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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Superior Volume 2

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on May 25, 2010 22:41 | Go to Superior

The first volume of a rescanslation project for the Superior series, starting volume 2. The scans should be released within a few days from now. Look out for it here.

This is an Enxame translation.

Narrator!Sheyla: The Hero said something splendid.
Flashback!Exa: So I'll make it happen. I'll create a world where humans and monsters can live together.
Narrator!Sheyla: But there's something you don't know./You don't know I'm the enemy that you must defeat.//And you never will. Ever.

Narrator!Sheyla: For I will kill you before you can realize.
Story 4. Quarter.

Narrator!Sheyla: Total evil exists/for humans and monsters alike.//And it is I. Hero. What will you do about me?

Lakshri: This is the first time I meet someone as beautiful as yourself.//Your eyes are just splendid./Surely your heart must be just as beautiful.//Eeexa-kuuun.*bonk*
Exa: DUH
Lakshri: Listen. This town is full of young ladies with beautiful legs. I've seen 1,5 more of them here than back home.
Exa: Yeah, right.
Lakshri: ........//Yeah, right? I said 1, 5. 1, 5!!//You're a man or what?! With 1, 5 more legs around you should be "aaaghing" and "wooooing" all over the place!!

Sheyla: ... What is it, Lakshri?/You're acting all excited.
Lakshri: I just can't get enough of seeing all those beautiful girls.*shtap*
Lakshri: But don't be jealous, honey. You're the only one for me.
Sheyla: Well um. Thanks, I'll pass.*blunt*
Lakshri: ........*boooong*
Exa: What vehemence./..........
Lakshri: Cripes. Come to think of it, I've just remembered something unpleasant... ... 1,5 more girls around, but guess who we have to meet...

Sheyla: Who?
Exa: Lakshri... Are you talking about our other comrade?
Lakshri: That's right. I'm talking about our next companion. Mountain Gorilla./The one we're supposed to meet today./Shortly...
Exa: ..........
Lakshri: Alright. I know. We can ignore the monstrous thing and leave it behind!!/Like it wasn't there at all.
Exa: Don't be silly.
Sheyla: ... Mountain Gorilla?
Lakshri: That's right. A Mountain Gorilla. No doubt about it!!
Exa: ...Why are you calling our companion that?
Lakshri: You just don't realize its savagery./How many times have I've been nearly killed...
Exa: I think your bad attitude is to blame for that.../I've never been in such a situation.

Sheyla: (Mountain Gorilla.......)/Hmmmm.//(Mountain Gorilla...?!!*Oo-hoo oo-hoo*
Gorilla: Oo-hoo.
Exa: You wanna carry my luggage for me?
Gorilla: Oo-hoo. Oo-hoo.
Exa: Thanks.
Exa: You're so strong, Gorilla!!
Gorilla: Oo-hooooo.
Sheyla: ...Well. The next companion sounds like a pretty tough fellow-meoow.../I'm not so eager to meet someone like that...

Passer by: Hey.*bump*
Sheyla: Hey
Dude: ........ Oops.*BAF*
Dude: Sorry
*grit grit* *cling*
Dude: Wha
Sheyla: Sorry... ...... You're sorry?
Dude: I've apologized properly, haven't I?

Sheyla: Are you kidding me?!! Join your hands and bow down so the rabble all around can have their fun kicking you and walking all over you./Beg forgiveness from dusk till dawn, like the puny insect that you are.
Dude: You... you can't be serious./Wh... why should I do that?!
Sheyla: Didn't you just fondle my ass?
Dude: I didn't!!//I... I was walking fast, and with the momentum... Well I merely bumped into you...
Sheyla: Yeah, yeah.//Alright. So you have a choice between beaten half to death, and beaten half to death. What will it be...?
Dude: (Mommy... My arguments just aren't getting through...)

Dude: A... Alright. Will you forgive me if I give you this?*clink*
Sheyla: What's that?
Dude: Its... a purse.
Sheyla: A purse? Is it edible?
Dude: Uh./... No. That'd be kinda hard.
Sheyla: .........//What would I want with sumthin' I can't eat, blockhead? Forget it, which side of yourself do you want murdered to make up for bumping into me? Left or right?! Make up your mind, and be quick about it!!
Dude: (Her standards revolve around edibility?! So when she talks about half to death, she means she'll eat half of me?!)

Dude: Ow.......*teeter*
Dude: Aaaaaaaargh!!!*dash*
Angelica: That was foul.
Sheyla: .........
Angelica: There's a lot of circulation so I don't know what happened./But the man was terrified. Certainly there was no need for you to go this far?

Sheyla: Tsk
Angelica: And while we're at it. You're the one who stole it, I see.
Angelica: This is my purse. Give it back.//Whoever stole it from me also touched my butt, so I thought it'd be a man. But the thief is female, I see. >So about my butt, it must have been an accident.<

Sheyla: Uuh?/What are you talking about?
Angelica: Uh-huh? Playing the fool are we?/... You don't remember stealing from Angelica?//I hate people who don't bear responsibility for their actions.

Sheyla: ......... I don't know what your problem is...//But who d'you think you're talking to?*leap* *CRACK* *BOM*
Angelica: What, now. Violence?*twirl*
Angelica: Oh, no you don't. Angry to hear the truth? You're in no position to.
Sheyla: ........ *chrr*
Sheyla: Shut up!!

Sheyla: Won't you stay put for a second?
Angelica: You think you can defeat me?/Too bad for you. Angelica is strong.*cling*
Angelica: Evil must be stamped out........*heart*

Angelica: Ablaze!!!
Angelica: !

Sheyla: What's wrong? You've missed me, haven't you?
Angelica: I wasn't trying to hit you. I just thought I'd scare you a little bit./Well, that was the point.
Sheyla: I wasn't scared in the slightest!
Angelica: Frosting Bind.[tn: Sounds better than the original text's Cold Bind.]
Sheyla: .........Ugh. What's going on?!/(The spell is coiling itself around me?! I can't see. And I can't move properly...)

Sheyla: !
Angelica: Running away, are we?/Well, how about this?!*swish*
Angelica: Congratulations.*heart*/But now you're at point-blank range.

Angelica: Sorry.*heart*
Sheyla: !
Angelica: Lightning Hail!!!
Sheyla: Kh!!!
*gr grr grr*
Angelica: The spell is already cast and you think you can stop it?/It's no use.//Someone acting as rashly as yourself must be bad./Let's hurt you a little bit.*VRRRRRR*

Angelica: Wha/(She's destroyed my staff and an already activated spell along with it...?!//Impossible...)
Sheyla: Bratty little girl.*BZUM*

Angelica: That won't work on me!!*cling*

Angelica: (What kind of offensive power was that...?!//She squashed a point-blank range attack like it was nothing./Something's not quite right...//And whatever she did, it wasn't magic.//Just who the hell is she?!
Sheyla: Point-blank.*heart*

Angelica: Cra.......
Sheyla: I'm gonna hurt you, and then some.../My bad. Meow...?
Angelica: (No way. If that touches me........../I'm as good as dead........)

Angelica: ?!
Sheyla: .......
Exa: Sheyla, stop it!!
Lakshri: What's wrong? What happened...?!
Exa: There was so much ruckus I thought something might have been going on........

Exa: Sheyla! You again?!! I keep telling you to keep a low profile and look at what happens...
Sheyla: Sorry-meow.
Angelica: Exa-sama...*heart*
Exa: ... That you, Angelica...?
Angelica: It is.*heart*
Sheyla: Exa-sama...?/... And did he say Angelica...?
Angelica: Just in time to help me out of trouble. You're really Angelica's benefactor, Exa-samaaaaa.*BAF*
Sheyla: Stop right there!!!

Sheyla: Hero!! Who's that?
Exa: Who's that? why, I told you earlier...//This is our next companion. Angelica.
Angelica: What is it? Hmmm.
Sheyla: Companion...?*Oo-hoo.
Angelica: What? That scary woman is an acquaintance of yours?
Exa: Well, kinda. She's a companion...
Angelica: Eeeh? I can't believe it! She's so uncivilized!
Exa: ... Anyway. Did anything happen?/You can tell me everything...
Angelica: Alright./She was tormenting a man clearly weaker than herself.
Sheyla: AH.//...........*tilt*

Angelica: And she also stole my purse.*plic*
Sheyla: I didn't touch your purse.
Angelica: Liar.
Sheyla: Don't make me hurt you!!!
Exa: ... Well. Angelica, wait a minute.//...Sheyla. What can you tell me about that purse?
Sheyla: It's not edible.
Exa: Nah. ... Anything else?/(What's with the edible non-edible standard?)
Sheyla: ...Is it good for anything else?
Exa: Angelica, you must have been mistaken about the purse./I thought there was a possibility, but she doesn't even know what purses are meant for.
Angelica: No way. Are you going to protect her?! She had it with her, there can be no mistake.

Sheyla: I've been trying to tell you. I have no need for your purse or whatever-it's-named. The guy who touched your ass earlier did it.
Angelica: My butt? And my purse...?/So that man was the one who stole it...?//Ah........//(That's right... It was him./But I misunderstood the situation and thought she was the culprit.)
Exa: In other words... A misunderstanding turned into a brawl?//And you got angry at this man for touching your butt?
Sheyla: That's right, meooow.
Exa: You went a bit overboard, though.
Sheyla: .........
Exa: Angelica, please apologize to Sheyla for your mistake.
Angelica: Yes. You're right...

Angelica: (But for some reason/I don't feel like apologizing.)
Exa: Angelica.
Angelica: Yeees.*heart* It was a mistake. Excuse me, okay?*heart*/Tee-hee.
Sheyla: She's friggin' kidding me./(No good. She's got to die...)
Gorilla: Oo-hoo.
Exa: Good. Good.
T-Rex: Rhhaarh.*dududududun*
Lakshri: Exa... Notice what's going on already.......

Exa: Okay, now that everyone is here, let's go look for an inn...
Lakshri: I must say you haven't changed at all...
Angelica: Uh? Lakshri? You were there?
Lakshri: ... I was. The whole time.../I mean, I'm the one who stopped you while the hero was doing the same for Sheyla-chan.
Angelica: You said I didn't change at all. Why?
Lakshri: Because of your inexistent breasts.
Lakshri: Agh.
Sheyla: Ah. A Mountain Gorilla.

Exa: Well, Lakshri and I will share a room./Same goes for Sheyla and Angelica.
Lakshri: I wouldn't mind being with Sheyla-chan.
Exa: Don't be silly./See you.

Angelica: What's with the kitty speech? Trying to get under Exa-sama's skin, are we?/HUM.
Sheyla: You're one to talk-meow. >I'm not the one spouting my own friggin' name when I'm talking about myself.<[tn: Speaking in third person is a typically childish trait for the Japanese, so Angelica's imitation of it sounds like a deliberate attempt to paint herself out as cute and endearing.]
Angelica: I don't know who you are, but I know I don't see you as a companion.
Sheyla: Hah. I'm the one who should be saying that./Companion? Are you kidding meow? At most, you just "fell in luv wid Exa-sama*heart*", and you're following him out of hero-worship.
Angelica: ... Sounds more like something you did.
Sheyla: Shut up.//And what's with that depressing hairstyle? Is your mug so ugly you don't wanna let people see what it looks like?*kwip*
Angelica: Ow.

Sheyla: Huh.
Angelica: ... That's right. I don't want others to see that eye of mine.//Maybe it was my grandpa or my granny, but one of them was a monster. That's why I have only one eye like that.*snap*
Sheyla: You're quarter monster?

Angelica: Certainly you know what happens to people with eyes like mine?
Sheyla: ........./(Shion).
Narrator!Angelica: Angelica was always bullied in the village she used to live in./And usually, I wouldn't defend myself...
Kids: Stupid!/Go away!!

Kids: Ya hahahaha.
Flashback!Angelica: (No........./I mustn't use magic.)*clasp*
Flashback!Angelica: (I can't make friends either. If I don't stay alone, that'll create problems./People avoid me, and the kids torment me, but that's just how it is./Because of my monstrous blood.)*rustle*

Angelica: (Well, I don't mind./I enjoy being alone.)
Narrator!Angelica: One day, the hero came by./There was a huge commotion inside the village........

Villager: You stay away from the hero.
Flashback!Angelica: (........ I don't mind.//I don't care about that./I was merely pretending to share everyone's excitement...//No matter. It's not like I wanted to see him that badly...)

Narrator!Angelica: I was happy. Even though he didn't know about my eye/it was the first time someone smiled at me since the day I was born.//I haven't been able to approach him ever since.//But I kept watching him from afar.
Flashback!Exa: Uh?

Flashback!Exa: You always keep watching from a distance.
Villager: Ah... Hero-sama. That girl is...
Flashback!Angelica: Ah.
*flap flap*
Flashback!Angelica: (Oh, crap.//He's gonna reject...)

Narrator!Angelica: That's when I noticed.//His reaction upon seeing my eye was completely different from that of the villagers........

Flashback!Exa: You're always all by yourself. Why is that?
Flashback!Angelica: Because they bully me. Because people hate Angelica.//It's alright. Angelica hates them too./I'm comfortable with loneliness. I like it that way. I have no need for friends.

Flashback!Angelica: I'll live by myself forever./That's right. Even if they didn't hate me, I'd be perfectly fine all by myself.
Flashback!Exa: Really?
Flashback!Angelica: Really!!

Flashback!Exa: Do you really hate them?/Do you feel comfortable with loneliness? Do you enjoy it?//So/you think you'll never need friends...?//You think......./you can live all alone forever........?

Flashback!Angelica: ... Of course not.../How could I really mean that...?//Actually I do want friends./And I wish people liked me/I'd like to get along with everyone./I don't wanna be alone forever......//But........ it's hopeless/And holding onto that wish is way too painful.........//Because the deepest, darkest, and gloomiest of abysses/is the only place fit for me.
Flashback!Exa: ... Why don't you try looking up?

Flashback!Exa: Look at how large the world is around you./What can you see? What is it that ties you down?//You are your own master./If you want something, think of how you want it, speak of it. That's how you should live.//That much will never be out of your reach...

Flashback!Angelica: It's beautiful.........(So that is the sky's color........//I never saw anything/because I always kept my head down in shame.//The only things I ever saw properly/are those that stood lower than me.)//... Until now, I couldn't even tell what color the sky was/because I never looked at it properly...

Flashback!Angelica: (I wouldn't look at whatever I couldn't touch./I would hate for fear of being hated./And I wouldn't even allow myself to look up at the sky...//While I should be looking at whatever I wish I could have/giving love in order to receive it/knowing what it feels like to know the color of the sky above

Flashback!Angelica: (I guess I should hold the reins to my own life./Instead of clinging to other people's words, going along with what they say./I should trust my own words. Trust my own heart.)/... Exa-sama...//Please make Angelica one of your companions.

Flashback!Exa: Uh.........//I... I can't.../It's dangerous. Not to mention, you're a... you're a little girl.
Flashback!Angelica: Aren't you the one who told me to speak up if I wanted something...?//I can't help being scared, but...
Flashback!Exa: .........
Flashback!Angelica: But I won't complain, even in death./So what do you think? Provided I keep on speaking my heart like this, I can can only get stronger.

Flashback!Angelica: I want to be responsible for what I do with my life./Please. I don't wanna have any more regrets.//Even if that means//I must walk a path full of thorns.
Flashback!Exa: ........ Got it.//Next, we pick up my other companion. His name is Lakshri.
FLashback!Angelica: Lakshri? I'm wondering what he's gonna be like.

Sheyla: .......
Flashback!Angelica: I hate people who don't bear responsibility for their actions.
Sheyla: (Is that also what she meant when she said this...?)
Angelica: Angelica's a quarter monster./But I don't wanna hear anything about it from you.
Sheyla: ..........//...Well. I forgot to tell you.//I AM a monster.*flap* *tilt*

Angelica: EEE..................//............../Pff/Pfft
Sheyla: Sounds like there's a problem//Well, it's not like monster and quarter monster could have had all that much in common.
Angelica: That's not it.*shake shake*
Angelica: Be at ease, myself./Oo-hoohoo./Come on. Remember that sky you saw with Exa-sama, and how blue it was.../Ah. Ahem ahem.
Sheyla: Aren't you pushing it a little bit?/Hello? Anybody there?
Angelica: ...That was surprising./Well, Exa-sama will always be Exa-sama. Heroes don't have monsters tag along with them, that just never happens.../Bah, that's just Exa-sama for you...

Angelica: Well, there's no way around it./I acknowledge you as a companion.*phew*
Sheyla: I don't know how she does it, but she pisses me off...
Angelica: Total evil?/Can evil really be total?//Then, you also have what people categorize arbitrarily as evil...//That's from Exa-sama./People had decided to brand me as evil./Which is why I was hated by so many...

Angelica: After everything Angelica did to exasperate you/and despite your being a monster/and the fact that you could have killed me so easily...//You didn't strike at me.//At first, I thought you were evil.//But I have no choice but to accept you./Hope you can forgive me.

Sheyla: (I really couldn't stand you at all./But after hearing that little story of yours/I ended up accepting you.)//I acknowledge you as a companion.*plic*
Angelica: That irritates me, for some reason.
Sheyla: We even see eye to eye. I'm pissed off too.
Angelica: (She's such a boisterous person./And a monster.//Despite this, Exa-sama immediately understood she hadn't stolen the purse./I'm wondering if he would have understood me the same way if I was a monster, and in a similar situation.)*BLLLLL*
Angelica: ........

Angelica: (It pains me to admit it, but he's really trusting her.)//What is it you like about Exa-sama?
Sheyla: Mmmmh./What? That was a bit sudden./...Well, that's an easy one//It's the lack of facial expression.*serious face*
Angelica: ........
Angelica: Hey! I think I understand!!//One second he's all warm, next thing you know he's all cold.
Sheyla: That's right. Like dead fish!!/There's no guessing whatever he's thinking./That's soooo not heroic./He's getting emotionally rusty.
Angelica: Yes. Exactly!!
Sheyla: We're getting along.*baf*
Angelica: For real.
Lakshri: ...They aren't exactly singing your praises.
Exa: Oh yeah? Stop peeking.
Sheyla: (.......Aaah. Humans are so much fun.)

Sheyla: (Days go by, each one with their share of annoyance, and crying and laughing./I can't help but enjoy the daily life I've been leading recently.//I didn't know, back then/never knew such a world existed.)
Insert: I even got to like someone I couldn't stand.
Flashback!Angelica: Total evil?/Can evil really be total?
Sheyla: (Aaah. How much happier can I get/if I remain here forever.......?)*zip*

Kagami: Maou-sama.......[/end

Narrator!Sheyla: I used to think of fear as the one and only form of power.//The look in people's eyes as they died

Narrator!Sheyla: It was always the same. For everyone.//Dread?//... No.//Despair?/That's not it either.//But I wished I could make it disappear from this world...

Lakshri: .........//Say, Exa.
Exa: ... Yeah?
Lakshri: Things have been pretty calm lately, don't you think...?
Exa: What do you mean?*flap*

Lakshri: I'm talking about the Demon Lord.../Not so long ago, he was on a rampage, and we wouldn't be able to go anywhere without hearing about a town he'd destroyed.../But we haven't heard any such rumors, lately. It's almost frightening...//Whatever happened, I wonder.../... Where is he?//Ah. Maybe he got tired, enough to stop killing people.//If that's the case, wouldn't it also be the end of our quest?/Naaah.
Exa: .........
Lakshri: Time to get things moving so Sheyla-chan and I can get engaged, then.
Exa: Don't let your guard down.

Exa: It might also be a period of calm before the storm...
Sheyla: ........//..........

Kagami: Maou...-sama...
Sheyla: ... Uh./... you?
Kagami: You're not asking me who I am, are you?
Sheyla: Sheesh.
Kagami: Did you just say "sheesh"?
Sheyla: I didn't.
Kagami: You did...
Sheyla: Not.
Kagami: (I'd bet my right arm she said it...)/I'm Kagami, your subordinate. I appeared in the very beginning of the first volume.
Sheyla: The author probably forgot about you too.
Kagami: Eeeh. If this keeps up, I'm gonna become irrelevant to the plot.

Sheyla: So. What do you want?
Kagami: I'll go straight to the point.//To put things bluntly: have you made up your mind about killing the hero?/We've hit the 5th chapter, already.
Sheyla: .........
Kagami: ..........
Sheyla: I... I'm readier that ever.
Kagami: I've seen the hero earlier, and he seemed very much alive. Was it my imagination?
Sheyla: I'm... I'm waiting. Waiting for the right moment!!
Kagami: And while you do, he increases the number of his allies. There's two more of them...
Sheyla: Well, I still need to wait for him to let his guard down...
Kagami: Rather, you're being much too lax about this, I think.
Sheyla: She got me totally figured.(She's been observing me without my knowledge. Ain't she got nothing better to do...?)Sheesh

Kagami: ........../...Do you have trouble killing the hero for some reason...?//If so, I can do it...
Sheyla: NO!!
Kagami: ......
Sheyla: ...I'll kill him...
Kagami: .......Really?
Sheyla: Really.

Kagami: ......../Really, why haven't you killed him already...?
Sheyla: ..........
Kagami: Please don't take offense//But maybe you're not unwilling/but unable to kill him?

Sheyla: NO........
Kagami: Why won't you kill him, then?//What on Earth is going on?!/In the past you had no compunctions about killing. You attacked first and discussed later.//You'd never let go of an opportunity to kill
Sheyla: Watch your tongue, Kagami...
Kagami: I think not. On the contrary, you've been saving the hero's life...//At first, I thought it was just an amusement, as you said. But it didn't happen just once or twice... Your attitude has been changing completely. Are you aware of it?!
Sheyla: ...Silence, Kagami...
Kagami: It's as if now you seriously felt something for him.

Kagami: And now you've become unable to kill the hero.
Sheyla: KAGAMI!!!
Kagami: Huh...
Sheyla: You've become quite something... since the last time I saw you./When did you find it into yourself to oppose me like this...?//...I don't know what it is you saw that gave you those impressions. But try spouting some of that nonsense again/and I'll kill you this instant.

Sheyla: It's worthless, I'm telling you./I have nothing more to say.
Kagami: ...Ha.../...My apologies.//Bu... But... we need your strength if we are to dispose of humanity/we need you back among us as soon as possible...//For it is our greatest wish to wipe humanity off the map and create a world for monsters.

Sheyla: ...Yeah, that's right. Follow me.
Kagami: ...Huh?//What are we here for...?
Sheyla: ...The Earth/and the place//This is probably the best spot...

Kagami: .........
Copy: ........//Oooooh. I'm outside./Awesome//Great.//Woooops..
Kagami: Aaaah
Copy: The heck. How embarrassing.../Aaaah, yeaaah. You do this, and then you do that...//Oh. You're Kagami, aren'tcha. I know about you./I've always been watching you from "inside".

Copy: ...But pleased to meet you... anyway?*grin*
Sheyla: I created her out of myself and some earth./Given her balance issues, I guess I failed somewhat, but there you have it...
Sheyla: Use her as your Demon Lord.
Kagami: Eh?!
Sheyla: We can't have the throne empty, right? She'll be filling in until I return.
Kagami: Ah... Uh... Well...
Sheyla: She isn't the same color as me, but everything else is similar./You take control of her.
Sheyla: Bu... But.

Kagami: Is... is it gonna be alright...?//........*teeter*
Sheyla: Yeah, should be.*fool*
Kagami: (Should be?!!)
Sheyla: You do what Kagami tells you.
Copy: ......../Okay, but...//Is it fine to kill a lot of people too?
Sheyla: Killing's fine.
Copy: Yaaaay./Monsters too?!
Sheyla: Suit yourself.

Copy: Ah, but what if I run into a bunch of people I don't like?
Sheyla: You can kill the whole lot.
Copy: REALLYYY?! Aaawesome...
Sheyla: ........
Copy: .......Soooo//What about the hero?
Sheyla: ...Th/He's out of bounds.
Copy: Uh-huh. And why is that?

Copy: Because you're in love with him?*bof*

Copy: That's ridiculous!! You expect that to go anywhere?!/Ahh. I've made up my mind. I'll kill off the hero...//In an elaborate, gruesome fashion.
Sheyla: DON'T!!/OR I'LL DESTROY YOU!!!*zip*

Copy: Oh no you don't. I like it outside. If I disappear, I'll go right back into the Original, right?
Sheyla: (She dodged?!)
Copy: For a copy I'm stronger than one would expect.../Hey. Wait a minute. If I win, you become the copy, and I the original. You'd have to return inside of me?//........?Eh? What am I talking about?/The original becomes the copy. The copy becomes the original. The original becomes the copy. Duh?
Sheyla: Stoopid!!
Copy: Anyway, I've made up my mind! I'm gonna defeat you and become the original!!

Sheyla: You're a failed creation./I will erase you where you stand.
Copy: ...I'm//...so NOT HAVING THAT!!*BAOM*
Copy: (It didn't work?!)

*baf baf*
Copy: Gasp
Sheyla: ........
Copy: Cough/...cough

*clap clap*
Copy: Yahoo.
Sheyla: Hh*teeter*
Copy: You don't have time to rest
Sheyla: Hh
*bzuuuumm bzzzzzz*

Copy: (She's gone?!)/...Tsk
Sheyla: ........*glare*
Sheyla: ........
Copy: ........./(The mere pressure around her is amazing/...Even though I'm her equal)
Sheyla: !
*plic ploc*

Copy: ......../...Uuuh...?//Why, you're weaker than I thought//But if we keep it up, this is gonna take some time./I've just been made, so I'm not quite used to this body just yet. I don't think I can win a protracted battle.../So? How about a truce?
Sheyla: ......../You're in the mood to listen like a good girl, now...?
Copy: .......

Copy: ...Hah!/...Hell no!!
Sheyla: Why, you...!!*huff*
Sheyla: ?!!/Damn, she's called another monster?!

Sheyla: !
Copy: Not so fast./We'll fight as soon as I am prepared!//Then, I shall defeat you by a landslide.//Alright, monster-chan. Keep her occupied for me!*zip*
Sheyla: Wait!!
Copy: Oh, Original-san. I'm gonna kill the hero too.//Let's go, Kagami.
Kagami: Er. Ah?!
Sheyla: Wait, you...!!*grab*

Sheyla: !//Let me go!! I have better things to do than bothering about you!//(I can't afford the time//What a pain... Should I kill it?)//Kh.../(Killing is not an option either)//Let go!!/I have to go, and quick...

Sheyla: (I've killed plenty of humans/that same shade never failed to color their eyes.//It wasn't just the humans./Even the monsters I'd gathered under my rule/would give me a similar look.//That would irritate me beyond measure/I just couldn't help it.
*chatter chatter*
*hushhh* *glare*
Monsters: ..........
Sheyla: I created this other self from my own shadow.../As I set my eyes upon her, I finally understood.)

Sheyla: (That look they would give me as they faced me/Now I know what it meant.//It was scorn. Disdain.)//Let go of me!//(But how on Earth do you go about/defeating someone without killing them...?)
Sheyla: Aaah.

Sheyla: (What the heck am I doing...?)/Defeating.../...Without killing.../(I told my Copy she could kill if she wanted to//but there's something I didn't want to lose./But what?//You've always been all alone. What would you lose?//I killed scores of human beings./Gathered numerous monsters under my rule.//And despite this/I couldn't make that look of theirs go away.//Gathered numerous monsters under my rule...?/...What a joke.)

Sheyla: (Not a single one of them would have lifted a finger for me/without the dread I inspired them.//That's right. I was alone.)
Lakshri: Sheyla-chan./Are you alright?!
Sheyla: Quick... I have to go...
Lakshri: Sheyla-chan!!

Sheyla: ... Lakshri.........?*Hoh*
Lakshri: Thank God you're unharmed.//Just give me a minute...//Hop...*grip* *thud*
Sheyla: ...Why/...why did you save me?
Lakshri: ........... Uh?...
Angelica: What was that? That cry I've just heard could have shattered glass...
Lakshri: Angelica?!
Angelica: Is this monster responsible?! I'm gonna settle this immediately!/Icic..........*swish*

Lakshri: Hey./........
Angelica: Oh, crap! I forgot that my staff jewel was broken!!
Lakshri: YOU STUPID!!
Angelica: Wait up!! What do you mean, stupid!!
Sheyla: That's enough./Don't pretend you've come to save me...//You have nothing to gain from doing such a thing, do you?//Why don't you just abandon me...?
Angelica&Lakshri: .......?

Sheyla: (...way..)
Exa: Sheyla!!/What's wrong?!
Sheyla: ...Hero...
Exa: ...What's with that monster?
Lakshri: Hummm. It's a pretty tough one, just like I hate them. So we're having trouble.*Mhaha
Exa: ...Well, that would be a problem normally...//But there are so many of us assembled here//So if it's really so tough/we can use that to our advantage.
Sheyla: Go... way.../(...Hands off.)

Sheyla: I summoned it. It's none of your business./Stay out of this. I need none of your conspiring...!//(People get in the mood of helping each other out as they come in contact with the atmosphere around this lot/but people aren't meant to do that./There's only one truth. People trying to save their own hides/as they look upon me in terror//(How could I forget such a simple thing?!)/I can beat him on my own! Out of my way!!!/(That's right. I'm alone!!!)

Sheyla: (Go away!!!/Just go somewhere else, quickly./...I don't wanna see into your eyes.//I wouldn't know what to do/if I found that same look even there...//That look of disdain.
Exa: ...I don't think I get it//Why do you have to defeat him on your own?
Sheyla: ...Ha

Exa: We're your friends.../right...?
Sheyla: ...Uh...
Exa: Why act alone when you have allies with you?
Lakshri: Is it about the two of us?/So reserved. You need anything, you can count on me...
Angelica: You should try silence. You're being way too irritating.

Lakshri: By the way, you had any pressing matters to attend to, Sheyla-chan?/You mentioned something about having to move quickly...
Exa: Is that so?/If you need backup, let somebody else come with...
Sheyla: I'll be fine!//...Haha. That's not it.../(Their eyes are different...//These aren't the eyes of people trying to save their own hides./They aren't fearful./They get themselves knee-deep into trouble like it's the most natural thing in the world/and this without the faintest of hesitations.)

Sheyla: (They actually help others...//The power that stirs people into action/ is not that of fear/but that of friendship. And trust.)//...You really/you really don't mind having me as a companion...?
Angelica: Nope!
Lakshri: Of course not!!
Sheyla: (This isn't.../what I need the most right now. But)

Exa: Get going.
Sheyla: (...For some reason//I feel so happy...!)/Okay!
Sheyla: ...They have faith/in me...

Lakshri: .......Well./What now? Mister hero.
Exa: ...You guys are leaving things to me here?
Lakshri&Angelica: You bet we are!
Lakshri: You're the one who said something about making use of its toughness./Let's get going.♪/Do you have some kind of idea?
Exa: ........//Lakshri. You rush it.*pat*
Lakshri: Excuse me?!/Heeeell...
Exa: Hastening.//Keep the monster occupied./The magic will hold for another 20 seconds.
Lakshri: Yaaaah*dash*

Lakshri: (Mh.......?//I know that spell has made me somewhat faster/but that monster moves so slowly..........//Aah. That's because Exa's slowing it further with another spell...//That's my boy... Here's an astute move...)

Exa: Angelica./I take it this jewel should be more than enough?
Angelica: ......./Aah! Yes.
Exa: Can you drop a rock on top of the monster's head, then?/It's a tough one, so hold nothing back.
Angelica: Aaah. It's still warm from Exa-sama's touch...*rub rub*
Lakshri: Heeeey!! Angelica!! I only have 20 seconds!! Move it!!
Angelica: Frosting Blade.
Lakshri: Daaah!!
Angelica: My hand slipped.♥/Teehee♥
Lakshri: LIAR!!

Lakshri: (It's moving faster? The 20 seconds have run out already?!)
Lakshri: (Crap!!//...Damn it)
Angelica: Stone Rain.
*brom blombromblom*
Lakshri: .......//Angelica!! I'll kill you!!!
*gasp* *rattle rattle*
Exa: We couldn't have done this if it wasn't so tough..../Well... Give it an hour, and it should be able to get out under its own power.

*zip zip*
Kagami: Ma... Maou-sama...//Do you have any idea how awful that was?*zip*
Copy: Yep... She wasn't much of a Demon Lord.
Kagami: ...Huuh. No, that's not what I mean//angering the Original Maou-sama is a chancy endeavor at the best of times...
Copy: (The original is such an idiot)*whisper*
Kagami: Pardon? What did you say...?
Copy: (Love. Forgiveness./Damn, she's actually taking those weaklings' garbage seriously.)

Copy: (That's what/disgusts me the most)
Sheyla: Haa haa.
Kagami: Maou... sama...
Copy: ........//..........(...She is)

Kagami: !
Copy: Cough/(.......She is much angrier)

Copy: (Than I expected...//...I couldn't dodge her at all/It's got nothing to do with earlier.//I guess this is what true power is like.........)
Sheyla: I wouldn't mind wiping you out where you stand, but that'd be most inconvenient for me./See, my next creation might turn out to be even more useless than yourself.

Sheyla: From now on, I speak./and you just answer "yes".//Oh, well. You're free to answer "no" if you like./In that case, however/your life expectancy would be cut short this instant...
Sheyla: Firstly...//You are free to kill as many humans as you like. Men. Women. Adults. Old people. Children. You want them dead, you kill them.
Copy: ....../...Yes.
Sheyla: You will obey Kagami.
Copy: ...Yes.
Sheyla: If you don't like some monster, suit yourself and kill it.
Copy: ...Yes.

Sheyla: But do not kill the hero./I'm the one who shall stamp him out. Someday.
Copy: .........
Sheyla: .......//......./Yes.

Sheyla: Someday, I'll be back./Until then, you are the Demon Lord.
Copy: (Haha... How powerful...)*shake shake*
Copy: (...Is that fear I'm feeling...?/I'm scared of the Original.)

Sheyla: You take me for a fool, it seems./That's because you don't comprehend you-know-what.
Copy: I don't know anything?/Is that what you mean?
Sheyla: That's right. You know nothing./(About that power even greater than fear when it comes to inspiring people./About happiness...)

Lakshri: Oh! Sheyla-chan!
Exa: ...Shey...

Exa: Sheyla?/...What's the/
Sheyla: ...don't want that.
Exa: Uh...?
Exa: ........
Lakshri: (What the... Aren't you supposed to ask her where she's been or something...?)
Angelica: Phewwww.
Lakshri&Angelica: .........

Sheyla: (Back then I thought I had it all...//But the more I flaunted my power, the more lonely I was.//Actually I had nothing at all...//I found it all here./I was alone no more./...and before I knew it//I was clinging onto it as if my life depended on it...)

Sheyla: (I don't wanna lose it.../I know it's meaningless, but all the same...)[/end

Story 6: King

*step step step*
Juneau: Bwah.//Phewww./I've escaped my pursuers...

Juneau: I'm wondering if the hero is in town.../I've always looked up to him./Aaah. I can't wait to meet him...
Sheyla: Nyaaaaaa...

Angelica: Sheyla-chan, would you like to come shopping with me?
Sheyla: I don't mind. What are we buying?
Angelica: A staff.
Sheyla: You can't use your magic without one?
Angelica: ...Not exactly, but...
Sheyla: You're less powerful, then?
Angelica: ...Erm. That's not it.
Sheyla: ...So why are you buying one?
Angelica: ........
Sheyla: Ah, I see. You're gonna turn into a mountain gorilla without it.*bong*
Angelica: Uh...? Who told you something like...

Sheyla: Lakshri did.
Lakshri: Sheyla-cha...
Exa: Ah.
Angelica: Exa-sama!
Sheyla: ........
Angelica: Ah, yeah! Come shopping with us too, Exa-sama.*tadap*
Exa: ... I don't really mind, but...

Exa: Do you know where Lakshri is?/I've been looking for him.
Angelica: Who knows? Say, the flower garden?
Sheyla: Nyaaah./He's on the other side of the River Styx...
Angelica: Aaah. These clothes looks so cute.♥[tn: Angelica says “western-style clothing”, but since no one seems to be wearing anything but that...]
Exa: ......./(What about the staff?//........Oh, well./Nevermind...)

Msn: Hero-sama, I presume./A moment of your time?[tn: MSN! He's a messenger! MSN Messenger!! Geddit?!! ]
Exa: Yes...?
Msn: I have a message for you.
Exa: From whom...?
Msn: The king who rules over all of humankind in this world. Lord Alechia Obsidias.
Exa: !//......

Msn: A rumor has reached the sovereign's ears, according to which you do not kill monsters./He expressed his desire to be given an explanation, directly from you.//Depending on what your answer is
Exa: !
Msn: You might also be punished in kind.//Should you fail to show yourself, you'll be considered a fugitive, and orders will be given to have you put to death.
Exa: .........

Msn: The message has been conveyed./...Is everything understood?*tilt*
Exa: Ah... Yeah./Tell the king/...I'll make my way to the castle.
Msn: Understood./Now if you'll excuse me.
Exa: ......./Punished in kind...//....../(In other words)

Exa: (I have to consider even the worst case scenario...)
Angelica: Hey. Exa-sama.../Where do you wanna go?
Juneau: ...Exa-sama......?
Angelica: ....?//Is anything the matter? You don't look so good.
Exa: ...Uuh.

Exa: Nothing to worry about.
Angelica: .......
Sheyla: (Oh. There's practically nothing on the hero's back.
Sheyla: H.E.♥/R♥
Juneau: HERO-DONO!!*BOF*
Exa: Gasp*bump*
Sheyla: Yikes
Arrow: Hit by accident.

Juneau: I've been looking for you!!/There you are!//Ah. Sorry for the impromptu rudeness./I always wanted to meet you, and now that I have at last...//Come now. Stand back up./Are you alright?*pat pat*
Arrow: Counts for nothing
Sheyla: ......Tha

Sheyla: Tha hell. Ya run into us outta nowhere, and you ignore the heck outta me.*VLAM*
Sheyla: I wanna hear some excuses, you snotty little brat!!!!
Juneau: (Snotty brat...?)//... I didn't run into you.
Sheyla: You did. When you flattened the hero, I was behind him and I fell off too. You dirty//Snotty little brat*peeved*
Juneau: ...Even if you're right and I did something bad/that remark of yours, and your attitude I cannot tolerate.//I don't feel like apologizing./Not to one so rude.*humph*

Sheyla: ...../...Hh./...H...Hh/Hhhhh/...........Hahahahahaha!//YOU DIE.
Angelica: Eeek.
Exa: Sheyla/He's a kid. Just let it slide.
Sheyla: No tolerance for whomever I can't stand. I just end their lives.
Exa: Have you forgotten?! You promised me...
Sheyla: I don't care about that anymore. Now let murder him!!!
Juneau: Fair enough. I shall be your opponent./Come and fight me!*chik*
Angelica: (STOOOOOOOOP!!!)*twitch*

Arrow: Kept in check somewhat.*pissed of pissed off*
Juneau: I'm so impressed! You see, since the first time I saw you.*suddenly pleasant again*
Juneau: I've had a lot respect for you.
Exa: The first time...?
Juneau: Yes. I saw you once./When you were introduced to the public, at the test that determined who would be a hero./That's when I saw you.
Exa: ...I see.//(...Come to think of it, that's where I met with Lakshri for the first time.)
Sheyla: (What the hell? He's all over the hero.)
Arrow: Is always all over the hero.*pissed*
Sheyla: (And he's incredibly arrogant, at that.)
Arrow: Extremely arrogant person.

Juneau: Back then, I thought no one would become a hero if not you./So when it became true, I was so glad...//You're a real champion for me, hero-dono...
Sheyla: (......../Fool//Heh./Admiration, when excessive can easily turn into animosity./In addition, the hero hardly qualifies as one.../...This should prove interesting)

People: AAAAAAAAAAH!/WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!/Monsters are coming!/Run away!!//Aaaaah/Waaaaah.
Exa: ....... Monsters?
Sheyla: Over there, maybe?/...Look.

Maw: Hah hah ha. That's right. Keep running./The big bad monstas have come to town./To snack on everybody out there.
Val: ...Don't get too carried away./You never know when you might get sucker punched.
Maw: Lemme enjoy the moment some./Daah. Shaddap./Always the stuffy one, y' are.//And what's your point? These paltry humans might be able to kill us?/Wahaha!/And if that hero guy happens to be around, all the better.
Exa: Hey!
Juneau: I'll be fine. They won't beat me./Just relax and enjoy the show.
Exa: That's not...
Sheyla: Nyahahaha!/He's rushing ahead, the little insolent.[tn: I suspect there's a pun on 先走る (sakibashiru). The word as a whole reads "being impertinent" while taken separately, the Kanji can be read as "running ahead".]
Angelica: I haven't bought a staff yet.../I can't help...

Maw: Wha...!!

Juneau: Now the final blow!!
Juneau: Eh...?!
Exa: .........
Val: My friend. How dare you!!!
Juneau: ?!

Juneau: !!
Exa: Ngh

Val: .........The//The hero...?!
Exa: ........
Maw: (The hero?!)
*closing in*
Maw: .......

Maw: I.../...I...//It's over.../He's gonna kill us...
Juneau: Two-bit comedian.
Maw: We're gonna get killed...
Val: ... Hey. Stop that.
Sheyla: ...Pfeh!
Maw: Damn it. Is it the end of the road for us?
Juneau: He can't possibly expect the hero to fall for his poor attempt at acting...!!
Maw: I don't wanna die... I don't wanna die.

Juneau: ?!
Exa: Don't show yourselves around humans ever again./Get going...*zip*
Val: .......*step*

Juneau: What....../What have you done...//Hero-dono!! What is the meaning of this?!
Sheyla: Um. Shall we go, nyaow?*carefree*
Angelica: Gotta go buy that staff.
Juneau: Hero-dono... If I came here today, it was to see you./I wanted to meet you face to face. See the man whose mission was to battle monsters ever day, and someday defeat the Demon Lord...

Juneau: I did hear the rumor about you lacking resolve and failing to kill monsters./Though, I didn't believe it to be anything more that just that.//To my greatest astonishment, I find out it was true...//Why didn't you just kill those monsters where they stood?!
Exa: I don't kill at all./One of them was wounded, and the other'd lost its weapon.
Juneau: ...Don't tell me you actually took their little comedy seriously?!//........./They're monsters, you know...?

Juneau: Monsters are heartless beings./That's common knowledge!!//A lot of citizens will die because you didn't kill those monsters./How are you planning to take responsibility for this?//What about the Maou? Don't tell me...
Exa: No./I'll take down the Maou, that much is final.
Juneau: ......That's it?//It's wrong in so many ways./A hero who won't kill any monster except the Demon Lord? That's just unheard of./No. How can one so soft be able to defeat the Demon Lord? It's even more ludicrous in a sense.

Juneau: A hero is in no position to show such leniency./So why did you push all those people aside to become one?!//Were you in it just for the juicy reward, like the rest of the scum?!//Answer me!!//Why do you refuse to kill?!

Exa: ........... Do you think the story ends/as soon as you kill someone?
Juneau: ...Uh?
Exa: Killing engenders hatred.//The world as we know it will never end no matter how many die in the process.//There'll be a connection somewhere, you can be sure of it. And it's gonna come right back at you eventually... That's why, if we're gonna build something.

Exa: At the very least, killing can't...
Juneau: What a letdown.//Up until now/I've really looked up to you.//I really.../I really believed in you...

Juneau: And you've betrayed us.//Killing is by far the best way to put an end to something. The world could turn upside down, that much wouldn't change./Your refusal to kill is not in accordance with reality. And that bedside story you're narrating/is the worst excuse ever.//Even if you don't wanna stop being a hero, it won't take long before you're forced to do so.//... Actually no. You won't get off the hook that easily.

Juneau: We're talking capital punishment here. So think about it.*flap*
Sheyla: Wooooow. That's what I call speaking one's mind-meow./You should be proud you made it that far.
Exa: ........
Sheyla: What?/You worried?

Sheyla: Stupid./I told you so. From the very beginning./Y'know. Killing.//You didn't expect the entire world to listen to you and understand, did you?
Exa: .........
Sheyla: So soft. So nyaaaive. He was right.
Exa: .....
Sheyla: (...He's all demoralized, all of a sudden?!)
Angelica: Sheyla-chan. You went too far!
Sheyla: (What?!)//......../(I'm a bad person?!//Tsk. What a pain.)/On... On the other hand....//You think you know better, right?/... Just carry on being who you are.

Sheyla: I, for one/like you just fine that way...
Angelica: Yes. I second that.
Sheyla: ...See?

Exa: ........//Thank you.
Crow: Ju... Juneau-sama!

Crow: Prince Juneau Obsidias!!//I've found you at last!/There are other people out there looking for you.//Really, what were you thinking? You know it's dangerous outside./The other servants and myself had to scatter across...
Juneau: I've seen the hero.
Crow: The hero? Didn't the king summon him to the castle?/You would have met him. So why all the trouble...?
Juneau: There was a rumor spreading, about how he didn't kill monsters. The king heard about it, but he wouldn't believe it./He thought he'd ask the man himself, in order to make it clear that it wasn't true.
Crow: ...Well, then...

Juneau: Well, yeah. The rumor was true./I was a fool to stick my neck out for him...//I'm going to report this to my Father.
Crow: ........./(Disappointed in proportion with his expectations, I see...)//........//!

Crow: Watch out!!!*clang*

Juneau: Hey! Are you okay?!
Crow: Aah.
Maw: ...Tsk/He got in my way.*swip*
Maw: You. I'll never forgive you./Not after what you did to my eye.*bwah*
Juneau: (Him)
Maw: Why, you...
Juneau: (He wasn't completely gone!//After the way he'd begged for his life./Just goes to show you that monsters...)*clang*

Juneau: ?!!
Maw: It's over./Your death will make up for my loss.
Juneau: (Kof)//Over here!!

Maw: Wait!/You won't get away!!
Juneau: ... I knew it. We should have killed them...
Flashback!Exa: Do you think the story ends as soon as you kill someone?
Juneau: Shut up!!/I'd love to hear what you have to say now!!
Juneau: Crap...

Juneau: A dead end?!!
Maw: Damn it./Where'd he go?!//I won't rest until I've pulled his insides out.

Juneau: (Can I really hope to kill him with my broken sword?//No... I'll be fine. There's only one of them. When he shows an opening, I'll go for it.//I'll have only one chance.../...Alright.//Two steps away.*thump*
Juneau: One step.
Val: Hey.
Juneau: ?!!

Maw: What?!
Val: Good question. What are you doing?
Val: Two of them?!!
Maw: The guy who ruined my eye is around. Gimme a hand.

Juneau: I just can't take on the two of them.//It's hopeless!!!
Val: Where do you think you're looking?//He ran off to the forest.

Juneau: ?!!
Maw: Really?
Val: I saw him.
Maw: Damn it. I swear I'm gonna kill him.*step*
Juneau: ........//(He's gone...)/...Haaahhhh...//He mistook somebody else for me...? ........Anyway, I'm saved.

Juneau: !!!!
Val: I wouldn't do that if I were you. Unlike him, I have no intention to kill you./And it's not like you could have done much with that sword of yours, right?
Juneau: ........*frrr*
Val: That's for the hero. Because he let us go. Now we're even.
Juneau: !

Val: Nevermind that. You drew his attention to protect your wounded friend, didn't you?/And you weren't even armed properly...//Why?
Juneau: ...Uh.../Because he's a friend...
Val: ........../Humph.//I thought every human being only looked out for number one./But I was mistaken, it seems...
Juneau: Did he... save me?/... A monster saved me...?[tn: The word for "save" can also mean "spare" (somebody's life). I suspect that here, both meanings apply.]

Juneau: So monsters are like people? They have hearts?/...No way...//No...

Juneau: I'm sorry./It's my fault...
Crow: Don't. I was unable to protect you properly...//No... I was saved thanks to you...
Juneau: ......../(There's no putting an end to this world)

Flashback!There'll be a connection somewhere, you can be sure of it./And it's gonna come right back at you eventually...//...That's why, if we're gonna build something.../At the very least

Juneau: Killing can't be a part of it.../..........Right?//I'm really.../really sorry.//Really...
Crow: Stop it...//...This is my duty./Even if you were to cut me down yourself/I would accept it without hesitation.//You will become king someday./...Please don't lose sight of this...*swip*

Crow: No matter how much hardship lies ahead/Even if it costs me my life. I will stand by your side.//I'll be the shield that protects you. For as long as I live./I swear it.
Juneau: (... That's right. I forgot about the gravity of that./...I've been a child. A child who didn't know what he was doing.//My death alone would lead to plenty of other such fates./What does that mean...?)//.......

Juneau: Father said that humans wouldn't be able to live in peace if monsters weren't wipe out./Once the hero took down the Demon Lord, the monsters' unity would weaken, and they'd become easier to exterminate.//I used to think along the same lines.
Crow: .........
Juneau: ...But//Maybe we should build a world where this isn't the case...//Perhaps someday I'll have to change/my Father's monster-extermination policy.

Juneau: I'd like you, at least, to have faith in me.
Crow: ...Understood.
Juneau: ...(Perhaps//I'll have to change the course of things.//..........//As it turns out... You were a fairly wonderful person...//But when Father learns that you don't kill monsters.../The king won't be swayed so easily./...The way things are going, there won't be an easy way out.

Juneau: What are you going to do?//Hero-dono...[/end

Exa: Thank you very much for purchasing the 2nd volume of Superior./I'm the hero. Uh? Where's Ichtys at?
Ichtys: You called?/From the neck down, that's Chii Takeo, by the...[tn: Chii Takeo is a Japanese sitcom actor. Once, in a TV show he was wearing a cartoon white owl head and the subtitles beneath him read: "from the neck down...". This has become some sort of meme in Japan, apparently.]
Exa: Enough.//You've been repeating that in front of the white owls at the Zoorasia Park, have you?[tn: Zoorasia (Yokohama Zoological Gardens) is the biggest zoo in Yokohama, Japan.]
Ichtys: Yes. And I've been chewed out for it.
Exa: That wouldn't happen if only you behaved yourself.
Side text: Besides that, how are you doing...?
Exa: You've moved, apparently. Found someplace else to live./And you registered at the Marrow Donor Program, too. Smart move.
Ichtys: I promised to do it when I moved./Yes. There's one thing I can't put up with, however...
Exa: What's is it? You homesick?
Ichtys: That's nothing.//I can no longer watch/the Kansai comedy shows...!!!
Exa: ...How's that a problem...?
Ichtys: AAAAAARGH. The obscene Kansai comedy shooooows...*DUDUUUM*
Ichtys: Can't watch 'em anymoooore...!!!
Exa: .........Apologies...
Bottom text: Why'd you have to call 'em obscene?
Ichtys: What should I do, now, Hideo-san?
Buttocks: Buttocks.[tn: LOL.]
Exa: Hideo-san... Who's that?!!/(All the smartness has washed away...)/That's only my opinion, but... don't you mean "Champion", or something?[tn: The Kanji for "hero/brave man" can also be read as the male first name "Hideo".]

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Mar 1 MH Yearbook 2013 Mangahe...
Jan 19 MH Yearbook 2012 1 Mangahe...
Nov 14 Houkago 1 Osso
Nov 14 Oragamura 1 Osso
Nov 14 Kenka 1 Osso
Nov 14 101Kg 1 Osso
Nov 14 Murder 1 Osso
Nov 14 Doubles 1 Osso
Nov 14 Pinknut 1 Osso
Nov 14 Kimagure 1 Osso

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Dec 8, 2016 Wolfsmund 31 en kewl0210
Dec 7, 2016 RYOKO 7 en Bomber...
Dec 7, 2016 81 Diver 233 en kewl0210
Dec 7, 2016 Wolfsmund 30 en kewl0210
Dec 6, 2016 RYOKO 6 en Bomber...
Dec 6, 2016 Yakusoku no... 18 fr Erinyes
Dec 5, 2016 RYOKO 5 en Bomber...
Dec 5, 2016 Nanatsu no Taizai Special : Une toute douce façon d'annuler la magie fr FKS
Dec 5, 2016 There Goes... 58 en Willeke...
Dec 4, 2016 There Goes... 57 en Willeke...