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GODEATH ~Megami no Ketsumyaku~ 1


+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jan 19, 2010 19:28 | Go to GODEATH ~Megami no Ketsumyaku~

-> RTS Page for GODEATH ~Megami no Ketsumyaku~ 1

This translation is free to use by anyone who wants it. Quality should be okay, but double-checking never hurts.

GODEATH - Blood Flow of the Goddess
Maria: Where I come from...//Who I am...
Side text: A sword tainted in crimson red... Its edge pointing to some direction...

Maria: Where I go...

Color for the cover and front pages 30P[tn: Whatever the Hell 30P is.]
GODEATH - Blood Flow of the Goddess.[tn: Obviously, there's a pun on the words "goddess" and "god" and "death" going on.]

The wings on Her back are black with the taint of slaughter and devastation. Is she a God? Or a Demon?
A brand new world she creates, as she swings down her sword and sheds the holy blood.

Pope: My... My... My God.../Come to your servant's aid...
Maria: ........God's forgiveness/knows no bounds...//...but/unfortunately

Maria: I am not God./GOD//BLESS/YOU...

Rome, 1982
Priest: Re... Really...?/Is that story true...?
Count: ...Yes./I killed them...

Count: Well... Truth be told, it might not have been me.../You see, it was a long time ago.//Demons./Witches./Alchemically-generated homonculi. It was a time when all kinds of similar foul things still existed, albeit barely...//Yes. That was about 200 years ago...//I've killed more of them than I could ever count... Mozart. The Austrian crown prince. And Ryouma Sakamoto...[tn: The assassination of the Austrian crown prince in 1914 started WWI. Ryouma Sakamoto (1836-1867) is a Japanese statesman who contributed to the end of the Tokugawa shogunate and the restoration of the emperor.]
Priest: Wh... Why, he's just some megalomaniac...
Count: And lately Calvi, president of the Bank of Vatican.//There's also John-Paul I, 1000 years ago.[tn: Either I mistranslated something, or the author got his facts wrong (or can't be bothered with historical accuracy). John-Paul I (1912-1978) reigned as a pope for 34 days before dying of old age.]//His death was a natural occurrence according to the public announcement, but actually...
Priest: You.../You are.......
Count: ........ No./Killing is not the only thing I ever did...

Hood: Sometimes I would create life too...
Chapter 1 Maria
Narrator: Naples, 18th century Pieta Music Conservatory

Girls: Oooh./You'd never guess she's 15 just like the rest of us...//Her voice and appearance are angelic.../But still, there's an air of darkness about her...//Well...
Pianist: Very well, that was splendid. Next, please.
Girls: You wouldn't guess it from seeing her...

Pianist: A... Are you unharmed?
Maria: Ye... Yes sir//Aaah./Gasp

Blondie: Hihihi.
Girl: But Maria-chan/our transfer student is much clumsier than she looks.
Maria: ...........//I'll be fine... See you later.
Blondie: Eh.//.......

Maria: Wha... What is it?
Blondie: You really aren't laughing at all.//You hardly ever show your emotions./Or maybe you're avoiding us, or else...//HEY? MARIA. ARE YOU THERE?/Don't ignore me, stupid. How buxom. What huge breasts./A real dairy cow.//THEN HOW ABOUT THIS? AND THIS?
Blondie: I... I'm sorry.//Still/This is good.//You've been laughing at last.

Brunette: Ah. Say, say.
Blondie: Opera?
Brunette: That's right. Wanna come? The Archbishop is organising one tonight, in the neighboring town.
Blondie: Mhhhh. I don't know about going all the way to the next town
Brunette: You big idiot.
Blondie: That's on the Pope's territory. Women can't get on stage, there.
Brunette: !!
Blondie: Ca... Castrati?!
Brunette: Aye.
Blondie: Good looking?
Brunette: Aye.
Brunette: In order to sing like women*Haa haa*
Brunette: They have their unmentionables chopped off... Liiiiiike this...
Blondie: Oh myyyyyyy♥//Say, Maria-chan, you wanna come too?//Uh...?

Maria: I'm home.
Eyepatch: What happened?/Maria.
Maria: Eh?
Eyepatch: You look awfully busty... I mean, particularly cheerful, today...
Maria: I... I'll go put down my bag
Eyepatch: See this...//A little while ago, the old man at the butcher's shop asked me to put it back in shape.//I have something to ask of you.

Eyepatch: Time to work.

Narrator: Opera
Archbishop: An opera in a moment like this...//Won't there be any problem?!/Won't there really be any trouble?
Dude: Plea... Please calm down, Archbishop.
Archbishop: Reallyyy
Dude: It's safer here than in an empty church.
Archbishop: Bi... Bishop Mateo's head was gone./For sure I will be the next to go.

Buck: .........//Freemason dogs........./A female assassin...?
Archbishop: Hic. Hiiiiiiii
Dude: Y... You fool. Don't say it aloud.
Buck: You need not be worried, Archbishop./The man who stands before you, Buccaneer Teech is the skilled veteran who defeated the Chevalier swordsman. I am unrivaled.//In addition, the only way to get into this inner room is to make one's way from backstage./On top of which it is heavily guarded.//Moreover, women are forbidden to get on stage here...

Brunette: Aaaah.♥ I'm gonna pass out.
Blondie: ........./For some reason he seems familiar...

Guy: Hey. Where are you going?/You have 5 minutes until the second act. You should change costumes in the meanti.../Hey.
Maria: 5 minutes.../(More than enough.)//To kill someone.

Archbishop: He Hey.../What's the matter?/Hey.//!!

Archbishop: Hic./Hiiiiiiic

Buck: Now it's over.
Maria: You.../You should be dead...

Maria: You're a homonculus...
Buck: Humph. You've got some pretty big knockers.../For a castrato.
Maria: ........
Buck: Let me tell you something. An ordinary sword won't kill me.../Well, not like it matters, now./You're already armless...

Maria: ...I see./Fine, then.../My sword/is not/an ordinary one.

Count: That's right.../Maria//has inherited her blood from me, the vampire count Saint Germain./She's the most powerful homonculus ever...//The Assassin/The Goddess of Death. She is GODEATH.[tn: The Count of Saint Germain (1700/10-1784) was a nobleman, adventurer, etc... as well as a prominent occultist and alchemist, at least according to the rumors.]

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Posted on Jan 20, 2010
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