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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gamon The Demolition Man 3

Never Give Up!

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jan 17, 2010 15:11 | Go to Gamon The Demolition Man

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3rd chapter. Never give up!
Gamon: Guees that's it!
Manager: Stooop!! Don't you dare break it!!
Nishi: Please comply, manager!! This is a special directive from the government!
Manager: This is a bank!!/If the vault is destroyed so will be our customers' trust in us...!!
Gamon: Kugura Senjutsu.../Kai: Senkougeki..........[tn: Kugura Arcanum; Undoing: Perforating Strike.]


3rd chapter. Never give up!

Manager: Woo hahahahahaaaaaaa!/When you said you were a demolisher, I expected you to be awesomeness incarnate!!//There's not even a single scratch!/Hahahaha/I shouldn't have bothered worrying!!
Gamon: Ngnhhhhhhh!!//What the. One more try!!
Keiji: Don't bother, director. It's useless.//The only technique that you have - the Senkougeki - enlarges the gaps in things to split them apart.../Dislodging bones is pretty much the best you can do./However, you're not good enough at building up Ki for it to have any effect on solid, artificial material.
Nishi: No way... There's probably not much oxygen left in there./At this rate, the thief's brother won't make it...!
Haruna: No. Don't worry.
Gamon: ! Kokushou-san?

Haruna: I've checked inside the premises with a spy satellite.
Gamon: Wow! That was fast!
Haruna: The man inside still breathes./He has something like 20 minutes left, give or take!
Gamon: !/Awwwrite!!
Yuu: We've also been able to detect a structural weakness./I'm wondering if we can work something out in 20 minutes.
Senju: Director! I'll start the preparations!!
Gamon: Roger that!!
Manager: Mnh...? Mnnnhhh?!
Nishi: Tsujihara-san!
Keiji: Well, we also happen to be pros.*pop*
Keiji: Now that we've accepted the request, we won't rest until that vault is broken./Because we're the Kugura company.

Yuu: Gamon-kun. Plug this in.
Gamon: Okay!
Senju: Director. That goes over there!
Gamon: Right!
Haruna: Not here, director. It's blocking the way.
Gamon: Got it!!//Raaaaaaah!!
Yuu: Gamon-kun, hurry up!
Nishi: What the heck is this...?
Keiji: Just wait and see.

Manager: Hmph!//Explosive charges? Spare yourselves the trouble!!/This vault is made out of a material that can withstand the blast of one hundred kilos of plastic. And what can you possibly hope to achieve in a mere 20 minutes?!
Keiji: What happened, manager? You aren't trying to stop us anymore?
Manager: On the contrary. I think it can serve as a good means of promotion!/I'm the one who made it. So don't expect your demolition tools to destroy it so easily...//Earlier, well I heard some tall tales about a man who would smash open a vault with just a hammer. I was a wee bit worried because of this./That kind of thing just doesn't happen (lol).
Nishi: Tsujihara-san. Could that man, by any chance...
Keiji: That's right. That was probably our previous director.//Father to the current one./Kugura Ganari.

Keiji: If only he was here, this job would have been cake.
Nishi: Where is he, now...?
Keiji: Four months ago, he went abroad on a business trip./Then maybe he had an accident, or he ran in trouble... But we've been without news of him.
Nishi: I see........./Sorry... I should have minded my own business.//And that's how this high school student became director...
Keiji: He still has a long way to go, however.
Yuu: Done!

Yuu: Preparations complete!
Manager: Wha?!/155 millimeter rounds?! >Not to mention the weird military stuff....<
Yuu: You're right. Demolition tools won't be enough to get the job done in time.../Pile Daaaa On![tn: This has something to do with Godzilla, or maybe some Power Rangers-like show.]/But weapons of destruction, on the other hand.//Fire all 8 rounds! Don't you miss those shots, Nakanoi-san.
Senju: This brings back memories of Guadalcanal![tn: The Guadalcanal campaign, from Aug. 1942 to Feb. 1943, where the Japanese forces tried to gain control over the island in an effort to block American supply and routes towards Australia and New Zealand.]

Haruna: Roughly 3 minutes left! You need to get this done quickly!
Yuu: Go for it, Nakanoi-san!
Senju: Very well, then...//ATTACK!!

Yuu: Bull's eye.♪/Good. Very good.
Senju: Of course./I've lost count of the number of enemy ships I've sunk like this!
Nishi: Uh... It doesn't explode?/So I guess the shell was empty!

Yuu: Gamon-kun!! Load in the next roooouuund!!
Gamon: Alright!
Yuu: Twoooo./Threeee.//Foooouur!!
Manager: A... Are you trying to turn my bank into a battlefield?!
Keiji: I'd step back, if I were you. This could be dangerous.
Nishi: This is crazy.........
Yuu: Last one!//You've hit every mark! Not bad, Nakanoi-san!
Senju: Not now. Save it for when we're victorious!!

Nishi: B... but...
Senju: It didn't even pierce halfway through the wall.
Yuu: One third, more like. That thing is so thick and solid it's almost scary.
Manager: Ha... Haha... Wahahahaha!!/So, how do you like it?! This safe is the pride of our bank!//"Won't break even under cannon shots". That'll make for good advertisement!/Wahahahaha.
Yuu: Time for Yuu-nee-san's Einstein corner!//With explosives, the energy expands outwards like a radiation/but when a bomb explodes the second it hits its target, its power is brought down to half.*dispersion*
Manager: ............. What are you trying to say?
Yuu: I MEAN...

Yuu: that if you use the rounds' penetration to drive them all the way in, you double their power./Geddit?♥*Oooooooh*

Nishi: Ooooh!!
Gamon: Oooh!! That's my Yuu-san!!
Yuu: Special depth charge rounds, victorious by a landslide!/Always there to help./It's a bit expensive, though.
Nishi: Good, now let's capture him immediately!//!!/What's this...?!

Nishi: Another wall on the inside?!
Yuu: Eh?!
Senju: What?!
Haruna: No way...!! We had no signal about this earlier...!!
Manager: A 70cm thick concrete wall for emergency reinforcement!![tn: That's roughly 2ft 4inches.]/It automatically raises from the ground upon sensing an impact!/You're wasting your time, I'm telling you!
Gamon: !///70 cm of concrete!/Then even without the Arcanum.......!!

Gamon: ATTACK!!//Gh...!!/So solid!
Manager: This is heat-resistant concrete, processed up to high density, and now several times sturdier than normal!/It's got nothing in common with normal concrete. Nothing at all!!
Haruna: Hurry up, director!!/The signals from the man inside are weakening...
Yuu: There's nothing left we can use?!
Senju: It's over!!
Gamon: Break the hell up, damn it!!

Gamon: Ha/shh/Kh!
Nishi: It's no use... He's not even 10 cm through.../It's over...
Bigbro: That's enough, lad./That thing won't break...
Gamon: Shh/!/Ha
Bigbro: This is payback for all the bad things we've been doing. My brother an I are already resigned to this.
Haruna: I have.../no more response from him.........
Bigbro: Thank you, lad........./Thank you...

Gamon: You gotta be......... KIDDING ME!!
Bigbro: ?!
Gamon: We haven't seen his corpse yet./So don't talk of him like he's already dead.//He's your younger brother!!/Crap like this, I take.........!!


Bigbro: Jiiru!/Jiiru![tn: Jiiru is an actual Japanese name.]
Jiiru: Aahhh. Big bro? When's lunch?
Bigbro: Jiiruuuuu./Thank God! You're safe!!
Jiiru: Something wrong?
Keiji: This is a greatly efficient technique where you put cracks into some material in order to break it. Kugura Senjutsu; Sai: Tsuikousen...[tn: Kugura Arcanum; Smashing: Grand Digging Tracks.]//First, you create cracks into the target with a hammer.
Arrow: Power.
Keiji: Then you have your Ki pattern itself after those cracks to dig their way in and enlarging them, thus demolishing things on a large scale...
Arrow: Ki.
Keiji: It happened by chance, but you did well nonetheless, director./A lucky manifestation of your pesky habit of randomly unleashing your Ki when you're fired up, I presume.

Gamon: Well, my mind was so totally into it........./that I don't remember much of anything........./Ungh!!
Nishi: Are... are you alright?!
Keiji: Yeah, nothing to worry about.
Nishi: He's gonna be okay?
Keiji: That release of Ki was well beyond his usual limit. That kinda takes its toll.//You still have a long way to go, director.
Gamon: I'm working on it.
Bigbro: Thank you, lad. Your words really hit home.
Gamon: Sir...
Yuu: Gotta say, Gamon-kun was in his element.
Senju: I contributed as well, you know.

Yuu: Good job anyway, Gamon-kun!
Senju: You did pretty well, this time!
Gamon: This wouldn't have been possible without all of you guys./Thank you very much!
Senju: Di... director!
Yuu: Ooooooh. That was nice.
Haruna: Indeed./We won't make any benefit from this, however.
Senju: That's right!
Gamon: Ngh...
Yuu: Easy, Nakanoi-san.
Keiji: Well well well...//(That said, the previous director wasn't all that interested in profit either.../Even in dire situations, he's his father's son.......)
Narrator: In the meantime/The manager was burning with an ill-employed enthusiasm.
Manager: Just you wait, demolisher scum!! Next time it won't break. It won't break at all!![/end

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