)
Sasaki: Nah, I mean
Glasses: Maybe it'd be more beneficial if you didn't do anything?
Gamon: Hahaha. Don't be silly.(I'm a high school student, but I also serve as the Kugura demolition company's director.)

Gamon: (Kugura is a small business, with a small staff.)
Signboard: Demolition Company/Kugura/We can destroy anything.
Gamon: (Our activities mainly revolve around destroying houses and other buildings. We're an old company that's lasted since the Edo times, thanks to its leaders.//The current deficit might be a problem if it continues, though.)*Mh-h*
Gamon: Add in the accident, and if it ain't bad luck, I don't know what is.
Sasaki&Glasses: (It's all your fault isn't it...?)
Haruna: Excuse me.//It's Kokushou, 2nd year, Class 6./Can I talk to Kugura, please?

Sasaki: Oooooh. Kokushou-san!!
Gamon: Ah, yeah. Great work!!
Haruna: It's been a pleasure working with you, director.
Gamon: She's my secretary. Kokushou Haruna-san. She's also a member of the Kugura company and in the same year as myself./She's also in charge of the accounting, and her work is flawless.)
Haruna: Don't bother hiding it. Let me see that bill./I would have found out sooner or later.
Gamon: Indeed...
Haruna: .......We're gonna have to take a portion of it out of your salary.
Gamon: (Really flawless)/Yep.
Haruna: About today's schedule, by the way......./I've received a mail from the company a short while ago.....*clap*

Haruna: Your presence is required in the company after school.
Gamon: Roger!/Thank you again, Kokushou-ssan!
Glasses: This hardly sounds like a usual conversation between high school students.
*twitch twitch*
Sasaki: ....... I.//I knew it, Gamon. What a cheap trick!
Gamon: Duh?
Sasaki: A young girl like that, your secretary?! Even if God allowed it, I wouldn't!
Gamon: Stop it, Sasaki...
Haruna: ........
Sasaki: No. I've made up my mind...

Gamon: Anything wrong, Nakanoi-san?! 'Sit your neuralgia?/This is bad!!
Senju: You're a pain in the bum!!//This was our first big job in a while. We could have expected to make up for our deficit!/And you land a 200.000 yen debt on us... DO you have any idea what it takes to run this company?!!
Gamon: (This is our manager, Nakanoi Senju-san (78). He's our company's living encyclopedia.)
Senju: Taken one by one, it doesn't amount to much!/But pile up enough dirt, and you'll find yourself with a mountain!!/And what we have now is an Andes mountain range's worth of dirt![tn: This is probably obvious to most, but the Andes mountain range is in South America, and it's the largest one in the world.]
Gamon: (This remarkable man single-handedly works both on the field, and as a manager.//His only fault, if any, would be in those lengthy sermons...)*nagging nagging*

Yuu: Come on, come on. I'm sure Gamon-kun is reflecting hard on what he's done/so let's just leave it at that!
Haruna: Reflecting? I'm not too sure of that...
Yuu: That's not a nice thing to say!
Gamon: (Morisaki Yuu-san (25), head of the technological department. She's an engineer who got her diploma from a British university.)
Yuu: Won't you be a bit more tactful?
Haruna: If that's part of the work.
Gamon: (You'd never guess she had a doctorate by the looks of her.)
Tsujihara: Nice work.//Gather round, everyone!
Gamon: That's Tsujihara-san (age ?), head of the sales department. His work often takes him outside, so he's not in the company all that often........)
Tsujihara: My, you got scolded again, director. And you even put us in the red, to top it off?
Gamon: How do you know that?!/He's a diviner or what?[tn: Arbitrary translation. I was unable to actually read this.]

Tsujihara: In that case, my timing couldn't be better./We have a request.
Nishi: Pleased to make your acquaintance./You can call me Nishi.
Haruna: Nishi Aomi-sama, cabinet investigator........[tn: Cabinet=works for the government.]
Nishi: Yes, I assumed my office this year.

Haruna: I'm Kokushou, the secretary. I hope things will work for the best./Here you are.
Gamon: !
Nishi: You can have it.
Gamon: .........*pat pat pat*
Gamon: I'm Kugura, the director.
Senju: You could at least carry some business cards with you!
Narrator: Student's card.
Nishi: Eh? A student's card?!/You're in high school?
Gamon. Yes sir. In my second year.
Haruna: ........
Nishi: (What do you know... I knew they were young, but they're kids alright./Ain't that weird? I'm wondering if things gonna be okay in here...//But I have a certificate from the head of office.......)
Haruna: Please keep quiet for a minute, director.
Gamon: Why?*whispers*

Haruna: Our apologies, Nishi-san./Please let us know the details of your request.
Nishi: Eh... Well, um.../No really, is it gonna be okay? ...
Haruna: Yes. Just let us do our job./In this company, we can demolish anything!*business-like smile*
Nishi: Ah. If you say so?*dazzled*
Gamon: Bonnets are no problems for us.*whack*
Senju: Hold your tongue!
Nishi: Very well......./I'll tell you what it is we want demolished

Baldie: Hah hah hah ha!!//Look at this! 5 millions of these would still be worthless!/Security really ain't worth spit in this country!!
Spike: Once we sell the whole lot, we can spend the next 30 years having fun
Baldie: This is our precious merchandise. Don't leave your fingerprints on it
Squint: Gotta admit, that knife's really awesome... Even explosives won't break it, and it cuts through reinforced glass like butter!

Baldie: With something like this, you can rob people with style./I heard something about that knife being manufactured someplace, for military use.//Really handy for thieving purposes!
Thugs: Damn right.
Haruna: In that storehouse?
Nishi: Yes.//Your target is a bandit group of 3 to 4 people./We're asking you to eradicate that group.
Tsujihara: Which is to say.../you're asking for what we do best. The cornerstone of our business.

Senju: Oh my. Now I know what the word "godsend" means.*ruckus*
Haruna: Phew/Now we can get out of the red.
Yuu: Good job, Tsujihara-kun!
Tsujihara: Nah, it's nothing.*hahaha*
Nishi: Wow. I'm mega-worried.
Gamon: (Whatever the government or the private sphere cannot touch, or that which they want to be taken down discreetly, we destroy it for them.//That is Kugura's actual occupation. Although the public at large doesn't know about this...)
Haruna: Director, are you ready?
Gamon: Yes I am!
Nishi: ......../Eh?

Nishi: Could you... be planning to do this alone? Just with that hammer?/By any chance
Gamon: Mh?//Yes! Because I'm the director.
Nishi: Really, are things gonna turn out okay?!
Yuu: Aaah. Wait a minute, Gamon-kun!/Here, take this!//These are special stun grenades that I've developed!/I worked hard on these, to take them with you.//They contain 20.000 Volt electrical charges. Guaranteed to knock out any human being in a 10 meters radius![tn: That's more or less 30 ft.]/Yaaaay.
Nishi: Oooh.! So you had weapons like that!
Senju: But a single one of them is worth a solid ¥10.000, right?[tn: Somewhere around $975.]
Yuu: They're original articles, that's why........
Haruna: Be sure to use them as sparingly as possible.
Gamon: Hear.

Gamon: Awrite. Preparations complete!!
Nishi: !/That's not much.../I, I mean, that really
Gamon: There I go!!//Ooof?!//Wooow!
Haruna: You're making too much noise, director.
Nishi: ......../(That can't end well.......)

Yuu: Now, I say we go to the monitoring truck to assist him.
Senju: Yes.
Haruna: Over here, dear customer.
Tsujihara: Not to worry, Nishi-san./True enough, he's still in high school...//But his title of director is not for show.
Gamon: Ouch...//This is Gamon./I'm now behind the building.
Yuu: Eeeerm. Wait a minute.*bzzzz*
Yuu: There. We're good. Satellite has been hacked successfully.

Yuu: Good. I can hear him loud and clear.♥ What about you?*type type*
Haruna: Yes. Visual contact established.
Senju: Sound's coming alright too.
Yuu: So we're mostly good!
Nishi: (You wouldn't guess it's anything more than a truck, from the outside........)
Yuu: Ah. I have an electronic reaction. There are cameras on the front side.
Haruna: A frontal attack would be problematic.
Senju: Surprise attack it is, then.
Nishi: Are you discussing strategy, right now?!
Tsujihara: Come on, relax./You want some coffee?
Haruna: Wery well, director. Enter from where you are.
Nishi: Where he is?/What's that mean?
Gamon: Roger that!

Gamon: (3 to 4 opponents......../Provided I can catch them off guard........)//25th Director of the Kugura Company: Kugura Gamon!!/AT-TACK

Thugs: Wha...?!/What's going on?!
Nishi: He... broke the wall.../with a hammer?!//Aw... awesome. What kind of hammer is this?!/Oooooh.
Tsujihara: An ordinary one./Please calm down.
Yuu: I'll switch to your camera, Gamon-kun./One click and it's done.

Narrator: Camera
Gamon: (Alright/Now for a swift attack!!)
*rows of them*
Gamon: Duh?/That's a lot.......

Gamon: Uh-oh!
Tsujihara Man, they're not joking.
Nishi: Eh?
Gamon: AAAUUUUUGH!!//Wait up!!/There's like 10 of them, and they got guns?!
Haruna: Sir?
Nishi: No way?! Our information from yesterday was accurate enough...!!
Senju: Do you mind keeping your intelligence up to date?!
Tsujihara: Oh, well./That'd be a calculation error.
Yuu: Gamon-kun. The stun grenades!
Gamon: That's right!//!//(Let's put an end to this./I need to be careful with the expenses!! That's the director's job. My job.)
Caption: A small memo from Yuu-nee-san: The stun grenades will set off within 5 seconds after the safety pin is removed. Careful with that pin, so it doesn't get stuck in your clothing.♥
Gamon: Ooooooh!!

Thugs: Ungh!!/Gasp!/Ugh!
Gamon: I was a hair's breadth away from blowing myself up.
Senju: What do you think you're doing, director!!/This is dangerous!
Haruna: Minus 10.000...
Nishi: I knew things didn't look so good...
Gamon: Ooooh.
*heaped* *fshhh*
Gamon: Instant efficiency......... That's my Yuu-san!//Hah

Gamon: WOOOOW?!//Kh.../So there was another one left!
Yuu: My. I guess this calls for improvement.
Baldie: Who are you? What's with that helmet...?//Yer working for the fuzz?

Gamon: ?!/Where did you find that knife?!
Senju: He cuts through concrete like it's tofu?!
Yuu: ooh. That's awesome!!
Tsujihara: I'd say it's a military knife./But it's still experimental and top secret...
Yuu: Mhh. Sounds like a nice enough job.
Tsujihara: That it has been stolen and used for thieving purposes is a big problem! And that's where we come in./Am I right?
Nishi: Yes.//Although I thought I'd ask you to recover it afterwards.
Senju: You should have mentioned that earlier, young man!!

Gamon: !.Gh...//!!//!!
Haruna: !
Senju: Director!!
Tsujihara: The man.../is unexpectedly proficient with that knife. In addition...

Gamon: Gasp!!
Tsujihara: He doesn't make a single useless move./We're dealing with a killer, here.
Nishi: Wha...//That kind of knife, in the hands of one so dangerous...!!
Baldie: You can dodge well enough./But it's about time to end this. Let's be stylish about it, 'kay?//Tell me, shitty brat. did you know?/Originally, sharp objects wouldn't kill people........

Baldie: Cause you see, bones and muscles are tougher than you'd think. Enough so to stop a blade./That's gonna hurt like hell, ya know? You get to thrash around like a bitch...//But with this, that doesn't happen./So stay put/WHILE I HACK AWAY AT YOU!!
Nishi: No good. You're facing the wrong opponent!/Run for it!!

Baldie: !!
Gamon: Knives aren't meant to kill people.../That thing of yours...

Gamon: I snap it in half!!
Nishi: !!//Bare-handed...!!
Baldie: Kof.../I still have a knife l...//Wh... aaaa?! My hand...!!/What's going on...?! It's disjointed?!

Gamon: But the one thing I want to break apart.../is your disposition!
Nishi: Eh... Eh?/What did he say...?
Tsujihara: In the Kugura clan, the director of the Kugura company.../knows techniques of bare-handed demolition...//Techniques born not from martial arts......./but of a training undergone to surpass their human limits........

Baldie: Don't get too full of yourself, safety helmet!/You didn't get my other hand...
Tsujihara: And naturally, these techniques//have been carved into him since he was a child//The techniques of the Kugura!

Gamon: Kugura Senjutsu; Kai: Senkou Rengeki (Kugura Arcanum; Undoing: Perforating Strike Combo).[tn: The raw says Senjutsu, as in "wizardry", or as they say in Naruto, the "Sage Arts".]

Tsujihara: (The Arcanum entails ultimate control of one's body.../With enough training, you can even manipulate your ki.//By sending a mass of ki into the joints upon impact.../you can forcibly create a gap.
Arrow: Ki.
Tsujihara: Applying a torsion at this point will disjoint the bones.../This is a basic move of the Kugura: Senkougeki (Perforating Strike).
Baldie: You.../You dick. Who the hell...?*strain*

Gamon: Kugura company, demolishing since the Edo era......../I'm it's 25th director: Kugura Gamon.
Baldie: !!
Gamon: Don't worry... I merely disjointed your articulations......../To give you the time of reflexion!
Baldie: Ouch./Ow.

Tsujihara: The job is over. Your opinion, Nishi-san?
Nishi: Ha........//I'll be honest: I really doubted him./How could such a youngster serve as a director? ......../Can I really trust him to do the job? ........
Haruna: Can't really blame you.
Yuu: Hey, come on.
Nishi: However!/I revise my judgment./He's perfectly dependable as a director.
Gamon: Mhh. Jewels. I'm wondering if I can keep them.
Nishi: I may require your services again in the future./You have my best wishes until then!

Senju: No, it's nothing.
Yuu: Thank you!
Haruna: You have our best wishes as well.
Nishi: Well, now I have some administrative cleanup to do... To a long a harmonious relationship, I hope.//By the way: why is he your director?/Is it a family tradition for that position to be filled by a high-schooler?
Tsujihara: No... God now!/Well you see...//Our director went through a lot, so...

Senju: Sustaining a wound over a trifle like this!/That was utterly pathetic!//Now pay attention! The director of the Kugura company ought to be a tad more careful.......*nagging* hen-pecking*
Senju: Are you listening to me, director?!!
Gamon: Yup!
Senju: You're supposed to say "Yes"!!
Gamon: Yes.
Yuu: There, there, Nakanoi-san. We're out of the red, now, so I'd say he's done well enough.
Haruna: If he hadn't used that grenade, we'd have gained some financial leeway, but...
Gamon: Duh...
Yuu: You don't have to be so disagreeable.
Gamon: No. Kokushou-san has a point./I'm not self-conscious enough a director!

Gamon: Guess I really should have snatched some of these jewels, after all!/That's what a director would do.
Senju: Go sit over there!!
Gamon: Yeah? So what's the problem?
Senju: Are you paying attention at all, you brat?*raaah*
Yuu: Pheeew. There, there.
Haruna: .........
Tsujihara: Well well well./(Our director still has a long way to go.)//Regardless, that was a good day's work./Let's do our best tomorrow as well!
Nishi: Um... I'm here about the jewels and the broken knife...
Gamon: Compensation?
Haruna: Compensation it is.[/End

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