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Oretama 41

"I love you". For real, this time.

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on May 9, 2010 22:30 | Go to Oretama

-> RTS Page for Oretama 41

Last chapter for the series. I edited a couple of Emmaniel's lines on page 21 and 22, one to correct an interpretation mistake, the other for better phrasing.

I also took the opportunity to add in the omake.
So now, the My Balls series is truly complete.

This translation is reserved.
Last Ball: "I love you". For real, this time.
20XX/Aug. 8th

Elyse: Let's do this.../Kouta!
Kouta: E... Elyse...

Kouta: Wh... What are you talking about? That could get you killed you know?!//If you can't turn human, I'll just have to stay abstinent for as long as it takes./One year. Ten years, if I have to...
Elyse: Shut up. Don't you oppose me!/I still got a hold on your soul, remember?!
Kouta: He... Hey...?

Elyse: Mh.../Mgh...
Kouta: I... Idiot! Stop th...
*Haa Hahh* *lick*
Kouta: Ah... Hah...Mh...
Elyse: Mfph.♥ What was that? You should be ashamed. You sound like a little girl.♥

Kouta: Haa Hahhh/Wh... Why...? What's the big idea, Elyse...?
Elyse: Stupid...!
Kouta: Haa Ha/
Elyse: You've been holding back, yes, but you aren't the only one...*wag*
Elyse: I have too...
Kouta: Ah...
Elyse: I've been starving for sex... practically the whole time...*slick*
Kouta: Hah...


Elyse: Hah... Ah...!/Ooow...
Kouta: (Hahhh Haaa...)/He... Hey there. You okay?
*huffff huh*
Kouta: BWH?!
Elyse: I'm so pissed off! I'm pissed off for real!!
Kouta: He...Hey?! What's the matter?!

Elyse: Of all the men around.../why did you twerp have to be my first...?*haa haa*
Kouta: So... sorry...
Elyse: Alright. I'll move, now!
Kouta: Eh?
Elyse: (That's right. He's been my first for everything... The first man I ever held hands with./He gave me my first kiss, too.)/Mh...

Elyse: (He's also the first one with whom I experienced these sensations.)/What do you know...? Moving my hips is pretty tough business./(Haa)/But this should be more than enough for a premature ejaculator like you.♥
Kouta: Sto... stop.//Sure as hell I'm not coming! Not until you fall in love with me and become human...
Elyse: I said I couldn't stand you...*Hah Haa Hah*

Kouta: (Ah... Ooooooooh.♥//I-It... feels so good...)Haa Hah Ha
Elyse: (What are you hoping for?! You aren't getting any "dere" from me! 100% pure "tsun" it is!![tn: If you don't know what each half of the word "tsundere" means at this point, there's something seriously wrong with you.]

Kouta: (She's abusing me... She's got next to no technique)Hah.../(Yet it still feels better than with any of the devils, Minayo-chan, or anyone else...
Elyse: Just shoot your load already, Speedy Cum-zales!
Kouta: Ahhhhhhhhhh//Haaaaaaa~~~~//Elyse... Elyse is dripping wet...!
Elyse: It's alright, I'm telling you!

Kouta: (This is...)
Elyse: You don't need to hold back anymore.../Kouta...♥

Kouta: (TRUE SEX//It's... It's hopeless... I can't possibly hold off in those conditions...)/Hah... Ah!/AH!//AAAAAAHH

Kouta: ~~~~~~Hh♥

Kouta: Hah Haa.../Aaah../Mh.../Hah... Haaaaa...//(It... It's all out... I came...)/Hah Haa//(It felt so damn great great.../I spaced out for a second...//An... and the seal!)

Emma: Cough...
Kouta: E... Emmaniel
Emma: Heheeh... Hahaha...

Emma: I'm out. I've been released at last.../It's been a whole month. One month spent macerating in your cum...!
Kouta: Ahem... hem*rattle rattle*
Kouta: E... Emmaniel... Please... I don't care what happens to me.../But at least spare Elyse...
Emma: Don't let it bother you... I'm gonna kill everyoooone!!
Mike: Waaaiiit!

Mike: In the name of God I will not suffer you to lay hands upon a human being!
Emma: Michael...?!
Kouta: Wa... Wait. I'm asking you please. Can't you protect at least one Lesser Devil...?!/Hahh Hahh
Mike: Lesser Devil...? And who would that be...?
Kouta: Eh?

Kouta: E... Elyse?! Human...?!/Ho... How come?!
Mike: Love is not to be found in superficial words./It takes genuine and heartfelt compassion...//When she said she hated you, she meant to hurt you in order to save you.../An act brimming with pure, unadulterated affection.
Elyse: Mh.../Kouta...?

Kouta: Ha... Haha... You really aren't one for being straightforward, are you...?/Keeping up the "tsun" act all the way...
Emma: You... you gotta be shitting me!//I don't care what God has to say. After what I've been through there's no way I'm going along with this. I'll start the Armageddon if I have to...!
Mike: Too bad for you. We've already reached an agreement with the demons.
Emma: Wut?

Satan: Mhhhhhh.../If you say so, Michael.♥
Emma: Uh...? Sa... Satan...?
Mike: Hey. Don't start making out here, we've got company! >Angels have a standing to maintain...<
Satan: Come oooooooon.♥
Emma: B... Bloody hell, she's all over hiiiiiiim./Wh... when did that happen...?[tn: This is where I got it wrong th first time around. The verb "komasu" (こます) can indeed mean "to have sex", but on further inspection it may also be interpreted as "to woo a girl", which is probably closer to the definition that is actually intended.]
Mike: Well, if the King of Hell herself says so...

Emma: You would choose a man over a fellow woman and a friend? Bitch.
Mike: Don't fret! Now we need to find someplace out of the reach of human awareness...
Emma: Wai... That's disgusting! Don't touch me!
Mike: I wish you happiness...!
Elyse: So.../I've become human...
Kouta: Yeah... That's right, Elyse!
Elyse: That so...? Good...
Kouta: Sure... Good thing... You're saved...!
Elyse: Stupid. That's not what I meant...

Elyse: What I do mean is/that I was able to fall in love with you.♥

Kouta: E... Elyse. Um... Let's do it again.♥
Elyse: Whu?! Stu... Stupid...
Narrator: Thus the human race was at peace again...//But there's no forgetting
Kids: My dad's a hero who protected the world!!/And Mommy used to be a demon!/I don't believe ya.
Narrator: that the Earth was saved thanks to the abstinence of one man!!
Last ball. The end.[/end

Elyse and Kouta's happily ever after.[tn: The canon spelling is "Ellis" apparently. But the scanlations have been using Elyse since the beginning so I'll be sticking to that. Also, LOL@the author's broken English!]

Narrator: 20XX Sept. 1st
Elyse: Uuh?!/You failed an interview yet again?!
Kouta: Well... It's kinda hard to find a job when you're a vagrant who's stopped his education right after graduating from high school.
Elyse: What about our expenses?! Especially now that you've quit your job?!
Kouta: We... Well, you did say you couldn't have me working at the same place as Minayo-chan...

Elyse: You incompetent... Happiness, my butt...!//Even our wedding was little more than a party between friends... I didn't even get to wear a gown!
Mike: Now the wedding vows.
Kouta: But we've had our union blessed by an angel, so it was rather grandiose, in a way.//So don't be so selfish, Elyse. Hum?
Elyse: Hell yeah I'm selfish! I used to be a Lesser Devil, remember?!//Alright, I've had it.../I'm moving back in with my parents!
Kouta: Eh...? Her parents.../IN HELL?!

Kouta: Wa-wait, Elyse. Please wait! I'll do anything, so please don't...
Elyse: (It's not like someone's gonna come and pick me up!)//Alright... Eat me!
Kouta: Huh?
Elyse: I... I don't mean it in a dirty way! It's just a way to try your dedication...
Kouta: Ye... Yes~~
Elyse: Ah...♥/(My contract on Kouta's soul was broken when I became human....)

Elyse: (But this time around, you're really, really mine.)/Ko... Kouta. Take me.♥
Kouta: Elyse...!//Ugh...
Elyse: ...Huh?
Kouta: Um... Maybe it's the backlash from all the trouble I've been going through, but now I ejaculate prematurely...♥
Elyse: Don't give me that crap. You're going to hold back till I cum, you will!!
Kouta: No... No way...?!
Caption: Kouta's struggle is far from over.

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#1. by XxScorp ()
Posted on May 24, 2010
hello friend
a question ??....
where to find you the raws to translate the chapters 40 and 41??
#2. by Gottheim ()
Posted on May 24, 2010
They were provided to me by thefolenangel, through another user since she's been banned from MH. You may expect the scanlated version to follow as soon as she gets around to do it. But I haven't been in contact with her for a while now so I have no idea when that would be.
#3. by XxScorp ()
Posted on May 28, 2010
ok, thank you for the information u.u!
#4. by ReverieM ()
Posted on Jun 18, 2010
Hey, really good job, but... justa a question... what does BWH means?
I'm not a usual english talker so i don't quiet get it... :-P
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