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Gamon The Demolition Man 2

Something Precious

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jan 14, 2010 17:12 | Go to Gamon The Demolition Man

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2nd chapter. Something precious

Narrator: Mikawa Prefectural High School
Megumi: Duuuh. Morning, Tomoko.
Tomoko: The morning's decidedly not your friend, Megumi.[tn: I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this.]
Haruna: This is our program for the day.*beep beep*
Haruna: Understood, director?
Gamon: Yeah. Got it./Thank you as always, Kokushou-san!
Haruna: Think nothing of it. It's part of my job. I'm the secretary after all.

Haruna: Also./The first class today is physical education, yes?
Narrator: Class 6.
Gamon: Yep./Come to think of it, we'll be together with Class 6.
Narrator: Class 5.
Haruna: I think the boys will be working on their own. Something about the coach, professor Shimomura being out with a cold...
Gamon: Ah, is that so? Thanks for the tip.
Haruna: Don't. It's part of my job.//The manager's told me to make sure you wouldn't become the center of attraction. So please refrain from making too much of a mess.
Gamon: Mhhh...

Ikegaya: Hah!!
Sasaki: Oooh?!/He jumped over it!!//Now, that's our Ikegaya from the gymnastics club!!/15 stories, the school record in Mikawa High, and he jumps it!!
Ikegaya: You can't get any higher!! Class 5! Thanks in advance for treating us to lunch!!
Class 6: Yeaaaaaaahhh*pat*
Eyebrow: Wut!! Screw the gymnastics club!/We aren't down for the count just yet!!

Sasaki: Second year, Class 5. Attendance number 7. Member of the ping-pong cluuuuub!/Kuguraaaaa Gaaaaamooooooon!!
Gamon: Mh?
Megumi: Ooooh. Things are heating up around the boys.
Tomoko: Yeah. And Kugura's right in the middle of it.
Haruna: ........
Gamon: (Refrain from making too much of a mess...)/Nah, sorry but today...
Sasaki: We're counting on you, Gamon. Don't disappoint us!!
Eyebrow: You can do it!! You're our only hope!!
Gamon: ... I'm your only hope?!
Sasaki: You're our only hope!!
Gamon: Okay. Leave it to me!!*YEAAAAAH*
Haruna: .......
Sasaki: Yaaay. Spoken like a maaaan!! >Now go jump this!<

Gamon: Pheeew.
Ikegaya: (Hmph. So the ping-pong club is the best they can do!)*todom*
Haruna: (Oh, well. This shouldn't be a problem...)

Ikegaya: Wha?!
Class 6: He's fast!
Sasaki: Go for it, Gamon!!

Gamon: (Takeoff okay.../Height okay!)//I can do it!!
Haruna: !/Hah.

Sasaki: Uh?
Gamon: Oh......../Crap!

Gamon: Nwaaaaah!
Class: The vaulting horses are broken!!
Sasaki: Stupiiiid. You've put too much strength into this, Gamon!!
Eyebrow: Well, wouldn't you say the way he broke 'em is a bit odd?
Gamon: Guess I got too fired up......./I used the Arcanum by mistake.......
Haruna: ........

Senju: ........
Narrator: Kugura Company's manager. Nakanoi Senju (78).
Senju: What do you think you're doing, director? ........
Gamon: Nothing. I just screwed up and used too much power.../And I unleashed the Arcanum by accident...*messy*
Senju: By accident, my foot!!/The Arcanum is a trade secret to be used in times of need!//And you...!!
Haruna: My apologies. I should have stopped him...
Gamon: No. It's not her fault! If you have to blame someone, blame me!!
Senju: That goes without saying!

Narrator: My name is Kugura Gamon. I'm in my 2nd year in high school.
Senju: House Kugura has been in business since the Edo era!/Keeping a low profile and staying hidden is the reason we've been able to deceive the public at large!/This is serious business. You can go around using it randomly. Serious business, I tell you.[tn: Those three balloons of blurry, tiny text are too hard to read. Making random shit up.]
Narrator: I serve as the Kugura demolition company's director.//On the outside, it's an ordinary company./But in truth, our real trade involves destroying pretty much anything.//The director has access to a bare-handed destruction "Arcanum" passed down from one generation to another...//But I'm still inexperienced, so I ended up releasing it accidentally. I need to be careful.
Senju: Are you listening to me, director?

Yuu: There, there, Nakanoi-san. Let's leave it at that! It's unhealthy for the mind to get angry too often.
Narrator: Head of the technological department. Morisaki Yuu (25).
Gamon: We can't have that! Calm down, Nakanoi-san!
Senju: Whose fault do you think it is?!
Yuu: Come on, come on.//Nobody's noticed anything about the Arcanum anyway, yes?/Right? Haruna-chan?
Haruna: Indeed./Although there was no denying those vaulting horses broke was out of the ordinary.
Narrator: Secretary and accountant, Kokushou Haruna (16).
Haruna: If you keep that up I won't be able to follow. Please show some caution.
Gamon: Yep!
Senju: At least that's a good answer...
Yuu: You're really hard on him, Haruna-chan./He may be our director, but Gamon-kun is still a new recruit.

Yuu: Show some kindness towards your kouhai.[tn: "Kouhai" could translate as "junior", but actually means someone who's been in the given institution (a school, a company) for a lesser amount of time. The opposite of this is "senpai".]
Senju: Anyway... Is that understood?
Haruna: Please stop.
Gamon: Yes sir.
Narrator: That's right. I may be the director, but I'm the company's latest recruit./It's been a mere 3 months since I've joined.
Senju: Now, it's about time to get working.
Gamon: Where are we working today?
Haruna: I'll go change myself.
Yuu: Today it's just paperwork.
Narrator: Because someone used to occupy that seat before/my father.
Sign: Director.
Narrator: And right now, my father
Tsujihara: I trust everybody's been doing a great job.//Oh, I see everyone's already there.
Narrator: Head of the sales department, Tsujihara Keiji.

Tsujiraha (Keiji from now on): I've found us some work./Our client is the Cabinet investigator Nishi-san.
Gamon: ....... Who?
Haruna: That customer we had a few days ago.
Gamon: ........ Ahhhhh!
Senju: You could at least remember that much!!
Yuu: Co... come now.
Haruna: Which is to say the request is about...
Gamon: Yaaay. The house's actual trade./Alright!! This time around, we're gonna get out of the red!!
Keiji: That's how I'd like it to play out/but the object we have to destroy this time could prove a bit tough.
Gamon: Mh?
Keiji: It's a safe-deposit.
Gamon: ?

Sign: Fuba Credit Union.[tn: The characters for "Fuba" can mean "indestructible", or "never broken".]
Nishi: I see the Kugura company's here!
Narrator: Cabinet Investigator Nishi Aomi.
Nishi: But why did you have to take the backdoor?
Keiji: To keep our trade proper a secret, mostly.
Yuu: Hello!
Senju: You're overdoing it.
Haruna: Thank you for hiring us. Forgive my curtness, but can you fill us in on the details?
Nishi: Ah, yes. Let's do that!

Nishi: Thing is, this bank has undergone a safecracking a short while ago...
Jiiru: Alright. It's open!
Bigbro: Huhuhu... All too easy!//It was no match for us, the Moustache Brothers!!/Humph
Jiiru: That's because they weren't looking after those keys good enough.
Bigbro: Okay, lil' bro! Let's help ourselves and get the heck outta here!
Jiiru: You got it, big bro!//Yo!

Bigbro: !!//Hey there, lil' bro! It can't be any good if the door's closed, ya know./Hahaha.
Jiiru: Aah. My bad, big bro! I try my hardest to be careful, yet here we are. I'll open right away!Duh? It won't open. Is it locked or something?/Sorry, but could you use the key to open the door from your side, please?//BUT... I HAVE THE KEY IN MY HAAAAAAAND?! NOOOOOO! HELP MEEEE!!*bom bom bom*
Bigbro: Wha...?! Lil' bro?! Lil' brooooo!!
Nishi: That's more or less what he said. His brother is imprisoned inside.
Bigbro: .......
Senju: Moron./What an idiotic couple of thieves.
Yuu: How about making a key?
Nishi: We've ordered one done, but seeing as it's a special article, it won't be ready until tomorrow...

Nishi: To tell the truth, these siblings are intel-mongers. They steal classified information... Some of the things in there cannot be revealed to the public./That's why we wanted to capture them on our own, before involving the police. So we call you. The Kugura company.
Gamon: You can count on us! We're gonna break this immedia...
Haruna: My deepest apologies, director.......//but we won't be able/to honor this request.
Gamon: Duh?
Senju: This is out of our league, I take it.
Yuu: Mhhhhh. This time around, I guess so.
Gamon: Eh? How come?!
Nishi: Really?!/I've talked with my superiors. You've been known to do a splendid job of smashing open a vault before...

Keiji: Aaah. That was in the past!/Our current director is a newbie, so it's not even worth considering!
Nishi: In.../In the past?
Keiji: A safe-deposit surpasses everything else in solidity./Our previous director would have been able to break it apart with his bare hands...//But Gamon-kun still has a lot of growing up to do...
Gamon: Mph.
Yuu: That was pretty straightforward.
Gamon: But it's not like we've been up to our knees in requests...!!
Keiji: Don't panic, don't panic./I'll take a little break, now./Take care of the rest, Haruna-kun ........
Haruna: ......../He's right, Nishi-san..........

Haruna: If the situation here is really so pressing, we can still use our demolition implements/but we won't be able to derive any benefit if we do.*beep beep beep*
Haruna: It would cost you at the very least this much in additional fees.
Nishi: ..........!! Hey, wait a minute. Have you seen that number...?!!
Haruna: Since we can't expect to derive any benefit, we have to refuse!/It's a give-and-take situation... We're professionals, after all!
Gamon: (That's Kokushou-san for you... She does sound like a pro./I ought to learn from her example!)
Senju: Why, all that trouble for nothing, then.
Keiji: We're going home, I take it?
Gamon: Eh?
Nishi: Wai... wait a minute, please!!//We can't afford the wait!/The oxygen inside is about to run out........!!

Gamon: !!
Yuu: Eh?!
Senju: What?!
Nishi: This safe-deposit is completely airtight!!
Bigbro: !
Nishi: We can't let him die. We need to get information out of him!!//We'll negotiate an increase in your remuneration afterwards! Please do something to break it open!*grip*
Haruna: Bu... but we can't make any promises, so...*ruckus*
Manager: She's right, there's no need to destroy anything!!//Heey. Let go of me.
Nishi: Manager?![tn: Branch office manager.]

Manager: No, really. I turn my back, and you're all about breaking vaults open.../Don't go saying whatever goes through your mind. Think about our losses should the vault get broken!!*barging in*
Nishi: Then your insurance will kick in, will it not? We've already been through this.
Manager: My concern is about the customers' trust in us!!//We have no obligation to save a criminal like him!!/The girl over there understands that much!!
Nishi: Bu... but this is coming from the government...
Manager: Raaah. You'll get to that safe-deposit over my dead body! Now go home!

Manager: Wha...! What the hell do you think you're doing?!!
Nishi: Oooh!
Haruna: Di......... Director! The negotiations are still...
Gamon: Life is more precious that anything else!/Right? Kokushou-san!

Gamon: Let's smash that lockbox to pieces!/The Kugura company's honor is on the line!!
Yuu: Let's make the preparations, then, Haruna-chan!
Senju: Well well well. Somehow I knew things would end up like this./Phewww.
Haruna: ........ There's no way around it, I guess. The director's made up his mind.
Keiji: So we're accepting the request?//(All the same, director...//that safe-deposit.../doesn't look like your usual tricks are gonna work on it.)[/end

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