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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Superior Volume 2

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on May 25, 2010 22:41 | Go to Superior

The first volume of a rescanslation project for the Superior series, starting volume 2. The scans should be released within a few days from now. Look out for it here.

This is an Enxame translation.

Narrator!Sheyla: The Hero said something splendid.
Flashback!Exa: So I'll make it happen. I'll create a world where humans and monsters can live together.
Narrator!Sheyla: But there's something you don't know./You don't know I'm the enemy that you must defeat.//And you never will. Ever.

Narrator!Sheyla: For I will kill you before you can realize.
Story 4. Quarter.

Narrator!Sheyla: Total evil exists/for humans and monsters alike.//And it is I. Hero. What will you do about me?

Lakshri: This is the first time I meet someone as beautiful as yourself.//Your eyes are just splendid./Surely your heart must be just as beautiful.//Eeexa-kuuun.*bonk*
Exa: DUH
Lakshri: Listen. This town is full of young ladies with beautiful legs. I've seen 1,5 more of them here than back home.
Exa: Yeah, right.
Lakshri: ........//Yeah, right? I said 1, 5. 1, 5!!//You're a man or what?! With 1, 5 more legs around you should be "aaaghing" and "wooooing" all over the place!!

Sheyla: ... What is it, Lakshri?/You're acting all excited.
Lakshri: I just can't get enough of seeing all those beautiful girls.*shtap*
Lakshri: But don't be jealous, honey. You're the only one for me.
Sheyla: Well um. Thanks, I'll pass.*blunt*
Lakshri: ........*boooong*
Exa: What vehemence./..........
Lakshri: Cripes. Come to think of it, I've just remembered something unpleasant... ... 1,5 more girls around, but guess who we have to meet...

Sheyla: Who?
Exa: Lakshri... Are you talking about our other comrade?
Lakshri: That's right. I'm talking about our next companion. Mountain Gorilla./The one we're supposed to meet today./Shortly...
Exa: ..........
Lakshri: Alright. I know. We can ignore the monstrous thing and leave it behind!!/Like it wasn't there at all.
Exa: Don't be silly.
Sheyla: ... Mountain Gorilla?
Lakshri: That's right. A Mountain Gorilla. No doubt about it!!
Exa: ...Why are you calling our companion that?
Lakshri: You just don't realize its savagery./How many times have I've been nearly killed...
Exa: I think your bad attitude is to blame for that.../I've never been in such a situation.

Sheyla: (Mountain Gorilla.......)/Hmmmm.//(Mountain Gorilla...?!!*Oo-hoo oo-hoo*
Gorilla: Oo-hoo.
Exa: You wanna carry my luggage for me?
Gorilla: Oo-hoo. Oo-hoo.
Exa: Thanks.
Exa: You're so strong, Gorilla!!
Gorilla: Oo-hooooo.
Sheyla: ...Well. The next companion sounds like a pretty tough fellow-meoow.../I'm not so eager to meet someone like that...

Passer by: Hey.*bump*
Sheyla: Hey
Dude: ........ Oops.*BAF*
Dude: Sorry
*grit grit* *cling*
Dude: Wha
Sheyla: Sorry... ...... You're sorry?
Dude: I've apologized properly, haven't I?

Sheyla: Are you kidding me?!! Join your hands and bow down so the rabble all around can have their fun kicking you and walking all over you./Beg forgiveness from dusk till dawn, like the puny insect that you are.
Dude: You... you can't be serious./Wh... why should I do that?!
Sheyla: Didn't you just fondle my ass?
Dude: I didn't!!//I... I was walking fast, and with the momentum... Well I merely bumped into you...
Sheyla: Yeah, yeah.//Alright. So you have a choice between beaten half to death, and beaten half to death. What will it be...?
Dude: (Mommy... My arguments just aren't getting through...)

Dude: A... Alright. Will you forgive me if I give you this?*clink*
Sheyla: What's that?
Dude: Its... a purse.
Sheyla: A purse? Is it edible?
Dude: Uh./... No. That'd be kinda hard.
Sheyla: .........//What would I want with sumthin' I can't eat, blockhead? Forget it, which side of yourself do you want murdered to make up for bumping into me? Left or right?! Make up your mind, and be quick about it!!
Dude: (Her standards revolve around edibility?! So when she talks about half to death, she means she'll eat half of me?!)

Dude: Ow.......*teeter*
Dude: Aaaaaaaargh!!!*dash*
Angelica: That was foul.
Sheyla: .........
Angelica: There's a lot of circulation so I don't know what happened./But the man was terrified. Certainly there was no need for you to go this far?

Sheyla: Tsk
Angelica: And while we're at it. You're the one who stole it, I see.
Angelica: This is my purse. Give it back.//Whoever stole it from me also touched my butt, so I thought it'd be a man. But the thief is female, I see. >So about my butt, it must have been an accident.<

Sheyla: Uuh?/What are you talking about?
Angelica: Uh-huh? Playing the fool are we?/... You don't remember stealing from Angelica?//I hate people who don't bear responsibility for their actions.

Sheyla: ......... I don't know what your problem is...//But who d'you think you're talking to?*leap* *CRACK* *BOM*
Angelica: What, now. Violence?*twirl*
Angelica: Oh, no you don't. Angry to hear the truth? You're in no position to.
Sheyla: ........ *chrr*
Sheyla: Shut up!!

Sheyla: Won't you stay put for a second?
Angelica: You think you can defeat me?/Too bad for you. Angelica is strong.*cling*
Angelica: Evil must be stamped out........*heart*

Angelica: Ablaze!!!
Angelica: !

Sheyla: What's wrong? You've missed me, haven't you?
Angelica: I wasn't trying to hit you. I just thought I'd scare you a little bit./Well, that was the point.
Sheyla: I wasn't scared in the slightest!
Angelica: Frosting Bind.[tn: Sounds better than the original text's Cold Bind.]
Sheyla: .........Ugh. What's going on?!/(The spell is coiling itself around me?! I can't see. And I can't move properly...)

Sheyla: !
Angelica: Running away, are we?/Well, how about this?!*swish*
Angelica: Congratulations.*heart*/But now you're at point-blank range.

Angelica: Sorry.*heart*
Sheyla: !
Angelica: Lightning Hail!!!
Sheyla: Kh!!!
*gr grr grr*
Angelica: The spell is already cast and you think you can stop it?/It's no use.//Someone acting as rashly as yourself must be bad./Let's hurt you a little bit.*VRRRRRR*

Angelica: Wha/(She's destroyed my staff and an already activated spell along with it...?!//Impossible...)
Sheyla: Bratty little girl.*BZUM*

Angelica: That won't work on me!!*cling*

Angelica: (What kind of offensive power was that...?!//She squashed a point-blank range attack like it was nothing./Something's not quite right...//And whatever she did, it wasn't magic.//Just who the hell is she?!
Sheyla: Point-blank.*heart*

Angelica: Cra.......
Sheyla: I'm gonna hurt you, and then some.../My bad. Meow...?
Angelica: (No way. If that touches me........../I'm as good as dead........)

Angelica: ?!
Sheyla: .......
Exa: Sheyla, stop it!!
Lakshri: What's wrong? What happened...?!
Exa: There was so much ruckus I thought something might have been going on........

Exa: Sheyla! You again?!! I keep telling you to keep a low profile and look at what happens...
Sheyla: Sorry-meow.
Angelica: Exa-sama...*heart*
Exa: ... That you, Angelica...?
Angelica: It is.*heart*
Sheyla: Exa-sama...?/... And did he say Angelica...?
Angelica: Just in time to help me out of trouble. You're really Angelica's benefactor, Exa-samaaaaa.*BAF*
Sheyla: Stop right there!!!

Sheyla: Hero!! Who's that?
Exa: Who's that? why, I told you earlier...//This is our next companion. Angelica.
Angelica: What is it? Hmmm.
Sheyla: Companion...?*Oo-hoo.
Angelica: What? That scary woman is an acquaintance of yours?
Exa: Well, kinda. She's a companion...
Angelica: Eeeh? I can't believe it! She's so uncivilized!
Exa: ... Anyway. Did anything happen?/You can tell me everything...
Angelica: Alright./She was tormenting a man clearly weaker than herself.
Sheyla: AH.//...........*tilt*

Angelica: And she also stole my purse.*plic*
Sheyla: I didn't touch your purse.
Angelica: Liar.
Sheyla: Don't make me hurt you!!!
Exa: ... Well. Angelica, wait a minute.//...Sheyla. What can you tell me about that purse?
Sheyla: It's not edible.
Exa: Nah. ... Anything else?/(What's with the edible non-edible standard?)
Sheyla: ...Is it good for anything else?
Exa: Angelica, you must have been mistaken about the purse./I thought there was a possibility, but she doesn't even know what purses are meant for.
Angelica: No way. Are you going to protect her?! She had it with her, there can be no mistake.

Sheyla: I've been trying to tell you. I have no need for your purse or whatever-it's-named. The guy who touched your ass earlier did it.
Angelica: My butt? And my purse...?/So that man was the one who stole it...?//Ah........//(That's right... It was him./But I misunderstood the situation and thought she was the culprit.)
Exa: In other words... A misunderstanding turned into a brawl?//And you got angry at this man for touching your butt?
Sheyla: That's right, meooow.
Exa: You went a bit overboard, though.
Sheyla: .........
Exa: Angelica, please apologize to Sheyla for your mistake.
Angelica: Yes. You're right...

Angelica: (But for some reason/I don't feel like apologizing.)
Exa: Angelica.
Angelica: Yeees.*heart* It was a mistake. Excuse me, okay?*heart*/Tee-hee.
Sheyla: She's friggin' kidding me./(No good. She's got to die...)
Gorilla: Oo-hoo.
Exa: Good. Good.
T-Rex: Rhhaarh.*dududududun*
Lakshri: Exa... Notice what's going on already.......

Exa: Okay, now that everyone is here, let's go look for an inn...
Lakshri: I must say you haven't changed at all...
Angelica: Uh? Lakshri? You were there?
Lakshri: ... I was. The whole time.../I mean, I'm the one who stopped you while the hero was doing the same for Sheyla-chan.
Angelica: You said I didn't change at all. Why?
Lakshri: Because of your inexistent breasts.
Lakshri: Agh.
Sheyla: Ah. A Mountain Gorilla.

Exa: Well, Lakshri and I will share a room./Same goes for Sheyla and Angelica.
Lakshri: I wouldn't mind being with Sheyla-chan.
Exa: Don't be silly./See you.

Angelica: What's with the kitty speech? Trying to get under Exa-sama's skin, are we?/HUM.
Sheyla: You're one to talk-meow. >I'm not the one spouting my own friggin' name when I'm talking about myself.<[tn: Speaking in third person is a typically childish trait for the Japanese, so Angelica's imitation of it sounds like a deliberate attempt to paint herself out as cute and endearing.]
Angelica: I don't know who you are, but I know I don't see you as a companion.
Sheyla: Hah. I'm the one who should be saying that./Companion? Are you kidding meow? At most, you just "fell in luv wid Exa-sama*heart*", and you're following him out of hero-worship.
Angelica: ... Sounds more like something you did.
Sheyla: Shut up.//And what's with that depressing hairstyle? Is your mug so ugly you don't wanna let people see what it looks like?*kwip*
Angelica: Ow.

Sheyla: Huh.
Angelica: ... That's right. I don't want others to see that eye of mine.//Maybe it was my grandpa or my granny, but one of them was a monster. That's why I have only one eye like that.*snap*
Sheyla: You're quarter monster?

Angelica: Certainly you know what happens to people with eyes like mine?
Sheyla: ........./(Shion).
Narrator!Angelica: Angelica was always bullied in the village she used to live in./And usually, I wouldn't defend myself...
Kids: Stupid!/Go away!!

Kids: Ya hahahaha.
Flashback!Angelica: (No........./I mustn't use magic.)*clasp*
Flashback!Angelica: (I can't make friends either. If I don't stay alone, that'll create problems./People avoid me, and the kids torment me, but that's just how it is./Because of my monstrous blood.)*rustle*

Angelica: (Well, I don't mind./I enjoy being alone.)
Narrator!Angelica: One day, the hero came by./There was a huge commotion inside the village........

Villager: You stay away from the hero.
Flashback!Angelica: (........ I don't mind.//I don't care about that./I was merely pretending to share everyone's excitement...//No matter. It's not like I wanted to see him that badly...)

Narrator!Angelica: I was happy. Even though he didn't know about my eye/it was the first time someone smiled at me since the day I was born.//I haven't been able to approach him ever since.//But I kept watching him from afar.
Flashback!Exa: Uh?

Flashback!Exa: You always keep watching from a distance.
Villager: Ah... Hero-sama. That girl is...
Flashback!Angelica: Ah.
*flap flap*
Flashback!Angelica: (Oh, crap.//He's gonna reject...)

Narrator!Angelica: That's when I noticed.//His reaction upon seeing my eye was completely different from that of the villagers........

Flashback!Exa: You're always all by yourself. Why is that?
Flashback!Angelica: Because they bully me. Because people hate Angelica.//It's alright. Angelica hates them too./I'm comfortable with loneliness. I like it that way. I have no need for friends.

Flashback!Angelica: I'll live by myself forever./That's right. Even if they didn't hate me, I'd be perfectly fine all by myself.
Flashback!Exa: Really?
Flashback!Angelica: Really!!

Flashback!Exa: Do you really hate them?/Do you feel comfortable with loneliness? Do you enjoy it?//So/you think you'll never need friends...?//You think......./you can live all alone forever........?

Flashback!Angelica: ... Of course not.../How could I really mean that...?//Actually I do want friends./And I wish people liked me/I'd like to get along with everyone./I don't wanna be alone forever......//But........ it's hopeless/And holding onto that wish is way too painful.........//Because the deepest, darkest, and gloomiest of abysses/is the only place fit for me.
Flashback!Exa: ... Why don't you try looking up?

Flashback!Exa: Look at how large the world is around you./What can you see? What is it that ties you down?//You are your own master./If you want something, think of how you want it, speak of it. That's how you should live.//That much will never be out of your reach...

Flashback!Angelica: It's beautiful.........(So that is the sky's color........//I never saw anything/because I always kept my head down in shame.//The only things I ever saw properly/are those that stood lower than me.)//... Until now, I couldn't even tell what color the sky was/because I never looked at it properly...

Flashback!Angelica: (I wouldn't look at whatever I couldn't touch./I would hate for fear of being hated./And I wouldn't even allow myself to look up at the sky...//While I should be looking at whatever I wish I could have/giving love in order to receive it/knowing what it feels like to know the color of the sky above

Flashback!Angelica: (I guess I should hold the reins to my own life./Instead of clinging to other people's words, going along with what they say./I should trust my own words. Trust my own heart.)/... Exa-sama...//Please make Angelica one of your companions.

Flashback!Exa: Uh.........//I... I can't.../It's dangerous. Not to mention, you're a... you're a little girl.
Flashback!Angelica: Aren't you the one who told me to speak up if I wanted something...?//I can't help being scared, but...
Flashback!Exa: .........
Flashback!Angelica: But I won't complain, even in death./So what do you think? Provided I keep on speaking my heart like this, I can can only get stronger.

Flashback!Angelica: I want to be responsible for what I do with my life./Please. I don't wanna have any more regrets.//Even if that means//I must walk a path full of thorns.
Flashback!Exa: ........ Got it.//Next, we pick up my other companion. His name is Lakshri.
FLashback!Angelica: Lakshri? I'm wondering what he's gonna be like.

Sheyla: .......
Flashback!Angelica: I hate people who don't bear responsibility for their actions.
Sheyla: (Is that also what she meant when she said this...?)
Angelica: Angelica's a quarter monster./But I don't wanna hear anything about it from you.
Sheyla: ..........//...Well. I forgot to tell you.//I AM a monster.*flap* *tilt*

Angelica: EEE..................//............../Pff/Pfft
Sheyla: Sounds like there's a problem//Well, it's not like monster and quarter monster could have had all that much in common.
Angelica: That's not it.*shake shake*
Angelica: Be at ease, myself./Oo-hoohoo./Come on. Remember that sky you saw with Exa-sama, and how blue it was.../Ah. Ahem ahem.
Sheyla: Aren't you pushing it a little bit?/Hello? Anybody there?
Angelica: ...That was surprising./Well, Exa-sama will always be Exa-sama. Heroes don't have monsters tag along with them, that just never happens.../Bah, that's just Exa-sama for you...

Angelica: Well, there's no way around it./I acknowledge you as a companion.*phew*
Sheyla: I don't know how she does it, but she pisses me off...
Angelica: Total evil?/Can evil really be total?//Then, you also have what people categorize arbitrarily as evil...//That's from Exa-sama./People had decided to brand me as evil./Which is why I was hated by so many...

Angelica: After everything Angelica did to exasperate you/and despite your being a monster/and the fact that you could have killed me so easily...//You didn't strike at me.//At first, I thought you were evil.//But I have no choice but to accept you./Hope you can forgive me.

Sheyla: (I really couldn't stand you at all./But after hearing that little story of yours/I ended up accepting you.)//I acknowledge you as a companion.*plic*
Angelica: That irritates me, for some reason.
Sheyla: We even see eye to eye. I'm pissed off too.
Angelica: (She's such a boisterous person./And a monster.//Despite this, Exa-sama immediately understood she hadn't stolen the purse./I'm wondering if he would have understood me the same way if I was a monster, and in a similar situation.)*BLLLLL*
Angelica: ........

Angelica: (It pains me to admit it, but he's really trusting her.)//What is it you like about Exa-sama?
Sheyla: Mmmmh./What? That was a bit sudden./...Well, that's an easy one//It's the lack of facial expression.*serious face*
Angelica: ........
Angelica: Hey! I think I understand!!//One second he's all warm, next thing you know he's all cold.
Sheyla: That's right. Like dead fish!!/There's no guessing whatever he's thinking./That's soooo not heroic./He's getting emotionally rusty.
Angelica: Yes. Exactly!!
Sheyla: We're getting along.*baf*
Angelica: For real.
Lakshri: ...They aren't exactly singing your praises.
Exa: Oh yeah? Stop peeking.
Sheyla: (.......Aaah. Humans are so much fun.)

Sheyla: (Days go by, each one with their share of annoyance, and crying and laughing./I can't help but enjoy the daily life I've been leading recently.//I didn't know, back then/never knew such a world existed.)
Insert: I even got to like someone I couldn't stand.
Flashback!Angelica: Total evil?/Can evil really be total?
Sheyla: (Aaah. How much happier can I get/if I remain here forever.......?)*zip*

Kagami: Maou-sama.......[/end

Narrator!Sheyla: I used to think of fear as the one and only form of power.//The look in people's eyes as they died

Narrator!Sheyla: It was always the same. For everyone.//Dread?//... No.//Despair?/That's not it either.//But I wished I could make it disappear from this world...

Lakshri: .........//Say, Exa.
Exa: ... Yeah?
Lakshri: Things have been pretty calm lately, don't you think...?
Exa: What do you mean?*flap*

Lakshri: I'm talking about the Demon Lord.../Not so long ago, he was on a rampage, and we wouldn't be able to go anywhere without hearing about a town he'd destroyed.../But we haven't heard any such rumors, lately. It's almost frightening...//Whatever happened, I wonder.../... Where is he?//Ah. Maybe he got tired, enough to stop killing people.//If that's the case, wouldn't it also be the end of our quest?/Naaah.
Exa: .........
Lakshri: Time to get things moving so Sheyla-chan and I can get engaged, then.
Exa: Don't let your guard down.

Exa: It might also be a period of calm before the storm...
Sheyla: ........//..........

Kagami: Maou...-sama...
Sheyla: ... Uh./... you?
Kagami: You're not asking me who I am, are you?
Sheyla: Sheesh.
Kagami: Did you just say "sheesh"?
Sheyla: I didn't.
Kagami: You did...
Sheyla: Not.
Kagami: (I'd bet my right arm she said it...)/I'm Kagami, your subordinate. I appeared in the very beginning of the first volume.
Sheyla: The author probably forgot about you too.
Kagami: Eeeh. If this keeps up, I'm gonna become irrelevant to the plot.

Sheyla: So. What do you want?
Kagami: I'll go straight to the point.//To put things bluntly: have you made up your mind about killing the hero?/We've hit the 5th chapter, already.
Sheyla: .........
Kagami: ..........
Sheyla: I... I'm readier that ever.
Kagami: I've seen the hero earlier, and he seemed very much alive. Was it my imagination?
Sheyla: I'm... I'm waiting. Waiting for the right moment!!
Kagami: And while you do, he increases the number of his allies. There's two more of them...
Sheyla: Well, I still need to wait for him to let his guard down...
Kagami: Rather, you're being much too lax about this, I think.
Sheyla: She got me totally figured.(She's been observing me without my knowledge. Ain't she got nothing better to do...?)Sheesh

Kagami: ........../...Do you have trouble killing the hero for some reason...?//If so, I can do it...
Sheyla: NO!!
Kagami: ......
Sheyla: ...I'll kill him...
Kagami: .......Really?
Sheyla: Really.

Kagami: ......../Really, why haven't you killed him already...?
Sheyla: ..........
Kagami: Please don't take offense//But maybe you're not unwilling/but unable to kill him?

Sheyla: NO........
Kagami: Why won't you kill him, then?//What on Earth is going on?!/In the past you had no compunctions about killing. You attacked first and discussed later.//You'd never let go of an opportunity to kill
Sheyla: Watch your tongue, Kagami...
Kagami: I think not. On the contrary, you've been saving the hero's life...//At first, I thought it was just an amusement, as you said. But it didn't happen just once or twice... Your attitude has been changing completely. Are you aware of it?!
Sheyla: ...Silence, Kagami...
Kagami: It's as if now you seriously felt something for him.

Kagami: And now you've become unable to kill the hero.
Sheyla: KAGAMI!!!
Kagami: Huh...
Sheyla: You've become quite something... since the last time I saw you./When did you find it into yourself to oppose me like this...?//...I don't know what it is you saw that gave you those impressions. But try spouting some of that nonsense again/and I'll kill you this instant.

Sheyla: It's worthless, I'm telling you./I have nothing more to say.
Kagami: ...Ha.../...My apologies.//Bu... But... we need your strength if we are to dispose of humanity/we need you back among us as soon as possible...//For it is our greatest wish to wipe humanity off the map and create a world for monsters.

Sheyla: ...Yeah, that's right. Follow me.
Kagami: ...Huh?//What are we here for...?
Sheyla: ...The Earth/and the place//This is probably the best spot...

Kagami: .........
Copy: ........//Oooooh. I'm outside./Awesome//Great.//Woooops..
Kagami: Aaaah
Copy: The heck. How embarrassing.../Aaaah, yeaaah. You do this, and then you do that...//Oh. You're Kagami, aren'tcha. I know about you./I've always been watching you from "inside".

Copy: ...But pleased to meet you... anyway?*grin*
Sheyla: I created her out of myself and some earth./Given her balance issues, I guess I failed somewhat, but there you have it...
Sheyla: Use her as your Demon Lord.
Kagami: Eh?!
Sheyla: We can't have the throne empty, right? She'll be filling in until I return.
Kagami: Ah... Uh... Well...
Sheyla: She isn't the same color as me, but everything else is similar./You take control of her.
Sheyla: Bu... But.

Kagami: Is... is it gonna be alright...?//........*teeter*
Sheyla: Yeah, should be.*fool*
Kagami: (Should be?!!)
Sheyla: You do what Kagami tells you.
Copy: ......../Okay, but...//Is it fine to kill a lot of people too?
Sheyla: Killing's fine.
Copy: Yaaaay./Monsters too?!
Sheyla: Suit yourself.

Copy: Ah, but what if I run into a bunch of people I don't like?
Sheyla: You can kill the whole lot.
Copy: REALLYYY?! Aaawesome...
Sheyla: ........
Copy: .......Soooo//What about the hero?
Sheyla: ...Th/He's out of bounds.
Copy: Uh-huh. And why is that?

Copy: Because you're in love with him?*bof*

Copy: That's ridiculous!! You expect that to go anywhere?!/Ahh. I've made up my mind. I'll kill off the hero...//In an elaborate, gruesome fashion.
Sheyla: DON'T!!/OR I'LL DESTROY YOU!!!*zip*

Copy: Oh no you don't. I like it outside. If I disappear, I'll go right back into the Original, right?
Sheyla: (She dodged?!)
Copy: For a copy I'm stronger than one would expect.../Hey. Wait a minute. If I win, you become the copy, and I the original. You'd have to return inside of me?//........?Eh? What am I talking about?/The original becomes the copy. The copy becomes the original. The original becomes the copy. Duh?
Sheyla: Stoopid!!
Copy: Anyway, I've made up my mind! I'm gonna defeat you and become the original!!

Sheyla: You're a failed creation./I will erase you where you stand.
Copy: ...I'm//...so NOT HAVING THAT!!*BAOM*
Copy: (It didn't work?!)

*baf baf*
Copy: Gasp
Sheyla: ........
Copy: Cough/...cough

*clap clap*
Copy: Yahoo.
Sheyla: Hh*teeter*
Copy: You don't have time to rest
Sheyla: Hh
*bzuuuumm bzzzzzz*

Copy: (She's gone?!)/...Tsk
Sheyla: ........*glare*
Sheyla: ........
Copy: ........./(The mere pressure around her is amazing/...Even though I'm her equal)
Sheyla: !
*plic ploc*

Copy: ......../...Uuuh...?//Why, you're weaker than I thought//But if we keep it up, this is gonna take some time./I've just been made, so I'm not quite used to this body just yet. I don't think I can win a protracted battle.../So? How about a truce?
Sheyla: ......../You're in the mood to listen like a good girl, now...?
Copy: .......

Copy: ...Hah!/...Hell no!!
Sheyla: Why, you...!!*huff*
Sheyla: ?!!/Damn, she's called another monster?!

Sheyla: !
Copy: Not so fast./We'll fight as soon as I am prepared!//Then, I shall defeat you by a landslide.//Alright, monster-chan. Keep her occupied for me!*zip*
Sheyla: Wait!!
Copy: Oh, Original-san. I'm gonna kill the hero too.//Let's go, Kagami.
Kagami: Er. Ah?!
Sheyla: Wait, you...!!*grab*

Sheyla: !//Let me go!! I have better things to do than bothering about you!//(I can't afford the time//What a pain... Should I kill it?)//Kh.../(Killing is not an option either)//Let go!!/I have to go, and quick...

Sheyla: (I've killed plenty of humans/that same shade never failed to color their eyes.//It wasn't just the humans./Even the monsters I'd gathered under my rule/would give me a similar look.//That would irritate me beyond measure/I just couldn't help it.
*chatter chatter*
*hushhh* *glare*
Monsters: ..........
Sheyla: I created this other self from my own shadow.../As I set my eyes upon her, I finally understood.)

Sheyla: (That look they would give me as they faced me/Now I know what it meant.//It was scorn. Disdain.)//Let go of me!//(But how on Earth do you go about/defeating someone without killing them...?)
Sheyla: Aaah.

Sheyla: (What the heck am I doing...?)/Defeating.../...Without killing.../(I told my Copy she could kill if she wanted to//but there's something I didn't want to lose./But what?//You've always been all alone. What would you lose?//I killed scores of human beings./Gathered numerous monsters under my rule.//And despite this/I couldn't make that look of theirs go away.//Gathered numerous monsters under my rule...?/...What a joke.)

Sheyla: (Not a single one of them would have lifted a finger for me/without the dread I inspired them.//That's right. I was alone.)
Lakshri: Sheyla-chan./Are you alright?!
Sheyla: Quick... I have to go...
Lakshri: Sheyla-chan!!

Sheyla: ... Lakshri.........?*Hoh*
Lakshri: Thank God you're unharmed.//Just give me a minute...//Hop...*grip* *thud*
Sheyla: ...Why/...why did you save me?
Lakshri: ........... Uh?...
Angelica: What was that? That cry I've just heard could have shattered glass...
Lakshri: Angelica?!
Angelica: Is this monster responsible?! I'm gonna settle this immediately!/Icic..........*swish*

Lakshri: Hey./........
Angelica: Oh, crap! I forgot that my staff jewel was broken!!
Lakshri: YOU STUPID!!
Angelica: Wait up!! What do you mean, stupid!!
Sheyla: That's enough./Don't pretend you've come to save me...//You have nothing to gain from doing such a thing, do you?//Why don't you just abandon me...?
Angelica&Lakshri: .......?

Sheyla: (...way..)
Exa: Sheyla!!/What's wrong?!
Sheyla: ...Hero...
Exa: ...What's with that monster?
Lakshri: Hummm. It's a pretty tough one, just like I hate them. So we're having trouble.*Mhaha
Exa: ...Well, that would be a problem normally...//But there are so many of us assembled here//So if it's really so tough/we can use that to our advantage.
Sheyla: Go... way.../(...Hands off.)

Sheyla: I summoned it. It's none of your business./Stay out of this. I need none of your conspiring...!//(People get in the mood of helping each other out as they come in contact with the atmosphere around this lot/but people aren't meant to do that./There's only one truth. People trying to save their own hides/as they look upon me in terror//(How could I forget such a simple thing?!)/I can beat him on my own! Out of my way!!!/(That's right. I'm alone!!!)

Sheyla: (Go away!!!/Just go somewhere else, quickly./...I don't wanna see into your eyes.//I wouldn't know what to do/if I found that same look even there...//That look of disdain.
Exa: ...I don't think I get it//Why do you have to defeat him on your own?
Sheyla: ...Ha

Exa: We're your friends.../right...?
Sheyla: ...Uh...
Exa: Why act alone when you have allies with you?
Lakshri: Is it about the two of us?/So reserved. You need anything, you can count on me...
Angelica: You should try silence. You're being way too irritating.

Lakshri: By the way, you had any pressing matters to attend to, Sheyla-chan?/You mentioned something about having to move quickly...
Exa: Is that so?/If you need backup, let somebody else come with...
Sheyla: I'll be fine!//...Haha. That's not it.../(Their eyes are different...//These aren't the eyes of people trying to save their own hides./They aren't fearful./They get themselves knee-deep into trouble like it's the most natural thing in the world/and this without the faintest of hesitations.)

Sheyla: (They actually help others...//The power that stirs people into action/ is not that of fear/but that of friendship. And trust.)//...You really/you really don't mind having me as a companion...?
Angelica: Nope!
Lakshri: Of course not!!
Sheyla: (This isn't.../what I need the most right now. But)

Exa: Get going.
Sheyla: (...For some reason//I feel so happy...!)/Okay!
Sheyla: ...They have faith/in me...

Lakshri: .......Well./What now? Mister hero.
Exa: ...You guys are leaving things to me here?
Lakshri&Angelica: You bet we are!
Lakshri: You're the one who said something about making use of its toughness./Let's get going.♪/Do you have some kind of idea?
Exa: ........//Lakshri. You rush it.*pat*
Lakshri: Excuse me?!/Heeeell...
Exa: Hastening.//Keep the monster occupied./The magic will hold for another 20 seconds.
Lakshri: Yaaaah*dash*

Lakshri: (Mh.......?//I know that spell has made me somewhat faster/but that monster moves so slowly..........//Aah. That's because Exa's slowing it further with another spell...//That's my boy... Here's an astute move...)

Exa: Angelica./I take it this jewel should be more than enough?
Angelica: ......./Aah! Yes.
Exa: Can you drop a rock on top of the monster's head, then?/It's a tough one, so hold nothing back.
Angelica: Aaah. It's still warm from Exa-sama's touch...*rub rub*
Lakshri: Heeeey!! Angelica!! I only have 20 seconds!! Move it!!
Angelica: Frosting Blade.
Lakshri: Daaah!!
Angelica: My hand slipped.♥/Teehee♥
Lakshri: LIAR!!

Lakshri: (It's moving faster? The 20 seconds have run out already?!)
Lakshri: (Crap!!//...Damn it)
Angelica: Stone Rain.
*brom blombromblom*
Lakshri: .......//Angelica!! I'll kill you!!!
*gasp* *rattle rattle*
Exa: We couldn't have done this if it wasn't so tough..../Well... Give it an hour, and it should be able to get out under its own power.

*zip zip*
Kagami: Ma... Maou-sama...//Do you have any idea how awful that was?*zip*
Copy: Yep... She wasn't much of a Demon Lord.
Kagami: ...Huuh. No, that's not what I mean//angering the Original Maou-sama is a chancy endeavor at the best of times...
Copy: (The original is such an idiot)*whisper*
Kagami: Pardon? What did you say...?
Copy: (Love. Forgiveness./Damn, she's actually taking those weaklings' garbage seriously.)

Copy: (That's what/disgusts me the most)
Sheyla: Haa haa.
Kagami: Maou... sama...
Copy: ........//..........(...She is)

Kagami: !
Copy: Cough/(.......She is much angrier)

Copy: (Than I expected...//...I couldn't dodge her at all/It's got nothing to do with earlier.//I guess this is what true power is like.........)
Sheyla: I wouldn't mind wiping you out where you stand, but that'd be most inconvenient for me./See, my next creation might turn out to be even more useless than yourself.

Sheyla: From now on, I speak./and you just answer "yes".//Oh, well. You're free to answer "no" if you like./In that case, however/your life expectancy would be cut short this instant...
Sheyla: Firstly...//You are free to kill as many humans as you like. Men. Women. Adults. Old people. Children. You want them dead, you kill them.
Copy: ....../...Yes.
Sheyla: You will obey Kagami.
Copy: ...Yes.
Sheyla: If you don't like some monster, suit yourself and kill it.
Copy: ...Yes.

Sheyla: But do not kill the hero./I'm the one who shall stamp him out. Someday.
Copy: .........
Sheyla: .......//......./Yes.

Sheyla: Someday, I'll be back./Until then, you are the Demon Lord.
Copy: (Haha... How powerful...)*shake shake*
Copy: (...Is that fear I'm feeling...?/I'm scared of the Original.)

Sheyla: You take me for a fool, it seems./That's because you don't comprehend you-know-what.
Copy: I don't know anything?/Is that what you mean?
Sheyla: That's right. You know nothing./(About that power even greater than fear when it comes to inspiring people./About happiness...)

Lakshri: Oh! Sheyla-chan!
Exa: ...Shey...

Exa: Sheyla?/...What's the/
Sheyla: ...don't want that.
Exa: Uh...?
Exa: ........
Lakshri: (What the... Aren't you supposed to ask her where she's been or something...?)
Angelica: Phewwww.
Lakshri&Angelica: .........

Sheyla: (Back then I thought I had it all...//But the more I flaunted my power, the more lonely I was.//Actually I had nothing at all...//I found it all here./I was alone no more./...and before I knew it//I was clinging onto it as if my life depended on it...)

Sheyla: (I don't wanna lose it.../I know it's meaningless, but all the same...)[/end

Story 6: King

*step step step*
Juneau: Bwah.//Phewww./I've escaped my pursuers...

Juneau: I'm wondering if the hero is in town.../I've always looked up to him./Aaah. I can't wait to meet him...
Sheyla: Nyaaaaaa...

Angelica: Sheyla-chan, would you like to come shopping with me?
Sheyla: I don't mind. What are we buying?
Angelica: A staff.
Sheyla: You can't use your magic without one?
Angelica: ...Not exactly, but...
Sheyla: You're less powerful, then?
Angelica: ...Erm. That's not it.
Sheyla: ...So why are you buying one?
Angelica: ........
Sheyla: Ah, I see. You're gonna turn into a mountain gorilla without it.*bong*
Angelica: Uh...? Who told you something like...

Sheyla: Lakshri did.
Lakshri: Sheyla-cha...
Exa: Ah.
Angelica: Exa-sama!
Sheyla: ........
Angelica: Ah, yeah! Come shopping with us too, Exa-sama.*tadap*
Exa: ... I don't really mind, but...

Exa: Do you know where Lakshri is?/I've been looking for him.
Angelica: Who knows? Say, the flower garden?
Sheyla: Nyaaah./He's on the other side of the River Styx...
Angelica: Aaah. These clothes looks so cute.♥[tn: Angelica says “western-style clothing”, but since no one seems to be wearing anything but that...]
Exa: ......./(What about the staff?//........Oh, well./Nevermind...)

Msn: Hero-sama, I presume./A moment of your time?[tn: MSN! He's a messenger! MSN Messenger!! Geddit?!! ]
Exa: Yes...?
Msn: I have a message for you.
Exa: From whom...?
Msn: The king who rules over all of humankind in this world. Lord Alechia Obsidias.
Exa: !//......

Msn: A rumor has reached the sovereign's ears, according to which you do not kill monsters./He expressed his desire to be given an explanation, directly from you.//Depending on what your answer is
Exa: !
Msn: You might also be punished in kind.//Should you fail to show yourself, you'll be considered a fugitive, and orders will be given to have you put to death.
Exa: .........

Msn: The message has been conveyed./...Is everything understood?*tilt*
Exa: Ah... Yeah./Tell the king/...I'll make my way to the castle.
Msn: Understood./Now if you'll excuse me.
Exa: ......./Punished in kind...//....../(In other words)

Exa: (I have to consider even the worst case scenario...)
Angelica: Hey. Exa-sama.../Where do you wanna go?
Juneau: ...Exa-sama......?
Angelica: ....?//Is anything the matter? You don't look so good.
Exa: ...Uuh.

Exa: Nothing to worry about.
Angelica: .......
Sheyla: (Oh. There's practically nothing on the hero's back.
Sheyla: H.E.♥/R♥
Juneau: HERO-DONO!!*BOF*
Exa: Gasp*bump*
Sheyla: Yikes
Arrow: Hit by accident.

Juneau: I've been looking for you!!/There you are!//Ah. Sorry for the impromptu rudeness./I always wanted to meet you, and now that I have at last...//Come now. Stand back up./Are you alright?*pat pat*
Arrow: Counts for nothing
Sheyla: ......Tha

Sheyla: Tha hell. Ya run into us outta nowhere, and you ignore the heck outta me.*VLAM*
Sheyla: I wanna hear some excuses, you snotty little brat!!!!
Juneau: (Snotty brat...?)//... I didn't run into you.
Sheyla: You did. When you flattened the hero, I was behind him and I fell off too. You dirty//Snotty little brat*peeved*
Juneau: ...Even if you're right and I did something bad/that remark of yours, and your attitude I cannot tolerate.//I don't feel like apologizing./Not to one so rude.*humph*

Sheyla: ...../...Hh./...H...Hh/Hhhhh/...........Hahahahahaha!//YOU DIE.
Angelica: Eeek.
Exa: Sheyla/He's a kid. Just let it slide.
Sheyla: No tolerance for whomever I can't stand. I just end their lives.
Exa: Have you forgotten?! You promised me...
Sheyla: I don't care about that anymore. Now let murder him!!!
Juneau: Fair enough. I shall be your opponent./Come and fight me!*chik*
Angelica: (STOOOOOOOOP!!!)*twitch*

Arrow: Kept in check somewhat.*pissed of pissed off*
Juneau: I'm so impressed! You see, since the first time I saw you.*suddenly pleasant again*
Juneau: I've had a lot respect for you.
Exa: The first time...?
Juneau: Yes. I saw you once./When you were introduced to the public, at the test that determined who would be a hero./That's when I saw you.
Exa: ...I see.//(...Come to think of it, that's where I met with Lakshri for the first time.)
Sheyla: (What the hell? He's all over the hero.)
Arrow: Is always all over the hero.*pissed*
Sheyla: (And he's incredibly arrogant, at that.)
Arrow: Extremely arrogant person.

Juneau: Back then, I thought no one would become a hero if not you./So when it became true, I was so glad...//You're a real champion for me, hero-dono...
Sheyla: (......../Fool//Heh./Admiration, when excessive can easily turn into animosity./In addition, the hero hardly qualifies as one.../...This should prove interesting)

People: AAAAAAAAAAH!/WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!/Monsters are coming!/Run away!!//Aaaaah/Waaaaah.
Exa: ....... Monsters?
Sheyla: Over there, maybe?/...Look.

Maw: Hah hah ha. That's right. Keep running./The big bad monstas have come to town./To snack on everybody out there.
Val: ...Don't get too carried away./You never know when you might get sucker punched.
Maw: Lemme enjoy the moment some./Daah. Shaddap./Always the stuffy one, y' are.//And what's your point? These paltry humans might be able to kill us?/Wahaha!/And if that hero guy happens to be around, all the better.
Exa: Hey!
Juneau: I'll be fine. They won't beat me./Just relax and enjoy the show.
Exa: That's not...
Sheyla: Nyahahaha!/He's rushing ahead, the little insolent.[tn: I suspect there's a pun on 先走る (sakibashiru). The word as a whole reads "being impertinent" while taken separately, the Kanji can be read as "running ahead".]
Angelica: I haven't bought a staff yet.../I can't help...

Maw: Wha...!!

Juneau: Now the final blow!!
Juneau: Eh...?!
Exa: .........
Val: My friend. How dare you!!!
Juneau: ?!

Juneau: !!
Exa: Ngh

Val: .........The//The hero...?!
Exa: ........
Maw: (The hero?!)
*closing in*
Maw: .......

Maw: I.../...I...//It's over.../He's gonna kill us...
Juneau: Two-bit comedian.
Maw: We're gonna get killed...
Val: ... Hey. Stop that.
Sheyla: ...Pfeh!
Maw: Damn it. Is it the end of the road for us?
Juneau: He can't possibly expect the hero to fall for his poor attempt at acting...!!
Maw: I don't wanna die... I don't wanna die.

Juneau: ?!
Exa: Don't show yourselves around humans ever again./Get going...*zip*
Val: .......*step*

Juneau: What....../What have you done...//Hero-dono!! What is the meaning of this?!
Sheyla: Um. Shall we go, nyaow?*carefree*
Angelica: Gotta go buy that staff.
Juneau: Hero-dono... If I came here today, it was to see you./I wanted to meet you face to face. See the man whose mission was to battle monsters ever day, and someday defeat the Demon Lord...

Juneau: I did hear the rumor about you lacking resolve and failing to kill monsters./Though, I didn't believe it to be anything more that just that.//To my greatest astonishment, I find out it was true...//Why didn't you just kill those monsters where they stood?!
Exa: I don't kill at all./One of them was wounded, and the other'd lost its weapon.
Juneau: ...Don't tell me you actually took their little comedy seriously?!//........./They're monsters, you know...?

Juneau: Monsters are heartless beings./That's common knowledge!!//A lot of citizens will die because you didn't kill those monsters./How are you planning to take responsibility for this?//What about the Maou? Don't tell me...
Exa: No./I'll take down the Maou, that much is final.
Juneau: ......That's it?//It's wrong in so many ways./A hero who won't kill any monster except the Demon Lord? That's just unheard of./No. How can one so soft be able to defeat the Demon Lord? It's even more ludicrous in a sense.

Juneau: A hero is in no position to show such leniency./So why did you push all those people aside to become one?!//Were you in it just for the juicy reward, like the rest of the scum?!//Answer me!!//Why do you refuse to kill?!

Exa: ........... Do you think the story ends/as soon as you kill someone?
Juneau: ...Uh?
Exa: Killing engenders hatred.//The world as we know it will never end no matter how many die in the process.//There'll be a connection somewhere, you can be sure of it. And it's gonna come right back at you eventually... That's why, if we're gonna build something.

Exa: At the very least, killing can't...
Juneau: What a letdown.//Up until now/I've really looked up to you.//I really.../I really believed in you...

Juneau: And you've betrayed us.//Killing is by far the best way to put an end to something. The world could turn upside down, that much wouldn't change./Your refusal to kill is not in accordance with reality. And that bedside story you're narrating/is the worst excuse ever.//Even if you don't wanna stop being a hero, it won't take long before you're forced to do so.//... Actually no. You won't get off the hook that easily.

Juneau: We're talking capital punishment here. So think about it.*flap*
Sheyla: Wooooow. That's what I call speaking one's mind-meow./You should be proud you made it that far.
Exa: ........
Sheyla: What?/You worried?

Sheyla: Stupid./I told you so. From the very beginning./Y'know. Killing.//You didn't expect the entire world to listen to you and understand, did you?
Exa: .........
Sheyla: So soft. So nyaaaive. He was right.
Exa: .....
Sheyla: (...He's all demoralized, all of a sudden?!)
Angelica: Sheyla-chan. You went too far!
Sheyla: (What?!)//......../(I'm a bad person?!//Tsk. What a pain.)/On... On the other hand....//You think you know better, right?/... Just carry on being who you are.

Sheyla: I, for one/like you just fine that way...
Angelica: Yes. I second that.
Sheyla: ...See?

Exa: ........//Thank you.
Crow: Ju... Juneau-sama!

Crow: Prince Juneau Obsidias!!//I've found you at last!/There are other people out there looking for you.//Really, what were you thinking? You know it's dangerous outside./The other servants and myself had to scatter across...
Juneau: I've seen the hero.
Crow: The hero? Didn't the king summon him to the castle?/You would have met him. So why all the trouble...?
Juneau: There was a rumor spreading, about how he didn't kill monsters. The king heard about it, but he wouldn't believe it./He thought he'd ask the man himself, in order to make it clear that it wasn't true.
Crow: ...Well, then...

Juneau: Well, yeah. The rumor was true./I was a fool to stick my neck out for him...//I'm going to report this to my Father.
Crow: ........./(Disappointed in proportion with his expectations, I see...)//........//!

Crow: Watch out!!!*clang*

Juneau: Hey! Are you okay?!
Crow: Aah.
Maw: ...Tsk/He got in my way.*swip*
Maw: You. I'll never forgive you./Not after what you did to my eye.*bwah*
Juneau: (Him)
Maw: Why, you...
Juneau: (He wasn't completely gone!//After the way he'd begged for his life./Just goes to show you that monsters...)*clang*

Juneau: ?!!
Maw: It's over./Your death will make up for my loss.
Juneau: (Kof)//Over here!!

Maw: Wait!/You won't get away!!
Juneau: ... I knew it. We should have killed them...
Flashback!Exa: Do you think the story ends as soon as you kill someone?
Juneau: Shut up!!/I'd love to hear what you have to say now!!
Juneau: Crap...

Juneau: A dead end?!!
Maw: Damn it./Where'd he go?!//I won't rest until I've pulled his insides out.

Juneau: (Can I really hope to kill him with my broken sword?//No... I'll be fine. There's only one of them. When he shows an opening, I'll go for it.//I'll have only one chance.../...Alright.//Two steps away.*thump*
Juneau: One step.
Val: Hey.
Juneau: ?!!

Maw: What?!
Val: Good question. What are you doing?
Val: Two of them?!!
Maw: The guy who ruined my eye is around. Gimme a hand.

Juneau: I just can't take on the two of them.//It's hopeless!!!
Val: Where do you think you're looking?//He ran off to the forest.

Juneau: ?!!
Maw: Really?
Val: I saw him.
Maw: Damn it. I swear I'm gonna kill him.*step*
Juneau: ........//(He's gone...)/...Haaahhhh...//He mistook somebody else for me...? ........Anyway, I'm saved.

Juneau: !!!!
Val: I wouldn't do that if I were you. Unlike him, I have no intention to kill you./And it's not like you could have done much with that sword of yours, right?
Juneau: ........*frrr*
Val: That's for the hero. Because he let us go. Now we're even.
Juneau: !

Val: Nevermind that. You drew his attention to protect your wounded friend, didn't you?/And you weren't even armed properly...//Why?
Juneau: ...Uh.../Because he's a friend...
Val: ........../Humph.//I thought every human being only looked out for number one./But I was mistaken, it seems...
Juneau: Did he... save me?/... A monster saved me...?[tn: The word for "save" can also mean "spare" (somebody's life). I suspect that here, both meanings apply.]

Juneau: So monsters are like people? They have hearts?/...No way...//No...

Juneau: I'm sorry./It's my fault...
Crow: Don't. I was unable to protect you properly...//No... I was saved thanks to you...
Juneau: ......../(There's no putting an end to this world)

Flashback!There'll be a connection somewhere, you can be sure of it./And it's gonna come right back at you eventually...//...That's why, if we're gonna build something.../At the very least

Juneau: Killing can't be a part of it.../..........Right?//I'm really.../really sorry.//Really...
Crow: Stop it...//...This is my duty./Even if you were to cut me down yourself/I would accept it without hesitation.//You will become king someday./...Please don't lose sight of this...*swip*

Crow: No matter how much hardship lies ahead/Even if it costs me my life. I will stand by your side.//I'll be the shield that protects you. For as long as I live./I swear it.
Juneau: (... That's right. I forgot about the gravity of that./...I've been a child. A child who didn't know what he was doing.//My death alone would lead to plenty of other such fates./What does that mean...?)//.......

Juneau: Father said that humans wouldn't be able to live in peace if monsters weren't wipe out./Once the hero took down the Demon Lord, the monsters' unity would weaken, and they'd become easier to exterminate.//I used to think along the same lines.
Crow: .........
Juneau: ...But//Maybe we should build a world where this isn't the case...//Perhaps someday I'll have to change/my Father's monster-extermination policy.

Juneau: I'd like you, at least, to have faith in me.
Crow: ...Understood.
Juneau: ...(Perhaps//I'll have to change the course of things.//..........//As it turns out... You were a fairly wonderful person...//But when Father learns that you don't kill monsters.../The king won't be swayed so easily./...The way things are going, there won't be an easy way out.

Juneau: What are you going to do?//Hero-dono...[/end

Exa: Thank you very much for purchasing the 2nd volume of Superior./I'm the hero. Uh? Where's Ichtys at?
Ichtys: You called?/From the neck down, that's Chii Takeo, by the...[tn: Chii Takeo is a Japanese sitcom actor. Once, in a TV show he was wearing a cartoon white owl head and the subtitles beneath him read: "from the neck down...". This has become some sort of meme in Japan, apparently.]
Exa: Enough.//You've been repeating that in front of the white owls at the Zoorasia Park, have you?[tn: Zoorasia (Yokohama Zoological Gardens) is the biggest zoo in Yokohama, Japan.]
Ichtys: Yes. And I've been chewed out for it.
Exa: That wouldn't happen if only you behaved yourself.
Side text: Besides that, how are you doing...?
Exa: You've moved, apparently. Found someplace else to live./And you registered at the Marrow Donor Program, too. Smart move.
Ichtys: I promised to do it when I moved./Yes. There's one thing I can't put up with, however...
Exa: What's is it? You homesick?
Ichtys: That's nothing.//I can no longer watch/the Kansai comedy shows...!!!
Exa: ...How's that a problem...?
Ichtys: AAAAAARGH. The obscene Kansai comedy shooooows...*DUDUUUM*
Ichtys: Can't watch 'em anymoooore...!!!
Exa: .........Apologies...
Bottom text: Why'd you have to call 'em obscene?
Ichtys: What should I do, now, Hideo-san?
Buttocks: Buttocks.[tn: LOL.]
Exa: Hideo-san... Who's that?!!/(All the smartness has washed away...)/That's only my opinion, but... don't you mean "Champion", or something?[tn: The Kanji for "hero/brave man" can also be read as the male first name "Hideo".]

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Mar 1 MH Yearbook 2013 Mangahe...
Jan 19 MH Yearbook 2012 1 Mangahe...
Nov 14 Houkago 1 Osso
Nov 14 Oragamura 1 Osso
Nov 14 Kenka 1 Osso
Nov 14 101Kg 1 Osso
Nov 14 Murder 1 Osso
Nov 14 Doubles 1 Osso
Nov 14 Pinknut 1 Osso
Nov 14 Kimagure 1 Osso

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Apr 27, 2018 81 Diver 367 en kewl0210
Apr 27, 2018 81 Diver 366 en kewl0210
Apr 27, 2018 81 Diver 365 en kewl0210
Apr 26, 2018 81 Diver 364 en kewl0210
Apr 26, 2018 81 Diver 363 en kewl0210
Apr 26, 2018 81 Diver 362 en kewl0210
Apr 25, 2018 Yakusoku no... 84 fr Erinyes
Apr 25, 2018 Shokugeki no Soma 260 fr Erinyes
Apr 25, 2018 81 Diver 361 en kewl0210
Apr 24, 2018 81 Diver 360 en kewl0210