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Gamon The Demolition Man 5

For the smile on my family's faces.

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jan 27, 2010 13:00 | Go to Gamon The Demolition Man

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Narrator: 1 pm/Mikawa Elementary school.
5th chapter. For the smile on my family's faces.
Tama: Alright!! Now it's my turn!!*smart*
Maru: Oooh. You're all so fired up, Tama-chan!
Tama: Of course I am, Maru-chan!/This year I'm gonna be the best!
Maru: Ah yeah? But you did finish first among the girls last year, didn't you?
Tama: I wanna be the entire school's number one!!//That's a promise from one man to another!
Girl: Hey, you two. We're about to begin.
Maru: Uh?/Aren't you a girl, Tama-chan?

5th chapter. For the smile on my family's faces.

Gamon: That's right. This is a promise between men!!
Kaho: I keep telling you Tama is a girl.
Gamon: I'm doing it for Tama too. I'll definitely see this job through and make up for our deficit!
Narrator: Meanwhile, Mikawa town's outskirts.
Gamon: Care to tell me why I was put on standby here, by the way?
Senju: You mean right now?!
Keiji: Well, sorry. It's an emergency./It should catch up with us in a minute.
Gamon: What's that...?!

Gamon: A TANK?!
Keiji: A Lightweight Armored Maneuver Vehicle. The same model as what the Self-Defense force uses in its deployments........[tn: Self-Defense Force is the Japanese army.]/It started running wild about 20 minutes ago.
Gamon: I see. So this time, this is what we have to br.../Mh?
Cops: Stop right there!!/Surrender peacefu........

Gamon: !
Senju: It sent them flying. Like bowling tenpins!!
Cops: Cra.../That thing is no joke!/We have no choice! Sniping unit!!//Yes sir!//FIREEE!!

Cops: No way?! These rounds would work even on an heavily armored tank!/Even the tires are untouched...!
Nishi: ...and it's been modified in such a way as the police won't be able to stop it!
Gamon: Nihi-san?!
Nishi: It's been rampaging for a short while, for God know what reason. We never know when civilians will get hurt if that keeps up...//The neighboring highway is already blockaded, so we should be okay there.../but time is a luxury we don't have. The urban areas aren't done blockading just yet.
Narrator; from top to bottom: Blockading still ongoing./Urban areas./Tank./Kugura company./Town's outskirts./Blockading complete.

Nishi: Please, Kugura company! Destroy it before it can enter the districts that still aren't barricaded!
Gamon: Understood! You can count on us!//Full speed please, Nakanoi-san!/ We'll get rid of that deficit for sure!
Senju: Oooh. You're really putting your heart into this, director?!
Gamon: I've made a promise to Tama./If she finishes first at the marathon, I'll buy her a pair of running shoes!//It's a family head's duty to work for the smile on his family's faces!!*bawl*
Senju: Well saaaaiid!!//Here we go, director!! Hold on tight!!
Gamon: Alright! Get going!
Yuu: Wooow. These two are really in high spirits.
Haruna: .........

Senju: Now, director!!
Haruna: Director. The passenger inside is likely to be armed./Please proceed with extreme caution.
Gamon: Got it. Thank you!//25th Director of the Kugura Company.../Kugura Gamon!!

Gamon: ATTACK!!//Not a single crack?!/Even the windshield is reinforced?!

Gamon: Ungh?!
Jack: Freeze!/Be ceasing please!//Take this vehicle, they telled me. Someone gets in your way, show no mercy, they telled me.//If you be not cease I kills you!![tn: The guy is supposed to speak in mangled Japanese.]
Gamon: Yikes?!

Jack: If I arrive my destination I'll be liberate!/Viva freedom!!
Haruna: Yuu-san!
Yuu: Yeah, on it.//Alright. Cheese.//Picture taken.
Haruna: Accessing the police's database./Processing facial features... Contrast. Fine tuning.../I've found the matching data!//Jack Bater, 28....... Arrested and restrained for assault./But he escaped yesterday during convoy.
Nishi: What?! Jack Bater?!/He's a member of the Honk-Kong Mafia! He won't hesitate to kill so he can reach his objective......!
Haruna: Then it's even more important to prevent him from entering the districts that still aren't barricaded./Director.

Haruna: Please remove this threat quickly!
Cop: The highway has just been blocked./Sorry, but you'll have to make a detour...
Girl: Ah! Jiroh!
Cop: Hey, little girl?!
Gamon: Got it, Kokushou-san! I'm gonna settle this at once!
Jack: Oh, shit./What persistent!!//Kindly cease quickly!!
Gamon: Kugura Senjutsu; Kai: Senkou...
Girl: Bad Jiroh.
Cop: Watch out! Get back here!
Gamon: ...A CHILD?!/Hey, you! Get hold of that wheel.......
Jack: What is you talks about? This vehicle is on autopilot. Non stop until Mikawa Mountain! I can't stop it.
Gamon: Wha..........

Girl: Ok..........
Jack: Oh?!

Jack: Wow, you falled off from yourself!!/You stupid person!!

Nishi: Impressive! He pushed aside a 5-tons heavy tank!/B... But...!
Haruna: ...Director?
Senju: Director!!
Yuu: Gamon-kun!

Girl: A... Are you okay...?
Gamon: I'm fine!/I've been working out, you see!//Never mind that. Are you alright, little girl? No harm done?*phew*
Girl: Ye... Yes. Thank you.
Keiji: (Senjutsu entails ultimate bodily control.../Of course, that shouldn't have been nearly enough to cause any harm. However...)/Your lack of experience is a curse, it is.
Gamon: Sorry. I've failed! Let's go after him immediately!
Girl: You too, Jiroh.
Jiroh: Woof.
Senju: .........
Yuu: Ya-haa.
Gamon: UGH...!!

Senju: That was to be expected./Your left arm.. is in a great deal of pain.//We can't resume in such conditions.
Gamon: Bu... But...!
Haruna: Wai... Wait a minute!//The man in the tank said he was heading for Mikawa mountain........../He can avoid the urban areas that way...
Narrator, top to bottom: Mikawa Mountain./Urban areas./Blockading ongoing./Blockading complete./Current position.
Haruna: But on the way there, the highway is crowded with elementary school children...!!
Gamon: ........! That's Tama and the other kids. The marathon tournament.......
Senju: What?![/end

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